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Sorry for not replying but I'm not home atm, and I won't be for next two months so I can't send you that demo ; /
OK, I changed switches and varibables so they wouldn't collide with MAWS but it still doesn't work ;/ now smoke dissapears for few second and than comes back, and it's only thing that changed ;x
It's suppose to change between day and night (fog&tone change) in a loop. I also made feature that makes smoke from chimney dissapear while day and appear at night. Problem is that now it's always bright like day and smoke is up, like at night. It's strange because it worked for over a month and I just realized it stopped just today...
Thanks, it works! ;) But now I have another issue... Over a month ago I made event based day and night system and it worked perfectly until today - can it be caused by evented title screen? I mean, I haven't changed day&night system at all so it seems like something causes it to crash (it also works when copied to empty project). Here is a demo:

It worked perfectly until I added evented title screen so I can't think of anything else causing problems... And sorry for trouble ;x
Download link so down, can someone reupload it, please?
Problem is I'm using F as confirm button (Mount and Blade style), and if I use button C only Enter works. Is there a way to fix it?
It doesn't work ; /
Sorry for double posting, but this time I want to repleace C button (Enter) for button I use as confirm in my game. I've tried (, ( and ( but nothing worked ; /
Thank you ;) I've been trying that but I typed it wrong ( for some reason... RESOLVED
I've been working on event based title screen, so I modifed Zexion's title screen but it doesn't really work, though it works in a new project. It simply means one of scripts causes it, and I guess it's Blizz ABS. I would really appreciate if someone could check out my project and find how to fix this issue. BTW. Menu screen is in Polish, but I guess it's possible to figure out as commands are in classic order ^^'
I have one problem - when you quit from game to title screen or press cancel in load screen all the splashes appear again, how to fix this?
You are just amazing, RESOLVED!
For some reason I had to move it 5 pixels instead of 13, and it fits fine, but now skill icons are in wrong position... Ahh, I'm sorry for taking so much of your time ;x

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I almost got it work!
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Only problem is that picture isn't centered with hotkeys ^^"

Edit: Can this picture be bigger than 320x32? Mine is and it seems like this is a problem
Well, than I have no idea what can cause a problem
I'm using v2.84 and no scripts related to it ;x just to be sure, you wanted me to put a "#" in front of this line "self.bitmap.fill_rect(32*(i-1), 0, 32, 32,, 0, 0, 0))"?
It doesn't really work, picture is still normal when I walk under it ; /
I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean with this:
Quote from: KK20 on May 30, 2013, 03:56:22 pm
Then, under the method #draw to find

          # remove this icon
          self.bitmap.fill_rect(32*(i-1), 0, 32, 32,, 0, 0, 0))

And you can comment that line out.

My English isn't perfect so I have a little trouble figuring out what you mean
It worked, thanks so much <3 by the way I can't find anything about transparenty in any HUD ; /
Thanks, you're the best! I have one more question (I don't want to keep making new topics all the time) - how to change graphics of that arrow? ^^'