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Title: [XP] Gravity Jump by Layer
Post by: Wecoc on July 10, 2014, 10:21:15 am
Gravity Jump by Layer
Authors: Wecoc
Version: 1.0
Type: Jump Add-on
Key Term: Movement Add-on


This script adds gravity to the map.

Maybe you know a script called Gravity by LiTTleDRAgo.
This is the same but with another method, a bit easier to use.

It changes the jump coordinates if there is a height difference.
You will have to make a "height map" picture, I explained how to do that on the code instructions.



Gravity Jump by Layer (


All the operating instructions are on the script.
If you still not understanding what this script does (probably because of my english), read the example on the spoiler:

Example: ShowHide

The square represents where the player would jump without the script.
The cross represents where the player would try to jump
And the round represents where the player will jump WITH the script.


Author's Notes

Everything else.
I mean... Enjoy ~