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Sorry for the double posts - just going to post the answer.

Seems I wasn't understanding well what I actually wanted  :wacko:

So, if one wants to read the feed from a user's profile, then yes, the Login is a must in order to generate the User Token which is handled by the sdk internally. Lastly, since the information has different privacy levels, to retrieve someone's feed, one must ask the permission to do so. That's achieved by adding read_stream to the Login scope.

If however, one wants to read a public page's feed, which is what I wanted since the beginning, then there's no need for a Login and consequently no need for adding more permissions. The reason why it works in this case is simple. If the page feed has no restrictions such as gender or age, then the App Token which is included by default in every call does suffice.

Example for the first case (user's feed):

Example for the second case (page's feed):

Further reading:

"Even for public posts, you MUST use a User Token for the specific User, and you need to authorize him with the read_stream permission."

So yes, you were totally right. Besides the login I also had to ask for a specific permission. That way the login itself is working, but I'm still struggling with the returned data  :facepalm:

I've been trying to retrieve someone's facebook feed using both php and javascript but nothing has worked so far. According to what I've tried, a session is needed to retrieve an access token and therefore be able to see someone else's publicly feed -

If we try the following url: it returns an error saying that an access token is required to request this resource.

Below's my javascript attempt, based on the facebook sdk documentation:

Thing is, the /PAGE-ID/feed is returning an empty array. I've tried to ask for something like /me and it prints basic information in the console, like name, id, username and so on.

Console output:
Objectdata: Array[0]
__proto__: Object

I believe I'm missing something simple like permissions or so (I tried to use scope in the login phase). However, according to the Graph API documentation (,
any valid access token should work if the post is public.

PHP attempt:

First things first. Do I really need to ask for login here? I only want to read the public posts. Isn't app-id and app-secret enough to generate the session?
According to the documentation, the /feed returns an array of post objects.

However, when I use /PAGE-ID/feed the return is an empty array: [backingData:protected] => Array ( )

If I use /PAGE-ID only, it prints the basic information, such as username, name, etc..

Any suggestions?

Express your Creativity / Re: 3D Room
September 08, 2014, 04:15:36 pm
But I think the new layout for your room looks great. Makes it nice and open!

It's the present layout  :^_^': I'm trying to figure out a new one  :)
Express your Creativity / Re: 3D Room
September 08, 2014, 02:05:17 pm
It looks like that but the corner shelf should actually be on the same level as the left bookshelf so it's not ideal for dual monitor setup.

About the bed size, my parents told me it's called "1 and a half" even though it's probably looking a little bigger.
I'd say its about 1.10mx1.80m more or less. Does that have a specific name? Oh yeah, just checked, it's a small double.
Express your Creativity / Re: 3D Room
September 08, 2014, 01:55:40 pm
ahah it has a bathroom even though I didn't include it. It's around 33m² altogether  :)

And the corner desk is used by my brother but it doesn't have that much room.. ;c
Express your Creativity / 3D Room
September 08, 2014, 09:52:57 am
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm not sure whether this is the correct section to post pictures of 3D models of my room or not, so feel free to move it  :)

My brother and I have been talking about rearranging our room somehow, but I can't imagine it purely in my mind so I decided to get some 3D models done as shown below, which correspond to the present room arrangement:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

I would really appreciate some comments regarding the current arrangement of the room, as well as suggestions to improve the looking of it  :haha:

This case has I'll probably stick with them + cpu cooler. I really like Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo but I haven't decided anything yet.

As for the psu, evga supernova's reviews are really good, but I can't really choose one from the 3 listed  :facepalm:

Corsair Ax760 is platinum and Corsair RM750 is also gold.. (added that info to the list) All of them are modular, which, in my opinion, is also a must.

I don't plan on doing OC for the time being - at least as long as it has a good performance.

I'll probably just start building it in 2 or 3 months from now  :roll: What about you?

I still didn't "decide" the psu and the bluray driver.. I seriously have no clue about them
Ah, and I might need some more fans   :???:
Firstly, about the page file... If there's a problem with shrinking I can try to move it to the secondary storage if possible. I have no idea wether it causes BSOD or not, never heard of it.

Finally, about the cooler.. I still don't know if it's better to pick one with 2 fans or not. The case has plenty of space..
But regarding that one specifically, it really seems to be the way to go. Bigger than the average and placed directly above the cpu having, theoretically, a better cooling result.

Thanks  :haha:

Entertainment / Re: Ice Bucket Challenge
September 06, 2014, 10:23:18 pm
I liek it!  :haha: (typo)
Amazon es isn't as good as .com or but uk ended the free shipping to Portugal, whereas es keeps doing it for pretty much every product.

In spite of that, the motherboard and cpu will be ordered on a portugal store (a little cheaper)

I wanted a blue or black one.. but since I can't find 2TB blue and black is way overpriced, I checked some benchmarks that actually recommended seagate over both of them..

Changed i7 4770k to i7 4790k, even though I'm doing some digging on AMD ones, like FX-9590. I thought about it for a while and the price gap isn't that great, so why not? It's actually neat since I've just changed board to Asus Maximus VII Hero which is Z97, as required by the new cpu.

Just updated the parts: changed ssd to 250gb, added liquid cooler and HDD. There are newer HDD models but besides the price I don't see any difference in the specs...
Do you think I should get green or blue from WD instead? I can't find 2TB blue.. and black is way overpriced

I use vlc media player, so I'll probably take a look at the blu-ray drivers.

On a side note, I don't really know if I should pick EVGA 750G2 psu..
Corsair Ax760 (and Rm750) look really good. Any thoughts?

And I just noticed that I added the wrong motherboard... Z87M is mini atx..  :'( Right one, which is more expensive: Z87 OC Formula
But I'll probably change it to Asus Maximus VII Hero which costs the same but is better overall.

Also, pcpartpicker just warned me that Kingston Ram runs at 1.65V, whereas cpu recommended is 1.575V. Is it a problem...? I mean, it will probably match the cpu recommended voltage, reducing it's performance.

Thanks again
QuoteSave yourself some money and get a smaller SSD.

This way, you have more money and can invest into secondary storage. I have a 120GB SSD right now and I just install all my software, keep some documents on it. As for things such as Steam, emulators, media files, misc files, you can store on your secondary drive and keep your SSD for your software and documents.

I've recently acquired a 250 gb samsung evo and placed it on my laptop, while moving the 500gb 5400rpm HDD to the dvd drive's location using a caddy. I can say that SSD is just an overwhelming experience and , like you, I only have sofware and documents in it, but the thing is: the more GB, the cheaper and I don't really plan on changing disks that often. That said, I believe that 120 GB may prove to be somehow not enough - so I'll either acquire another 250 gb or stick with the 500 gb.

QuoteJust a heads up, if you're installing Windows, Windows likes to take up space depending on how much RAM you have. If you have 16gigs, it'll take 16 gigs of space on your SSD for hibernation mode. You can disable it like I did, or if you use it a lot, keep it. It also likes to put a file known as your "page file size" 1.5 times the amount of RAM you have. So 24 gigs will also infest your SSD if you don't change it. This is for people with low amounts of RAM, it'll move some of the RAM to a file in order to free some RAM up. Which is nice, but with 16+ gigs of RAM, you don't need a page file size quite that big. Things to keep in mind when installing Windows with a small SSD. As for your secondary storage, 1TB should do, unless you're like me and love to hoard movies and tv shows.

I plan on installing windows 8.1, or windows 9 already, and I don't remember of it having a hibernation mode anymore, even though the shutdown is tricky. Does it actually take the same space you mentioned?
About the "page file size". I wasn't aware of that issue so I really appreciate that note.

As for the secondary storage, I'm pretty much like you: I do like to hoard movies, series and anime (most of it in 1080p), hence looking for 2TB or more. Are you familiar with the "green" western digital ones?

QuoteAs for a wireless card, I swear by this one. It's absolutely amazing. Pricey, but good.

If you need to stay in budget, TP-Link is a good alternative. I can vouch for it as well, works great as it was my previous one.

The first one is definitely pricey for me. Did you really buy it? Mother of God   :uhm:

As for the second one, it's definitely within the budget I had in my mind, but do I actually need Wireless? I use Ethernet most of the time... Would it be careless from me not acquiring a card?

QuoteAs for cooling your CPU, anything aftermarket is usually good for AMD processors. With no experience with Intel, I have no idea, though I'm sure a couple of people here can chime in. As for fans for your case, it comes with three, and honestly, that should be enough unless you plan on overclocking your CPU, which with Intel processors, is going to greatly increase the amount of heat it produces. Which in that case, you might want to look into liquid cooling. The case you picked out is plenty big to mount a radiator if you take that route.

To be honest, I don't really have a clue about cooling... The case seems to be enough, but what if it isn't?
About the overclock, I don't really have plans for it right now. I guess that I'll only do it when it proves to not be a good match to other models out there (or if the performance isn't enough). What do you recommend?

QuoteAny standard DVD drive should work, unless you're wanting to get into Bluray, which I don't recommend because it's a major pain in the ass to get software to play Bluray movies. >_>

I was planning on going for Bluray - didn't know it was hard to get software for it. I'll probably do some digging first in order to decide this one.

On another note, do you think that the Ram is ok? There are some other brands out there with some really good options - maybe cheaper.
Additionally, is i7 4790k that much of a difference when compared to 4770k?

Thanks for all the suggestions
Here's what I have so far. It's not the best obviously, but it should run pretty much anything. I don't really want to go over 1500~1600 euros.

It would, theoretically, be cheaper if I ordered from US (about 300 euros cheaper until now), but I'm afraid of the extra costs. Do you have any experience ordering from US to Europe?

CaseOther Options
Corsair Obsidian 750DEUR 135,99
Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97EUR 192,00Asrock Z87 OC FormulaEUR 191,55
Intel Core i7-4790KEUR 323,23Intel Core i7-4770kEUR 275,00
Graphics Card
Asus GeForce GTX 770 2GBEUR 304,93
Power Supply
EVGA SuperNOVA 750G2 Gold ModularEUR 114,54Corsair Ax760 Platinum ModularEUR 145,00Corsair RM750 Gold ModularEUR 112,90
Samsung 250GB 840 EvoEUR 105,99
Seagate Barracuda 2TB Sata III 64mb 7200rpmEUR 74,90
Kingston HyperX Beast 16 GB 2400MhzEUR 183,62
Cooling - CPU Heatsink
Corsair Hydro H110 (2013)EUR 109,00Cooler Master Hyper 212 EvoEUR 29,90FrioOCKEUR 68,99
DVD Drive
Still looking
Wireless Card
Not sure if needed since ethernet should be used
Current Total Cost w/ shippingEUR 1581,21

Feel free to suggest additional parts that, from your point of view, would fit better  :)
Holy moly lol

I had no idea xDDD
Well, I wasn't aware that ARC was made open source, I supposed it's a coincidente  :)

We made it open source at the end of last year (31 december 2013)

*Updated the main post with the same information*

Update - Jan 11 - 2014


Gibbo2D 1.2 has finally been released!


Under the past few weeks we have silently been working on Gibbo2D. The version 1.2 is now available and includes new features and upgrades. If you want to help on the development, please visit the Gibbo2D Github page - Yes, Gibbo2D is now open source  :) Besides, note that we have changed its license to MIT.
We hope that with the help of the community we can make the engine even better. There are a lot features to implement/update that require your help, so if you're willing to spend some time and you have some skill you can work with us.


This new version includes features that developers have been asking for a while. If you have more suggestions please place them over the forum.
Update List:

  • Scene Hierarchy multiple selection with auto detection

  • Scene View Tools upgraded

  • Windows & Windows Modern UI deployment

  • Debug View can be disabled

  • More UI responsiveness

  • Engine Optimization (around 10% more performance)

  • Nonuniform scaling (X & Y)

  • More tools in general

  • Library updated

  • Tutorials on the Editor

  • ...and more!

Without further ado, here's a video that shows some of the features:

As always, should you eventually find any bug or have any kind of issue, please report in the forums.
In case that you want to track all the updates, you can follow us at facebook or now on twitter.
Let's hope it keeps that way  :)