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oh sorry, i use rpg maker xp. here i'll give you the link to my pics of what i want and of my window,43094.msg491543.html#msg491543
okay I'm editing the status script to where the player selects the character and when the status menu pops up it shows a biography for each if you have played aveyond 3.1 to 3.4 you know what I'm talking about
QuoteHTML5, Flash, or Java would probably be the best for an online game like you described.  However, making a game isn't as simple as just having an idea.  You have to know how to make it, which is something that I think will present a major obstacle for you, due to your posts.

Ahh it probably will but it would also help me because i found out (by asking a lot of my real life friends not rpgers i meet on forums) that time management games are really popular. so i wanted to try it so

THNX- most likely
i have rpgmaker xp and i wanted to make a time management game. ex: cake mania, delicious, Diner dash, hearts medicine. i just cant find a good engine to make one
okay well atleast i didnt buy it yet XD
well then since it cant make time management games please point me in the direction of an engine that could make a time management game.
it says i have already posted this when it timedout but if i see the post i originally posted i will have this topic deleted
i would like to know how to make a game using adobe dreamweaver cs5.5.
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Easy Party Switcher
June 30, 2011, 01:38:03 pm
i was wondering that since it says that the conditions can be waived if i get permission from the copyright holder. can i have your permission?