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Hi, Is it possibly via scripts to turn all self switch A or B etc.. on a certain map off . I am familiar with two self switch scripts such as:

$game_self_switches = which resets all self switches on every map

as well as

$game_self_switches[[ map id, event id, 'self switch']] = 'true/false' which will work for what I want to do, it just will take a long time because I will have to input over 60 event id's for each of the five maps I want to use this script on.

I could even make due with a script that for example turns self switch B off on every map. Is there such a script?
Hello I have two requests/ questions

1st how would I go about using a script to make a variable equal the item price of an object. So say I have a shield that has a price of 500. I want to somehow make it so that I can add an amount to how much something is worth to a variable. Hope I am making myself clear. I would imagine a script would look something like

$game_variables[any number] = armor(ID).price

2nd is there a way when scripting conditional branches to check if something equals multiple things? For example say I would like to check if a variable equals one of three different numbers such as 5, 12, and 20 (those are just random numbers for an example) can I do that?

so for example
if $game_variables[2] = 1 or 5 or 8 something happens
else something else happens.
So if variable 2 is 1 or 5 or 8 the event happens, otherwise it doesn't.
Is there a way to do this?
Hi, I was wondering how you can change your characters graphic, using a script. I know it can be done using events such as through "Set Move Route" or "Change Actor Graphic", but I need to be able to do it via script. Could someone tell me how to do it?

I imagine it either uses $game_actors then something somthing something or maybe actor.set_graphic? I'm not sure though.
Welcome! / Hi members of chaos-project
July 01, 2016, 10:22:28 pm
Hi everybody, thought I would introduce myself. I'm Juz10_gameguy and I just joined chaos-project about a month ago.

For the past five or so years I have been making random projects using RPG Maker 2003 but mainly I have been remaking Harvest Moon (a farming rpg type game). A while ago Steam was selling RPG Maker XP for super cheap so I decided it was time to upgrade to a different maker. Additionally I decided to go with XP instead of the newer makers like VX, VXace and MV because I found a program that will convert all my files from 2003 to XP  :)
Now that I have access to a RPG Maker with scripting cababilities I feel like I can really make the dream Harvest Moon game I have always wanted. Because I have no scripting experience I have no idea what I'm doing. This site has so many awesome scripts that people have already made that for the most part I don't even have to make my own scripts. Also thanks to the great tutorials I found on this site I wrote my very first script ever and it worked on the first try. You will probably see me from time to time asking for help in the script forums, so hopefully the scripting wizards of chaos project would be able to help out a noob.

Essentially what I'm trying to say is this site is awesome, and I'm glad to be a member of it!  :haha:
Hello, I'm currently in the process of remaking one of my games made in RPG Maker 2003 to  RPG  Maker XP. I've come across a slight problem.

In my RPG Maker 2003 project I was able to have my character carry objects above his head using battle animations to portray the object. When I tried to recreate this in RPG Maker XP using battle animations, it really messes with the frame rate. Would anyone be able to offer a suggestion for what I could do instead? I could maybe convert my battle animations into charasets, is there a script that would make it so that a chara graphic was always above my main player's head?

I hope I am making my self clear, with my request and I would appreciate any suggestions.

*Edit* Is it possible to display icon's above character's heads? Because if so that could work for me also.
Hi, I don't have much scripting experience so was hoping someone could help me with a hopefully simple script for my game. I need a script that will allow me to place objects from my tileset into the game during gameplay.

So for example during gameplay you come across an empty lot. A carpenter in town will build a house for you on that empty lot for 5000 gold or whatever. I was wondering if it was then possible to say have a switch called "house built" or whatever activate, which would then call a script and make a house appear in the empty lot. The house would obviously be premade already and be found on the tileset. I hope I am making myself clear for what I am asking. Is this possible via a script?
Hi everyone. I'm a first time poster on this website and I am very new to RPG Maker XP.

I have a script that I am using in my game that was made by a user on this forum in 2011 named ForeverZer0. The script is called Advanced Pathfinding. Because his post is roughly five years old I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to post my question there, so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong spot.

Essentially this script is exactly what I needed and is working great in my game allowing me to move npc villagers to various places on my map easily. However my only issue is if I the player tries to talk with the villager while they are moving to the location I tell them to go they will move out of the way and try avoid me because I am an obstacle in their path. This game of cat and mouse I have to play with the villagers to talk with them is very annoying so I was wondering if it is possible in anyway to change the script so that the villagers treat everything EXCEPT the player as an obstacle so that if I approach them to talk with them, they don't repeatedly try to move around me.

Is this at all possible? Any help would be appreciated.

here is the url to the script I am using made by ForeverZer0,9784.0.html