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Title: [Java] Morse's Universe
Post by: Lore on March 05, 2011, 06:49:40 pm
Morse's Universe

So this was a 2D Platformer me and my best friend coded together for our Grade 11 Final Summative Assignment. It was basically the sequel to the previous game made in Turing: Morse's World. We re-coded the game engine to make things run smoother and we have added boss battles. We were going to add two modes: Arena and Survival, but seeing as we only had a 3 week deadline, we ran out of time. Nonetheless, we still scored 100% in all areas and our teacher features it in his next class as an example Project. The project was entirely coded in Java using the Netbeans IDE.

Story Summary

A bit cliche, but the story continues from the original game. In the original, Morse (This name was taken from the Russian translation of walrus, and Morse is Walrus in French) the walrus was out exploring Frostpeak Mountains. Suddenly, his tribe is attacked by a Polar Bear who takes the sacred Snow Urn and flees to Frostpeak Mountain. The elders of the tribe instruct Morse to retrieve the Urn, which is used in sacred rituals to the Snow God. Seeing as all the other healthy males were either injured or dead, Morse began his epic quest. He finds the Snow Urn deep in the jungle (After traversing Frostpeak Mountains, Frostpeak Heights, Shimmer Lake and Dry Dunes) and begins his journey home. Morse's Universe picks up from the jungle. However, a volcano has erupted and Morse is forced to flee the area.


Known Bugs

There are a few bugs that we had. Due to the strict timeframe, we couldn't polish them as much as we wanted to.
Minor Bugs
-When Morse hits the exact edge of a block while jumping, he will automatically floor himself down one tile usually causing his death. All jumps and levels are possible (Fully tested), so just take care in timing your jumps so that he doesn't hit the exact edge of a floating block.
-Level selecting arrow will not display on the World Map when a world is completed. Easily fix by pressing the arrow keys.
-Tampering with the Data.txt (Where all your save data is located) can cause BGM errors and world clearing glitches. Just let the game handle the data updating unless you looked at our code and know exactly what to change.
Major Bugs
-We are using two Frames and two Panels in this project. One is strictly for the Menu and one is strictly for the gameplay. We have merged these together and simply show one Frame and Panel at a time and hide the other one. Sometimes when you enter a world after New Game, the game will create an infinite amount of windows. This also seems to be random on different machines. We have no idea what is causing this bug, and we have tested it on 7 computers. Only 3 of them had this issue. Simply rapidly press the "X" button to close all windows (otherwise you will be overloaded with them and your computer may slow down from the CPU usage) and then use the CONTINUE option (DO NOT START ANOTHER NEW GAME). You will safely load the level you need to be on.


Use the arrow keys to move Morse around. Up is to jump. Down holds no purpose.
Spacebar is used to use your Firebreath when you have it active.
Use the left and right arrow keys to select a world on the World Map, and then press Enter to play.


This game is difficult. All levels have been tested and are possible. Seeing as this game is very short (only 24 levels, with the 25th being a pointless level that just says THE END. We couldn't finish the final boss sequence.) we made up for it by making the game quite challenging to make it seem longer. Out of a survey we took in-class, it takes the average Grade 11 student approximately 50 minutes to complete, with well over 100 deaths. Good luck :D


First make sure you have Java installed on your computer. Just google the download link. Next download the game from here and extract it using WinRAR or any other extracting program you have:
If you need any other mirrors, feel free to post.
Then go into the game directory, and go into the "dist" folder. Run the Java Application.jar file and if you have Java installed, it should automatically load the game for you. Enjoy!
Title: Re: [Java] Morse's Universe
Post by: cyclope on April 14, 2011, 04:27:00 pm
The link is down...