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Chat / Happy new year
January 02, 2022, 01:09:00 pm
Happy new year everyone!

My game is turning out to be better than it would have been had I not found this forum.

I started my project long time ago, but I stopped as I felt it was a mess and I was unable to do what I wanted to do. Now I've been working a lot in it for more than a year and I like what it has become. And it's thanks to you all that I found the tools to make it so and the help I needed when I asked for it.

So even if none here plays the game, know that I'm really grateful and you will be in my 'special thanks' (both in-game and personally).

Happy new year.
I wish you the best.

I've just realized that my project had and old script used for crafting, but after updating to XPA it just fails.

I'm trying to fix it, but is a script far too complex for meeĀ”. It uses something called SDK that I don't know what it is (but somehow is in my project) and when I call the script it fails in a line that uses 'eval'. It should just be a selection menu.

In order to clarify, I have prepared a demo of the XP version (which works) and another version for the XPA version (which doesn't work)

Crafting - XP

Crafting - XPA

Also, as an added bonus, if someone is having problems updating to XPA, maybe you can use this demo as base

Resources / Original battlers
April 15, 2021, 08:11:19 am
I was looking for resources and have found a huge bundle of battlers made by Aekashics.

They have a very distinct graphic design, so you have to decide if they're good for you, but they're original and different:

Aekashics megapack

If you like what you see it seems there are animated battlers too, but I think that requires a patreon.
The link I'm sharing are free battlers. Almost 900 of them

Hope you find it useful
Resources / Sound effects
April 08, 2021, 06:47:47 am

I've found a page with some nice sound effects.
It has a lot of pricing options, but also there is a free download as a sample... but is a huge sample.

Just in case it can be of use to anyone:

Hope it's useful

I'd like to ask how can you show a preview of a map with RPG Maker XPA

I have two scripts that do this. One is a save system that, when selecting which file to load, shows where you were when you saved your game. The other one, is a teleport script that allows you to select where do you want to teleport and shows in a window the map you are selecting.

But after upgrading to XP Ace, both scripts still works, but shows nothing. Where the preview of the map used to be, now is just nothing.

I wanted to ask which code should I use to show the preview of a different map, so I can implement it in these scripts again.

So... this is my forth topic and only one has received an answer, so I wanted to ask to avoid just spamming the forum talking with none.

Is anyone interested in RPG Maker XP projects? I know it's a very old engine, so is understandable if it has been forgotten.

You always feel passionate about showing your game to other people, but probably its time has already past. Also, my project won't be in English in it's first version, so I think none will be interested in trying it here. But I'm optimistic, so here I am asking.

Selwyn's Passability Minimap
Authors: Selwyn/Squall, KK20
Version: 1.1
Type: Minimap
Key Term: Environment Add-on


This is an old script released the 30th of May 2006 and just recently update by KK20.
It shows a minimap in any of the four corners and different colored dots to represent enemies, npcs, chests, etc.

KK20 has updated the script so that it is dynamically refreshed (so you can turn a treasure into a mimic and the picture changes from 'chest' to 'enemy'), for example.

How to use

You need several images in your picture folder, which can be found in the demo.
Also, the minimap is activated or deactivated with an in-game switch. So, by default, it will be off until you activate the switch.

The minimap shows elements if the event has a comment with any of the following tags: event, enemy, teleport, chest, npc or savepoint.


  • You can change the corner in which the minimap is show editing line 24: @corner = 4
  • You can change the switch controlling the activation editing line 67: ACTIVATED_ID = 1
  • You can add new elements to be shown in the minimap adding in line 403:
elsif event.list[i].parameters[0].include?("whatever")
@events[key].bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("whatever")
and you will need another picture with that 'whatever' name
  • You can also alter the pictures used by default to anything you like, just keep the name of the file (I think that the teleport image is not the original, I kinda think I edited it but don't remember)


Spoiler: ShowHide


Passability Minimap demo

Final Thoughts

This script has more than 15 years already, but maybe you can enjoy it.
General Discussion / How long should a game last?
March 08, 2021, 03:55:17 am

I was wondering how long do you think a game made with RPG Maker should last.

I'm aiming to make a 40 hours game, but wanted to know the length you prefer in RPG games.
I usually like games with an ending in mind. Both Dragon Quest XI and Persona 5 were more than 100 hours for me, but they were the exception. I enjoy shorter games normally.

I'm using an old script made by Selwyn back in 2006 called "Passability Minimap"
Can I ask for help regarding a script already created a long time ago?

The scripts shows a minimap and some dots (pictures) to represent enemies, npc, etc...
My problem is that if I have an event that changes with a self switch (and changes from npc to enemy), the minimap doesn't reflect that change. If I open and close the menu it shows the enemy dot, in I leave the map and reenter it also shows the enemy dot.
It seems that when the whole scene is created, it works, but if I want to change from npc to enemy, I don't know how to 'refresh' the minimap.

Being from a creator that is no longer here I don't know if I can ask for help.

Should I post the script?

General Discussion / Hi, I'm new here
March 05, 2021, 03:11:16 am
Hello. I'm SolarisSpell

First of all, I'd like to say I'm sorry for my English. I'll try my best to not make your eyes bleed.

I started using RPGMaker XP a lot of years ago. A lot. I never finished my project, but now, being quarantined at home, I've decided to finally finish it.
When looking for info through the net this past few months I found this web, and here I am. But my project is not in English, is in spanish. I don't know if I could show any of it here or if none would be interested.

Also, can you ask for help regarding an old existing script? I'm going to try in the script request...