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Soulshaker3's(and others) actually helpful animu reviews

(yeah this is a really big title)

So for my last couple of years, I've been watching loads and loads of anime, of varied quality. So to save your asses from withstanding the pain of watching things that should just be left in the paper I'm creating this topic to help you trought your journey in weeaboland.

This topic also serves the purpose of me recommening some anime to you guys who are interested in this world but are afraid of going to the weird part of it  :V:

To start off I'll post my toughts on an anime that finished airing today and I completely loved it. I'll also update this post with future reviews, so you don't have to scroll trought the posts to find a specific one.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Author: Soulshaker3

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If someone asked me what the defenition of masterpiece is, I'd show him/her this specific anime.
The main focus on this anime is its fascinating story, which, revolves around an average 29 year old guy, wanted to be a manga artist, but he sucks at story telling (the irony), so he gave up and started working at a pizza place.This guy has a strange power that he calls "Revival", which, consists of him reviving a period of time whenever a bad thing is about to happen, hence the name Revival. So good so far, until a Revival changes his whole life (not an expression, you'll actually understand this sentence once you see it).

The first episode kinda shows what I said above and I highly doubted something good would come out of it, and oh boy was I wrong, this is easily the best anime that I saw as far as story goes. There are some exceptional ones tied up in 2nd place but this one for sure takes the lead. To sum it all, if you care the most for its story rather than animation, which is actually not bad, but not great either, this is my #1 recomendation to you, I'm sure you won't regret a single second you spend on this.

One Punch Man
Author: Blizzard

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I just finished watching it and it's pretty fun. So far it has only one season with 12 episodes, but they announced season 2.

The anime's about a superhero who trained much and became totally overpowered so he's pretty much bored. He's a "meh" kind of guy so it's fun watching him not really care about some of the bad stuff that sometimes happens to him. He also has some really good moments when delivering some deep thought. Usually it's in just a few sentences, but carries a huge depth with it.

There are also other characters and it's fun to watch them interact with stuff happening and all the fighting. Even if you know that One Punch Man probably will solve the situation pretty quickly, you always keep wondering if he will make it in time and if that new enemy might be a worthy opponent after all.

The show has a lot of subtle and non-subtle humor in it. The more subtle things are usually related to One Punch Man reacting to stuff. e.g. The final villain is powering up and One Punch Man says "ok" with a totally bland expression. This: Priceless. Or another one when a character keeps telling him his backstory and One Punch Man is dying of boredom. "Keep it to 20 words or less!"

It's great and refreshing to see a show not take itself so seriously, but still managing to be cool and fun.

Author: Soulshaker3

Spoiler: ShowHide

The first I wanna say about this anime, is that it isn't a solid 10 because of the visuals. The backgrounds are good, great at least if not amazing, but I can't say the same thing about animated elements. They tried to use a different set of art with 3D characters but maybe because the budget was tight there were some moments where the frames dropped way below the average witch is 24 FPS. The most important scenes are great, CG explosions and shit and well drawn and animated, my only complain is that one.

As for the plot, it is centered around a guy who was near the end of his high school when he got fucking ran over by a truck and died in the process. Thing is he's called an "Ajin" a being that never dies and oftenly called as the "God warriors". Buuuut the government doesn't want them to be free and wants to conduct some mad experiments on them killing them over and over again. So the guy naturally has to run. Altough he was a bit dull in this first season (according to the manga he has a really deep character) there was other guy who compensated for that and I really liked the way they made him fit.

To finish this off, you'll get used to the art, trust me.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Author: Soulshaker3

Spoiler: ShowHide

That really long title or just KonoSuba for short, pokes fun and is a parody of almost every RPG/Fantasy animes. Since there has been an increasingly trend to do those nowadays this show was very needed for the current situation.

The humor on this show... IS FUCKING AWESOME. It made into a 10/10 in my list (holy shit I only recommend 9 and 10's, oh wait that's the point of this topic), and trust me you won't regret any second you spend on. The main character has both the sarcasm and plainess needed on those stupid situations and they way he reacts to them it just freaking hilarious.

To the plot we go. It starts with a normal guy just buying a game to stay nights awake playing it, but (there always has to be a but) he dies in the process. Yes it starts that stupid, a guy buying a freaking game and ends up dead in the middle of dead. The way he actually dies is even more hilarious and stupid but I won't go into detail in that. For the most part he gets stuck with troublesome "party members" and he has to live with that till the end of his days, or you know... the end of the anime, whichever happens first. I'm pretty sure the guy was near a mental breakdown because nothing came out like he planned to do on his new life.

So to end things of if you want a good, actually correction, a great laugh this is definetely the way to go as I can only name a few who have a humor this good.
So I'm considering getting myself a new PC, and I have to buy every piece since my last PC is about 7 years old. I did a bit of research and I don't mind spending a little extra if this is gonna last one or two years more in terms of specs.

This is the list I made trought this website, it is very handy since it let's you know of imcompatibility issues and get builds from other people:

I would like if possible to get it too arround $2000 without much of a performance loss. The first time I did the build it was about $3000 and I could get it to this this price, wouldn't mind to lower it a bit. I want have the SLI, just keep that in mind

EDIT: updated list:
EDIT 2: updated list V2:

EDIT 3: updated list V3:
General Discussion / New MMO concept brainstorming
September 26, 2014, 11:18:51 am
So recently i've been thinking of a way to enhance the playability of the MMORPG style games, in other words have more human interaction between the players to get certain objectives and decrease the impact of time spent on the game. For example in a Moba game when two players play against each other the only barrier between them is the skill of each one. In an MMORPG if someone stops playing for a month and then he realizes the other person that never stopped playing was already level 38 even if they want to play against each other the numbers are high enough for the other to do 0 damage to him.

I think that's what's wrong with the MMO style numbers high enough can make you pretty much invinciblem, I mean the idea behind it isn't bad I think it was just bad applied and other producers hadn't any better ideas or afraid people didn't like such a different experience in the same genre of game they just sticked with that one the result is what we see now, pay to win games or really hard and time consuming ones that can reduce a big part of it by using the cash system.

Another thing is the quest system most of it should just be deleted because it doesn't contribute nothing to the actual gameplay and most of them are pointless like some: "Go there and kill 10 wolfs." and people are like "what the hell is that it's pointless as hell", the system shouldn't be completly deleted but heavily changed, some small things and fun to do that actually have a porpuse should only be

And the last point I want to talk about is the first thing I talked about and the one i want to focus more: Human Interactions, if we look at today's MMO games it's pretty much everyone for himself, some just pay to be cool and be admired, some PK (player killers) that just don't care and only exist to kill other people, some small groups and Guild's (I'm perfectly fine with this and I want to improve this), and some solo players that are just sick of the community and just play solo. Nowadays we still see guild's and partys but the MMO community has seen better days before.

I want to make people able to work towards a single objective together and make it impossible to do alone, that's other thing missing in the MMO games they don't have an actual objective all you have is get max level and be the best but that isn't enough, like all the other not online genres MMOs should have an actual ending but continue to play after you get that objective. Another thing is most of the MMO's have millions of players playing it but for this one it should only be a couple thousand not more than that I'l explain later in the post.

The game should be divided in parts and when you finish that part you'd be able to go back to the area you were before and go to next one, kindda like a floor system, when you finish one you can go to the next one and go to the previous ones if needed to or want to go there for whatever reason. You'd be free to walk on the entire floor once you've unlocked it except one part, the dungeon where a boss is. I want to make kind of a dungeon system with a couple hundred rooms but with only one possible way to the boss room, but in the dungeon you couldn't walk freely there oh no that's not happening you could only walk on the rooms you've cleared and could only procced if you cleared the room you were in, most of the times you'd go to a dead end only one way is the one to the boss fight. To enter there the entrance would be somewhere hidden in the "floor" and the player that found it should be the one sharing where it is. You could only enter with a party of 4 or more players limited to 10 per party. To enter the boss room when it was found it should be atleast 50/100 players in a specific area and they would fight him, also every mob in there wouldn't respawn so the items and experience that are obtained there are limited. Not sure if out of the dungeons mobs would be able to spawn but that's a thing to take into consideration.
Also the dungeon wouldn't be an instance like in all the games is it would be a global one to the whole server that's why only a couple thousand should be allowed to participate because it would be a lot faster and I want to make each floor dungeon take at leasta  month to complete.

I would also like some hobbies recreated in the game like fishing, hunting, cooking etc... so people would take a break out of killing things and chill out for a little or even get a job in the game making those things (blacksmiths, markets with human sellers and with dropps each one made) your job in the game wouldn't be necessarily clearing the dungeons but you could be an hunter, fisher or even blacksmith full time,equipment wouldn't be obtainable otherwise or if it was it would be pretty rare, or even be a shop keeper which players would sell items to him and he sells them at higher prices to other ones.

Give me some suggestions about this what you liked and not and some things that you think that wouldn't work, waiting to see your opinion about this.

And I think that's basicly it, someday I want to take this out of the paper but I know it's hard to do such a project like this, because it would require a lot of people working together and effort of everyone, but this the concept of my dream game. If one day i'm able to make this I would call the genre:

MOCRPG - Multiplayer Online Cooperative Role Playing Game, it isn't massive so I took that part out :V:

PS: just kidding i know how this works I can't just create a game genre :P
So here's the deal i recently got blizz abs plus some other add ons for it and recently too i've been starting to do the actual story for my game and whenever i turn a self switch on the game crashes.
Here's the detailed error:

And my blizz abs plugin
EDIT: Okay i've been doing more testing and when i use the tp comand in the event options it gives the same error.
EDIT 2 : With more testing i've discovered it only behaves like that if it's a new game created because if i execute the save file it works no problems.
So first of all i don't know how much sword art online aka SAO is known here but in my country it's pretty popular and there's a lot of fangames poorly designed, in gameplay and other aspects too so I tough i could give it a try.

As i don't know if you don't know what SAO i'll try to explain it:
SAO it's an anime published in 2012 which got great sucess. The story says that in 2022 a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(VRMMORPG) is sold to about 10000 people. With the Nerve Gear equipment people can control their characthers in game only with the power of your mind like they were in a dream.
When they first login they realize there's no log-out option, after a while everyone get's teleported and the creator of the game (Kayaba Akihiko) tells everyone that in order to get out of the game they have to climb all 100 floors and defeat the final boss in that floor, BUT if your characther's hp gets 0 all your avatar information gets deleted from the server and the Nerve Gear kills you and IF you try to get out of the game not legitimately you will die too.

So i liked the concept of the anime and now i'm developing a game in the rpg maker engine to see what I can do. I am going to make the game  as intuitive as possible because i know many of you don't know the anime and how it goes.

I'm planning on making 2 versions of this game: Portuguese and English

Overall progress
Scripting 75%
Mapping 0%
Sounds 20%
Story 0%

Spoiler: ShowHide

Main menu
Title menu
Modding Actors to allow to equip any weapon and have an off-hand slot
Rank System in items(D to S)

Day and night system
Quest System
ABS Combat system

The game hasn't a lot of progress i've just been scripting all day to try to get this to work but i'll get some screenshots for you.
Every single screenshot is on portuguese and I really apologize for that:
Title Menu
Spoiler: ShowHide

Main Menu
Spoiler: ShowHide

Stats Menu
Spoiler: ShowHide

Message/Cutscene system
Spoiler: ShowHide

Tell me what you tought about the game so far i hope you've enjoyed it
Welcome! / Hello... a bit late
April 15, 2014, 08:25:10 am
I've noticed i've used this forum for quite a while and never did a topic on here so why not now?
So my nickname is soulshaker3 like you see in the side and i'm 16 years old, i'm from Portugal.

Originaly i was main designer in projects but I've stated to get interested in scripting and now i'm maining it. Being a designer and a scripter helps a lot so you can make efficient scripts cool looking.

Currently working on a project full time but i thin it isn't going to go past that but we'll see in the future.
I actually never finished one so i'll try this one to be my first so yeah i thin that's it
I need a script that allows the main menu to be still open but still refreshes the map and does not accept input in the player like when the menu is open the player can't more or do any actions while the map is still updating. Any of you can do that for me?
So i made a script that replaces the main menu of the game plus all the submenus (items, status etc)  and for my tests, everytime i open the script the 2nd time in a map with autotiles the game just crashes there's a video i uploaded to demonstrate the problem

I'll include a demo with the projects so if you can help me that would be great.
General Discussion / Unity 3d questions
April 10, 2014, 02:48:18 pm
So recently i've started working with rpg maker scripting and for what I can tell rpg maker is not bad but in many cases you need like to "re-invent the wheel" and I aim for a greater purpose that rpg maker possibly can give so i was thinking... how different is unity3d from rpg maker?ยด

I mean appart from that u3d is as it's name says 3d and rpg maker isn't what are the big differences? In the language for example what programming language do u3d use, what can u3d possibly give that rpg maker can't?
As I am a newbie programmer I think u3d is too much for me at the moment but it's worh giving it a shot right?
Hi currently I'm developing a rmxp game of sword art online , a fan made game, and for this type of game we want the characters to be as close as possible to the original idea and I'm not good at pixel editing neither the guys that are working with me at the moment, personaly i'm very good editing images and in the design aspect of the thing but not that good at drawing so for you to get accepted in the job you need a few requirements:

  • Willing to work for free since the game will be free itself

  • Have proofs of your work so we can know if you really are what you say you are

I think that's it if any of you have interest please reply on this forum with your application.
Also btw include some information about yourself like for how long have you been working with pixel editing your name etc. you decide what you want to include in your application but if you don't really do an effort in an application will you really do an effort to the actual game?