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Title: [XP] J::Battle BOOST!
Post by: Jragyn on May 28, 2011, 01:43:15 am
J::Battle BOOST!
Authors: Unknown
Version: 1
Type: Battle Speed Enhancer
Key Term: Battle Add-on


Its not even really a script as much as an altered definition.
But hot-damn, it MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.



You cannot screenshot speed.


No, I will not make a demo.
This is really just... plug and play.


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| J::Battle BOOST!           |
| Author: Unknown            |

 A ridiculously useful little altered definition that DRASTICALLY
 increases the battle speed.
 Its hard to explain, you should just give it a go and see what I mean.
 All you need to know is that the higher the number, the faster it goes.
 To a limit, of course.

class RPG::Sprite
 def effect?
   @_whiten_duration > 16 ||     # 0 - 16
   @_appear_duration > 16 ||     # 0 - 16
   @_escape_duration > 32 ||     # 0 - 32
   @_collapse_duration > 12 ||   # 0 - 48
   @_damage_duration > 40 ||     # 0 - 40
   @_animation_duration > 200    # 0 - 200


This is totally plug and play.
Just copy-pasta into your script editor and it should do the job.
You can adjust the numbers if you want...
but I set them up for you, so you don't really need to. :)


I can't think of any issues I've ran into.
This essentially functions with any battle system that utilizes Scene_Battle.
(ie: doesn't work with BlizzABS because that uses Map_Battler or whatever)

Credits and Thanks

Author's Notes

I did not actually write this scriptlet thingy, but the japanese site I found it on went down some time ago. :(
Its a sad day, they had a lot of other scripts I wish I grabbed so I could share here...
Though I have a few more :)
Title: Re: [XP] J::Battle BOOST!
Post by: WhiteRose on May 28, 2011, 01:36:15 pm
As you didn't write this script, you shouldn't list yourself as the author. If you don't know who wrote it, I think putting "Unknown" would be the best choice. That aside, I'm sure some people will find this script useful. Thanks for posting it.
Title: Re: [XP] J::Battle BOOST!
Post by: Jragyn on May 28, 2011, 01:39:03 pm
Fixed :3