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It works perfectly! You guys are amazing  :D
Any ideas? If there's a way to make the script work only while a certain switch is on, that's pretty much all I need. Or like in your ATES script I also use, I can toggle it with ATES.on and using script commands. I like that a lot, but what do you think is easier?
Fixed script and added code tags instead. Sorry!

EDIT: Also, that was a super fast reply. You don't mess around!
Hello! I'm using a very cool Zelda Screen Transitions script in my game. It's a script that breaks apart a big map into smaller segments and has a smooth scrolling animation between the segments, just like the original Zelda game.

Problem is my game has a world map too, and I don't want the world map to use this script, only the inner areas like caves and such.

So what can I do to turn off and on an entire script? My knowledge of scripts is pretty limited, but I can do small mods to a simple script. I've tried searching for a solution, but maybe I don't know what to look for... Thanks in advance!

Here's the script in case anyone wants to take a peek:

# ** Classic Zelda Screen Transitions
# * Created by: albertfish
# * Version: 1.0
# * Last edited: September 7, 2010
#  Version History:
#    Version 1.0: September 7, 2010
#      - Initial release
#  Description:
#    This script mimics the screen transitions found in the 2D Zelda Games.
#  Features:
#    - Separeated a large map in to small screen size parts and adds a smooth
#      transition between the parts.
#  Install Instructions:
#    Place this script above the main script and below the default scripts.

# ** Spriteset_Map
#  This class brings together map screen sprites, tilemaps, etc.
#  It's used within the Scene_Map class.

class Spriteset_Map
 # * Object Initialization
 alias af_czst_ssm_init initialize
 def initialize
   @x = ($game_player.x - $game_player.x % 20) * 128
   @y = ($game_player.y - $game_player.y % 15) * 128
   @amount_x = 0
   @amount_y = 0
   @scrolling = false
   @prev_x = $game_player.x
   @prev_y = $game_player.y
   $game_map.display_x = @x
   $game_map.display_y = @y
 # * Scroll Right
 def scroll_right
   @x += 128
   @amount_x -= 1
   if @amount_x <= 0
     @scrolling = false
 # * Scroll Left
 def scroll_left
   @x -= 128
   @amount_x += 1
   if @amount_x >= 0
     @scrolling = false
 # * Scroll Up
 def scroll_up
   @y -= 96
   @amount_y -= 1
   if @amount_y <= 0
     @scrolling = false
 # * Scroll Down
 def scroll_down
   @y += 96
   @amount_y += 1
   if @amount_y >= 0
     @scrolling = false
 # * Frame Update
 alias af_czst_ssm_update update
 def update
   if !@scrolling
     # Determine if the screen needs to scroll left or right
     if $game_player.x % 20 == 0 && ($game_player.x - 19) * 128 > $game_map.display_x
       @amount_x = 20
       @scrolling = true
       @prev_x += 1
     elsif $game_player.x % 20 == 19 && ($game_player.x) * 128 < $game_map.display_x
       @amount_x = -20
       @scrolling = true
       @prev_x -= 1
     # Determine if the screen needs to scroll up or down
     if $game_player.y % 15 == 0 && ($game_player.y - 14) * 128 > $game_map.display_y
       @amount_y = -20
       @scrolling = true
       @prev_y += 1
     elsif $game_player.y % 15 == 14 && ($game_player.y) * 128 < $game_map.display_y
       @amount_y = 20
       @scrolling = true
       @prev_y -= 1
   else @scrolling
     # Scroll either left or right
     if @amount_x > 0
     elsif @amount_x < 0
     # Scroll either up or down
     if @amount_y < 0
     elsif @amount_y > 0
     $game_player.x = @prev_x
     $game_player.y = @prev_y
   $game_map.display_x = @x
   $game_map.display_y = @y
   @prev_x = $game_player.x
   @prev_y = $game_player.y
class Game_Character
 def x=(x)
   @x = x
 def y=(y)
   @y = y
It works!  Yay!  Thanks Stripe!
I realized that my game isn't laggy because it's constantly checking for midnight. It's laggy because I have too many parallel common events running at the same time (Just 3, but apparently that's enough).

So, about this bit of script you posted...  I knew it would be just a few lines, and it looks good.  Would this be an entirely new script (that I post under MAIN), or do I plug it into the ATES script somewhere?  And if I wanted to call common event number 2 at midnight, what do I have to edit?
Script Requests / Re: Interact with Terrain Tag?
August 25, 2010, 01:16:08 pm
This is bloody brilliant and it's exactly what I needed.  Thanks Game Guy!

And thanks Blizz for the HUD tip!  I'll look it up :)
Is it possible to call a common event whenever my character examines a tile with a terrain tag?  This would have to be the tile in front of the character, not the current tile the character is on.

I'm asking because I've written my own fishing event system, contained within one common event.  I want the player to fish in water anywhere in my game, but I don't want to put an event on every water tile (I've tried that, and of course it was horrible).  There must be a better way.

EDIT: Also, since I don't want to make two posts at once, I'm looking for good HP/SP Bars to be on screen at all times.  (It's called a HUD, right?)  But the only bars I can find are BlizzABS-only, and I'm not using BlizzABS.  Help?
Script Requests / Re: Pop-up choice window?
August 10, 2010, 05:32:05 pm
Quote from: ForeverZer0 on July 24, 2010, 10:32:02 pm
I'll write you a quick script for this sometime here, it won't be that complicated. Maybe just use a module for script calls that you can pass the arguments onto that will be the choices, and just use Window_Command to create a window real quick.

This sounds great.  I've been trying the UMS, but it's giving me some issues.
It works fine with the multiple choices, but it's messing up other stuff like input numbers and opacity changes.
How can I set up this script so that I call a common event at midnight?

I want everything to pause and the screen to fade to black, where big words say "Day 2" or something like that.  Also, certain variables in my game will change at this time.  Right now I have a parallel common event, but it's slowing down my game because it's constantly checking for midnight.  Obviously, this is stupid, so I would like the script to call a common event at midnight.

Or is there a better way?
Script Requests / Re: Pop-up choice window?
June 24, 2010, 05:40:39 pm
Ugh, sorry for the double post.  I didn't think that through  :P

I'll give ccoa's UMS a try, but since I'm already using a message script in my game, I've already implemented lots of text commands into the messages.  If I switch to ccoa's, I'll have to redo all of the text.  But I guess it's unavoidable.  Thanks for the help!

I downloaded ccoa's UMS a long time ago.  I might still have it.
Script Requests / Re: Pop-up choice window?
June 24, 2010, 01:48:07 pm
I don't think I need a system script for this.  I would need to be able to script within an event.
That way I can specify how big the window should be and where, and I can create how many choices the player gets.
Script Requests / Re: Pop-up choice window?
June 24, 2010, 01:42:04 pm

It's been a year or more since I searched for this, but I'm back and I would like to know if this is possible.  Anybody?
Script Requests / Re: Change Battle Results?
March 07, 2010, 08:15:51 pm
That sounds cool.  I would also appreciate a link to this script.
Script Requests / Mouse control/shooting CBS
March 01, 2010, 03:42:25 am
I highly doubt this script will be created, due to the obvious difficulty.  But I would love to talk about the possibility, and what everyone thinks about it.

So I have this idea for a CBS.  My friends and I are discussing an RPG in a modern world setting, where the player uses guns to fight.  It's also important to note that there are no other party members.  Just one guy.  Basically, when the player enters a battle and selects the fight command, I want a 5-second timer to appear.  During those 5 seconds, the player can click on the enemies using the mouse to "shoot" them.  Once his 5 seconds are up, it's the enemies' turn.  On their turn, however, it would be just like a normal battle.

And that's exactly what it is.  Now imagine the customizations that would make this so cool:

Different weapons can have different statistics:
Dispersion rate.  A pistol could shoot 6 times during the player's 5 seconds, while a Shotgun can only fire twice.
Area damage.  A pistol has a small area of affection, while a shotgun can harm a large area.

Enemies would have weak points, where shooting the head of something would deal more damage, or shooting a shield would deal no damage (and maybe even reflect the bullet back at the player).  Enemies could move around the battlefield while you're shooting at them, making some enemies slow and easy to defeat, while others could be small, faster targets.

Special accessories could increase the attack time (from 5 seconds to 6), or they could increase the stats of a weapon (dispersion rate, increase area damage, shoot through shields, etc).
Equipping different kinds of ammo could affect damage or cause special effects (Fire bullets cause fire damage, Poison Bullets cause poison, Silver Bullets deal 2x damage to werewolves, etc).

Dual wielding using the left and right mouse buttons?  Possibly.  But normally you need to equip guns and bullets, and there's not really room for two guns and two bullets...  so. it would be cool, but I could live without it.

Special items, such as Grenades, would make use of this point-and-click battle system as well.

I'm not sure what other scripts will be used in the game, but I feel like a battle system is something that should be worked out first.  I would definitely use a one-man CMS.  There is no party in this game.  Do you think that simplifies the battle system, or does it create more problems?

So, do you think something like this can be made?  I've only played around with a few scripts, so I know this would span a few script pages.  I figure it might take 4, at the least.  1 script would enable mouse control in battle, 1 script would correct the player's battle turn to make it a 5-second live-action turn (there's no need to modify the enemies phase, but do you need to?  I don't know how modifying a CBS works), 1 script for enemy movements during battle and 1 script for the weapon/bullet/accessory customization database.  There probably needs to be more.

So what do you guys think?  (sorry if this is a lot of text, I just get really excited thinking about it)

Script Requests / Re: Automatic Fire in BABS ??
November 24, 2009, 11:13:38 pm
Blizzard, please call your active battle system "BABS" from now on :)
Script Requests / Re: Mission Menu
November 23, 2009, 12:47:39 am
Yeah, this sounds exactly like the quest log script.  What makes it different?
Script Requests / Re: Pop-up choice window?
November 21, 2009, 04:45:23 pm
I need a choice window that allows at least 15 options.
Currently, I have 3 choices with a "more choices" option as the fourth, with choices upon choices!  It sucks and is very tedious.

I would try cocoa's UMS, but I already have an Advanced Message Script that I like.

And I really want pop up windows.  If I can't have more choices, I at least want pop up windows! :(
Script Requests / Re: Scrolling Choice selection
November 21, 2009, 04:37:51 pm
I am also looking for a similar script.  More than 4 choices would be so nice.

Quote from: game_guy on October 07, 2009, 02:53:26 pm
use my quest log if you need one

I use that quest log script and it's awesome!  And this is exactly how scrolling should be done :)
Script Requests / Pop-up choice window?
November 21, 2009, 03:45:34 pm
I have a lot of instances in my game where the player is given choices.
I was wondering if I could script a choice window that pops-up separately from the other text window?

Also, can there be more than four choices?  Often times, I have to use "more choices" as the 4th choice, which branches off to other choices, and I hate it.  If too many choices appear onscreen, can the choices scroll up to reveal more?

I've searched, but couldn't find a script for this.  If one is made, are there easy instructions to fully manipulate it?