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Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster.

Has anyone been able to download the 2.34 / latest files from Dropbox? No matter what I try (cleaning caches, trying other browsers etc) I'm unable to download the files.

If anyone has any tips or can offer a mirror dl I'd very much appreciate it! Just got back into rmxp and these updates would be stellar.

Edit: finally got the files to download on mobile.

Now I just get a generic error when I try to playtest a blank / new project:

"The specified procedure could not be found"

There's nothing after that. :/

Edit 2: Even though I'm not using the Steam version, the new DLL keeps being overwritten by the old one after saving, so that seems to be the problem. Instead of using the patcher / launcher method, I went into my program files and replaced the original DLL the engine uses to replace the project ones with. Now it saves with the XP Ace DLL every time.