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When my characters level, they get the skills allocated to them in the classes page, the problem is the player doesnt get informed they learnt any skills, they just appear in the skill menu, how do you fix this, so that when you level a message appears of some sort saying something like "X has learned Heal!"
Well then thats a critical error on my part... be nice :P

either way thanks a million this worked, resolved.
I swear i checked the projects forum, ill take a look, but you may have just made my day :P
Basically I want to know if it's possible to get a title screen, where if you leave it idle for "x" time it will fade into mini clips of characters in the game doing a special move or beginning of an annoying puzzle...
its fine if this involves recording my screen while doing it and using mini videos, I just need to know if it's possible, the steps and whatnot, any information would be appreciated...
I love this site lol :O
As the title says, he's my main character and I already found RoseSkye's animations but there wasn't a sword swinging animation there? (without the sword)...
seems like Hokoorg is a popular choice I'm surprised there isn't one for him on here..

This is Hokoorg
Spoiler: ShowHide

This is a character with the animation I need him with >.>
Spoiler: ShowHide
Well then I'm screwed arent I?
I'm not able to draw like that I'm not artsy enough..
i love to create maps and script... but I cant draw my own crap...

so this is a stalemate for me isn't it?

*Edit* I should also ask, does anyone know where I can get completed and finished animated characters for babs?
Ill work around the them, I just need characters that actually SWING a sword for instance >.>
Hey guys, I was looking at attack templates, and of course being templates that are a generic naked characters, how do i sub my characters into that?
obviously the guy in this thread did, if someone could shed some like that would be amazing, because atm my animation doesn't exist its a cheesy sword magically flying in front of the character...

Quote from: PhoenixFire on July 02, 2014, 12:38:33 am
In regards to getting the issues fixed, well, if you have been following the news on it, I just launched the support site today. It's still a work in progress, but you're more than welcome to come visit and post up some questions and such. There's alot of work to be done setting up the forum still, but when it comes down to it, it's mostly functional in its' current state.

I like you! :P
No I haven't been to keen on the uptake, summer for me = working long farm hours and juggling my last year of uni :(
I love the idea of a support website, I'll def look into that! :)
for now I'll just stick to RMXP's Engine.
thanks a bunch sir :D
until next time!
Just spent countless hours and I've gotten nowhere, is it really a worthwhile conversion when I obviously don't know enough about ruby to fix these issues?
Alright well I integrated it, and I'm getting errors in a few scripts..

Scripts Errors
Ccoa's UMS: Line 453  TypeError Occured (Superclass mismatch for class Window_Message)
A Snipit of the code its referencing
Spoiler: ShowHide
# ** Window_Message
#  This message window is used to display text.

class Window_Message < Window_Base  <----- {This is the Error Line}
 # * Object Initialization
 def initialize
   # x-coordinate depends on justification
   if $game_system.window_justification == RIGHT
     x = 640 - self.width
   elsif $game_system.window_justification == LEFT
     x = 0
   else # center
     x = (640 - $game_system.window_width) / 2
   # y-coordinate depends on height

The Second script is:
BlizzABS - Part 3 Line 3103 TypeError Occured (Superclass mismatch for class Window_Message)
A Snipit of the code its referencing
Spoiler: ShowHide
# Game_Player
#  This class serves as override, so a Map_Actor class is loaded as current
#  player.

class Game_Player < Map_Actor    <----- {This is the Error Line}
 # Initialization
 def initialize
   # call superclass method for first actor

The Third script is:
Fix Line 66 NameError Occured (Uninitialized constant Object::Map_Battler)
A Snipit of the code its referencing
Spoiler: ShowHide
 KK20      : Creating this script edit
 Blizzard  : So that you can use this script in BlizzABS (duh :P)
 Sin86     : For the idea and bug report

class Map_Enemy < Map_Battler   <----- {This is the Error Line}
 # triggered?
 #  trigger_id : The ID of the trigger type (i.e. CETPlayerTouch, CETWeapon)
 #  object_id  : The ID of the object (i.e weapon ID, skill ID, item ID)
 #  Returns if the event was triggered by a certain trigger.
 def triggered?(trigger_id, object_id = nil)
   return (@event_trigger[0] == trigger_id) if object_id.nil?
   return @event_trigger == [trigger_id, object_id]
 # Initialization
 # ** Initialize variable 'event_trigger'
 alias init_map_enemy_after initialize
 def initialize(map_id, event, id = 0, group = 0, attributes = 0x00,
                move = false, immortal = false, full_passable = false,
                custom = false, delay = 40, view = 5, hear = 40, nojump = false)
   @event_trigger = [-1, -1]
   init_map_enemy_after(map_id, event, id, group, attributes,
                move, immortal, full_passable,
                custom, delay, view, hear, nojump)

The Forth script is:
Unofficial Cluster DMG Plugin Line 2 NameError Occured (Undefined Method 'skill_effect' for class 'Map_Battler')
A Snipit of the code its referencing
Spoiler: ShowHide
class Map_Battler
 alias skill_double_effect_later skill_effect  <----- {This is the Error Line}
  def skill_effect(character, _battler, skill)
    result = skill_double_effect_later(character, _battler, skill)
    if [2, 9].include?(
      result |= skill_double_effect_later(character, _battler, skill)
    return result

I keep putting them below main and a new one pops up, im pretty sure its going through most my scripts..

Also the line in my Game.ini "Library=RGSS300.dll"
keeps reverting to "Library=RGSS102E.dll" after I save my project... (this is tedious..)

I should note that if I leave Game.ini with "Library=RGSS102E.dll"
and change "RGSS300.dll" to "RGSS102E.dll" i get the following error:

"The Procedure entry point RGSSInitialize could not be located in
the dynamic link library RGSS102E.dll"

Wow thanks for the replies guys!
PhoenixFire... with this conversion I got a question, it uses the vxa engine which basically is a nifty upgrade, but you still use the RMXP engine to create your game right?
So, is this only to be applied when the game is complete or can I use it when still in the creation stage? also will I notice it when test running the game from inside the RMXP?
I own RMXP (Bought) and I own RMVXA (Bought)
I was wondering if there is a way.. manual or not.. to convert my RMXP game over to the RMVXA and continue working on it from there...
I don't care about how long it will take or labour, provided that its a manual sort of thing, just is it possible and if so how?

I plan to use both engines to make games so its not a complete waste if this flops. but it would be nice to use the newer program on my older project >.>

as always!
thanks for the replies in advance :)
Script Troubleshooting / Re: Z-HUD Forget Spell Issue
September 05, 2013, 12:27:42 am
genius as usual!
thanks blizz!
I'm using Z-HUD and when I forget a spell that's on the hotbar it remains on the hotbar.. and in the spell slot... seems simple but I can't fix it, how do I get it to remove the spell
from the Z-HUD hotbar and spell slot?

it remains on the hotbar but is not usable >.>
Alright I'll try KK20's alternate solution when I get home and resolve the topic if it works, any solution is a good solution at this point ;)
It's going to be like Christmas when 3.0 comes out, that and ARC :O

Thanks for the quick responses guys! As always :)


It works, thanks for the temp fix guys :)
I have my game centered around switches and vars that are changed when an enemy is killed...
with babs 2.84 when an enemy is killed it executed what was on the first event page of the enemy event and that was that...
with babs 2.85 it seems to treat the first event page like an autorun if anything is on there when the enemy is killed...

for instance when I kill an enemy as a test dummy with only a single message line saying "ugh you got me" it will repeat this message indefinitely!!!
When I set an enemy to increase a var by +1 when it dies the game freezes...

How can I fix this? like I said I'm screwed its a game-breaker if I can't :(

P.S: I love your work Winkio <--- I'm a huge fan, keep up the excellent work, and I apologize for the issues I find, I R Not a good enough scriptorz to fix it :(
Tutorials / Re: [RMXP] are these possible?
January 08, 2013, 01:36:32 am
I would be lost without this website lol, that or I would have rage quit years ago, I love the indepth description for that I thank you greatly, the answer was as I feared... pretty much threw it out there hoping my luck worked to my benefit, I'm glad my conscience is cleared, if anyone knows of a script that can make a sweet transition such as that from chrono, I would fricken pay $ for it :O

as for the animations, I know about flipping between char sheets, wasn't to fond of using sprites from commercial games, I don't plan to sell my game but its still weird to me >.> that's why I was hoping I could find a way to change some of the standard ones I have, I may google these paid applications you speak of though, I'm interested.. maybe.

Thanks man :)
Tutorials / [RESOLVED] [RMXP] are these possible?
January 07, 2013, 12:21:18 am
Chrono Trigger question, if you never played it then you probably can't answer...
Spoiler: ShowHide
Okay so I was playing chrono trigger earlier as it's probably one of my most inspiring rpg games... and I noticed a few things, for one...
when crono teleport's for the first time in the festival, he gets teleported into the past, the transition period when he's going back in time
is a rather cool effect, is there a way to mimic this effect in the rmxp? a script for it or a way to use an event... or do I need some weird method
of getting a video file like it and somehow implementing said video into the game... which is above me atm...

Sprite editing question, please re-frame from laughing or trolling as I know I'm setting myself up for it...
Spoiler: ShowHide
Is there an easy way to take sprites and give animations to them without having to be an artist, such as a program or something, bare with me
I'm asking because I hate trying to edit sprites.. I would like my main sprites to have certain effects such as holding their hands above their heads when
receiving items, or laying down to simulate being knocked out.. ect ect I realize this is probably where artistic value is needed in which case I'm screwed and
am kinda hoping there is a program out there to help me out... please re-frame from saying Photoshop or paint.NET as that's normally a troll move I'd pull off,
except I'm being honest right now I can't edit to save my life... and I'm hoping for a miracle I guess..
After googleing and searching forums why could I not find what you already knew >.<, this game is frying my brain if it isn't already fried... funny thing is I use that addon, as usual I'll try it and report back, I would leave this for anyone else wondering as I've seen it asked before on other forums, clear, cut, precise and right to the point, thanks KK20.

[Edit] wow.. and here I was thinking I was done with asking the retarded questions this is resolved..

This is a question about Blizz-ABS script:

Spoiler: ShowHide
Just wondering if there's something I'm missing... recently made health globes drop which require the mob to have a chance to drop them in the enemies tab of the database.

Thing is I would also like a chance to drop other treasure as well... I've thought of a few solutions like creating replica enemies and just changing the treasure modifications... or just mixing the treasure dropped around all enemies and only some drop globes...

Thing is I would rather have enemies always have the chance to drop a health globe and random loots as well, it would go a hell of alot more smooth and require alot less of my time, is this already implemented or is it going to be implemented?

if both are a no I'll mark as resolved and suck it up, but I would rather ask first..

Greatly appreciated, thanks guys