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Advertising / Re: Cookies 4 U
February 24, 2011, 06:59:07 pm
That's quite nifty, G_G!
I just gave you three cookies.
Script Requests / Re: Faceset in savescreen
February 24, 2011, 06:50:33 pm
The following assumes that you're using the inbuilt save scene. I don't know much about BlizzABS and whether or not it changes the save scene.

I think that in your Window_SaveFile script, you'd have to find this bit of code and tweak it according to however your facesets are defined:

# Draw character
      for i in 0...@characters.size
        bitmap = RPG::Cache.character(@characters[i][0], @characters[i][1])
        cw = bitmap.rect.width / 4
        ch = bitmap.rect.height / 4
        src_rect =, 0, cw, ch)
        x = 300 - @characters.size * 32 + i * 64 - cw / 2
        self.contents.blt(x, 68 - ch, bitmap, src_rect)

For example you might change the line
 bitmap = RPG::Cache.character(@characters[i][0], @characters[i][1]) 

into something like
 bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture(@characters[i][0]) 

if your facesets are stored in the Pictures folder and have the same name as the corresponding character sets.

I haven't tested this but I hope it helps >_<''
Resources / Re: Elemental blobs
February 24, 2011, 06:28:52 pm
Lol ... they're really cute.
If you made the fire one from scratch, I think that is a pretty good effort.
Welcome! / Re: Newcomer in here!
February 22, 2011, 07:11:35 pm
Welcome to CP, Diego!!!

Welcome! / Re: Hello
February 12, 2011, 07:09:45 pm
Welcome to CP!
Hope you have a great time here. ^_^
Game on. 

Lol you changed your sig :P. It's still somewhat depressing because it stands out a lot from my toxic CP theme ._.
I think his arms are slightly short. But I kinda like how his eyes seem somewhat unnaturally close together. It makes him see angry and tough.

Pretty good! I find men really hard to draw. Much better than I could ever do. :)
Lol!! Nice -- it took me a while to notice because of that massive, red, depressing message above it >.>;;
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Average Actor Level
February 10, 2011, 07:35:57 pm
Oh god you're right.
Hey Ryex, I'd probably say I'm also in the learning stage when it comes to drawing but I don't have the balls to open anything of mine up to criticism, so kudos to you! :) Good luck with your drawing endeavors!

I'm wondering: are you aiming more for realism, or to convey 'femininity'? I know this may be obvious but sometimes you have to (ironically) really exaggerate feminine features to draw a recognisable woman. Manga/anime is a prime example of this, and well most cartoon styles in general. Once you understand the underlying features that define the female body, you can probably tone them down later so that your drawings look more realistic and human.
Of course the perception of femininity depends on culture and maybe on you yourself, so you just have to ask yourself "what do I like in a woman?" (or something similar) and then build your picture up from that, with those features as your top priority.
For example, if you think of a good-looking woman as having a slim waist and big hips and big boobs, don't be afraid to really exaggerate her tiny waist, even if it's not anatomical. See how that looks to you and then gradually make it more realistic later.
I may be recontextualising, but to quote,
Quote from: Reygekan on February 09, 2011, 07:19:26 pm
Don't be afraid to start unnaturally thin and start fleshing them out later.

Something which I also found to help get proportions right was to first draw lines where the major parts are (e.g. a line going across the shoulders, a box where the hips should be, a circle for the skull, crosses for the elbows, etc.). And plan out the pose beforehand! This helps prevent the common "oh crap, I didn't leave room for the arm, let's just stick it behind the person's back" kinda occurence which I see (and have committed myself) quite often.

Also, a random tip: apparently the shoulders should be about 3 times the width of the face. Don't be afraid to make the woman's chest wide (it has to support her boobs) -- just slope the shoulders down (e.g. like a trapezium more than a square) to cancel out the masculine effect that makes. And the boobs should be in the same place as men's boobs, just the nipples hang lower and stick further out the front. Add them later - they shouldn't dictate the shape of the actual ribcage (the real chest).

I hoped that helped and made some sense to you. I tried my best to be verbose, but I think I'm a bit muddled in the head lately so I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get it. :S

@Tuggernuts: Cheers! :D

I only joined recently, but from what I can see they rely (maybe completely?) on their referral system as opposed to advertising. It's slow, but I think it's quite clever. I'm not sure how much it costs to advertise on the internet, but it's probably comparable to the amount of income they'd get from an equivalent number paid users.
@winkio: Yah .... on and off though (it's still the same old project that I never finished). My semester starts super soon so I can't say I'm back really. ;_; (Thanks!)

@Kagutsuchi: Cheers bro! Enjoy!

@The Niche: I'll replace my referral link with yours later? ^_^
RMXP Script Database / Re: [XP] Average Actor Level
February 08, 2011, 08:28:07 pm
Cool script G_G! Wish I'd found this earlier.
Hope you don't mind if I use this ~ ^_^
Oh well. Neither do I, I guess. I'm just greedy. :ninja:
Yeah, I know this is a really smooth first post after being inactive for so long.  :<_<:
Nevertheless, onwards!

Are you looking for a simple file sharing solution? Sick of uploading files only to have them wiped due to inactivity? Sick of popup ads on MediaFire and wherever else you store your stuff?
Then look no further! Allow me to suggest .............

(*n00b alert*) It uses clouds to store your files. Or something.

I was eager to share this site, for a number of reasons.
1. Because I get 250MB extra storage for each referral until I hit 8GB.  :evil:
2. Because you get extra storage for clicking my link, so we're a happy family.  :haha:
3. It's really great for working on projects (*coughRPGMakerXPcough*) which require collaboration. Basically, you can sync the project folder to each of your team's computers, and work on it like a normal folder. You'll get pop-up notifications on your desktop as files are updated by others, people post comments, etc. Read the site info for a better explanation. Me no speake gud Ingleesh. They have prettier pictures too.
4. You get 2GB of storage free when you sign up. That's usually plenty for a project folder. But you can actually earn extra storage. As opposed to most sites which just demand you to pay $99.95 each second. C'mon, we're all poor students.
5. It's clean, pro-looking and ad-free. The support seems good and they seem to listen to users' suggestions for new features.

:naughty: Like it?????  :naughty:
Click this link to get started.
Remember, both of us will get 250MB additional storage. ;)

Once I hit the earned storage limit, I'll take this link down and will be more than happy to put up someone else' referral link instead.

By the way, hello again everyone! :)

EDIT: Can't have bad grammergh now, can we. Nor have enough of the horizontal rules.
Chat / Re: What are you listening to right now?
December 04, 2009, 08:09:48 pm
Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future
So SRK told me about this situation and I understand you guys lol. :D
I for one will gladly spend my time doing some very overdue beta testing. D:

... yeah so I'll let this sit for another day and see what happens. ^_^' A moderator could/should take this off the sticky place if they'd wish. :P
Hi shdw! :D Glad you could join and I hope I'm not too late in saying that yes, anti-cliché isn't cliché unless you use really cliché anti-cliché-ing methods. But yeah I can't think of many of those at the moment really (let alone think about anything else much)...

@Aqua: You are awesome. I totally didn't think of that. o.o;;
Keep tweaking... ew my colour sucks. It reminds me of terrible things.

*hides from impending interrogation from G_G*
Video Games / Re: favourite Final Fantasy game
June 20, 2009, 02:45:41 am
I - It was alright... not too memorable...
II - First one I played - loved the levelling up system :D
III - Haven't played (it's the DS one, right?)
IV - Kinda annoyed me a few times :( But the Lunar Ruins place was made of EPIC WIIIIIN
V - Currently playing - Love the classes system
VI - Loved the characters and Esper system pwned ^-^ (This one's my favourite)
VII - Well... duh :xD: I cried in it too (not when Aeris died though)... (Very close second favourite)
VIII - Currently playing - hate Squall for some reason though o_O and drawing magic skills system (but GFs and junction stuffs are awesome)
IX+ - Haven't played D: