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Hi, recently I found out about ForeverZer0's CMS, and I had to use it.  I love all of the features, it's just, I'm having trouble using it.

I have all the requirements fulfilled, but when I try to change the font or windowskin under the options menu in game, I get errors on lines
870, or 862 respectively.

The error are taking place in the CMS scripts itself, saying "undefined method '+' for nil:NilClass"

Being that I'm not a scripter, I have no idea what this means  I have the fonts in a Fonts folder under Data.  As of now, it only has the fonts from the demo installed.  Ultimate Font Override is enabled, as well as the Auto Font installer.  

And I don't have any idea why the Windowskins won't work.  

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.  
OK, I can just do nothing when it comes to scripting for myself. . .  So I was hoping someone here might be able to lend me assistance.  

I want to be able to create a sub menu, so that I can add a 'Key Items' screen to be placed within the normal items screen.  

Help with this, and how to use it would be fantastic.  

A few notes

  • I am using a ring menu, along with Reno's add on for ring menus.

  • I took a look at Stormtronics CMS to see how it was done, but couldn't find anything.

Event Systems / [XP]Advanced Light System
June 26, 2010, 11:38:33 pm
Advanced Light System
Version: 1.0
Type: Eventing


Alright, this is a fairly simple combination of events that, when preformed correctly, can create a nice lighting system controlled by the player.  


  • Lights that can be turned on/off by the player.
  • Screen that will change tone based on whether the lights are on or off.
  • Changing tone in one area, won't affect other areas.
  • Coming back to an area will maintain the same tone the player left it in


The demo should cover anyone wondering how this works. . .

The demo can be found at the following link:


Included in the demo, is an easy to read, 10 step process on how to use this system yourself.  

Don't want to see the demo, and simply want to use this yourself?

You can view the 10 step process in the instructions below.


I've included instructions in the Demo, but for anyone who wants to just use this themselves, and don't want a demonstration, here are my detailed instructions, in an easily readable 10 step process.

Spoiler: ShowHide


Step 1

First, you need two areas that you will be using to implement this system properly.

Once you have that it's time to really get started, so go to Step 2 once you have

your two areas.

Step 2

OK, find the spot where you want your light source.  

Make a new event on that spot, name it "light" or "lantern" or something similar.

Now, find the proper icon graphic.  I chose the one that looks like a lantern.

But, before setting up the eventing, let's set up the event itself.  

You need to checkmark:
      -Move animation
      -Stop animation
  and -Direction Fix

This will stop the icon from changing during gameplay.  

It's also preferable that the event be set to activate with the action button.

Step 3
Now for some eventing.

First, place insert some text to ask the player if he wants to turn out the lantern.  

Here's what I used. . .

Text: A lantern supplying light for the room.
Text: Would you like to put the lantern out?

Now, insert a choice box with the options Yes and No.  

Step 4

Under "When [Yes]" insert these commands.  

-Change Screen Color Tone (Don't set the tone yet yet)

-Control Self Switch: A =ON

Got that? OK, now make a new variable, call it "Lights OUT"

Now insert that variable under "Contol Self Switch: A =ON"

In the variable, check "Add" and change the contant to 1.

Now, about that "Change Screen Color Tone" action. . .

You need to set it to something that only slightly dims the area, (Unless you'd prefer otherwise.)

I prefer these settings:

Red =   -34
Green = -34
Blue =  -17
Gray =   17

Time:  10 Frames

These are MY prefered settings, keep in mind that this up to the user entirely.

Also, make sure you don't put ANYTHING under the "When [No] option.

Congratulations, the first page of this event is done.

Step 5

In our event, make a new page.

Under conditions, check the self switch box, and make it so Self Switch A must be on.

While we're at it, uncheck the  Stop Animation box.  

Now on to the task at hand.

First off, let's change that graphic to something that reflects the dimmed area better.

I like to use the same graphic, but change the hue to a greenish color.  If you can come up with something
better, feel free to use it.

Now, let's insert some text, to allow the user to relight the lantern.

Here's what I used:

Text: The lantern has not been lit.
Text: Would you like to light the lantern?

Got that?  Now, once again, insert a choice box with the options Yes and No.

Step 6

Under the Yes option, insert these commands.

-Change Screen Color Tone (Set it back to all zeroes, at however many frames you want.)

-Control Self Switch A =OFF

Once you have that, insert a Control Variable for the "Lights Out"

This time, however, check the Sub option, but leave the Constant at 1.

Make sure to leave NOTHING under the "When [No]" Option.

Now, that's it for your light.  Playtest it to make sure it works properly before moving on to Further steps.

Step 7

Considering your playtest went smoothly, you've done pretty good so far!  

Now the next part, is adjusting where your player transfers between your two areas.  

Make a new event where you want your player to transfer.  If you alread have a player transfer event,
it would be best to delete it, and follow this process.

In the event, insert a Conditional Branch.

Make the condition, so that the "Light OUT" variable must equal 1.  

Now, under the Condition, go ahead and place all your transfer information.  Including any SEs or Player Transfers.

Got it?  Ok, now under your commands, insert another "Change Screen Color Tone" command.

Make it so that the tone goes back to default, (all zeroes.) and make it occur at zero frames.  

What this means, is that if you go downstairs, but the lantern is out, the lights will NOT be dimmed in the
next area.  

Now, in your Conditions, under the "Else" option, copy and paste your transfer info, but you can leave the
Change Screen Color Tone command out.  

Step 8

Alright, you're almost done. Go to your second area, (the one that you transfer to) and set up a new event that
will transfer you back to the area we just got done with.

Once the event is there, just leave it blank.  

Now go back to the other map, and go the event that transfers you.

Copy the whole Conditional Branch that we put in.  

Once you have it, go back to the second map, and paste it in to the even we just made.

Step 9

Now, for some minor tweaking.  

Go into your event, and edit your transfer info.  Remove any unwanted SEs, and edit your Player Transfer
to transfer you to the proper location. Make sure you do this for both he Condition branch, and the Else branch.

Once you have that, right click the "Change Screen Color Tone" command, and select edit.

Change the tone to mirror whatever the lantern's is when it is cut off.  Mine was:

Red =   -34
Green = -34
Blue =  -17
Gray =   17

Time:  10 Frames

Once this is changed properly, select apply, and Ok.

Step 10

Well, I suppose it's really more of a 10 step process.  

'Cause that's it!  All that's left to do now, is to playtest, and see to it that our process works.

Things to look for are as follows:

-Lantern can be turned on or off at players will
-Lantern dims the area
-Lantern icon changes
-If the lantern is off, it will not affect the tone of the next area
-Leaving the area, and coming back will result in the tone that the player left it in.  

If preformed properly, this process should work just fine.  

I don't require any credit unless the user wants to give me some, as it is a relativley simple use of eventing.  

Credits and Thanks

  • Made the system myself :D

Author's Notes

I don't require any credit given to me, unless you simply feel the need to give it to me.  This is a very simple method, that requires just a little knowledge of eventing.  So there's no real need to require credit :P
Tutorials / Key Item Screen Help
June 25, 2010, 08:55:09 pm
I've flipped through the script in XP, but I'm having a little bit of trouble. 

What I want, is to have an extra 'Key Items' section when you enter the Items section of your menu. 

I suppose, that something would need to be done to Scene_Item, but unfortunately, I'm just a no go with scripting.

Could anyone offer me some assistance?  It would be very much appreciated.   
Event Systems / Disable Blizz ABS HUD
June 25, 2010, 01:12:31 am
Ok, this is a simple, (VERY simple) system made for XP to turn Blizzard's ABS HUD off with a call script.

First, make a common event, call it "Hud = Off" or something to that effect.

Insert a script, and input this code. . .

$game_system.hud= false
$game_system.hotkeys= false
$game_system.minimap= 0

What this will do, is make a common event that disables the HUD, hotkeys, and minimap when called.  

This code can be used in a script to turn them back on.

$game_system.hud= true
$game_system.hotkeys= true
$game_system.minimap= 1

I recommend inserting the 2nd script into another common event.  

While this system is very simple, it can nonetheless save time when making cut scenes and the like.  

This is my first upload, so I hope you all like it.  Regardless of the simplicity. :P
So, I'm fairly new to Blizzard's ABS. I recently discovered that you can use a script command to call the HUD.  I have that now, but what I'm looking for now is how to call the Hotkey Display as well as the Minimap.

I assumed that these were the corresponding inputs. . .

Spoiler: ShowHide
$game_system.hotkey= true

Spoiler: ShowHide
$game_system.minimap= true

But apparently, these are not correct.  

Any help  would be appreciated very much.

PS.  Is there any other script commands for Blizz ABS that I should have knowledge of?
Resources / Picture Request for XP [RESOLVED]
June 24, 2010, 01:08:39 am
So, I have a request for anyone who wishes to helps, as I'm just not very good with paint or anything of the like.

I would like a picture of a keyboard displaying my game's default controls. Which are as follows. . .

Default Controls

Spoiler: ShowHide
Up - Up arrow key
Down -  Down arrow key
Left - Left arrow key
Right - Right arrow key
Previous Page - O
Next Page - P
Action Key - Enter
Cancel - Esc
Menu - Esc
Attack - F
Defend (hold) - D
Use Skill - V
Use Item - C
Change Party leader - Space
Toggle HUD - Home
Toggle hotkey - Page up
Toggle minimap - Page down
Run - R
Sneak - E
Jump - W
Turn without moving - G

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and the one who submits would of course receive credit.  Thanks to anyone that offers assistance!
I'm fairly new to RMXP, and VERY new to the site, so excuse me if I come off as a newbie. . .  It's just because I am :P

My problem however doesn't necessarily lie in the ABS, it's just the HUD I have trouble with.  And I know nothing about scripting really.  

The HUD is showing up at the intro, and I don't want that happening.  

Is there a script I can use to either disable the HUD, or call it at my will?  

Any help for this new guy would be GREATLY appreciated.