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Aww, thank you;

Here's the Finished Sprite:

& making an Asuna;

Based off this costume:

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Finished Asuna for all to enjoy =)
 :naughty: Here's some more ~

This one was inspired from the Lord Knight from Elsword

Good News Everybody, here's two new Sprites I have finished and wanted to share!

Also, I'd like to share some of my custom heads I've been working on for some time, I feel the need to share them and to let people know I haven't gone anywhere; spriters feel free to use them and edit e'mm.

Lot's of Heads: ShowHide

Decided today to revisit some of the stuff I had left incompleted, here's the masked guy, althou late, enjoy it.


This Month's little contribution, A Robe for Wizards/Nobles simply add the head, and voila! ~ Enjoy.
Anyone out there still interested, here's seven sprites ~
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Enjoy if there's still those who use rmxp or rtp . . .
Oh my! I have been gone for such a long time that the whole place feels different ~

Something I recently finished to share some love to the world through spriting ~

Aww, thanks Starrob

Working on all of them gets tiring, and some ideas pops in & out;

A Cookie to whoever guess the character number 3 (Middle)
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
November 19, 2009, 10:08:19 am
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Almost done with The Cat-Tail Witch, but in the moment, have some Pride:

@__@ I'm loosing my mind naming them . . . <shrugs>

Working on it ~

Quote from: Satoh on November 16, 2009, 11:22:21 am
The latest set, the one on the left looks like Riza Hawkeyefrom FMA...

The same-headed one in the first post reminds me of Saber from F/SN...

I like them all.
D: Kinda having difficulty seen the similarities but either ways thanks for the comments :3
General Discussion / Re: Screenshot Thread
November 15, 2009, 09:19:58 pm
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 :uhm: I don't mind if you guys want to use them, thou I gotta have to finish them all first ^^;;;

Ah~ also, Moar!

I should get to spriting & completing their frames, seriously .__.;;
Oh my, what's this?

  :haha: I promised people that I'd share the sprites once I have their frames/spriteset finish, I'm a girl of my word.

Lyle (1st Costume): ShowHide

:0 Unfortunately, he's the only one I had time yesterday (Aside the bases) that I could finish. N-joy. :3

Also, more characters to be done:

I love my Hooded-Masked guy :0 C&C people & would make moar & finish them ;o;
D: Ah! Scary, *Changes topic name*

Don't wanna be PM to death, thou, I'm planning to releasing these when I have finished with all the frames this time  ;)

I can't keep cluttering & bring the old thread back & forth, so I'm making a new one.

Recolored, Reworked, Now to finish them and get to the 'best part'.

Dark skinned girl's head & Palette by Sithjester, The Last one's Body is by Mark, I just simply recolored it & changed it's head.