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Tutorials / [RMVX] Fishing System!
March 02, 2011, 01:59:57 am
Hey there fellow RMers, been awhile since I last submitted a tutorial. So I thought I would go with something a bit basic.. fishing! Since I include a fishing system in my upcoming VX game I thought I'd let you guys know how to make one too if you don't know. :3

So first of all head on over to the database and select the Items tab, when your there create 4 more empty entries to make your items. The first item you make is going to be a "Fishing Pole", you can call it whatever you want, a fishing stick, fishing rod, fish retriever, it doesn't matter~
Just set the stats to this, if you sell it at the store then put a price for it.
Spoiler: ShowHide

You probably wouldn't want the same description as me :P~

After you have made your fishing rod, or pole, or whatever you called it, make 3 more items. One called a "small fish", "medium fish", and a "large fish". If you want to be specific you can call them like "Mackerel" or something. Here are the stats you should have for the three fish.
Spoiler: ShowHide

If you want to eat them to heal your health or MP then include the health bonus, if not then don't add anything to that. (But what else would the fish be for?).

Now that your items are ready to go, you are now going to event the fishing system! :lol:

First thing is of course do it in water, and make sure the player can reach it, so it is probably best to do it by the shore. Now, give it an animation, like this one. And then set it to "Stepping Animation", "Direction Fix", and "Walking Animation".

Then put a text box saying something like "There are fish in the water, would you like to go fishing?" and give the choices Yes or No. If they pick no, leave that section blank and for yes include a conditional branch. The conditional branch will only let you fish if you have a fishing rod (or whatever you called it..) in your inventory, if you don't then put a text box for no "You need a fishing rod to fish!". If they do have a fishing rod, then include the next command as a control variables.

Choose single, and make a variable called something like "Fishing" or something. Then set it on random 0 through 15. Now insert a command for turning self switch A on. Now make a new event page that only activates when self switch A is on, make the graphic and and the movement the same. Now make the event page only turn on if the variable Fishing is set as 0 and up. This event page will be for you not catching any fish that time, insert a text box saying something like "You didn't catch any fish." Then turn off self switch A at the end of the event.

The next event page you create will be with self switch A on and the variable Fishing set to 5 and up and a text box saying you caught a small fish, and then insert a command changing the item and giving the player a small fish (only 1, of course) and turning off self switch A. Make a 3rd event page with the same directions but instead the variable having set to only 9 and up, giving them a medium fish. And add text saying they got it, then turn off self switch A.

The final event page will be all the same thing but the variable set to 13 and up, so they can only get the large fish on a very small chance. Give them a large fish, tell them they got it, and turn off self switch A.

Finally, you got your fishing system finished with. However there can be a way so that when your finished with that spot it will disappear and you will have to find another area to fish, I will include that if anyone wants to know.
Advertising / RPG Creation
February 27, 2011, 10:45:51 pm
I noticed I had over 30 posts.. so I just decided to go ahead and post this.

RPG Creation
RPG Creation is a slowly growing community made for RPG creations~ :D

The site provides many resources and tutorials submitted by our staff as well as user-submitted ones too, you'll also find scripts made for RPG Maker VX and XP here. Signing up grants you access to all these resources to help you create your RPG. We have been having an off and off sort of time so joining and contributing will be greatly appreciated. We are also in affiliation with PlanetDev and more information about that is found in the announcements section. We are close to the 4,000 post mark, and have over 100 members!
Resources / Ralph / Guard Recolor
February 27, 2011, 08:08:05 pm
It has been awhile since I last recolored a sprite, so I did earlier. I present to you.. Ralph, with dark hair and brown eyes!

I also present an old recolor, a guard with golden armor!

Merged posts ~ G_G
New Projects / [RMVX] Flair's Vengeance
February 26, 2011, 08:08:53 pm

Ok so I'm working on this new project called Flair's Vengeance, I know, not the best or original name. But it works for now. The story is obviously still in development, and I know I'm not the best (or good at all if you want to say so :P) writer so I'll take criticism and ways to improve from you guys.

Here's a rough draft of the story.

The Region of Flair have been tormented by creatures called Minions for centuries, they are under control of Zrem. He was a Follower in the Dark Realm and has been banished from it forever for still working on this part Dx.. ever since then he has planned to activate the Transfora. A device that will open a door between the Dark Realms and our universe. This was his task, to earn the respect of returning to his realm, he must activate the Transfora. The leaders of the Dark Realm left him with an army of Minions to help.

While this is happening, in the city of Ohm, a man named Bryan Vandre and his son Reimm Vandre were helping the city as Bryan was a Fighter of Ohm, a clan of protectors for the city. A year after, in a battle with minions on the top of the castle, Bryan tells his son Reimm to retrieve something from the castle. Away, Reimm returns to find his father dead. Looking up he sees Zrem, who he names the "mysterious hooded man". Enraged, Reimm challenges to fight Zrem in order to show him to not mess with him or his family. Losing, Reimm falls down and passes out, and Zrem escapes. He wakes up in jail and his brother helps him escape, and explains how he got there. Back in the city of Ohm a few weeks after the death of Bryan, their father. His brother leaves Reimm alone as Reimm says he can take care of himself, he leaves on a missions with other people to help Ohm. While gone, Reimm looks back at the tragic event that happened just a few weeks ago, and vows that he will have his vengeance and kill the "mysterious hooded man" and save Flair, which is what he says to continue off of his father.

After this, you are allowed to free-roam around the city of Ohm, but to continue the story you must talk to the boy at the entrance into the forest. He explains how his older sister was taken by these strange creatures and a human. So he says he'll help and ventures through the forest to help her, after helping and going through a pretty long but not boring dialogue he asked her if she would like to help and tag along to kill the myste--.. *ahem*.. Zrem. After another short but sorta boring dialogue she joins and they then recruit a Fighter of Ohm. Now with a little team and more training, you are now to free-roam through the Region and continue the story of Reimm and his quest to take vengeance of his father and to save Flair.

That's the story so far. You also have a scene of the talk with the human man and Zrem and why he is working with Zrem. I'll probably have some comments about the story but I'd like to hear them as I said, I'm not the best writer. :/

Spoiler: ShowHide
Reimm is the son of Bryan Vandre, one of the greatest warriors in the city of Ohm. He was a fighter, who protected the city and Bryan's one and only task was to help bring peace back to Ohm from the creatures. After his death, Reimm vowed to take on that task and take vengeance on the creature who killed his father.

She is a mage and daughter of one of the three Fighters of Ohm, her body sacrifice is wanted to active the Transfora for Zrem.

He is another early Fighter of Ohm, he later helps Aimey and Reimm restore peace to the Region of Flair and Ohm.

More information on the characters will be updated later

Spoiler: ShowHide

Game Features
Custom Menu / Title
Sideview Battle System
Cheat Code System
Fishing System
Fullscreen Mode
Farming System
Cooking System

Credits to
Mr. Bubble
Mr. Anonymous
Shalaren Metropolis
KGC / Tomy

Story - 70%
Characters - 40%
Mapping - 3%
Scripts - 10%
Battle System - 90%
Cheat Code System - 40%
Cooking System - 30%
Fishing System - 100%
Farming System - 100%

Support the Game
This is just a simple userbar for now until I make a new one, but I would still appreciate it if you include this in your signature or anywhere to support the game.
Tutorial Database / [RMVX] Creating New Monsters
February 26, 2011, 02:37:06 am
This is my second tutorial I made over a year ago, this is also for beginners.

Open up the Database and go to the "Enemies" tab, change the maximum number of the list at the bottom-left corner of the window. Make it higher, then click on an empty space. That is where you are going to create your monster. That blank square below the "Enemy Name", double-click that and the menu opens up to select the enemy's graphic.

You now have the enemy's graphic all set up, next put the monster's name and its stats. (Hp, mp, etc.) At the bottom it shows the attacks and skills it does, but since this is a new one all it says is the "Attack". So right-click the box and choose "Insert", then you can add a skill and the conditions it needs before using it. For example, you put in the skill "Triple Attack" and you want to make it only use that skill when its hp is lower. To do that look at the conditions for Hp and click that, that it says "0% ~ 100%". Lets say it has to have half health to use it, change the 100% to 50%. That is all you need to do, click okay and the skill should be in the box.

After you are finished with your monster go to the "Troops" tab next to the "Enemies" tab, do the same thing you did before. Change the maximum and make it higher, next choose one of the empty spaces. Put the name of your monster in the "Name" box, you have the name now you need to add the enemy.

There is a box on the right side of the menu, scroll down until you find your monster you created. Double-click it or click it and press on "Add", your enemy should come up on the screen. If you are using SBS move the enemy to the left side, if you are not then just keep it in the middle. Click apply and there! You created a monster!

I didn't explain the stats, so I will explain now. In the HP box put how much health your enemy has. (Ex: 2,000 HP) The MP for your monster is used when it uses a skill, so if your monster uses skills give it enough MP to use them. The Attack is how strong you want your enemy to attack. (Ex: 127 Atk) Put the Defense (Next to the Atk) on how much it defends or something..(=|) The Agility is used to dodge attacks, so put how much agility it needs.

The Hit Ratio is the accuracy, if it is 100 then it won't miss. (Keep the Evasion 5) The Drop Item is if it dies
it will drop the item, you can also put how rare it is to get one. (Ex: 1 out of 3) "Options", you can choose if
it "Levitates" or not. The Levitation is it floats and you have to use a bow and arrow or magic. (I think..)

Lastly put how much EXP it gives and how much GOLD it gives, so when it dies you get the exp and gold
I made this tutorial a long time ago. This tutorial will show you a very simple way to creating your own signature for your game using Adobe Fireworks CS3/CS4, many people use Adobe Photoshop but I'll show you how to create one with Fireworks. In my signature you may have seen some signatures for my game, well they were removed due to the fact that my signature is getting quite long. So I'll show you how to create one for your game. This might be able to be done with Photoshop though I never tried it.


  • Adobe Fireworks CS3/CS4

Step 1: Creating the Base

So let's start creating the base, we will first start by creating a new project.
We will set the size of your image known as the Width and Height, it could be anything you want but for a signature/logo I suggest making it 470x100 (Width: 470 | Height: 100).

Be sure to make the background Transparent and not White or a Custom color.

Step 2: Creating the Box

This step will show creating your box or template (Whatever you call it <_< ...) to put your text/images/etc. on.
First choose the shape you want your box to look like, to do that go to the Vector section on the left of the window and left-click the Shapes and hold the click, opening a menu of the different shapes.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Pick the one you want and create it on your sig/logo with the appropriate size that fits your image.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Step 3 (Optional): Adding Filters

If you are pretty skilled at this or you just want to use the Gradient effects in the Fill Category you may skip this part, but I'll show you how to add a pretty cool effect. So let's go ahead to the bottom-right of the window to your Filters.
Spoiler: ShowHide

You may mess around with those until you understand with it enough to handle it yourself, if you can't then I'll show you a basic effect that I like to use. The 'Drop Shadow' effect, to add it, click the '+' next to Filters and go to "Sharpen and Glow" and choose "Drop Shadow" which will show a window.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Change it to the settings that please you most ^_^ and you now have a shadow below it, now let's continue

What We Got So Far
Spoiler: ShowHide

Step 4: Inserting An Image

Let's say we want to add a Faceset to the image, how about we add this image to it but only include one face
Spoiler: ShowHide

First, Import it by selecting File -> Import.

You obviously see it is way to big to fit the image and to make it fit select the Scale tool in the Select section on the window and resize your image the way you want it to fit. Here is what you should of got.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Put it anywhere you want on the image and continue to the next step ;) (Please Note that you should already know how to add any other images and I will NOT I repeat NOT show how to do that)

Step 5: Text

I already showed the basic steps of setting up your sig/logo, so now let's finish it up with the text! First, choose the font/size that works for you and insert the text, it will come out like this, kinda boring and dull.
Spoiler: ShowHide

So go over to your Assets -> Styles and choose the right one that fits you, add any special effects you like and finally you are completed!

Final Example
Spoiler: ShowHide
Please note that this is just an example, be creative with it~
Tutorial Database / [RMVX] Eventing a Stable System
February 26, 2011, 02:35:35 am
This tutorial will show you how to make a Stable System, so you can buy to have a horse in your party or drop it off, simply with one variable and a few conditional branches. Good for farm games :P.

Step 1: Setting up the Variable/Actor
First off, make one variable named Horse In Party, you will also need to make an actor named Horse. Give it the character graphic of a horse, which is in the Animals sprite sheet. This is optional, if you don't want it to fight make it's stats all to zero. To make it not be able to equip stuff (If you want, it could equip a saddle, or something like that.) it would probably take scripts.

Step 2: Drop Off
Next, make a Common Event named Drop Off, and make this.

Step 3: Pick Up
Do the same thing, make a Common Event named Pick Up. And make this inside it.

If the links aren't working please tell me. ;)
This is my first tutorial I made, so here it is. :P

This is a beginner tutorial on how to create an Introduction telling a story in the beginning of your game, just a simple
black screen with text.

Step 1: Go to Database and go to the "Actors" tab, then make your character's graphic
blank. (If you have party members and you have the Caterpillar script make your whole party's graphics blank)

Step 2: Close the Database and make a new map, it doesn't matter what size and it doesn't matter
what the name is. But to find it easier it's better to name it "Introduction", also remember to
leave it blank! Don't put any tiles!

Step 3: Right click the blank map and set the starting position of your character anywhere on the map,
make sure the graphic is blank!

Step 4: Now you have everything to start the intro. First make a new event on the map and change the trigger
to "Autorun", then you can insert some text or anything you want into the intro. After you made your intro make at the bottom on the second tab click "Transfer Player" to make your character go to another map, then click insert to put another after that and choose "Change Actor Graphic" and give your character or characters the graphic back. Then at the bottom of everything you put right click it and choose insert, then click on "Control Switches" and make a switch called "Introduction" and turn it on. (You can name the switch anything you want but it's best to name it Introduction or Intro)

Step 5: Then make a new event page, and at the top left of the 2nd event page in the conditions choose
"Switch" and make it activate when the switch "Introduction" (or whatever name you put) turns on. Leave
the event page blank though.(But remember to leave the trigger as "Action Button" and NOT "Autorun".
First up open your Script Editor and click on Spriteset_Battle in the Sprite section, then go to line 32-49
that looks like this:

  # * Create Battleback Sprite
  def create_battleback
source = $game_temp.background_bitmap
bitmap =, 480)
bitmap.stretch_blt(bitmap.rect, source, source.rect)
bitmap.radial_blur(90, 12)
@battleback_sprite =
@battleback_sprite.bitmap = bitmap
@battleback_sprite.ox = 320
@battleback_sprite.oy = 240
@battleback_sprite.x = 272
@battleback_sprite.y = 176
@battleback_sprite.wave_amp = 8
@battleback_sprite.wave_length = 240
@battleback_sprite.wave_speed = 120

Go to where it says
bitmap.radial_blur(90, 12)

Change it to this
bitmap.radial_blur(1, 1)

After you have that go to where it says
@battleback_sprite.wave_amp = 8
@battleback_sprite.wave_length = 240
@battleback_sprite.wave_speed = 120

Change it to this
@battleback_sprite.wave_amp = 0
@battleback_sprite.wave_length = 0
@battleback_sprite.wave_speed = 0

That's it, when you go into battle the background won't have that blur effect
Tutorial Database / [RMVX] Understanding the Database
February 26, 2011, 02:33:41 am
This is for absolute beginners to learning the database

Actors Tab==>
The actors tab is for creating new characters and editing the characters, you can control the
actor's stats. Also the name of it, starting equipment, face graphic and actor graphic. As you can
see at the bottom of the actors list it shows a button saying "Change Maximum", if you click on that
then you can raise the number for more actor spaces to add more characters or you can remove
some. The stats at the right is how much hp and mp the character has, also you can set the
stats to how much attack it his and how much defense it has and agility and spirit.

Classes Tab==>
The classes tab is for creating and editing the classes (Or jobs). Same thing if you want to make more
classes click the "Change Maximum" to how much you want. The menu in the middle of the window
is for putting what the class can equip. The right of the window shows the elements, it is going to be
hard to explain this so I won't. (Try searching for a different tutorial about that.) Anyways the bottom
right corner is the Skills it can learn. right click the menu and click "Edit" and choose the skill it can
learn and put what level it learns it.

Skills Tab==>
The skills is for creating the moves that the characters can use to heal or attack in battle
and in the menu. You can put the name, description, icon, what it does, and put the
attack and also put the animation of it. (Also remember to put the MP cost of it!)

Items Tab==>
I don't really need to say much, but the items tab is for creating new items for your character. You can
change the name of the item, put the icon for it, and put what element it uses (If it is just a normal item
that doesn't do anything don't put an element). You can put the price of the item if you are selling
it in a shop, you can change the occasion of when you can use it. (Only in battle, only from the menu,
always, and never)

Weapons Tab==>
Really just for creating new weapons for your game, you can put how much attack and defense it gives (It's a
weapon so I recommend not putting any defense in it) you. You can choose if it is a Fast Attack weapon, Two
Handed, Dual Attack, and a Critical Bonus. Also you put the elements and states it can give when you attack
a monster in battle.

Armor Tab==>
This I don't even need to explain, it is made for creating new armor
for your characters in game. Put the price if you are selling it in a store
and put the defense it gives, the states it can resist and put if it is a
shield, helmet, body armor, or an accessory.

Enemies Tab==>
Enemies tab is for creating new monsters for your boss battles or just
normal monsters. You can put the stats it has, the skills it uses and
when it uses it. The name of it and how much exp and gold it gives
when you kill it. That is pretty much it.

Troops Tab==>
This is used for making the troops after you created your monsters, the box at the right is
for adding monsters to the troops. You can make new ones (Change Maximum) and click
the monster you want in it and put the name of it and put the position of it when it is in battle.
You can also do a Battle Test with it to see everything you just created and change it a little
if you wanted to.

States Tab==>
This is for the states for what your character or enemy is in. You can put what the
state does to you or enemy and the message it gives when you get it. Then in your
skills or items or weapons (You get the point) you can make it able to give that state
whenever you use it.

Animations Tab==>
This is pretty difficult for new users. This is for creating animations
for your skills or just in an event. To get new animations you can search in the Resource
Show Case for it. Sorry but I won't explain this right now, but it will be added soon!

Common Events Tab==>
Common's for creating events that can be used again and again anytime, also
made for skills and items. The options are really the same as a normal event window
so I don't really need to say much. Oh and the best way to create a bank system, etc. is to use Common Events, since they can be repeated instead of making a new one every time there is a bank.

System Tab==>
The system tab is for making new elements, changing the music of everything (Not everything), also
changing the sound effects in the game. You can also set the graphics of the vehicles in the game and
put the vehicle starting position and actor starting postion. You can change the title of the game anytime
you want in this tab, also you can change what your starting party is by right clicking it (it's in the top-
left corner).

Terms Tab==>
The Terms are used for naming the HP, MP, etc. in your game.

Thanks for reading my tutorial!
Tutorial Database / [RMVX] Cheat System
February 26, 2011, 02:33:13 am
[font="quot"]Cheat System[/font]

This tutorial will show you how to insert a cheat system into your game, it will give you anything you want if you insert a certain code.

  • ->Step 1: Make An Item
    First you need to create an item that is used for inserting the codes and getting the cheat, so just create a quick item and name it anything you like (I'll name it "Cheat Book").

  • ->Step 2: Create the Common Event
    Now go to the Common Events tab and create a new common event called Cheats (Or whatever you want it to be). To begin you can insert text saying something like "Welcome to the cheat book". Next insert the event command "Input Numbers", create a new variable and call it whatever you like and  choose it. Then choose how many digits your cheat codes will have. I'll choose 4, but it can be any number between 1 and 8. Once your done with that, click OK. Next create a Conditional Branch. Choose Variable, then change it to the one you made earlier. Next, choose Equal to from the drop down menu. Then choose Constant. Here, put in the number you want one of your cheat codes to be. For example, I put 6782. Remember to make it as long as the number of digits you chose in the Input number command. Now click OK. In the conditional branch you just created, you created a cheat.

  • ->Step 3: Giving a Cheat
    Okay, so if you inserted the right cheat code it will give you something, say an item. So in the conditional branch, make it something like this (This is how I set it):
@>Input Number: [0001: Cheat], 4 digit(s)
@>Conditional Branch: Variable [0001:Cheats] == 6782
@>Change Items: [Full potion], +99
: Else
: Branch End

  • ->Step 4: Fixing the Item
    Go back to the items tab to your Cheat item (I named it Cheat Book so I'll call it that), change it to these settings:
    Name: NAME HERE
    Description: DESCRIPTION HERE
    Scope: None
    Occasion: Only from the Menu
    Price: 0 (This can be changed if you are selling it in a shop)
    Consume: No
    Speed: 0
    Animation: None
    Common Event: <Cheat Common Event Here>

      Then you can give it an icon if you like.

    If I forgot anything tell me please


    [Here is a good example of a cheat system that is a little more advanced ;)]
    @>Text: -,-, Normal, Top
    :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Would you like to enter your beta code?
    @>Show Choices: Yes I have a code., No I do not have one.
    : When [Yes I have a code.]
    @>Text -,-, Normal, Top
    :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Enter your 5 digit code now.
       @>Input Number: [0004:Beta Code], 5 digit(s)
       @>Conditional Branch: Variable [0004:Beta Code] == 12345
      @>Text: -,-, Normal, Bottom
      :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Beta Code is activated!
      @>Break Loop
    : Else
    ( Between here is where you repeat the Conditional Branch that checks the other code variables again )
      @>Text: -,-, Normal, Bottom
      :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Incorrect code! Try again?
    @>Show Choices: Yes, No
    : When[Yes]
    :when [No]
      @>Break Loop
    : Branch End
    : Repeat Above
    :When [No I do not have one.]
    : Branch End
Tutorial Database / [RMVX] Changing the Game Font
February 26, 2011, 02:32:28 am
Changing the Game Font

So this is a tutorial that all scripters should already know how to do, change the font. This tutorial is for beginners who don't really like the original font set for their game.

Step 1: Go To 'Main'
Open up your Script Editor which is found in the top-right corner of the rmvx window, the icon should be a paper and a pencil right next to the Resource Manager. Scroll down until you find "Main" which is on the very bottom of the Script Editor, click on it and you will find this:

# ** Main
#  After defining each class, actual processing begins here.

 $scene =
 $scene.main while $scene != nil
rescue Errno::ENOENT
 filename = $!.message.sub("No such file or directory - ", "")
 print("Unable to find file #{filename}.")

Step 2: Put the Script In
Find this part in the script:
#  After defining each class, actual processing begins here.


And put in this command in between these two lines.

Insert this:
Font.default_name = [""]

Fill in the
with the name of the font (You need to have the font uploaded on your computer in the "Font" folder inside your Control Panel!).

For example:
Font.default_name = ["Tahoma"]

Step 3: Saving It and Opening your Game>
Finally, you should have this as your Main:
# ** Main
#  After defining each class, actual processing begins here.

 Font.default_name = ["FONT NAME"]
 $scene =
 $scene.main while $scene != nil
rescue Errno::ENOENT
 filename = $!.message.sub("No such file or directory - ", "")
 print("Unable to find file #{filename}.")

Click "OK" and open up your game, you should have the font on your project

And if you want any extra codes to edit the font a bit, you can use these.
(Set to either True or False for the first 2)
Font.default_bold = false
Font.default_italic = true
Font.default_size =