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Title: What can i do to fix this laptop
Post by: Memor-X on November 14, 2013, 04:42:57 pm
i don't want to but since i'm sick and tired of being everyone tech support at home and being demanded to come to them with no concern what i'm doing and if i don't get this fixed up i'm going to be annoyed constantly and all my time will be spent leaving over the back of a wood chair reaching over to the keyboard and mouse as someone wont get the hell off the chair and let me work i'm going to get this fixed up so people can just leave me the fuck alone

my mums windows 7 laptop had been acting up lately running extremely slow when trying to access stuff like control panel or web sites, she barley goes onto the laptop so it only sees use like once a month, this is what i have done,

these are things i can't do

things i suspect that could have some relevance

i want to get this fixed because if i don't my mum then get me to go on my laptop to check her email or ebay and she can spend hours reading every email in her inbox of very ever single page when she does a search on ebay, that and she'll just say "you should know this stuff but you waste your entire life on video games"