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New Projects / Re: BlueSkies 3
Last post by Starmage - April 23, 2024, 02:33:09 am
Updated and cleaned some stuff for this thread!

Also, here's a new BlueSkies 3 Promo Art!
Script Troubleshooting / Re: [XP] Blizz-ABS all events ...
Last post by KK20 - April 22, 2024, 06:44:35 pm
I think the problem has to do with the cached map passibility. This is done so mainly for the minimap and potentially the AI.
    # passable if virtual passability works
    return true if ($game_map.virtual_passability[x / pix, y / pix] & bit != 0x00)

If you want to try and debug it yourself, look at the methods self_passable?, direction_passable?, event_check, and tile_check in BABS Part 2.

I'm not aware of an alternative solution for this other than making a duplicate map with the platforms.
Script Troubleshooting / [XP] Blizz-ABS all events beco...
Last post by tsuchiphox - April 21, 2024, 10:46:29 am
My game often uses puzzles where you press a switch and events turn into platforms by changing their sprite to part of the tileset, you'd then be able to walk on the events like they were part of the map. it works without Blizz-ABS, but once i added the scripts in, all of these platforms broke and are now impassible regardless of the tile's passability. Is there some sort of option for this in the config that i'm just not seeing/understanding or is this an inherent feature of Blizz-ABS? Can it be fixed or should i find another way to do activating platforms?

None of the other scripts i'm using have baring on the passability of events, i've tested removing certain ones and none of them change anything other than Blizz-ABS.
New Projects / Re: Stellar Bewitching (Remast...
Last post by Starmage - April 12, 2024, 08:14:37 pm

Hello everyone! Stellar Bewitching (Remastered) has been RELEASED and is now available on Steam and Itch for free!

Big thank you to Berry B for helping me make this gorgeous art remaster possible, and this opportunity to make some big gameplay changes and updates.

I hope you all enjoy it! ^^ <3


RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Easy Party Switcher
Last post by ygor.velasquez - April 11, 2024, 01:19:35 pm
Can you recommend me any script that does that?
Since this problem is caused by the basic functionality of this script here I guess it is related.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Easy Party Switcher
Last post by KK20 - April 10, 2024, 09:57:46 am
Your problem is unrelated to this script. You need to find (or create yourself) a script that can support an active party size larger than 4, breaking the default RMXP implementation.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Easy Party Switcher
Last post by ygor.velasquez - April 09, 2024, 03:39:31 pm
I have a lot of available characters, and the menu when I press ESC doesn't scroll down when I'm on the 5th, 6th, etc. Also during battle, the characters after the 4th don't show up.

what do you do about it? I mean, it's not so it's kind of weird to have active characters, that you can't see when you use them.

As an example, I have this many characters:

And I can't see the 5th character and beyond. The selection tool is technically down on the nth character but I can't see which character it is.

I can use them, and see their stats, equipment, etc. But they don't show up on the screen.

Do you have any tips, a workaround, or anything to help me with this issue?
New Projects / Re: Stellar Bewitching (Remast...
Last post by Starmage - April 08, 2024, 09:12:17 pm
A trailer for the remastered version of this game is here for the upcoming free Steam release! :D

Game Jams / Game Jam - April Showers, 2024
Last post by PhoenixFire - March 22, 2024, 05:49:38 am
Hello residents of Chaos; welcome to the thread for April Showers, one of the (hopefully) annual game jams I will be hosting starting this year.

Below you will find the details, rules, theme, etc for this game jam, some parts of which will be hidden until just before the game jam start date, to give everyone a chance to see the event, but get the details at the same time, so as to be on equal footing with each other.

The rules are simple and straightforward.
  • This is an old-school "session"; games should be made with RPG Maker XP, VX/VXAce, or XPAce.
  • You may use custom tilesets, scripts, etc. This will not detract from the theme, nor give anyone an advantage over others.
  • You may work as a team, or solo; projects will be judged the same regardless.
  • As in past Game Jams, you are responsible for providing your own copy of the editor you choose. If you do not have any of the editors we'll be using this time, XP is currently on sale on Steam for $2.49 USD until March 28th, and VX Ace is on sale for $6.99 USD, also until March 28th. XPAce is a custom engine made by us at Chaos-Project, and requires you to have a license for both XP and VXAce, and can be found here: RMXPAce Thread
  • Completed projects may be submitted at any time before the end date/time but MUST be submitted before then. Late submissions will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, if there are extenuating circumstances.

The theme is likely not a surprise; you must make use of a weather system in your game. It must be an obvious addition to the game, showing off different weather or seasons, and it should be a noticeable effect in some way or another. For example, maybe you dream up a steampunk game, and you use a weather system to make it rainy and dark or dreary most of the time; that would be an excellent use of it.

Although not exactly a "theme", I do ask that there be a decent amount of playtime available, even if it's in a "demo" state. Graphics don't have to be perfect, and not every area needs to be finished, but the main point of the game should be obvious, and there should be more than just a few minutes of playtime.

Start: Monday, April 1st, 2024 @ 00:00. Local Timezone is fine.
End: Sunday, April 31st, 2024 @ 23:59. Local Timezone is fine.
Judging: Judging will be held the week of May 7th - 13th. The submitted games will be posted up the 6th, with a download link to each, and a poll added for everyone to vote on. Poll votes will be tallied at 00:00 (midnight / 12am) on the 14th.

The list of participants will be listed below, as they sign up.

Want to discuss the game jam, chat with others, or just participate in our Discord community? You can join us here: Discord Link
New Projects / Re: Heroes of the Seasons
Last post by Starmage - March 14, 2024, 08:49:24 pm
Heroes of the Seasons is 50% Off on Steam for the Steam Spring Sale! :D
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