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Title: [C#] Spritesheet Splitter
Post by: ForeverZer0 on March 09, 2012, 07:08:58 pm
Spritesheet Splitter
Authors: ForeverZer0
Version: 1.1


This is actually something I made a some time ago, but never released. It is pretty simple, it allows you to split large tile sheets into individual files. Essentially does the same thing as this ( script I wrote, except it has some additional file formats for output and a GUI. My plan back then was to include the "combining" feature, but I never got around to it, hence the program was forgotten about and I never posted.



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ImageSplitter.exe ( (178 KB)


Requires Microsoft's .NET Framework ( 2.0 or higher.

Credits and Thanks

Author's Notes

I will likely not be updating this project at all, unless it is an overlooked bug that renders it unusable. If you do find such a bug, please let me know.

I lied. I added a progress bar real quick and have the conversion on a separate asynchronous thread now. This will keep the application from locking up during a large conversion.
Title: Re: [C#] Spritesheet Splitter
Post by: Dweller on March 11, 2012, 12:26:07 pm
I installed it, made a few test and it's working fine. A very usefull tool that save a lot of time splitting tilesets using, etc...(is now in muy RPGmaker tool folder).