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1 - thats a projectile deflection system he made with events and it dosent fit because it have too much flaws
(the limits are like you have to face the enemy down and put him on through and mainly its because he stationary and not moving so i cant use it i need it with a moving enemys because he basicly fakes it this way its not  really the enemy shooting the projectile)
also if its too much to ask any guidance or tip will be more then appreciated.
New Projects / Dragon Ball Z : Another Timeline
August 14, 2015, 11:16:15 am
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Well it all started few years ago when Buu's Fury came out , i just fell in love with this game
and i didnt know Legacy of Goku 2 until i finished Buu's fury , then i played Legacy of Goku 2 and fell in love again ,
after finishing Legacy of Goku 2 i played Buu fury again ... and you can see i just loved it , so thats actually leading to the
point , i wanted this to continue , i wanted more games like this , so i wanted to try to create it , i was a kid , and that was the first
time i met rpg maker , it was rpg maker 2003 , and i had a rough time , but after a few years gaining experience numerous attempts to create it
but i failed time after time , i wasnt good enough , didnt manage to create a good abs in 2003 , after quite a time i moved on to xp and then i was happy to have
a good abs systems with scripts , then the next problem came resources , it was hard to find resources and ripping just felt like it taking for ever so i kept failing and learning
from my failures , after some more time i felt like thats it im in this too long(around 2013-2014) and i need to move on , so before i leave i have to make my dream
game to come true , i worked on it hard and i saw blizz abs which was great for my purposes , but again it just was too big on me , so many resources missing ,
i spent tons of time on ripping but it was just not enough .
so i tought like giving up already , and i did , few monthes passing by and we already in 2015 im not exactly remember , and again i have this feeling inside my self that i want to create
this legacy of goku game and i had some good idea for the story too. so this time i known already that ripping all of the stuff i need its just not possible for me , im too slow and sadly became pretty lazy , i just decided to look online until i find something , and after few weeks i did find something , i found a pack with plenty of stuff i need , i started working on the game again from scratch and again i got into some problems , some skills that i didnt manage to make and this resource wall lacking so many stuff
i was like , dam i never can make it until i found this guy Gianni , it was just in youtube just surfed to look on others attempts in rpg maker to create legacy of goku and i saw his channel , i was amazed he was really
good at this , reading in the comments there is a facebook page for this kind of stuff and pretty good community , i instantly go for it and in this group i saw a great amazing pack , that gianni created , with almost
everything i needed , and i felt like yes JACKPOT , finally i can create the game i wanted.
so after i got this amazing pack i was like i have to make it now , if at this point i will not able to make something playable , thats it theres nothing more that can help me.
so i worked on it hard , the skills i didnt managed to create before were fixed or altered(e.g teleport the player into the enemy position deal damage and back to original position was altered into just fading him away and putting him into battle animation to create the same effect but hes not really there).
so after quite work im happy to say i created enough footage for a small trailer for chapter 1 of the game.
i know some of you will be like you failed so many times why we should think this one will be different , well i dont know if it will be different this time or not , but i will do my best to make it happen and i really hope i will succeed.
(it is long lol)

The game starts at the start of Dragon ball Z , when Raditz arrive but you will find out very quick that things are going to work differently here , it is what if game , so stuff are going to be different then the original show, and it starts as the fight agaisnt raditz , the beam cannon of Piccolo , dosent kill raditz , but critical injure him , and Dr gero finding him injured and decide to create android from him.
I really dont want to spoiler too much so i will just say its the same events and some more with different results that leading to differents events to come.(sounds weird  :O.o:)
im planning to make few side quests and one of them will be the previous game i tried to make(Legacy of Broly) i will cut some stuff from it and insert him into this game as a major side quest.


Tien VS Yamcha Battle
Legacy of Broly(Will be changed ALOT the video taken when it was a standalone game)

There is still alot of stuffs i want to do and make , but i just wanted to share what i done so far.
Thanks for taking a look
Hey guys i really need an button mashing and button input mini games , i couldnt find any for rmxp.
Tutorial Requests / blizz abs skill/combo
April 10, 2015, 01:59:47 pm
hey , i cant figure out how to create a skill that teleport my player behide the enemy(if in range) and deals dmg to him.
Thanks in advance.
Edit:Also is there anyway to do something like this instant tranmission ? at 3:51