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Run Time Package / ARC RTP: Music
May 03, 2011, 07:08:55 am
Music for the ARC RTP

This is the topic for discussing music that's going into the RTP.
If you upload a song to the RTP drop box, create and mp3 or ogg of it, upload that to a hosting site and post the link here. I'll edit the links into this post.

Music submitted to the RTP needs to be high quality flac.
Music on the thread can be an mp3 or ogg... Or any file that is easily read by Mr average without the need of a specialised codec.
Music must loop seamlessly.

Here's a list of what an RTP needs (I will add to this):
Spoiler: ShowHide

Title Themes
- Sad
- Happy
- Adventure
- Contemplative
- Dark

Area Themes
- Temples
- Home Town
- Happy Town
- Sad Town
- Dangerous Town
- Mysterious Town
- Coastal Town
- Fields
- Caves
- Forest
- Cities

Situation Themes
- Happy
- Sad
- Death
- Epic
- Mysterious
- Anger
- Danger
- Contemplation
- Tension

Other Themes
- Battles
- Boss Battles

Let's get going!

RPG Maker Music Box

FOR MODERATORS: Would it be possible to create an audio BBCode?

The basic RTP music that comes with all RPG maker software is, in my opinion, great... So I have decided to upgrade them from the typical WinMidi sound to actual instruments.
Please voice requests for other RTP songs!

Licence: Creative Commons Attributable.
RPG Maker 2003

RPG Maker XP

RPG Maker VX
Resources / Music On Request, MetalRenard's Music
May 02, 2011, 06:41:25 pm
MetalRenard's Music On Request!!

You're looking for a theme tune, a song for a village, character or situation, THE WORLD IS GOING TO END and all you need to make the game perfect is an original tune to back up your already awesome game... Your prayers have been answered! Hallelujah! *coughs*
This service is free for non commercial projects. I humbly request that my name and a link appear in the credits of your project: "MetalRenard (Samy Shbib)" + the link to this page.
If your project is commercial, then we can discuss terms via MSN, Skype or many other forms of communication. Via email is a little slow though!
Payments are to be made via PayPal.

You doubt my words?!
Check out my work!

About rights:
This is a non-exclusive licence agreement.
I retain all rights to the song as its owner but I give you blanket permission to use and redistribute the music under the above terms (for example, you can use the music in a trailer video as long as my name is shown at some point) as long as the song is always used in context of your project (this means that you cannot give the song out by itself). I retain the right to use the song in future publications of my own.

How Does It Work?
-Describe what you're looking for! This includes:
  • Song length (1 minute and loopable? 3-5 minutes?)*
  • The period the game is based (medievale, futuristic...)
  • Musical genre (Metal, Hard Rock, Soft Rock, Pop, Contemporary Classic, ..., ...)**
  • Where the music is for (Town, dungeon, battles...)
  • Emotions that have to be felt in the music

- I will discuss the music with you if clarification is needed
- Once accepted I guarantee it will be done. *
- Transparency is my game. I will keep you informed of progress even if there is none. I will not hide lack of progress from you. (Inspiration has its own way of doing things).
- Conception, discussion, re-conception, discussion, finalisation. This is the process I expect.

* Longer songs take longer to do!
** I do most genres, except techno.

P.S. Any money I make from this work just goes into getting better gear to produce better music and in turn benefits everyone (me more though... But hey, I'm doing the work right? XD)
Welcome! / Metal Renard, the Foxy Metal Musician.
May 02, 2011, 06:06:33 pm
Hello all, I'm Sam and I make music. Guessed by the title eh? I never knew how to keep a secret... But don't tell 'them' that.

I've come here after seeing the "ARC" project advertised in ForeverZer0's signature on
and I plan on contributing a bunch of music to that. I also want to advertise my service on this forum, i.e. the creation of music on request.

I would have done that topic first and advertised it here but I can't make a topic in the resource section...

If you're curious about what I do in the mean time, you can check out my stuff here: