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Topics - Spaceman McConaughey

Figured I'd make one that, as I said, isn't about everyone's erect cocks.

So I think I'll start posting here again, rather than the vague edgelord shout in the shoutbox every few months.
Chat / What is the length of your erect penis?
March 04, 2016, 04:55:14 pm
Not posting this in S.P.A.M. because I want serious answers from serious manly men. Seriously.

I measured mine at ---------- inches when fully erect.
Anybody else wanna share their length?

Edited for decency, if you want me to explain just send me a pm - winkio
Electronic and Computer Section / HTC One M9
April 20, 2015, 01:39:09 am
Just got the phone today, will update with my impressions as time goes on.

For now, I can say the phone seems pretty fucking awesome and is definitely an improvement over the iPhone 5 I've been using these past two years.
Video Games / Fuck off, Kotaku and Polygon.
October 18, 2014, 05:48:55 pm

Fuck you guys.

Hatred looks insanely fun and is literally no different than going on a rampage in a GTA game.
I'm tired of the fucking hypocrisy. It's bad for gaming as a whole.

Ugh! Fire these RETARDS already! Someone!? PLEASE!?
Video Games / Smash 3DS DLC Wish List
October 07, 2014, 09:28:01 pm
What kind of DLC do you want? I mean, assuming the game does get it?


  • Wolf

  • Mewtwo

  • Krystal *

  • Ridley *

* Those two are wishful thinking, to be honest.


  • Great Bay

  • Lylat Cruise

  • Smashville

  • Sector Z


  • Special Brawl *

  • Complete set of alternate models (not skins) for all characters, where applicable

* Or, you know, whatever it'd be called in this game. I am literally pissed that they took away Stamina Mode. >8(

No idea what else I'd like to see right now, but what about all of you?

Like, holy fuck, why?
Completely unacceptable, in my opinion.
Chat / IMPORTANT: 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked
September 10, 2014, 01:33:21 pm
Video Games / SSB4 and Sakurai's incompetence. Discuss.
September 10, 2014, 12:02:45 pm
Yes, I am excited for Smash 4. I am just sad that such a damn big fool is running the show.

Sakurai simply is not a good director, not at all.
He's inconsistent in what he has his developers add, he wastes perfectly good character slots on clones, and so on.

Alternate costumes are one of the biggest inconsistencies I can think of. Why?
Well, some characters get fully alternate models instead of alternate textures, while others do not, when they could REALLY benefit from it.
Link, for example, has an alternate "costume". It's supposed to be his starting Skyloft clothes from Skyward Sword.
It's not, though; it's just his regular-ass tunic textured and colored to resemble the outfit. And I can guarantee you, that his Fierce Diety skin is nothing more than a retexture, too.

Then we have a bunch of characters with alternate models as skins, like Shulk, Zero Suit Samus, The Villager, Pikachu, and so on.
That pisses me off, because Link is a character who has had MANY brilliant outfits over the years. Especially his Twilight Princess tunics, which are beautiful!
But no, Link, and many other characters in Smash 4 get nothing in regards to alternate costumes, whereas plenty of others do.

If you're going to add alternate costumes, you either go all out or don't do a goddamn thing at all.
I'm saying, either give every character actual alternate costumes, or fucking give nobody any at all.
Inconsistency annoys me, especially inconsistency on such a grand scale.

There's more I can rant about here, but I'll move on to this now...

Sakurai said there'd be no more clones. Clones are back.
Ganondorf is still a Captain Falcon clone.

Fuck you, Sakurai.
Chat / iPhone 6. Discuss.
September 10, 2014, 11:51:05 am
I am excited to get it, even if they are technically playing "catch-up".
(really, though, I cannot think of a single practical, non-gimmicky use for NFC, so I consider its inclusion to be pointless)

Feel free to tell me why you think Android is better, too. i dun cur

Anyways, I prefer the iPhone over Android phones because, quite simple, I prefer its OS.
And I love Apple's App Store, which seems to be a bit better than the Play Store, in terms of content.
I love how polished it is in comparison to Android, and I especially love how consistently smooth and fast it runs.

OS lag and stuttering is indeed a problem with quite a bit of Android phones (example, my first ever Android phone, and my first and second Android tablets, with the second advertised as some fast, powerful thing), and that turns me off from using the devices.

That said, I was prepared to POSSIBLY go Android if Apple didn't announce an iPhone with a bigger screen.
Script Troubleshooting / Need help with shadow script.
August 25, 2014, 04:32:32 am
Posted in CP chat, but I figure I'd be better off making a topic:
Quote[8/24/2014 10:45:39 PM] Me: Looking to reduce the distance I have to be from a light source to cast a shadow.
[8/24/2014 10:45:58 PM] Me: It looks weird when a small light source gives you a shadow from so far away.
[8/24/2014 10:46:03 PM] Me: So, what in there would I alter?
[8/24/2014 10:47:03 PM] Me: Honestly, I'd like the shadow to completely disappear when I'm three tiles away.

So, yeah, what would I adjust to do this?
# ¡ Sprite_Shadow (Sprite_Ombre )
# Based on Genzai Kawakami's shadows, dynamisme&features by Rataime, extra features Boushy


class Game_Party
attr_reader :characters

class Sprite_Shadow < RPG::Sprite

attr_accessor :character

def initialize(viewport, character = nil,source = nil,anglemin=0,anglemax=0,distancemax=0)
   @character = character
   @source = source

def update
   if @tile_id != @character.tile_id or
      @character_name != @character.character_name or
      @character_hue != @character.character_hue
     @tile_id = @character.tile_id
     @character_name = @character.character_name
     @character_hue = @character.character_hue
     if @tile_id >= 384
       self.bitmap = RPG::Cache.tile($game_map.tileset_name,
         @tile_id, @character.character_hue)
       self.src_rect.set(0, 0, 32, 32)
       self.ox = 16
       self.oy = 32
       self.bitmap = RPG::Cache.character(@character.character_name,
       @cw = bitmap.width / 4
       @ch = bitmap.height / 4
       self.ox = @cw / 2
       self.oy = @ch
   self.visible = (not @character.transparent)
   if @tile_id == 0
     sx = @character.pattern * @cw
     sy = (@character.direction - 2) / 2 * @ch
     if self.angle>90 or angle<-90
       if @character.direction== 6
              sy = ( 4- 2) / 2 * @ch
       if @character.direction== 4
              sy = ( 6- 2) / 2 * @ch
       if @character.direction== 2
              sy = ( 8- 2) / 2 * @ch
       if @character.direction== 8
              sy = ( 2- 2) / 2 * @ch
     self.src_rect.set(sx, sy, @cw, @ch)
   self.x = @character.screen_x
   self.y = @character.screen_y-5
   self.z = @character.screen_z(@ch)-1
   self.opacity = @character.opacity
   self.blend_type = @character.blend_type
   self.bush_depth = @character.bush_depth
   if @character.animation_id != 0
     animation = $data_animations[@character.animation_id]
     animation(animation, true)
     @character.animation_id = 0
   @deltay= @source.y-self.y
   self.angle = 57.3*Math.atan2(@deltax, @deltay )
   if @angle_trigo<0
   self.color =, 0, 0)
   @distance = ((@deltax ** 2) + (@deltay ** 2))
     self.opacity = 0
     self.opacity = 1200000/(@distance+6000)   
   @distance = @distance ** 0.5
   if @distancemax !=0 and @distance>=@distancemax
   if @anglemin !=0 or @anglemax !=0
      if (@angle_trigo<@anglemin or @angle_trigo>@anglemax) and @anglemin<@anglemax
      if (@angle_trigo<@anglemin and @angle_trigo>@anglemax) and @anglemin>@anglemax

# ¥ CLASS Sprite_Character edit

class Sprite_Character < RPG::Sprite
alias shadow_initialize initialize

def initialize(viewport, character = nil)
   @character = character
   if (character.is_a?(Game_Event) and character.list!=nil and character.list[0].code == 108 and character.list[0].parameters == ["s"])
     if (character.list[1]!=nil and character.list[1].code == 108)
     if (character.list[2]!=nil and character.list[2].code == 108)
     if (character.list[3]!=nil and character.list[3].code == 108)
    for i in $
     if ($[i].is_a?(Game_Event) and $[i].list!=nil and $[i].list[0].code == 108 and $[i].list[0].parameters == ["o"])
       @ombrelist[i+1] =, $[i],self,@anglemin,@anglemax,@distancemax)
    @ombrelist[1] =, $game_player,self,@anglemin,@anglemax,@distancemax)
# œ Compatibility with fukuyama's caterpillar script
if CATERPILLAR_COMPATIBLE and $game_party.characters!=nil

for member in $game_party.characters
   @ombrelist.push(, member,self,@anglemin,@anglemax,@distancemax))

# œ End of the compatibility
   shadow_initialize(viewport, @character)

alias shadow_update update

def update
   if @ombrelist!=[]
     for i in 1..@ombrelist.size
       if @ombrelist[i]!=nil


# ¥ CLASS Scene_Save edit
class Scene_Save < Scene_File

alias shadows_write_save_data write_save_data

def write_save_data(file)
   $game_map.shadows = nil

# ¥ CLASS Game_Map edit
class Game_Map
attr_accessor :shadows

Video Games / This dumbfuck is missing the point.
August 19, 2014, 06:43:15 am

I simply cannot get over the sheer amount of stupidity radiating from this fat fuck's video. :facepalm:
He is missing the point like fucking crazy: yes, exclusives are good for the sales of a console, nobody is arguing that.

But hey, Rich, you dumbshit, are you even aware that Tomb Raider has ALWAYS been a multiplatform series, ever since its first fucking game?
It was on PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, and even computers. The second one ditched SEGA consoles entirely for PlayStation, but it still had PC versions.
Same with the third. As for the fourth and fifth? Same thing, except the SEGA versions are back on the Dreamcast. ;)

Then Angel of Darkness came for PS2, as well as PC platforms again.
Then Tomb Raider Legend, which went all-fucking-out with being multiplatform; it was on damn near everything.
Same with Tomb Raider Underworld, as well. The 2013 reboot was also multiplatform.

Anybody who thinks Tomb Raider - a multiplatform franchise since its first game - should be exclusive to one system, and one system only, is a massive fucking idiot not worth anybody's goddamn time. Unsubbing.
Chat / Space Engine
August 19, 2014, 01:55:05 am
Alright, seriously, has anyone fucked around with this thing?

Oh. My. God.
It is amazing! Seriously, it blew my fucking mind like crazy.

I wish I knew this existed sooner, because I LOVE stuff like this! :D
Though, when exploring, it makes me physically nervous. Like, I have this very uneasy feeling when using it.
Seeing the vastness of space, the scale of celestial objects like this... makes me feel very insignificant.

I just start to feel uneasy while playing it, but I still love it.
Chat / Algorithm recovers speech from vibrations.
August 06, 2014, 04:21:52 am
One of mine:

Chris Chan is the second coming of Christ, in the flesh.

(also, NSFW tag because it's bound to end up that way if this topic takes off)
Chat / Past life regression therapy
August 05, 2014, 08:43:30 am
Honestly, I doubt whatever it has you see is an actual past life, but apparently it does work.
Like, you see some pretty vivid shit, or whatever. I'm going to try it for that alone.

Have any of you ever tried it? You don't even need to pay out the ass to some therapist trying to make a quick buck, you can just get it for free from a YouTube video.

I hope it actually works. I wanna see cool shit.
Gonna try it eventually.
Or, you know, a generation of overly-sensitive buffoons that expect you to pander to every one of their beliefs, otherwise you're a piece of filth that must die. If you happen to feel different, you're not worth their time, or anybody's, for that matter. For example, the majority believe straight, white people who identify as the gender they were born with/assigned at birth need to die, because apparently that group of people are oppressing transgenders or some stupid ilk like that.

And yes, I know being white and straight has nothing to do with cisgender, but those two traits are most commonly associated with it, because like being cisgendered, THEY'RE SO BAD TO BE, AND WE SHOULD ALL FEEL SO SORRY FOR IT. Nobody is being oppressed because I'm a straight, white person that identifies as the gender the doctors gave me. Nobody. Don't be stupid.

Mix that with the rampant presence of feminazis on tumblr, who are constantly corrupting more impressionable minds into following their "man is evil, kill the man before he kills and rapes you" agenda, completely oblivious to what the hell feminism actually is. And for what? Because some man held the door open for you at some point? I'll have you know I hold the door open at every place I go to, whether it's a woman OR man walking through.

Oh, and let's not forget: sexism towards women is slowly dying out as older people who cling to older ideals croak. Maybe feminists realized this, so now they want MORE than the equality they originally strived for, just so they can stay relevant. All feminism is now, is creating non-issues, for the most part. There's still a lot of good to be done, but the extremists overshadow it completely.

And there's SO MUCH MORE wrong with tumblr, like seriously.

Anyways, I rambled... tumblr is horrible for anything but funny images, and emotionally scarred children flock to it to have their minds permanently warped into something horrible, which in turn is creating a generation of unbearable, subhuman scum.

General Discussion / Someone should make...
July 19, 2014, 12:44:07 am that analyzes an audio file, and translates its length to frames.

This would be a lifesaver for many reasons, but I'll just state a crucial one (for me, at least):
The project I'm working on is voice acting heavy (voice in Earl's head, audio logs, and so on), so having a program
that can give me the exact amount of frames to wait with for a particular audio file would be amazing.
Right now, it's a big mess trying to get it just right, you know?

Of course, nobody has to make this; I'm just suggesting in case anyone would like to give it a try, is all.
General Discussion / [XP] Can DLC easily be made?
July 03, 2014, 05:09:06 am
Like, would overwriting data files add the new content into the game without any consequences?
And if it does, would it be possible to inject the files into an encrypted project? Like, with an installer of some sort?

Basically, when I have the completed version of ESTA out one day, I plan to keep it alive with DLC (for free).
Chat / DRM for coffee. HAHA, MY SIDES.
July 01, 2014, 04:27:09 am

Sorry, I can't contain my laughter. This is the stupidest thing ever.
So, the whole drama over the new Assassin's Creed being misogynistic is what spawned this from me.

I mean, honestly, why bitch and moan over there being no playable female assassins?
The fact that there are none doesn't make the game sexist, like, at all.
The fact that there are none and the French Revolution had more female assassins than male assassins doesn't make the game sexist at all, either.

Ubisoft gave their explanation, and while it seems sexist to many (for some reason), it's simply not.
All it is, really, is them cutting down on the spending and production time (less motion capture actors = less money and time spent).
But no, the stupid feminist social justice warriors of tumblr just HAD to make a big deal out of this and whine about non-existent misogyny!

And honestly, has nobody fucking considered this is apart of their artistic vision? Of course not.
Artistic vision only applies when you feminists can't come up with something to bitch and moan about.
OTHERWISE, they're attacking all of womenkind. Idiots.

Really, it's because of stuff like THIS, that the feminist movement is such a joke now.
Alright, think about it, guys:
In the reveal, Link was chased by a giant robot that was practically vomiting lasers at him.
His bow also had some bad-ass technological arrow (I feel these will be the return of magic arrows, just not... magical).

Skyward Sword had ruins of an advanced civilization, complete with robots bearing advanced artificial intelligence.
When you explore the dungeon (the first one in the desert), and get in those little time bubbles (forget the real name), or get blanketed in the effect, time moves backwards, and you see all of these colorful neon lights, laser traps, high-tech versions of enemies, and so on.

That is Hyrule in the past, some time before Skyward Sword.
NOW, how am I certain Zelda U takes place THEN rather than in the actual future?

Link's tunic.
There's a reason it is how it is, guys, and that's because the "hero's clothes" didn't even exist in that time period.
Skyward Sword showed the origin of both the Master Sword AND Link's famous tunic. The origin of the tunic was, quite simply, that it was a standard uniform for Skyloftian Knights.
That's all it was. Link wearing it for the first time in Skyward Sword pretty much made it this sacred thing passed down to his descendants.

This is why Link is wearing a different tunic, and not the famous green one.
It didn't exist as an article of clothing when Zelda U takes place.

So, now put it all together:
Technology seen in Skyward Sword ONLY when you go back in time, and the absence of the green tunic?
Yes, exactly. Feel free to let your mind implode now.

And as for the blue tunic resembling Wind Waker Link's starting outfit, well, I am going to assume it's a timeless outfit in the land of Hyrule worn by many people throughout time.
Video Games / Nintendo's reveals. Discuss.
June 10, 2014, 04:47:05 pm
I came loads, like oh my God.

Zelda U? Hngh, looked amazing on so many levels.
Play as Midna in Hyrule Warriors? Unngh, has been one of my waifus for many years.

It's going to be revealed in a few days at E3, and shit like that.
(okay, I don't KNOW if it's going to be at E3, but Nintendo would be even stupider than usual to not do reveal it then)

So, what would make or break it for you?

For me...

Traditional Controls
Twilight Princess on the Wii sucked, and Skyward Sword, while fun to play, was made a chore at the same time.
The motion controls didn't always work, and it was frustrating as fuck. I just want to play it how I've played Zelda games since Ocarina of Time, all the way to Twilight Princess on the GameCube. Anything else is just plain unacceptable.

No Tingle
There needs to be Tingle.
Tingle is a majestic creature gifted to humanity by Baby Jesus himself.
We weren't worthy, but we got Tingle. We need more Tingle. Tingle is the gift that keeps on giving.

So, yeah, what do you guys want for it, and what are you expecting?
Chat / I wish Smosh would go away.
May 31, 2014, 06:18:20 pm

Quote from: From Smosh's video...mindless, shallow piece of entertainment, that makes you dumber just for being exposed to it. It's... basically the Kardashian of videogames.

Funny, this joke from their own video describes them perfectly.
I wish they knew how hard they suck.

But yeah, I'm not defending Candy Crush or anything, it's just that this particular line caught me off guard with how cluelessly hypocritical it was.

Seriously, I just want them gone.
Anthony and Ian are annoying manchildren with horrible senses of humor, and the most punchable faces in the world.
The rest of the cast on Smosh Games were taken away from a channel I loved (ClevverGames) through some kind of buyout, or whatever, and now THEY'RE just as fucking annoying.

They're cancer.
So, anyone here play this game yet besides me and gameus?
It's so amazing, and I seriously hope I can get a copy of my own soon (played when friend was over a few days ago).

But yeah, check out the digital trips:
(also, friendly tip: SECRET SCEEEEEEEENE)

What the fuck, it keeps saying "#Invalid YouTube Link#" even though I'm using the BBC PERFECTLY.
Whatever, just have the link.
Chat / Sorry, dumb-ass feminist.
May 29, 2014, 08:34:35 pm
...if there's no such thing as misandry, there's no such thing as misogyny.
This is a fact, fucking deal with it.

Here's the mindless spiel that has me annoyed:

You know what? Feminism is stupid. I feel bad for the idiots who identify as a feminist, man or woman.
Sorry, humanism is the way to go. Strive for equality, not snuffing out the opposite sex.

And yes, I know true feminism is all for equality, but now-a-days, that's not what the most vocal feminists strive for.
It's a hollow, hateful, ignorant shell of what it once was.

So again: fuck feminism, yay equality.
And especially fuck the dumb-asses that make articles like the one I linked.
Or just convert it over for RMXP?

According to KK20, it's possible.
So, anyone willing to do it? It's okay if not.
Just a couple of tips:

Organizing your maps like this has been scientifically proven to increase sexual performance:
Spoiler: ShowHide

(if you steal my map names, you're fucking dead to me)

Renaming high-priority graphics to have an exclamation point before their name spawns a naked angel on top of your penis:
Spoiler: ShowHide

(yes, graphic names are a bit nonsensical... I'M STILL WORKING ON IT, BRO)

Just two tips I thought would be handy for those that for some reason haven't thought of this.