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Script Troubleshooting / Legacy Class Change Selcection Window Fix
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:37:34 PM »
hi i need in the legacy class change script a lil fix.
if you want to select your class you can select the class you actually have already.
thats not very professional, so can someone make this lil fix for me even its only a cosmetic problem ?

Legacy Class Change:
(click to show/hide)

thx in advance

Please use [code][/code] tags when posting code. Thanks. ~ G_G

Script Requests / [XP] Class Change Skill Fix
« on: May 14, 2012, 01:36:33 AM »
hi, i need help with that what the title says :<_<:
everytime you change your class all leraned skills will be forgotten.
but if you switch back to it the learned skills are not relearned...
i want that if i switch back to a class that all skills that the class already have leraned get relearned !
hope someone can help me :^_^':
thx in advance

Script Requests / [XP] Environment Path
« on: April 11, 2012, 12:37:58 AM »
hi there again, i want to save my savvegames in the My Games folder like real games do that.
i tryed %PATH% and [PATH] allready but it doesnt work...
how can i use an environment path in rmxp ? (some games can that)
and if it works how can i check if the folder exists and if it not exists make rmxp to create it ?
because it crashes when a folder not exists...

thx alot in advance

RMXP Script Database / [XP] Buddy's CMS
« on: April 09, 2012, 11:13:01 PM »
    Buddy's CMS
    Authors: BuddySievers alias Griver03
    Version: v3.00
    Type: Custom Menu System
    Key Term: Custom Menu System

    Hi everyone, i decided to make an custom menu system because there is no one out there which have all the features which my has.
    Also i wanted to give the rm scene something back, after they helped me so much !

    • Choose between normal or icon command window.
    • Choose between vocab or icon for gold,playtime,steps and progress %.
    • Choose the side of the command and the extra windows.
    • Choose the contents of the extra windows. (playtime,steps,progress and location name.)
    • Choose the opacity of the windows.
    • Choose between normal transition or graphic transition.
    • Choose the transition fading time.
    • Choose between a picture, a mapback, a blur effect or nothing as background.
    • Have a load command in the menu.
    • Choose between facesets or actor spritesets in the menu scene.
    • Choose between facesets or actor spritesets in the status scene.
    • Choose between vocabs or icons for status effects.
    • Can have gradient bars behind the hp/sp/exp/parameters values.
    • A vocab module for easy editing of them.
    • Maybe some more which i forgot... (~_~')

    Maybe comming next version...



    Pls look in the script ! (i'm a bit lazy... :shy:)

    • 100% compatible with SDK v2.4. (I didnt got any errors.)
    • 100% compatible with MACL v2.0. (I didnt got any errors.)
    • 100% compatible with MOUSIE! v2.0. (Everything worked fine.)
    • (Should work with any other mouse script too.)
    • Maybe causes some errors with menu modifications and other CMS'es...
    • Don't use with COGWHEEL Plug 'n' Play Menu Bars by DerVVulfman.
    • Don't use with Status Effects as Icons by Blizzard.
    • Don't use with Simple Facesets by Blizzard.
    • Don't use with Facesets for DSS by Zan.
    • Should be compatible with anything else, but if you find some compatibility issues then contact me pls and i will list them here !

    Known Bugs
    • The blur effect works only correct in fullscreen mode... (I will ask game_guy for some help with it !)

    Credits and Thanks
    • stardust (Manuel Schmuki) - For helping me with the icon command.
    • ForeverZer0 - For his Mapback scene converter snippet i used.
    • Blizzard - For his facesets script and the status icon script i used.
    • Zan - For his facesets script i used.
    • game_guy - For his snapshot script which is part of the blur effect script.
    • kellessdee - For his blur effect script i used.
    • Cogwheel/DerVVulfman - For the gradient bars script i used.
    • My Brother (My real brother) - For beta testing.
    • ASCII/Enterbrain - For their RM Series.
    • Don Miguel - For his translation of the RM2K.
    • (Without him the RM scene where probably never gone so public !)
    • And all who ever helped me. - Thx a lot !!!

    Author's Notes
    • This is my first own script, even if its more a edit of standrt classes and merges of custom scripts, i hope you will like it and give me some response and/or critic, i need it !
    • If you want me to add a specific function feel free to cantact me !
    • Pls credit me if you use this script. (^_^)
    • Maybe give the authors of the scripts i used credits too !
    • Also pls send me a link to your game, i want to test it of course !
    • Sorry for my bad english ! (~_~')

    Last Notes
    I hope that i dont forgot anything and done all correct :roll:

    Script Requests / [XP] Custom Attributes
    « on: March 08, 2012, 04:56:35 PM »
    hi there, i searched alot but i found nothing usefull...
    i want to add custom attributes like str,dex,agi and int.
    i tryed a bit around but nothing works, maybe because i dont even knew what i did ^^
    this would be usefull for many people so its not only a request for me and i think its a good idea to make such a script !

    i added my test projects, maybe its just a lil thing i forgot, maybe i did it completly wrong, but for shure it would be much
    better if everything comes with one script...

    what i need is:

    1.) Fixing the Error from Status Menu ( noMethod Error `+'for nil...)
    Maybe some more bugs...

    2.) Fixing the Level 1 Bug when using the array method from v1
    (At Level 1 you have 0 Points instead of 10, i fixed it for now with a scriptcall.)

    3.) Make a Script to Set Vit,Mnd,Chr,Lck +'s for Weapons and Armors.
    example:         Weapon ID[X] => 5, 5, 0, -5 #   +5 Vit,   +5 Mnd, +/-0 Chr,   -5 Lck
                         Weapon ID[X] => 0, 0, 10, 0 # +/-0 Vit, +/-0 Mnd,  +10 Chr, +/-0 Lck

    4.) Make a Script to Enfluence Skills with Vit,Mnd,Chr,Lck
    example:         Skill ID[X] => 0,  0,  0, 50 # 50% Lck Influence for Skill ID X
                         Skill ID[X] => 0, 25, 25,  0 # 25% Mnd, 25% Chr Influence for Skill ID X

    5.) Chr and Lck should be useable in Conditional Branch
    example:         If Lck is bigger than 30...
                         (i think thats already possible with "$game_party.actors
    • .lck_plus >= 30" ??)

    6.) If its not to much work it would be nice if the attributes use an curve like the normal attributes in the database.
    Because the Array method from v2 is not very nice...
    example:         when 1 # CharacterID[1]
                           vit_lv1 = 15
                           vit_lv99   = 999
                           vit_curve = fast
                           mnd_lv1 = 20
                           mnd_lv99   = 750
                           mnd_curve = normal
                           chr_lv1 = 20
                           chr_lv99   = 500
                           chr_curve = slow
                           lck_lv1 = 5
                           lck_lv99   = 150
                           lck_curve = normal
                         when 2 # CharacterID[2]...

    7.) "Job Stat Modifier" should be compatible with the new attributes.

    8.) maybe addon scripts like 2 and 3 but for items and states (buff states or items which increase the attribute)
    but thats not so important, at least to me xD

    if you need more informations then say so !

    i beg you, pls help me with that :shy:
    and thx in advance

    Test Project V1 + V2

    hi again :^_^':

    ok first make a new project, insert Cim 1.1 below debug/above main.
    now start the game go into the item scene.
    you can select a category and choose it with pushing the c button (normally enter)
    or you push the down key.
    if you do so you are in the selected category and can select items.
    good, now you can see how it normally works !

    ok now insert the Expanded Details Script under CiM 1.1.
    now go again in the item scene and select a category with the c button,
    youll see somehow the maker makes an double c push of it...
    the first item in the category will be executed.

    everything elese works fine if i selected a item and push the shift button the expanded details comes up
    like it should...

    i hope its not a big deal to fix that :roll:
    pls help me.
    thx in advance, griver

    CiM 1.1

    Expanded Details

    Script Troubleshooting / [XP] Just a question about rgss/ruby
    « on: July 20, 2011, 07:29:20 PM »
    hi there i have a question about scripting possibiltys.
    i use some scripts which use the actors name for sprite selection (legacy class change as example.)
    so i have to give my actors names in database.
    but i thought about to give the player the opportunity to select the actors name by their self.
    therefore are many scripts out there i know.
    but the problem is that the graphics need to be named like the actor....
    now my question is, is there a way to create a script which can do the following:

    check which name an actor have,
    copy a picture from the charaters folder and rename it in the way it needs to be named.


    This is how legacy wants to have it for actor 1 = "Aluxes_Warrior.png"
    But if i change the name by script, for example to "Peter"
    the graphic's name have to be "Peter_Warrior.png" too.

    now comes the new script to work
    in the characters folder is a grphic named "TEMP1_Warrior.png"
    now the script should copy the file and rename it to "Peter_Warrior.png"

    like i said i dont request that but i want to know if this is possible ?!
    thx in advance

    Script Requests / [XP] MGC Neo MODE7 FF6 Airship
    « on: July 09, 2011, 06:30:49 PM »
    hi i would like to have an airship system like ff6 or secret of mana have,
    i only found a ff4 airship script which dont rotate the map, only it makes a 360° turn a a keypress.
    i want that the map turns when i push right left is this possible or already out there for XP ?
    i dont know exactly but i think that dargors ff6 sdk has this but its vx :\
    pls help me ^^
    thx in advance

    Character Creation System
    Version: 0.99b
    Type: Additional Feature


    When i began to develop my MMORPG with RMX-OS i decided to make a character creation system for my game.
    I canceled the game and the project where almost forgotten, till KoenLemmen asked about a ccs which is compatibel
    with rmx-os and blizzabs so i decided to finish this system and release it finally !


    • Completly made with Events
    • Easy to Modify
    • Compatible with RMX-OS and BlizzABS
    • Choose Gender/Face/Haircolor/Class and Nation
    • Includes also a Fake Login System for RMX-OS


    Coming soon... Maybe...



    If you are unexpierenced with eventing it would be hard to understand !
    But if you understand how it works its very easy to use/modify.
    Just look through the events.
    Also read carefully the instructions at the beginning of the demo for more informations.

    Credits and Thanks

    • SquareEnix's Final Fantasy XI for inspiring me.
    • KoenLemmen for it, you gave me the motivation to finish it^^

    Author's Notes
    Any response/critic would be nice  ;)
    i hope that i have nothing forgot ^^

    Script Requests / [XP] Weapon Skill Atrributes
    « on: June 24, 2011, 11:11:13 PM »
    ok i wonder if its possible to make an weapon skill system like final fantasy xi have ?

    White Mage
    its called "Combat Skill Ratings" on the page.

    its selfexplaining i think.
    even without the levelcap and levl system its a great idea i thought.
    only the classification system would be nice too !
    eg. just a,b,c,d,e for the power % of weapons and maybe armors too ?!


    Script Troubleshooting / [XP] Merging scripts
    « on: June 24, 2011, 07:32:43 PM »
    like the topic says i want to merge some of my scripts.
    (i want to make something like tons of addons)

    i think i have to rename the modules of all scripts to the same name.
    then i need to put all attr_accessor's together.
    at last thing i must put all module configs togehter.

    is there anything i forgot ?!

    thx in advance

    Script Requests / [XP] Equipment Set Bonus
    « on: June 20, 2011, 06:19:18 PM »
    hi i wonder if there is already a script for set bonuses like in mmorpgs and some rpgs.
    if you got all parts of an set you get bonus stats thats very all of it.

    a bit better version of it is like aion have, you can set the bonus stats to an ammount of set parts i cant good english so its hard to explain for me.
    so i make an example for that  :^_^':

    1 Part - nothing
    2 Parts - STR +10
    3 Parts - STR +20
    4 Parts - STR +30,DEX +20
    5 Parts - STR +50,DEX +50

    the script should simply check if you got armor/weapon ids X,Y,Z... equiped and give you the bonuses. (x,y,z are ids of the armors weapons)
    sets should be made like this

    Set1 = [0,1,2,3,4] or Set1 = [0,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7] for multiequip support.
    and so on.

    edit: it actually should look like this [11,3,2,6,19] weaponid 11, shieldid 3, helemtid 2, armorid 6, accid 19...

    i hope that someone could make this when its not yet made  :roll:

    thx in advance

    Script Troubleshooting / [XP] R0 Job/Skill System Job EXP
    « on: June 17, 2011, 04:07:51 PM »
    hi again now i got almost everything finished in my class system the only thing left is the levelup system for jobs.
    i use legacy blades legacy class change script and want the job EXP part from R0 Job/Skill system in the legacy class change script.
    i tryed much things to cut the part out and integrate it in legacy class change but i dont get it...
    i dont want the jp or the skill system only the job exp !
    in the lagacy class chnage script the levelup method for job levels are like if you get an actor lrvrl up you get an job level up...
    so i want that the job exp for leveling up classes.
    like i said i didnt get it working so if someone maybe could help me by this ?!

    thx in advance

    Legacy Class Change

    RO SKILL/JOB System

    In the legacy class change script the level up method is on line 570 if that helps.

    Script Troubleshooting / [XP] Skills that consume items
    « on: June 13, 2011, 06:17:02 PM »
    hi there i've found a script which uses items for skills.
    it has a check if you got the items and if not the skill is disabled.
    but it shows me an error even in a blank project so i want to ask if someone can take a look at it.
    maybe its not working because its from cogwheel and if i'm not wrong rtab is from him and maybe this is only for rtab...
    i dont know  :???:
    the error shows up when i use the skill in battle system (i used the standart config 1 potion and 2 high perfumes for heal)
    here the script
    (click to show/hide)
    would be nice if its only a bug in the script ^^
    btw i cant use tons of addons so thats why i want to use this script ! (tons of addons isnt compatible to gtbs...)

    thx in advance

    Script Requests / Rename SP Script
    « on: June 12, 2011, 06:07:56 PM »
    hi searching for a script to change the string of "SP" to "TP" or whatelse by "ClassID".
    means warrior have tp and mage have mp...
    the script by moghunter adds tp to every actor and not just rename the string, in his script actors have both...
    i want just rename by classID is that possible ?

    this script can do this but its vx....

    RMXP Script Database / [XP] Job Stat Modifier
    « on: June 12, 2011, 05:40:35 PM »
    Job Stat Modifier
    Authors: Griver03 alias BuddySievers
    Version: 1.1
    Type: Class System Add-on
    Key Term: Actor Add-on


    With this script you can have class specific actor stats.
    Like in Final Fantasy XI - Online when you switch your
    class the stats  will get increased or decreased.

    Version Log

    1.0 - Release version.
    1.1 - Added the fix to the main script.


    • Modifie actor stats by class.
    • Can use integer values and decimal values.
    • Modifieable stats: MaxHP,MaxSP,STR,DEX,AGI,INT.


    Not required...


    Demo 1.0
    Demo 1.1


    (click to show/hide)


    In the script.


    100% compatible with SDK v2.4, not testet with older versions.
    100% compatible with MACL v2.0, idk if this is important.
    Works 100% with LegacyBlades Legacy Class Change script.
    Don't use this script with Blizzard's R0 Skill/Job System.
    Can cause incompatibility issues with other exotic Class/Job Systems.
    Should work with any CMS or CBS.

    Credits and Thanks

    • Blizzard for the original script.
    • Irrlicht for fixing a bug with the hp/sp.
    • Me for the idea, cutting, renameing and testing.

    Author's Notes

    I hope you like this  :^_^':
    Edit: Updatet to 1.1 - now the script is only one part.

    Script Requests / RO JOB/SKILL Stat Modifier Standalone
    « on: June 06, 2011, 06:36:09 PM »
    hi i want to use the function of the ro job/skill script by blizzard to dercrease or increase the stats of the character by class.
    this part i want to use wth LegacyBlades LegacyClass Change Script.
    i was able to cut out anything of the ro job/skill script except the statt modifier parts but now there is the bug that when
    i change my class the hp/sp dont get decreased
    that means if i change to a class with less hp/sp then i still have the hp/sp from the class before...
    example: I change from Class1 HP1322/1322 to Class2 HP1322/768.

    so can anyone make a bug free standalone from the Job Stat Modifier pls ?

    Script Requests / VX Script Port to XP
    « on: June 05, 2011, 06:43:52 PM »
    Hi again this time i have a really big thing here ^^
    its an rmvx script which is unique, that means is the only script in that kind on web i think :o
    Its called Yanfly Engine RD - Subclass Selection System, and it is a job system with subclass and many features.
    now my question is who can port this to xp  :naughty:
    i think this would be very hard and only possible to experts so guys pl~~~~~~~~~s convert it :roll:
    heres a link

    Script Requests / GTBS Bestiary Plugin
    « on: June 01, 2011, 06:51:33 PM »
    hi can anyone pls make a plugin that the bestiary by blizzard works with gtbs from gubid ?
    her is a link for the gtbs newest version:
    and thx in advance  :roll:

    Tutorial Requests / Menu with Icons
    « on: May 30, 2011, 07:24:26 PM »
    hi there i edited my standard menu in much things but i didnt get a clue how to add icons to the munu commands...
    i searched alot on google but no one had a tutorial or a script...
    ok there was a script but it doesnt worked and the creator has said that it was his first script and its crap  :o
    so can someone tell me how i can do that ?!
    i want the icons on the left side of the menu commands.
    pls help me and thx in advance

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