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Title: [XP] Improved Save
Post by: gerrtunk on November 07, 2010, 02:22:29 pm
Improved save
Authors: gerrtunk
Version: 1
Type: A all-in-one save system
Key Term: Title / Save / Load / GameOver Add-on


This script has been created with the idea to give the maxium freedom and
possibilities to the creator. I think this system open many new ways, but i may
take some work for you.

Anyway the script comes with a working default configuration for each feature and
also have the option to make autoconfigurations. Turning on/off a feature only
needs to changue one option.


Main systems:

-Autosave system with temporizer or/and map script calls. The autosave warns you
activating a switch everytime is autosaved. Use a reserved slot for this system
that can be protected.

-Quicksave system. This lets the player to save everywhere, with the condition that
the quick savegame will be erased. Use a reserved slot for this system, that can be
protected. It have a must load option that protect agains cheaters.

-One slots modes. They make all the save and load process automatically. Also exist
a Quicksaving one slot mode that works like roguelikes ones.

-Complete event save control system. You can now save, load, erase, check if
savegame exist, keep savegame information in event variables, quick save
and autosave with simple script calls. It also have a function to call the load
game menu.

-Very complex and complete graphic personalitzation. Now savegames can show:
 map description(based on maps id)
 map name
 gameplay time
 description(a text thats saved with the game. Ex: "Chapter I")
 completed game(based on event variable)
 actors names
 actors levels
 actors graphics
 actors faces

There are two graphic configuration modes. With the automatic you can set all that
things in two lines, but with the advanced you can select also every option position.
and other extra things.

It also add the follow features:
 -Backwindows and backscene based on images
 -You can configurate windows transparencys and visibility.
 -Some control over the fonts.

Other features:
 -You can select savegame folder, savegames names and extensions.
 -Warning messages.
 -Main menu quicksave entry
 -Configurable slot number.
 -Extended vocabulary configuration
 -High compatibality. You can disable individually the changues to game_system,
 title, end or main menu.
In progress features:
 -Slot sort system
 -Graphic mode with one actor games in mind.
 -Improved slot visually identification.
 -Definition of font for each text.
 -Some compatibility improvements
 -Graphics and interace improvements

Planned features:
 -Use of icons
 -New base graphic styles
 -More complex save scene
 -Screen captures
 -Extended roguelike style support


Spoiler: ShowHide




The script code is too long. Check ( or


You have to add two scripts. The first one its the configurator, and the second the script code. You have to put they in this order before main script.
The rest in the script.


In the script.

Credits and Thanks


Author's Notes

All my scripts are in development. I will listend to feedback, bugs, etc,
Title: Re: Improved Save
Post by: Blizzard on November 07, 2010, 02:38:27 pm
You know, it would be cool if you could apply the Template for Script Submission (,17.0.html) to your script topics so they can be moved to RMXP Script Database (,12.0.html) and automatically indexed in the Script Database Index ( :)
Title: Re: Improved Save
Post by: gerrtunk on November 07, 2010, 05:56:37 pm
I have a problem with that. If i use the template it gives a strange php error saying that my php cofiguratino es bad¿?.

Or something like that.
Title: Re: Improved Save
Post by: Blizzard on November 08, 2010, 01:44:14 am
It's a long story... Try to use a proxy when you edit your first post.
Title: Re: [XP] Improved Save
Post by: gerrtunk on September 18, 2011, 04:19:14 pm
I updated the script so it can enter in the databse.
Title: Re: [XP] Improved Save
Post by: Blizzard on September 18, 2011, 04:30:07 pm
*puts screenshot into spoiler* Alright, I'll move it now. You should update your other scripts topics as well. I think that I noticed quite a few topics where you didn't use the template.