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So obviously I've been working on a game in RPG Maker XP and along with the development i've been looking into where and how to sell it when it's completed since obviously i want this to be the start of me getting into the games industry.

now while i have been trying to all the scripting myself such as editing the base script and making new systems, there are a couple of scripts i use that have came from where using Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. now Attribution and ShareAlike are fine but the nagging concern i have is the NonCommercial Part

QuoteNoncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes

now looking at this, to me it means that most scripts here which use it can't be used for games we would make and hope to sell and as much as i would love to just give my game away for free, there has been costs involved and i hope to raise up money to hire people for my next project.

So i would like to know,

  • can i sell my game if i used a script that has this NonCommercial condition?

  • is the answer to above the same if i make alterations to the script?

NOTE: i have posted this in Game Development because this is more general Game Development rather than being something unique to RPG Maker
Quote from: KK20 on July 25, 2018, 01:46:01 am
There's also no such thing as Map_Infos.abs in the BABS scripts.

sorry, i did mean Map_Data.abs, different computer and running off memory so couldn't double check and have been altering stuff that uses MapInfos.rxdata aswell so must have mixed them up in my head

anyways, seems like i might have been mistaken then in how the data is generated. i thought it was done per map played so it wasn't getting data on used maps used to group the tree design in the editor. thanks for clearing that up
I recently got Blizz-ABS working with with Zeriab's Disc Changer in which there was a bug where Maps in a disc folder was having the same passability as maps in the root Data folder because it was only useing the one Map_Infos.abs for the same map ids. obviously this means that you would need to enter the maps in game once before moving them to a disc folder.

because i play though maps and make alterations as i go this means i would be doing alot of copy and pasting if i was working between disks. since the .abs file is only updated for a map if it's been played, one would assume that you could run all the maps though a loop like

for id = 0; id < 999; id +=0
map_name = 'Map'+id.to_s+'.rxdata'
map_data = load map_name
update Map_Infos.abs(map_data)

So is there a way to call whatever function generates the Map_Infos.abs file outside of Blizz-ABS like in a separate script?
i don't want to but since i'm sick and tired of being everyone tech support at home and being demanded to come to them with no concern what i'm doing and if i don't get this fixed up i'm going to be annoyed constantly and all my time will be spent leaving over the back of a wood chair reaching over to the keyboard and mouse as someone wont get the hell off the chair and let me work i'm going to get this fixed up so people can just leave me the fuck alone

my mums windows 7 laptop had been acting up lately running extremely slow when trying to access stuff like control panel or web sites, she barley goes onto the laptop so it only sees use like once a month, this is what i have done,

  • analyzed the drives in disk defragment, there's no fragmentation

  • clean out all the temp files since AVG suggested that

  • turn off automatic updates, bad idea however its always downloading so when its downloading it could be putting a strain on the system

  • updated to AVG 2014 and ran a full computer scan, no viruses

these are things i can't do

  • clean the registry because that would require downloading a program which then the next time the laptop stuffs up i'm going to be blamed because "it wasn't doing this before you installed [PROGRAM]", however AVG shows me all the registry errors, about 90% are in Microsoft folders

  • install another browser, because my mum knows nothing about browsers, i have explained.....i lost count after 20, what an internet browser is and what IE is, however she stills calls it eBay or Hotmail, while i want to install a new browser and i cant stand having to teach her how to use a new browser, how there's a difference and listening to her complain about how "i like the other one better", i already touight her how to delete messages on her phone several times

  • download and install every windows update, because i tried this last weekend and there are still updated so windows seems to need to reset every now again again rather than trying to download every update and that would mean sitting at the laptop waiting then seeing it update then getting my mum to put the password in again and she wont let me remove it

  • do a full system restore, cause she's probably lost the disks and will blame me

things i suspect that could have some relevance

  • a couple of weeks ago after i updated to AVG 2014 my mum said she went on and it said it needed to be installed yet she ignored it and continued to be on the internet without even think of calling me on the mobile while i was at work, i can confirm AVG 2014 was installed and my mum thinks that windows asking her if she wants to run the Java Update or the notice in IE about Accelerators to be installed is all AVG and since she didn't just leave the laptop on for me to come back and check it out and shut the thing down i can no longer figure out what happened

  • last night before my mum called me to the laptop she said she had started up the computer, waited for a bit before going onto hotmail and she said she had been waiting for over 30 minutes, before i turned off the computer after wasting over 20 minutes there i looked at task manager and see the up time, it was only on for 40 minutes so possibly she's not even giving the laptop a chance to finish starting up

  • ie is always crashing but it could just be because ie is shit

  • while on it last night i noticed in task manager the memory usage was always between 60 - 75% yet it has 2 GB of ram and barley anything installed

i want to get this fixed because if i don't my mum then get me to go on my laptop to check her email or ebay and she can spend hours reading every email in her inbox of very ever single page when she does a search on ebay, that and she'll just say "you should know this stuff but you waste your entire life on video games"
Quote from: gameus on November 13, 2013, 07:10:41 pm
Because those games are 360 games. And the hard drive itself is already partitioned for 360 save data. I'm just taking a stab here, but I'm pretty sure original Xbox save data is in a different format and it needs to make a small partition for xbox game saves. That's just my guess.

that seems weird, is it the same with the first and second gen X-Box 360 harddrive, the ones that sat on the top?
Quote from: gameus on November 13, 2013, 09:19:04 am
Is the xbox 360 the slim or super slim model? If so, they come with internal flash memory which is usally about 4GB. Which means you need to go and find a hard drive to put into it.

it's the slim model, i recognize the shape but what's the difference between the flash memory and a harddrive since it's saving game data from Assassin's Creed 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2
Entertainment / Looking for Shoujo Ai/Yuri
November 12, 2013, 08:33:24 pm
kind of a weird request but i'm looking for some Shouji Ai/Yuri games/anime/manga and i'm wondering if anyone can help me find some new titles

With Anime

  • Must be dubbed or subbed in english

  • must be available to be brought on DVD

  • if can't be brought on DVD and only downloaded then i need links

  • would rather series but i can take OVA

With Manga

  • Must be in English

  • Must be either able to be brought or downloaded (fan translation)

With Games

  • Must be in English

  • If in another language but have an English Patch (provide link if it's not a visual novel)

rating is not a problem as since i'll be checking it out before i buy/download anything and any H Content i can censor out (separate system running on windows for games, anime OVA can get censored by a friend), just make sure you flag any NSFW, that way i know what i can look up at work, currently i have

  • Sono Hanabira 1-8 (Game) [NSFW]

  • Sono Hanabira OVA (Anime - Div Censor applied) [NSFW]

  • Strawberry Panic! (Anime/Manga/Novel)

  • Maria-sama ga Miteru (Anime)

  • Blue Drop (Anime)

  • Kashimashi (Anime)

  • Aoihana (Anime)

  • Katahane (Game) [NSFW?] (it has NSFW content but a look up on VNDB at work wont show anything)

  • Lonley Yuri (Game)

in terms of plot i'm fairly open but i would rather just girl x girl like with Angelina and Belle in Katahane or the Sono Hanabira games
When my dad when to play an old Xbox game on the 360 it came up with an error saying that the 360 needed a hard drive in order to play Xbox games and refused to load it. This is weird as just moments before my dad was playing Assassin's Creed 3 and after the error he went onto Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I even checked that the hard drive was detected in the system > memory section.

The X-Box game itself was named something like Big Game Hunter or something and it has an image of a grizzly bear on the front. As for the 360, I'm not entirely sure what generation it is but it's black and has a hard drive which is only about 2GB and the hard drive is inside the 360 and not on top like the first and second gen consoles, I think, i checked the hard drive space and there's 1.5 GB, when i played Legacy of Kain Defiance on another 360 it didn't take no where near that much so i don't think that another X-Box Game would need more than 1.5 GB cause.

does anyone know why did I get this message if a hard drive is in there and working?
Quote from: DigitalSoul on October 20, 2013, 12:02:35 amare we interfacing through some sort of specialty port on computers that allow us that access or something?

naaa, we'll have something that looks like Jedi Mind Powers but instead of The Force we have a wireless receiver which acts as a central node for a house wide network which ever appliance is connected to, something like that exists already but it's using a microchip in one's hand

Quote from: EntropyUSB on October 18, 2013, 08:09:11 pm
I mean seriously, what would happen if say a computer virus was able to infect humans? What would the outcome be? Who would get infected? How would we protect ourselves from something that came from our computer?

this would only happen in the far off future if humanity has gotten so stupid as to allow something like this to happen ofcause we already have unsecured wireless pacemakers for crying out load so it may end up happening

rather than saying "what if a human brain got infected with a computer virus" what about saying "what if a device that interfaces with the human brain got infected" which would me more than likely if we got chips in our heads but i'm more looking at Accel World here, in the Second season, using a virus Dusk Taker attached to a photo he messes with Crow's sight and tricks him into walking into the girls changeroom or even with Brain Burst itself, if the player looses all Burst Points the game uninstalls, can never be reinstalled and wipes the player of all memories of the game including their action of when they were a player (in Dusk Taker's example, after he lost he forgot about what he did to Crow), now the exact cause it unknown but what if a virus is installed when Brain Burst uninstall that blocks memory and prevents the Brain Burst Installer running (in Dusk Taker's example he had a chip which devolved, the memory loose would have been more likely caused by the chip self destructing as it also wiped out his memories of the research group)

then you have Sword Art Online, the fact that a user could get trapped in a game and could die in real life if they died in the game is bad, what if devices like that existed now and a virus infected with something like a key logger, the virus could trap you in cyberspace while all your personal info is stolen
hang on, i think i've seen this script, i remember a Map Zoom Script that i wanted to use in Nexis Core because it could improve some of the scenes where there was a number of small rooms in one map and being zoomed in would allow me to cut characters out of the scene quicker, if it's the same script then it's this dam script's SDK dependency which has slowed Nexis Core's development right down, reason why i'm holding off doing any mapping until either ARCed comes out with it's own Map Zoom Event Command, i find a script like it which doesn't need the SDK or i give up

i'll jump onto C.C tonight and look up the script i have in my "SDK Virus Archive" to see if it's the same one, if it is i'll post up a demo unless someone beats me too it
The next Generations of Consoles will be all released by the end of November (we've had the Wii U for almost a year now but the era wont really start until the PS4 and X-Box One come out), Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII is due to be released for PS3 by February Next year and we now know that Final Fantasy XV will be on the PS4

now, if we look back at all the main final fantasy games excluding the US's stupid localization of Final Fantasy IV and VI (which went under the names of II and III), re-releases of previous games (Origins, Anthology, VI on PS1) and MMORPGS (XI and XIV) there is a pattern

I, II and III -> NES
IV, V and IV -> SNES
X, X-2, XII -> PS2
XIII, XIII-2, Lighting Returns -> PS3

it's seems as if Square releases 3 New Final Fantasy Games on current Gen Consoles before moving onto the next, we've known about Final Fantasy XV for a while now but it was under the name Final Fantasy Versus-XIII but after it was known that Versus-XIII was going to become XV after the announcement of the Next Gen Consoles and i'm quite sure before then it was sounding like Versus-XIII/XV was going to be scrapped all together, this pattern could be more perfect if XIII-2 actually concluded and XV was release on PS3 because then we could expect games like X-2 and XIII-2 if an MMORPG was released

now is it just me or does this seem to be more than a coincidence
Chat / Re: SOPA
October 07, 2013, 12:44:07 am
Quote from: Blizzard on October 04, 2013, 09:32:48 am
Tsk, tsk, tsk. SOPA/PIPA/ACTA (or whatever it calls itself now) is back. Let's put it back into the grave. After decades of zombie films, we know how to handle the undying.

what, beat the crap out if it with excessively brutal violence only to teabag the corpse as the final insult?

i'm surprised that the US is trying this crap again, don't they have anything better to do like i don't know, something about a debt ceiling being breached or the fact they've shut down the government? their almost like the RvB minions going "get the flag, get the flag, get the flag, get the flag, get the flag, get the flag" but are actully going "do SOPA, do PIPA, do ACTA, do SOPA, do PIPA, do ACTA", still, they may be doing this now cause everyone's learned that the NSA has been spying on everyone and now they need the powers to act on what they see
Mathematics / Re: Determining Level based from EXP
October 07, 2013, 12:31:24 am
Quote from: DigitalSoul on October 04, 2013, 06:03:59 pm
This may be a stupid question, but I'm not sure I quite follow what you're doing with this.. Wouldn't you already have a set number for each level, based upon post count? I mean, even if you throw in that badges give you something extra, you could still factor it in a lot simpler than this...  Just my thoughts on it...

Quote from: Memor-X on October 04, 2013, 01:48:17 am
exp is calculated based from post count and score awarded from awards

some awards will also have a score associated with it in the backend, one i have setup is "Don't be a Richard" which is awarded if a user hasn't gotten any warnings from the admin in a year, this way respectable members can build up their level quicker, also if i ever enable the Karma it can be added to it

one other thing also is that the Pandora Achievement Trophies from Mema Hunter Games would also have their score added if the user has linked their Pandora Net Account with the forum, in a sense, the post count is contribution to the forum with the rank associated with it being just for forum use, the level (at the moment is being refereed to as Hunter Level) is more site global since it will function with Pandora Net and also not all awards are forum based, i do have planned to have some awards set up for anyone who signs up to the forum when i start recruiting for Nexis Core (want to get the X-Grid done first)

Quote from: KK20 on October 04, 2013, 05:26:35 pm
Level 1 requires 0 EXP. Duh.
Level 2 requires exp[1] + (150 * ((2 + 3)^(2.4 + 50/100)) / (5^(2.4+50/100)) = 150 EXP.

ahhhh, i see what i've been doing wrong, Level 1 would be statically set at 0 and it's not the value of how much EXP you would need to level 2....

Quote from: KK20 on October 04, 2013, 05:26:35 pm
exp[level] is a recursive method. Thus, recursion is your best bet to calculate levels based on your EXP Table formula.

hmmm, never thought of it as recursion before, must be how i format the tables in excel when i'm looking at the values
Mathematics / Re: Determining Level based from EXP
October 04, 2013, 01:48:17 am
Quote from: KK20 on October 04, 2013, 12:54:09 am
First off, I think the formula is wrong. After looking at it again in RMXP, it should be

B * ((L + 3)^(2.4 + I/100)) / (5^(2.4+I/100))

Secondly, this isn't EXP needed for the next level--this is total EXP required to reach the next level. EXP needed is calculated as

when i change the formula level 1 returns 79, shouldn't it return the base? i have a few thousand levels in a excel spreadsheet and when i change the inflation, level 2 never changes....or maybe i misunderstood how the formula actually works when i first got it

Quote from: KK20 on October 04, 2013, 12:54:09 am
Now, why would you NOT have a variable keeping track of level is my question to you.

because this system is for a forum, exp is calculated based from post count and score awarded from awards, now, rather than locating where in the forum the post count increments and where awards are added to accounts automatically and manually which is 3 different locations and updating the database that those 3 points could potentially run into a table lockout if someone was given a award just as they posted

since this data is already collected when it goes to output profile information on a user's post, it would be easier to sum up this data and output the level based on a formula, also, saves up on the number of queries run on a page
Mathematics / Determining Level based from EXP
October 04, 2013, 12:39:42 am
this is the formula used in RPG Maker XP for working out how much EXP you need to reach the next level

EXP to next Level = B * ((L+4)^(I/100))/(5^(2.4+I/100))

L = current Level
B = Base, i'm using 150
I = inflation, i'm using 50

eg. 150 * ((3+4)^(50/100))/(5^(2.4+50/100)) = 398

now i can work out how much EXP i need to reach Level X from Level 1 by summing the value of the above formula from 1 to X-1 so if i was ta level 1 and wanted to go to level 8 i would need to sum 105, 255, 398, 586, 825, 1120, 1476 to get 4809, this is simple enough

what i want to work out is what my level is given the exp i have, one way if i was programming it is to just use a recursive loop and break out of it when the sum of the exp is greater than my current, i want to avoid using a loop cause what if i'm level 8987, the loop could take a while so i'd rather use a formula that'll output the level, i'm not fused if it get a decimal like 5.26 cause then i can either chop of the .26 or just say that you have 26% of the exp needed to level up

so what do i need to do in order to get my current level based from how much exp i have, i know that just reserving the above formula isn't enough

i should also note that i'm not using RPG Maker XP here, it's for a different system where i only have stored the EXP and not the level
Quote from: DigitalSoul on September 26, 2013, 09:51:11 am
@Memor-X: Try this script SMF Mod. It is pre-made to post count, but you can easily modify it to track a different variable as well, such as karma points, how much forum coin someone has, etc. Instructions are on the page as well. Probably the closest mod I could find.

hmmmmmm *begins to bash head against wall* WHY CAN'T I FIND THESE THINGS!

anyway, reading it over, i can modify it to instead of showing 16 medals output a level and exp display, also reading the comments i found a shop which i could check out so

Quote from: Memor-X on September 23, 2013, 09:51:07 pm

  • Levels/EXP: in PHPBB i artificially do this by creating ranks and having the post limits increment (rank 1 = 10 posts rank 2 = 20 posts etc), it takes time to do 100 levels and would rather a forum/mod that will do this for me and is separate from the post count, that way doing other stuff beside posting can earn you exp

  • Badges/Achievements: being able to create and ward badges and earn achievements for stuff (ie. start 100 posts with 10 replies from others), i hope to build ontop of this with Pandora so that achievements in Mema Hunter Games can be viewed here aswell

  • Points/Shop: gaining achievements, leveling up, doing other stuff will net you points which you can them spend in a shop for other stuff, i would probably build on top on this to add DLC for my games (ie. unlocking X Mode costumes from Nexis Core in other games)

i did read in the comments of a members wards which i could use for achievements and piggybacking on Pandora's Achievements but even after searching for "Members Awards" in Google the closets i get is a forum post from who i believe to be the guy who made the mad but no download link, i just need to find it or something like it so i can get all 3, put them up on a test database and see what i would need to change in them
Quote from: Blizzard on September 24, 2013, 01:46:49 am
SMF 2.0 is pretty good, even better than SMF 1.1.x. If I'm not wrong, you can achieve all that extra stuff with mods (which are easy to install and uninstall).

i checked it out however the only thing closest to what i was looking for in the mods section was an award of the day and all it adds is a couple of text fields which i don't understand why you would even need to mod that, i couldn't find anything else but i could be searching under the wrong names, what i search for is "shop", "points", "levels", "achievements", "rpg", "badges", "experience" and "awards", couldn't find anything

i'm not looking to develop the mods myself cause i got Pandora Net and a subsequent site rebuild to do (moving away from tables and using divs like a good web designer) and i still am working on Nexis Core, all of that off work hours so i don't want to add more work and i've seen these things before but i can only remember Sakurahana as one of them (the other sites were random ones i downloaded Saber-Nero or Fate/Stay Night images from), that and also what ever i develop would just be a cheat, i'd just be storing serialized arrays in a database for achievements/badges and stuff

any other ideas?
Chat / Re: Chat quotes
September 24, 2013, 01:37:51 am
Div: hay, look what i've got
Me: League of Legends, dam it they got you too
Div: no, look, this is a game being played over at GUF, that's me there
Me: why are you so far away
Div: he, he, time for fun! *crashes game*
Me: how did you
Div: i've been overloading their game with packets for the past 22 minutes using my participation in the match as a back door, i stopped so i could go for the finisher on the very last moment so that no one wins, he, he, he, stupid LoLers
Me: dare i ask why you thought of doing that
Div: because i'm pissed off my ass here

Me: Div! get your skinny ass in here
Div: what?
Me: what's this
Div: Browser history in Firefox
Me: and?
Div: Fakku, Yuri-isum, youporn
Me: if your going to browse porn on Aura and your not going to be in the in private mode at least wipe the history
Div: you have a password and finger print scan on her, who's going to see it
Me: just wipe your filth off Aura now
Div: lucky i'm not a guy of a funtari huh, otherwise that would have such a deeper meaning

Me: why do you come over to my place when you want to drink
Div: cause my sister isn't nearly as fun to hang around with when i'm drunk
Me: you seem sober to me
Div: i'm not actually, it's just that when i'm drunk i can still talk coherently and hack at a level where the police would kindly ask me to stop infecting their system with the Pirate virus from Archer, though i tend to speak more bluntly that usual so pardon me if i accidental say that this world is full of hypocritical losers and because of that you'll never have a girlfriend
Me: why would you say that
Div: cause i want to onto hope that there is someone out there for my brother who will get all cuddly and that with you as you both watch anime or wouldn't mind sharing your bed with your plushies
Me: you making fun of Yomi and Index
Div: nope
Me: i don't belive you *mimics pirate* what what
Div: *mimics parrot* what what
Me: *mimics pirate* what what
Div: ha, ha, ha, cut that out, you know i can't resist following though when drunk
Me: *mimics pirate* what what
Div: *mimics parrot* what what
Me: *mimics pirate* what what
Div: stop it, ha, ha, ha, it's torture
Me: then kiss Yomi and Index and apologies *mimics pirate* what what
Div: *mimics parrot* what what
Me: *mimics pirate* what what
Div: ha, ha, ha, ha, i can't when your getting me to do this

i should point out that after a while she did end up kissing Yomi and Index but while trying to kiss Index she rolled off the bed laughing, Index was fine
i've been looking into changing the forum used on my website from PHPBB because Mods for it are a pain in the ass to install and update, the things i'm looking for

  • Levels/EXP: in PHPBB i artificially do this by creating ranks and having the post limits increment (rank 1 = 10 posts rank 2 = 20 posts etc), it takes time to do 100 levels and would rather a forum/mod that will do this for me and is separate from the post count, that way doing other stuff beside posting can earn you exp

  • Badges/Achievements: being able to create and ward badges and earn achievements for stuff (ie. start 100 posts with 10 replies from others), i hope to build ontop of this with Pandora so that achievements in Mema Hunter Games can be viewed here aswell

  • Points/Shop: gaining achievements, leveling up, doing other stuff will net you points which you can them spend in a shop for other stuff, i would probably build on top on this to add DLC for my games (ie. unlocking X Mode costumes from Nexis Core in other games)

i don't really care if a forum comes with these or if they are mods, just as long as i can get them, also, i don't care if i can configure this stuff via an interface or if i need to edit a configurable part of code (though if i have to edit code i want it to be documented), bonus points if all these stuff is stored on the database cause them i can access it in Pandora

i remember Sakurahana having a system just like this however they don't seem to anymore and a bunch of anime forums have this stuff but i can't work out for the life of me what software they are using and while i can look up all the different forum software the problem is that while some come with one or two feature most have to be added with mods and the names of the mods isn't as simple as "Points Shop" or "forum levels", also, money isn't a problem but the cheaper the better and if i need to pay i rather it done via PayPal that way i'm covered

the following is the versions of my Development Environment
Apache: 2.2.22
PHP: 5.4.3
MySQL: 5.5.24

thanks in advance
Video Games / Re: Any Indie game you love?
September 11, 2013, 02:53:10 am
i'm going to say it, Minecraft and Terraria, also been looking at this Cubeworld which is in Alpha apparently

I would also probably say Kamidori Alchemy Miester but i'm not sure if Eushully is indie or not, not to mention it's eroge and i run a patch onto of the English translation patch to block the H Scenes, it's still fun, going into maps, collecting resources, using alchemy to make stuff and sell it in your store or building up your heroine's armors, not to mention it's in a very big world that's been shaped by previous Eushully games, problem is that the Battle Goddess series is too old to translate (hard to get the games and how they were made) and Dungeon Miester apparently has a high amount of unavoidable heroine rape so it wont get translated either (even if it was i still wouldn't play it, even though it has Lilly but i don't want to see anything bad happen to her)

Type-Moon's games, they did start out as indie with Tsukihime so i'll talk about them, great story based games, Fate/, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, even Melty Blood, i really want to put them out there so that we can get more support for the localization of Fate/Extra CCC since we can't call quits on Fate/Extra until we get out Far-Side of the Moon Heaven's Feel route

outside visual novels there's really only Recca-Tear (i think that's how it's spelled), how Extra Credits describe it is a game where "you play an Item Shop owner", i see it like Kamidori where while you have exploration to do you also have to manage your shop with the stuff you bring back, like in any large RPG you can't say you never wished that you wanted it to be real and make a living off exploring and selling your spoils