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HISTORY => This game has a linear story actually has no story, it's just one more game to become the most powerful coach monsters and save your game in the group (ghost data).

CHARACTERS => Well, the main character of the game is the coach. His name is given by the player of the game.
There are currently over 120 monsters pro group, the characters are monsters

Systems => There are many systems eg Netplay, CBS COGWHELL, NON STOP ... MUSIC MENU, NEW SHOPPING ETC ...

Full Game:


ff4 monsters
ff4 two monsters
ff4 etc ...

password: 12

-Now with rank system

NOTE: For those who like rpg games very hard, will do very well with this game

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Recruitment / ...
November 25, 2012, 08:05:02 pm
postei no lugar errado..... :'(