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Title: [XP] Max Limiter Breaker
Post by: bigace on January 09, 2013, 03:46:54 pm
Max Limiter Breaker
Authors: Bigace360
Version: 2.0
Type: Limit Breaker
Key Term: Player / Party / Troop Add-on

Tired of having only 99 items? Want to have be able to change maximum gold amount or party capacity? This is the script for you! This script allows you to change the max for a few things!



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( (

There in the script comment section in the beginning.

Requires Warrior Core Engine XP (

This script has modded Window_ShopBuy, Window_ShopSell, Scene_Shop, and Window_Item. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER MODDED VERSIONS OF THESE WINDOWS IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS TO WORK!

Credits and Thanks