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So...I'm finally taking the initiative to practice my programming skills on RPG Maker XP's RGSS. I am now learning how to script with RGSS.
Though I am not sure what to make for my first RGSS script...(other than Hello World as i have already done that)
What do you guys think would be good script to attempt to make of someone my level? (I'm noob as I finished Grade 11 Programming not too long ago with an XNA game as a final project)  :D
Entertainment / For NBA and or Basketball fans
February 17, 2011, 02:41:44 pm
Did you guys see this? Dwayne Wade's full court alley-oop? HOLY S**T
I am currently helping someone else with a little script problem they have but I'm not that good in programming yet so I kinda wanna ask your help guys :)

So there's this error that says "undefined class/module Game_Caterpillar". I assume this means that the class Window_SaveFile is trying to refer to a class called Game_Caterpillar but it doesn't exist.
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If that is or it isn't the case, would someone oh kindly help?

Express your Creativity / XNA Final Project Cover Art
January 28, 2011, 05:46:31 pm
Me and my friend (mostly my friend) used photoshop to create this cover art for my final XNA game project.
The game BTW was simple. Catch as many volleyballs as you can. Miss one and you lose 1 of 10 lives. Lose all lives and it's a game over!
Anyways, whatcha all think of its game cover?

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A simple edit really...even a monkey can do it....LOL but since I'm using Naramura's Fighter04 with and without a mask as my main protagonist, I decided to edit 004-Fighter04 and add the mask to match the battler! :)
No credit needed just don't claim as your own...

Hope the mask doesn't seem too big though:
Fighter04 With a mask: ShowHide

Here's version 2:
Fighter04 with mask V2: ShowHide
So the story is that I'm working on my 11th grade programming class's final project. We have to make a game in C#. Not so strong in C# so I kinda need your help guys fixing this error I'm getting or at least tell me what it means.

The error says: "A local variable named 'output' cannot be declared in this scope because it would give a different meaning to 'output', which is already used in a 'parent or current' scope to denote something else.


Here's a screenshot in case you guys need one:
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Hello! So for the oriental-ish area of my game, I want to have a cameo of Gin from Gintama for a little bit of a comedic effect :P
I need it RTP style please! You will be appear in the credits of the game once I complete it :)

Here's how he looks like:
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Hi so um, One thing, I'm kinda not sure what to call it so I called it that. This is my first post so go easy on me guys :)

What I mean is I want to be able to have the ability to make a conditional branch that says "If actor is in the first position of the party, do (insert event here). Unfortunately there are no commands in the conditional branch that specify a character's position in the party. It only has "If actor is in the party, do (this event)"

So um, could someone please send me a code snippet that gives me the ability to create a conditional branch using a script call (or whatever it's called) that says "if actor(x) is in position [y], do (event)"

I hope I am being very clear...also:
Thanks in advance! :D