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Sorry for the late reply dude. It's a pretty generic error, but I'm thinking that something is missing either in the level, or a graphic. Make sure you have the lum event on each scene and have it set to parallel process.
that's interesting. It's just a matter of the methods being run in the loading function I'm sure. Anyway, it's not as broken as you might think. I have used the code(as it was before) with perfect success using even more complex lighting schemes based on this code. I would also suggest that you make a demo from a fresh game for yourself rather than copying events over. That will not only help you to create even cooler maps, it will help you understand what I'm trying to convey. I could send you a demo, but I think that it will benefit you to do some footwork for yourself. Not that I won't help to fix the demo on here, but I just think that it's a good practice.

You remember when you watched the commercial for rmxp and it says "No Scripting Required" in bold letters. Well, that's not true if you want to customize stuff.

So, if you want, try and tinker with the code and if you find any solutions on your own, then that's two heads instead of just one. You might think then of giving some code back to the community.
Cool. Well, I'll take another look at it later. I have a history exam today so it'll take me a bit but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Okay, I'm getting the error now with this version I have on here. Let me see what I can do. You are probably right finalholylight. The entire array is nil at load it seems. Only with this demo and not with a new game. That's what's strange..

UPDATE: The first thing that I noticed is that if you open a map, then return to title and load a quest, it doesn't do it. So that's weird.

FIXED: Append this just below your 3 scripts for now. I'll add it to the code on here when I get a chance.
class Scene_Load < Scene_File
  alias dynamic_light_fix_read_save_data read_save_data
  def read_save_data(file)
    characters = Marshal.load(file)
    Graphics.frame_count = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_system        = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_switches      = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_variables     = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_self_switches = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_screen        = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_actors        = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_party         = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_troop         = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_map           = Marshal.load(file)
    $game_player        = Marshal.load(file)
    if $game_system.magic_number != $data_system.magic_number
      # マップをリロード
      $$game_player.x, $game_player.y)

As you can see finalholylight, it wasn't calling the needed methods between loading the map and then running it.
I don't think that it breaks the save system, but I can look into it. Have you tried applying this in your own game as well? Yeah man, it's just the Demo and just for you apparently. I think that your are trying to load a map that isn't using the same type of Lum events. I can try to recreate the scenario, but it's not happening for me yet.
Script Requests / Re: EXP level 1 max Change
September 19, 2014, 08:17:52 am
Script Requests / Re: EXP level 1 max Change
August 22, 2014, 08:01:55 am
Yeah, it works. Just append this above main.

class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
alias blah_make_exp_list make_exp_list
def make_exp_list
actor = $data_actors[@actor_id]
actor.exp_basis = 250
Wow! Good to see that you're back in action.
Ah. Well it seemed that the map scrolling was even cleaner at 120 but maybe I was just imagining that. But yeah, I don't know why I didn't just think of a conditional statement, that's funny. That should work I'm sure.  :facepalm:
You're half right. You see, I'm running the rmxp/vxa at 120 fps. I then tailored the walking speed and frequency to retain the speed of the 40fps look so that I get the best scrolling smoothness without the stupid sprinting speeds of 60+(which defeats the purpose of faster fps in my opinion).
I want to retain the battle speeds, and that is merely a matter of a switch at battle_scene start and end.

My Problem: The issue is that inside Game_Map, or wherever the weather, flashing, and time(in the case of CCTS), I am getting the 120fps speeds for those. I am excluding the animations here because that CAN be fixed by simply tripling the animation sprite order(although I'd like to avoid that if possible).

My question: So, yes I am wondering about the effect of time and how it's handled in relation to FPS changes. And better yet, I am wondering if there is a way to call frames at a 3rd of the rate so that I can retain that 40fps "look" whilst still scrolling the game_map at 120.

Your thoughts?
ForeverZero, you are the man as usual. Good to see you frequenting here again.
Also, I have some questions regarding the FPS handling of VXA/RMXP and your CCTS script. I'll post the details when I get 'em together and see what your thoughts are on it.
That's cool. It just makes sense. Mine is wrapped around ForeverZero's CCTS and that's something to think about. Either compatibility with that or add a time element and a weather element sense you're going for environments. Version 3.o lol.
Hmm, well I might try and hail mary and find/replace all of the instances. I'm thinking about maybe changing the FPS back to 40 or so when entering battle or whatever it is and then on battle exit kick it back up. That way I'll only have to worry about animation, weather, flash, tone, and anything else mentioned above. That'll at least make it semi-workable out of the box.
Ah, that's exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for. I did something like this with the Game_Character update_move method and replaced the exponents with constants. Yeah, it sounds tedious, but from what I've seen so far it has to be done this way. Unfortunately, nearly every update method stands on its own..

In which script are you suggesting to modify the Graphics.frame_count in?
I finally took a look at the script Zexion. I like what you did there, but that's not really what I was going for. What I'm trying to do is have the FPS cranked up to full while retaining the normal speeds of battles(messages, animation, ect), walking, messages, and everything else. That way there is smoothness and not a change in the intended speed of rmxp. I say that your script did not meet my desires because I changed the SPEED = x setting and even at 1 the speeds were far faster than the default RMXP setup. I could very well be missing something though if I'm supposed to configure something else further into the code and not in the top config section.

The code I'm working on is to have the FPS for better smoothness but no change(or as close as I can get it) in game speed.
It sounds like even if method #2 would have an input latency, it would by far counter the need to enumerate so many key states in method #1. I'm saying this not knowing if method 2 would even create an input latency in the first place, but it sounds like it would and be extremely minimal.
I'll take a look at that Finalholylight. I'll see if I can recreate the same problem.
Awesome man, thanks!

Oh, real quick, is this code an updated version of the Movement & Animation Script in the link above, or something else?
Well jeez, I wish I knew about that script already!

Is KK20 letting people use this? If so, do you have a link?

But either way, it's an improvement and a closer step to a better ratio. I'll continue looking at it and see if I can't make an "out of the box" improvement anyway.

Oh, and also Zexion.. What method of solution did you come up with for this custom script of yours? Are you using more animation tiles, or are you modifying the time:fps, or what? That is, if you don't mind sharing.