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Story & Themes / Re: Magic discussion
March 24, 2011, 10:20:09 am
Idea: Stick to the titanium placed in equipment slots, but extractable ("extract all titanium" button). So the limit of titanium per character would be limited by the "magicness" of used artifacts. Therefore the mage character, who wields staff, will have more powerful spells than the others.

Now we have 2 ways to make that:

  • Ingredients list - once the character learns a spell, (s)he has to equip a set of titanium to unlock it (or maybe just make it more efficient). Place where the titanium has to be equipped can rely on the kind of spell. That works if we want to set the spell list locked for all the characters.

  • Unleashing - equipping titanium automatically unlocks the spell for the combination. That makes the spellbook more customizable - if player don't want to see another "warrior with flaming sword", he can equip the William's stuff with earth spells, making him the "tank" or air ones, making him the "blademaster".

So, now, we have four kinds of titanium:

  • Red (fire)

  • Yellow (air)

  • Blue (water)

  • Green (earth)

Spells are being unlocked by pairs of those:

F + F = fire spells (fireball, ignite, strength - depends on where it's put)
F + A = thunder spells (shock, paralyze, spark shield)
A + A = air spells (wind's fist, haste, knockdown)
A + W = ice spells (icebolt, freeze, frost armor)
W + W = water spells (geiser, antidote, healing)
W + E = nature spells (poison, entangling roots, regenaration)
E + E = earth spells (tremor, stun, stoneskin)
E + F = death spells (deathcoil, curse, vampirism)
A + E = darkness (fear, illusions, sleep)
F + W = holy (blessings, blindness)

Now every artifact can have any number of slots. For both methods (locked list of spells and customisable one) this works fine.
Story & Themes / Re: Story
March 19, 2011, 05:12:46 pm
What on earth am I doing here? I guess I'm just not a type of jRPG player. So you guys say that you really enjoy those turn battles and the story is just an excuse to have more of them?

I'm sorry, folks. I think I don't fit here :P
Mapping & Eventing / Re: On-Map event systems
March 19, 2011, 04:32:38 pm
We don't have to call it chapters and mark their appereance, just the idea of the game world developing with the course of events might work.
Story & Themes / Re: Story
March 19, 2011, 04:31:33 pm
Yippie, so let's bring another epic straightforward story with the only twists of discovering the new evil evil plans!. An interesting, genuine story and non-schematic motives for the characters is so BORING, indeed it is.

Whos says that a story for 2D RPG has to be wearisome pompouse?

IMNSHO an interesting story would be the only excuse to withstand turn-based battles.
Basics & Features / Re: Basic Features
March 19, 2011, 04:26:09 pm
I'm a big fan of chapter-respawn. Once defeated, monsters don't bother you anymore, but when the respawn occurs, new monsters appear.
Story & Themes / Re: Story
March 19, 2011, 02:58:56 pm
Abduction? Evil cult? COME ON. Why don't we make it a little bit genuine?

For example:

William is a promising alter boy. His pure and brave spirit makes him not only a model cleric, but it appears that he has a talent for the miracles, as the Church of the Overgod calls the healings and blessings of the Holy Magic. One day he is assaulted by thugs who try to rob him, but in a reflex he makes them blind with the Holy magic, and it's a spell that has never been seen yet. William is accused of using the magic (even if it's the same magic that the priests use) and banished from his town. (Possible: motive of connections between thugs and some twisted priest).

William, who is torn between his beliefs and loyalty to the Church and the feel of innocence, meets the members of the cult. They appear to be the "holy avengers", "true believers", who want to restore the magic to its place in the world and fix the mistakes of the corrupted Church. They are getting good at magic, but a Holy Mage must be a lawful and innocent man, so they need William for a ritual to break the Overgod's seals.

Once the seal is broken at the volcano site, William hears the voice of Creators. (Now no long and over-epic loreshot in intro needed, hooray!) He, as all the cultists, is being lured and misleaded with their message - Creators tell William that they are the true Gods, but one of them, known now as Overgod, has rebelled and put them all in prison. Opening the seal makes the Creator's emissaries, Prophets, appear on the planet - people who can speak with their gods and use some of their power (material for interesting NPCs/enemies).

Williams beilef in the Cult shakes when he meets Alice (who is not a prisoner, but undercover avenger preparing her retribution). He collects evidence of her story and confronts his new "friends", what makes him marked as "expendable". With help from Alice, he fights back and escapes the site to go back to his Church and, despite earlier rejection, tell his superiors about the Cult. On the way back home he meets the travelling bards, etc. (as in the first sketch).

The Church refuses to redeem William's sins, even when informed about the Cult - especially after hearing what William has done. They imprison William, but one of the priests helps Robin free him and guides him to meet an old eremite, who was a former priest and may know more (Gerald).

And here we are on the main course again.
Basics & Features / Re: Basic Features
March 19, 2011, 02:26:40 pm
My not-so-humble suggestion:

I'm begging you - keep the numbers real. Not in mathematical meaning, I'm sure you're not even gonna make them non-integer :D but I mean the reality of the integers. Examples:

  • Nobody carries around 10 000 gold coins with themselves. So nothing really costs that much.

  • GOLD isn't that easy to get. A gold coin should be worth more than 1/500 of one mana potion.

  • If all the prices in a potion shop are over 100 GOLDEN COINS, in means it's too freakin' expensive. Image anobody paying with even 10-gp coins. The price of any non-equipment non-rare-artifact item should fit in a small money bag.

  • HP and damage. I always wondered why the heck anybody needs to break the default RMXP values. How can anobody feel the values, track what's effective and what's not, when a single weapon hit deals 700 damage? Player's HP should be around 50-200 to make each point valuable. Monsters - 10-500 for monsters, up to 1000 for bosses. Keep those numbers imaginable.

  • Same for stats. Keep them in small enough numbers to make the player realise their meaning.

Also please, I'm begging you, quit tormenting the players with "random encouters". That was cool in Pokemon. And never more.
Mapping & Eventing / Re: On-Map event systems
March 19, 2011, 02:14:29 pm
New chapter only unlocks new features, it doesn't have to replace the old ones. Chapterization is a great way to make the game progress influence the enviroment.

Good game story should remind a book, that's the best way if you make a non-sandbox RPG. Look at the Witcher and Gothic games.

Like I said, the main purpose is to make game don't look like a railway and increase the reality of the world.
Story & Themes / Re: Magic discussion
March 18, 2011, 08:34:17 pm
Titanium shouldn't be a fuel, more like a catalyst for the magic. So for powerful spells as fireballs it would require the caster to hold a big object, like a wand (mage), but for small boosts it would work well with a ring or amulet (bard, warrior). Also titanium-enhanced weapons should be useful.

Now combining the elements is a great idea. Name the kinds of Titanium with colours to not bind them with one single element.

  • Red Titanium - Vitality

  • Yellow Titanium - Agility

  • Blue Titanium - Spirit

  • Green Titanium - Stamina

Fire = R + R
Thunder = R + Y
Wind = Y + Y
Ice = Y + B
Water = B + B
Nature = B + G
Earth = G + G
Death = G + R

Every artifact (weapon, ring, shield) has a number of slots. For example:

An Old Magical Sword has one slot.
Adding R titanium increases its attack power.
Adding Y titanium adds the statistics (DEX ang AGI) bonus.
Adding B titanium adds the MP and INT bonus.
Adding G titanium adds the HP/DEF bonus.

A Fine Magical Shield has two slots.
Adding B+Y adds the STR bonus and "Frost Ward" spell.
Adding G+G increases the shield's defence and adds "Stonewall" spell.

An Apprentice's Staff has three slots.
Adding R+R+R gives the player spells "Firebolt" (R+R) and "Fireball" (R+R+R)
Adding R+G+G gives the player spells "Curse" (G+R), "Stun" (G+G) and "Poison" (G+G+R)
Adding R+B+Y unlucks spells "Shock" (R+Y), "Freeze" (Y+B), "Stupefy" (R+B) and "Barrierbreak" (R+B+Y)
Also, the titanium boosts the stats.

Adding titanium to a piece of equipment boost its stats and unlocks spells. Only one piece of titanium just increases the stats, but from two to four-five it unlocks useful spells.
Type of spell depends on the kind of equipment:
Weapon - attack, curse, and attack boost spells (offensive)
Offhand - shield, healing and other boost spells
Rings - various effects
Armor - physical-boost spells
Helmet - magic-boost spells

Of course "titanium slots" would be available only for metal objects, so a mage's robe can't unleash the "Stoneskin" spell.
"Magical" artifacts such as wands, spellbooks and rings should be more "titanium-able". So an Ultimate Archmage's Staff would have 6 slots and be able to hold RGRGRG combination being a call for a set of some lesser spells, "Fireball" (RRR), "Shockwave" (GGG), "Curse" (RG), "Death Coil" (RGRG) and "Breath of Death" (RGRGRG); or YYYYYY, unleashing all offensive pure-wind-based spells. IMHO the number of slots might be as well limited to 4 or 5, except you like overpowered omniscent elementalists.

What do you think about that?
Story & Themes / Re: 2-world theme discussion
March 18, 2011, 08:07:24 pm
Zones can make the magic more effective, but also alter the MP cost as well. For example: "ice" zone makes fire spells do more damage, but also they reuire more mana. Ice spells don't do that much damage, but they require half the mana. And so on for all zones.
Mapping & Eventing / Re: On-Map event systems
March 18, 2011, 07:45:51 pm
Chapterization. Game should have about 5-6 chapters, and every chapter should bring changes to the game world. That would definitely make going back to places we've already visited interesting. What should "respawn":

  • side quests (so the player knows when the new chapter starts, that he can go back to town A for new, more demanding quests)

  • enemies (situation gets more dramatic with the story, so the road to our little A-town may be less safe now)

  • traders (hey, traveller, remember me? I've got new stuff)

  • treasures (with the random-variable system, the incrementation of the chapter shall increase the value of available prizes)

  • overall - story (some little changes that show the player the passage of time, like an old NPC dying, NPC moving to another town, etc.)

That really helps making the game world consistent and not a one-direction train route from start to end.
Is it allowed to use the Kaliban resources? They look indeed awesome and kinda match the RTP (it's based on it), but if you have one single tree in Kaliban style, it forces the whole project to be made in that style, since the default RTP trees look just lame in comparison to the Kaliban ones.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] RMX-OS
January 16, 2011, 06:29:58 am
Find class Scene_Servers in RMX-OS Script. At the end of setup_scene method add line


and then set the proper title BGM in database.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Map Combiner
January 13, 2011, 05:17:57 am
Quote from: ForeverZer0 on January 12, 2011, 08:32:11 pm
Quote from: [Luke] on January 12, 2011, 07:42:56 pm
Now you can add or remove any part of the map in-game without making clone maps (valley without bridge, valley with bridge, etc.).

You are still going to be making extra maps. You may has well just make them direct clones and change the maps.

There's a huge difference. Imagine there are 5 houses to add to the city. Making clone maps would require 2^5 = 32 maps with all combinations of houses added. Now you've got the point?
Why are you posting a link to a non-English forum? Probably it's a form of ABSEAL. And I bet that kind of a script needs a huge plug-in. Find somebody on that forum who's well-known with that ABS and will make a CR plugin. I know it's a breakthrough and ForeverZer0 is an interforumational scripting celebrity (or will be) since he published a script that was considered by another scripting god (Blizzard) as very difficult to make ("Scripts that are not possible and why they aren't"), but, still, he cannot make plugins for all the scripts in the world...
...probably :D He did make CRS, so I doubt there's anything impossible to him :P
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] RMX-OS
January 12, 2011, 07:43:52 pm
Also, everybody, check out if the Windows built-in firewall isn't blocking ruby.exe (my issue) :D
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Map Combiner
January 12, 2011, 07:42:56 pm
Magnificent. If you don't understand how can it work, let me show you an example (taken from my current project):

Imagine an Blizz-ABS game where 3 factions battle for the control of the island. It's an RMX-OS game, so faction members are real players. They can conquer towns and villages and defend them, also with NPC guards. Once they conquer a town, they can pay their money to develop it - build barracks, weapon shop and hire more guards (that one is by eventing, but you can feel the idea). This script will let you setup the option of adding new structures to current map and that's very useful.

Examples in non-RMX-OS game: paying for woodcutters to cut down trees, hiring masons to build a bridge, estabilishing a siege camp to destroy a wall, building a wall or fence - just imagine. Now you can add or remove any part of the map in-game without making clone maps (valley without bridge, valley with bridge, etc.).
Of course it's a speculation - I'm not a time traveller :D

I'm just suggesting that making separate "mounted" sprites for actors will cause too much trouble while this option of a fight cannot be used in caves or buildings. Changing the spriteset and few attributes (like movement speed) can be easily done just with eventing/scripting.
More than possible compatibility issues with Visual Equipment, although I don't know that for sure (I'm not that familiar with the script).

If you want it, I'm not stopping you, it would be an awesome feature, perhaps - but I don't think there's any real demand on it.
That should be an add-on instead of part of the Blizz-ABS. Most games won't use that feature.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] RMX-OS
January 10, 2011, 11:47:15 am
Noob: Could you tell me the name of the server? I have problems with my router (even though I've set up port configuration properly, it still doesn't work) and I'm seeking for another options.

To anybody who's using router: Should it be enough to set up the port 54269 forwarding to my laptop? It works for port 80 - I've set this port and typing my router's IP into a browser, you can see the proper webpage (I'm using WebServ) but setting same thing for port 54269 (default configuration) doesn't make my server visible for the client.