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RMMV Script Database / Re: [MV] Ultra Mode 7
September 09, 2019, 03:20:24 pm
Hello, thank you for such awesome work.
The plugin works awesomely wonderful, the only issue I find is that the event intended to act as extra map layer are not being attached on the ground when you change the pitch of the map.

An extra plugin parameter to don't rise events by default when pitch is used, plus an event note to lock/unlock from the ground (and maybe also a plugin call) would be really appreciated.

Thank you again and I hope to see these parameters soon.

Kindly regards,

EDIT: I want to take this moment to report also an issue related with your zooming feature, which works wonderful, but only has very few issues.

This is related with the "touch input path indicator", which isn't resized when you zoom in, is displaced and not attached on the ground.
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Additionally, for the path indicator, you could, if you want (personally I don't need it, but other people might want it), make an addon plugin to provide to the path indicator two sprites, one which is always attached on the ground much like the default white square, where the user can select any image with many frames they want by just indicating on the file name for example 1x4 to make the plugin recognize as the sprite has 4 frames; and anothers plugin parameter for, for example, provide a second arrow indicator, which isn't attached on the ground, so when the map has a pitch, the players playing from touch devices or with the mouse won't miss where the character is going, also another plugin parameter to limit the amount of vertical tiles where the player may click to avoid "endless click".

Finally, an option to zoom-in the character sight, much like in the next image (which would be wonderful to have specially on bigger resolutions) would be wonderful (sorry about the Paint "lazy" example):
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And maybe a plugin command to make the character rotate like this person did on this video without the need of parallel process and extra third-party plugins.

Keep up the awesome work.

Sorry about the long post, maybe everything is too much requesting for you.
The last thing which would be good to fix, is that when pitch is below x (for example, 0, or below 20), the map layers display aren't ignored like on this image (character should be behind the mountain, not above it):
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