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without any help i will not work on it any more... its not easy to use in my opinion. i tried everything below and nothing is works.
There is nothing in Server Logs
I registred one new created account at Kernys PvP NPC.

This time I was able to fill in a Username, a Passwort and a Gmail adress.

After the entering the Gmail adress (the same as the host uses) this appeared...

Does it have to be another gmail adress? So every user needs their own adress?

I will try...

Where can I find the variables?

I will look...

The last question from me would be, how is it possible to delete the Debug Mode for others users? (its possible to cheat with it, i only want it as admin...)
It could be, that I editet something in "Main" between the time of first and second registration at kernel

But now it is everything right... so maybe i register 2 new accounts and look what happen?! ... i will take a look
I dont know what I can change to solve it <.<

PLease take a look at this :( I want to fix that. Connection to PVP server was successful, but then this
Welcome! / Re: Hi I'm New.
September 09, 2016, 07:58:15 pm
Ah, this is very nice. I also like Gen1&2... tonight ive tried to get PvP system working. ... I get no error message, but the client at both sides closes after the message "press enter to start pvp" .... you know. i hope someone can help me. ive forwarded port 5000 and got working and gmail account is accepted aswell.... without PvP working its senseless to me :(
Welcome! / Re: Hi I'm New.
September 09, 2016, 06:18:50 pm
Yes, maybe... I like the Pokemon Essential Script, just checked it. Maybe I will make a little game to the first badge :) to learn how to handle the script.
A goal for me would be to translate it into german for my little game.
Another goal for me (if the code is easy enough to handle) I would like to downgrade some options to 3rd Gen or sth like this... but only if I can use it well...
Welcome! / Hi I'm New.
September 08, 2016, 09:34:18 am
Hey guys. I found this project very interesting because I already have a 24/7 server to use for hosting a game and I like the RPG Maker.

Greets from Germany