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Nah still couldn't figure AI Triggers out despite what was said above. Eh oh well guess am just stupid or something. But anyways, am glad I got to help you guys fix some bugs for some future makers who do know what triggers do. And I am aware of the trigger write up in the manual but it is not specific enough to explain to a super stupid person like me how to get it to work out is why I didn't acknowledge them as useful enough. Anyways, this topic can be locked now. Just wanted to point you guys out to the issue and glad was able to get it fixed for some other makers later on down the line. That's it from me on this topic. Peace!
Yeah that'd what I presumed but I guess I had messed up somewhere along the way when I tried to set up my own triggers. I had set a trigger for self to use an item when HP was below 50%, in this case, what I called in my game a "Traveler's Potion" which I was able to choose thanks to the fix from above without issue, kept the target at default because I don't know what setting the target type to "Activator" would do, and it wasn't really explained in the Blizz-ABS Manual so was completely lost there, but it didn't use the item. So I am guessing there must be like a button or something I have to push to actually trigger the well...trigger, but sadly, I could not find what button it was and it also wasn't stated on the Blizz-ABS Manual from what I recall, the only area that spoke of it was the very beginning area with the "Blizz-ABS" screen but then I couldn't find further information regarding it in the manual. So in the end the trigger did not work for me. Should I have pushed some special button to make it work or something? Also tried setting target type to activator but also did nothing. So was sad when it didn't work after I had made you guys look for a way to fix the script error. I am a sad panda and apologize for making you guys waste your time on me on trying to get that bug fixed.  :(
Thanks! It fixed the problem! Now I just wish I knew how to actually use the AI Triggers menu! But hey, glad I was able to help you guys fix another bug! And as for the skills thing, in my game I have it set so that you learn skills as you level, no one starts with any skills, you gotta work to earn your skills in my upcoming game. I actually thought this was pretty average of RPG's, I actually personally didn't think it'd be so rare where there'd be a game where you didn't start with any skills, only having the basic attack and defend abilities to help you survive until you levelled enough to earn new skills, kind of like how Pokemon does it. Players earn new skills every 5 levels so the first skill would be introduced at level 5 for the player. But they do have to conquer a series of challenges to start off, as again, I thought was pretty usual, so, in the end they are rewarded with some basic starter items to help them along the way, leaving them with the items and no skills until later on in the game. I thought that was pretty usual. Guess I was wrong.  :uhm:
Everytime I go into the AI Triggers and go to create a new trigger, everything works fine, until I get to the "Action Type" menu where if I choose "Attack" or "Block" everything works out the way it should, however, if I chose "Item", I get the following error:

And then it proceeds to close my game. I go into the script editor and this is automatically the screen it brings me to, under the third ABS data script above main, with a marker next to it:

I am a complete novice to coding and scripting, don't ever touch the stuff, don't know how, so I have no idea what to do here, but my game was due for some public testing shortly but if this happens for me, for any else who plays with this function of the menu I fear the same may happen to them and then they'll get angry at me. What can I do to fix this error? Thanks in advance for any responses in regards to this critical error! I really need to fix this error fast so any and all information about how to do so would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again and I hope you all have a wonderful day! :)
Quote from: KK20 on December 17, 2014, 04:03:37 pm
Read section 4.3.8. Custom Event Triggers
Any event code inside the enemy event will execute when it is killed.

I did notice, however, that the death sound is played twice. Out of curiosity, I even made the second page have a graphic and it performed the death animation on it as well.

Just tested it out and it works! I must have overlooked that part. And wow...what an epic fail on my part that I never tested it out....oh man. :facepalm: I should have had a V8....well thanks for answering my question! That solves both my questions now that I know that those command events still work with the ABS system! Thanks so much to all who helped, it was greatly appreciated, from all of you! And I guess that settles this issue. Thanks again to everyone who helped! :D And btw...also sorry for wasting anybody's time with this, I should have tested it before wasting all of your time making a post about it...I am sorry. :( Well, despite I wasting your time, thanks again for taking the time out to help me. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to all of you and again sorry for wasting your time! :(
Quote from: Moshan on December 17, 2014, 03:38:03 pm
To prevent enemies "respawning" when you go back to that specific map you have to put a Control Self Switch to ON in that enemy event page. Then just make a new event page which is available only when that respective Self Switch is on.
Take a look at this:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Wait so the self switches still work? Like if the enemy, using ABS's system dies, it will still follow what is on the command box? Like self switches or dialogue and stuff? I thought ABS like would override that function or something once I put the "\e[]" in front of its name. So I can still do self switches and they will still initiate when the enemy is defeated using ABS's battle system? And I can still give them special dialogue and stuff as well?
Quote from: Moshan on December 17, 2014, 08:50:55 am
First of all, please read the manual if you encounter any problem understanding the functions of BABS before asking for help. disable the respawn function search in the first part of BABS for this line: RESPAWN_TIME. Setting this value to 0 (RESPAWN_TIME = 0) will disable respawn.
Quote from: The BABS ManualThis option can be changed in-game by using an event Call Script command with following syntax: $game_system.respawn_time = POSSIBLE_VALUE

For your second question I suggest you to use a Drop Sprite. Check the manual for this!

I did consult the manual. That was the first place I looked in hopes of figuring out these two questions but it didn't help. The "RESPAWN_TIME" is set to 0, which should disable it, which it is disabled, but if you leave the room and come back, the enemy still respawns again. I've tested this multiple times, though they shouldn't right? I don't know if I need to include some other code or something to make it so after they are killed they NEVER respawn again, even when changing rooms. I need this for sub-bosses and main bad guys. The closest thing I got to this was "Creating a lifeless object" but I am not sure if I were to set that to the primary enemy group if that would work entirely. And for the second half of my questions, I could use the default Item drop system, but that doesn't give the player the same feeling of victory, that same satisfying feeling like the entire battle was worth it, like after all their troubles finally they've succeeded, like if a chest would if one would appear where the enemy was, gave the user the item reward they deserved for that area along with a sweet victory song to boot. Well, to me it wouldn't anyways, I am thinking about the players. Thanks anyways for the help man though, at least you tried and it was appreciated. But anyways, anyone else have any suggestions or help for my two questions? Please respond. :(
Quote from: ForeverZer0 on December 17, 2014, 07:41:25 am
He is asking if you are using Blizz-ABS or not, which I would guess by the version that you are.
There are other ABS's other than Blizz-ABS.

Oh. My bad again. :facepalm: Yeah I am using the Blizz-ABS and it is version 2.87. So...about my questions...what do I do? Help please. :(
Quote from: Blizzard on December 17, 2014, 07:30:50 am
Which ABS are you using? Each ABS works in a different way.

Oh they do? I thought they were all similar but just had bug fixes or  new features or something added. My bad. Sorry. :facepalm:
Anyways, the ABS I am using is version 2.87.
I am not sure if I posted this in the correct section so I apologize if I did, but this just seemed like the most appropriate section to post this out of the others on the forums. Anyways, my two questions are, that have been stumping my progress further with this ABS script and RPG Maker XP compatability:

1. How do I make it so that when an enemy dies, they do not respawn anymore?


2. How do I make it so that after an enemy dies, a treasure chest with an item appears in their place? I know how I would do this with normal RPG Maker XP, but how to do it with ABS just completely baffles me, because since ABS is its own separate Action RPG system in its own, it wouldn't work appropriate with the normal RPG Maker way of doing things which would be like after the battle sequence was terminated, dialogue would automatically be able to be displayed if the battle was victorious which you could then branch self switches which could turn the enemy into a treasure chest capable of giving you an item, but with ABS, that just does not work as since again it is its own battle system, when an enemy dies it disappears, I haven't been able to figure out a way to make it so that if the enemy's health reaches 0, then for it to 1. not respawn, as said above, and 2. to make it turn into a treasure chest capable of giving an item.

So if anyone could help with these two questions, ESPECIALLY the second one, it'd be greatly appreciated so that way I could continue my game progression with the ABS System. Thanks! :haha: