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 Tried many ways and it just wont work the way Im looking, well I have another solution besides the "message", another option was possibly edit the main menu, to take off items and equip to have them on a separate menu, so it would make sense to toggle between menus, and the item shall indicate effect on description.

Any idea how to have "items" and "equip" on a different menu? like to press "M" to open another window with these two?
Quote from: Blizzard on December 02, 2016, 01:51:03 pm
You could also just set each enemy to give no EXP if you don't need the actual EXP value for anything. e.g. You could just count battles.

Well counting the exp adds a certain random value as of how many battles might trigger the parallel, and I do see character exp as a value for variables, so I have an idea how to do it, once I take the EXP to show on windows, any idea on how to do this, to make the exp not show on any window, but still being kept as  value the character is acumulating? Do I literally just delete the word "exp" from some windows? or like delete or type something to make those window not populate at all?
Quote from: Blizzard on December 02, 2016, 01:26:58 pm
Are you trying to add it on the map scene? You might need a custom script for that.

There is an alternative though. You could use the Show Picture command. Since you only have a few skills, you will need to make only a few pictures.

Yes I know is very "makeshift" but since the game is relatively short and simple my goal is to make it work.

Ok so you mean for the picture to be the text window showing "learned Heal" so it would be easier to take out?
 Allright guys! has a  breakthrough here after some days off.

So the best way I figured to take out the exp system was to set a parallel process to auto cast the "cant gain EXP" state on my character, and kept the state unnamed on the database thus wont show on screen.
Now I have tried to edit the script to take out any exp value to show on windows, but It either doesnt work or   crashes.
I have a better understanding of the editor and ctrl shift f is my friend! so maybe you can guide me as of where on the editor I might have to do what to keep any exp to show at all. I f worth mentioning Im using tons of addons and I can tell it alters the layout as an example exp is just shown as "E" on the menu.

But also I have a new question here:

Should I just take out the exp values to show, so then my character is actually gaining exp on the"background" and by setting his initial and final level as level 1 would he actually acummulate exp without really never leveling up? so the idea is to have a conditional variable based on EXP, to trigger every time a certain value of EXP has been reached...  is it making sense?

Once I have this last portion figured I would be confident to show a product with the system Im looking  :D
 Thanks for the advice guys,  now I should have a very simple evented system that works for a single character without lagging the game. It was kinda simple, but so simple it got troublesome.

So yeah in the end I have to make sure to have an autorun to turn on the switch that will activate the parallel, and also having a secondary page on the autorun activated by a self switch, the secondary page will be triggerd by action button thus ending the autorun loop right.

EDIT: ok it works I almost have this figured, now I have a problem:

   1. I need to make a "you learned heal" message appears everytime you get out of the menu, but guess what I can only make it loop :facepalm:, so how to set a conditional to trigger a text screen once every time this item is equipped?

   I mean I was able to set the autorun event trigger the parallel process without freezing or looping, but adding the text was blue screen of death for my brain.

Quote from: KK20 on November 28, 2016, 09:44:54 pm
Make a Parallel Process common event that is nothing but a series of conditional branches checking if a certain piece of equipment is equipped. If so, add skill, else remove skill.

When the game starts, have an autorun event turn on the switch required to start the parallel process.

Yup I just tried that and it just freezes upon start....I give up I'll just set up the EQUAP addon....
Quote from: Blizzard on November 28, 2016, 04:46:36 pm
No need to paste it everywhere, there are global events in the database that you can set up.

How would you set those global events? I dont get how they work, all they seem to do is jam/crash/ loop the game, how do you turn them off?
Quote from: Blizzard on November 28, 2016, 02:55:36 pm
If you can handle relatively complex eventing, scripting is only a bit more complicated than that. Of course, to be able to script almost anything, it takes some time to learn to RMXP's default scripts work. xD

If I haven't mentioned it already: Adding or removing certain scripts usually renders savegames messed up so you should prefer starting a new game when you add or remove a script to be on the safe side. And make sure you keep them in order in the editor since order matters.

This is a "one day at a time" type of thing, but Im glad is getting me somewhere, Im very excited to launch a demo soon, so I might just go for  tons of add ons and the DSD script, they have all I need in some way.

Quote from: Blizzard on November 28, 2016, 02:57:12 pm
What KK20 said.

If your game is small like that, then you could technically event it. :) But you still get the problem KK20 mentioned: Your skills won't change until you go to the map scene again.

Yes might have to paste the event on every map lel, so Im going to keep the ability by default on the character ,so the parallel events will be auto cancelling the skill, but with the conditional to grant the skill upon being equipped. Tested it and well, it looks  a bit clumsy, since you have to get back into the menu, unless maybe I can have equipment on one menu, and skills on the other, so it would make sense to toggle between menus to check the effect of the equipment.

Im very close to have a demo for what would be the tutorial level, so I might actually show a video of the alpha demo, its way easier to have feedback when you have a visual product  :cclove:
Quote from: Blizzard on November 28, 2016, 04:20:45 am
You could use a script for that and just modify your database. I made both a script where you can designate points to stats (I think I called it Stat Distribution System) and one where the stats increase upon "stimulation" during battle (similar to the real Final Fantasy 2). Best you check the database See the Actor category.

But maybe it's too far off the system you imagined. KK20's first idea with removing EXP drops and adding stat-increasing item drops might be the closest.

Yes indeed Im aware I have your amazing tons of addons  8), thats actually the reason why I came to these forums as you guys know a lot of XP, thing is was trying to activate the addons and then realized even for that was kinda clueless, had to research first  :V:
So I figured if I still have to learn, I might as well try to figure basic script editing, and be able to tell what can be evented and what not, so by the time I get back to your addons I will have a better idea how to use them the way Im looking in my game  :P
Quote from: Blizzard on November 28, 2016, 04:23:26 am
Yes, the more skills and actors you have, the more additional conditions you will need to check constantly. At one point the game will start to lag since it has to check a huge number of conditions every frame.

  I kinda figured that out, thing is I'm actually going forward with as it is a 1 character game, dungeon crawler with like 4 levels, so its relatively light to run? and Im talking about some 5 to 6 skills to have like this, as the game has to be short or "speedrunable", but in the end you guys have a better idea, and I can still use the addon!  :D

Up to this moment was just curious to understand the logic of the event to iminate the mechanic, was running a parallel with a conditional branch, but it triggered only after I toggled between the menu kinda works just looks sloppy, any idea why though?
Imagine the game as a dungeon crawler, so there are no towns, or regular shops, so your better chance in this game to get items is revisiting locations, such as chests, jars, crates, etc, these items will be hard to get or very expensive at the shop so I want to test the concept of having to scavenge respawned items after having triggered certain events or met certain requirements.
 Well I think I got it figured by events, I have the character know on level 1 a certain set of skills, then run a parallel event on the map blocking by default all skills (forget) then I added a conditional branch for  "when equipped" then "learn "x" skill", branch end forget skill again.

It works, but I have to toggle  the menu screen every time,or wait for a battle to occur, sure there is no way to have it all evented?
Quote from: KK20 on November 28, 2016, 01:03:53 am

I'm more curious what this "reset" thing is all about.

Ok so lets use as an example harvest moon or other cropping games, many use a time system to "renew" or "respawn" your items at certain spots every once in a while, is something like that just not based on timers, but based on the exp value given by monsters...
Event System Requests / [XP] attach skills to equipment
November 28, 2016, 01:51:32 am

Wondering how can one event having skills attached to certain equipment, so as an example if the character has certain accsesory equiped it shall learn "heal" if not equipped then forget heal, thus toggling the skill ON/OFF depending if the item is equipped. Very important to mention it should only make the skill "usable" during battles.

EDIT: I have already tried having a parallel event with a conditional branch if a certain item is equipped then learn some skill, if not equipped then forget skill, but it didnt work quite the way I wanted lol, liek it happened but it only triggered only after a battle has starter or finished, not immediatly after equiping or unequiping the it is clear its a bit more sophisticated than my first guess...

Recommendations? thanks before hand for putting your time into this :D
Hi there forum!

Im very glad to let you all know that after many questions, and try and errors, Im learning a bit more about RPG maker and the system overall.

First as any other newbie I was having mostly scripting limitations, but after some research I discovered many great RPG maker games were made with fully evented mechanics, meaning no need of adding scripts, so I asked around and apparently just by editing the default script and taking out the exp value (not to work and also not to show on window) I can then proceed to come up with my own evented leveling up system (Credits to the always helpful KK20 to confirm this).

So please check this out as I might need some ideas how to come up with the eventing:

-Characters wont gain exp after battles, or the value wont show at all after battles or on status menu. The idea is to have items that besides the general use of any RPG item (Hp recover, cure status, inflict damage to enemies etc) can additionally call common events such as "increase parameter" so every time you use an item you are also increasing your statutes (max HP up, mas SP up, mas attack up, etc), as there is no actual exp system.

-Enemies will drop items so of course there is part of the grinding, but I would like to assign the value monsters give out, to call a common event that resets every time it reaches a certain number, So as an example, following up with the exp not working to level up, we use that value running backround so lets say from every battle I get an approximate of 10 points and every 60 points I want a common event to activate and "reset" many of the switches on the map, for items to respawn. So you know every some 5 or 6 battles you have a chance to scavenge for recorey items that also increase your status to keep fighting.

It would be great to have comments or suggestions on this! Let me know if you need a more detailed explanation, as every time I explain myself I also get a better idea of how to do it.

Thanks beforehand!

So I might start figure out the event system, will need some feedback on that, but thats for another topic.

Thanks for looking into this! :D
Right!?  :D

Ok so just to clarify and to call this a "resolved question", on the script editing part I might still have to take the exp value out of game, anything else I might have to edit on the script before getting into the eventing part?
Quote from: KK20 on November 27, 2016, 07:02:05 pm
I'm not sure what your "items" are, so you'll have to explain that one more in detail.

Ok so imagine as in pokemon series as an example, there are some items that will raise your HP, attack, defense, etc by a certain amount, so in this game every usable item as an example the typical HP recovery item shal also increase your HP by a bit, or like a "shuriken" item, will attack the enemy and raise your attack. Im trying to add some survival scavenger elements on a dungeon crawler, so the idea is for you to endure some more battles knowing more items to recover and increase your stats will appear here and there.

Also Im keeping the gold value, with another name, so the character can administrate which items to buy on shop areas, thus administrating its growth, but well that might be another topic, in the meantime I hope you have a context on my "item leveling" idea, maybe additional comments? might be broken?

oh BTW the idea I have is to make the items call for a common event every time rhey are used, and there is actually an event called "increase parameters" so that one is checked. Oh and maybe this way I can have certain moments of the game to actually unlock your next level, since there is no exp system, only these events will give you level, but then I have my skills matched with each level, in other words handling the issue of my skill system with just eventing.  :P

Just a bump here, I have updated my request, confident Im explainign myself a lot better now!  :sos: