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Welcome! / *shouts into the void*
March 15, 2018, 07:06:36 pm
Wow. It has been quite some time since I last visited here. CP hasn't aged a day.

While working on some homework today, my brain passively searched for anything that I could use to procrastinate. Like the prodigal son finally returning home, the memories of this place and the people within surfaced to the front. So, here I am. I could say that I will stick around and lurk, but I won't. I could say that I'll start actively posting, but I won't do that either. The purpose of this post is not to welcome myself back into Blizzard's warm, heavily muscled arms. I have no social media outside of twitter, and I like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, that has meant that I've fallen out of contact with many of you that I used to speak with daily. I like to imagine that this isn't me just yearning for the "good ol' days" and that some of you would actually like to resume contact.

What I propose is this: simply message me with your e-mail, or leave yours as a reply. We can then discuss the best way to reach each other from there (likely Discord or e-mail). I'll periodically come back and check for the next few days and see if anyone has responded. To those of you who don't know me, I welcome you to this site and I hope you find your stay entertaining and educational. There are some truly fantastic people working around here. Thanks for taking the time to read this, whoever you may be. I wish you all nothing but the brightest of futures and the most interesting of lives.

Edit: I have realized that there is, of course, a CP Discord server. I joined and look forward to reconnecting with many of you. That being said, feel free to drop a reply if you still wish.
Video Games / South Park: The Stick of Truth
March 10, 2014, 01:44:51 am
TLDR: If you're a fan of South Park, this game is a must play. If not, you may find this game too offensive or vulgar to enjoy.

I honestly don't know where to begin with this game. I'm a HUGE fan of South Park, and I have been eagerly awaiting this game since it was announced a few years ago. After completing it, I can honestly say that I am satisfied. I'll preempt this by saying that my ONE complaint with the game, was it's length. My first playthrough, on normal difficulty, has a total play time of 10 hours 22 seconds. This is quite short for an rpg. Now, the game wasn't all that difficult, and by endgame I was comboing skills and abilities to clear the entire field in two turns or less, provided there were at least 3 enemies. Bosses gave me a little trouble. The combat itself was very reminiscent of Paper Mario. The story was incredible! The cutscenes literally feel like you're watching the show. It had me laughing out loud or shaking my head in amazement many times. The things they got away with in this game include but are not limited to(SPOILER ALERT) :
Spoiler: ShowHide
 Nazi zombie fetuses, crawling inside of a gay man's rectum to deactivate a nuke, anal probing by aliens, and fighting underwear stealing gnomes on your parent's bed while they have wild sex, but hey, that's South Park.
Welcome! / No internet
February 02, 2014, 02:40:01 pm
I'm about to head back to my dorms and as far as I know, we still have no internet. We may get it this week, we may not. I'm going to try to check in everyday from my phone. Just letting you all know just in case you don't hear from me for a bit.
Video Games / The Official Phantasy Star Online Thread!
February 01, 2014, 09:11:49 pm

Stealing Rose's idea, I have created a thread to discuss the possibility of a group of CP regulars playing Phantasy Star Online 2 together. How many of you would be willing to join and what time are you all available?

Chaos Project members on PSO2:

Chaos-Project IDPSO2 IDCharater NamePrimary Class

How to Get the Game:

PSO2 Tweaker Tool

There are 2 options:

The first is to download the English installer via torrent, this may or may not have decent speed for you

The second option is to use the tweaker tool to down load and install the game for you, be warned the window is known to break during the process and it it a 15GB Download so if you want to be sure it's still working you will need to use a resource monitor to see the exe working and watch it's download speed but you will have no indication of progress. when it done it will open a new window to inform you it's finished.

after installing the game you will need to use the tweaker to install the English patches, there are 3.
The first 2 (the English language patch and the English large files patch can be downloaded an installed via the tweaker. there is an option in the tweaker's orb menu to install patches)
the 3ed is the story patch and must be downloaded manually. the option in the tweaker's menu will give you a link. The patch is a ~2GB file that you download from mega and then install by selecting the file when prompted by the tweaker during patch install.

before installing any patches use the "Check for PSO2 updates" option form the tweaker's orb menu to bring the game up to date. it is of note that the patches will need to be reinstalled after every game update

Signing Up:

this is actually a bit of a pain as it requires traversing a Japanese site and passing a Japanese captcha.
good thing there is a nice guide written up for this purpose
if you have any trouble with the captcha this thread on the PSO2 Forums can help (it helped me, identifying those characters is hard :P)

Learning The Game:

Here is a page with lost of helpful guides

for the most part the game is very strait forward, learn how to attack, guard, and dodge form the tutorial and then get good at it.

One thing that may be confusing are the difference between Quests and "quests".
what the game calls quest most other games would call missions, instance like maps for you party to traverse and complete a goal

The game also has "Client Orders" that NPCs give out which are more like the traditional "quests" of an MMO/RPG. These client order can give out massive EXP and completing the orders from the Quest counter Admin can quickly get you from lv 2 to lv 12 and beyond (as in 5 hours tops). Be on the look out from Orders form NPC and they are by far the most effective way to LV.

The game also has a mechanic called ARCS Road. It's kinda like a story line that you complete by completing Missions and quests and talking to certain people, It too can grant exp as I gather. Pay attention and it should make sense.

Also of the stuff NPC's say has been left untranslated. rest assured it not all that important and your not missing any important info on how to play, not really anyway.

If you have any specific questions that arn't covered here or in any of the guides linked to feel free to ask.
Video Games / Best In A Certain Regard
February 01, 2014, 08:23:13 pm
ITT: Games that do something better than any other game you've played. For example: Realism, character development, comedy, puzzle style, art style (this can be the best of any theme i.e. sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, etc) or any numerous other things. Be sure to include why, while keeping spoilers at a minimum. Go!

Character Development
The World Ends With You: ShowHide
You may not have heard of this little gem. It suffered from poor marketing in the US but still sold VERY well. It was made by Square Enix for the DS. The plot revolves around the main character, Neku, being trapped in the Reaper's Game, an alternate dimension layered onto our own where those who have recently died try for another chance at life. More than that, I can't say. However, over the course of the game, we see Neku go from being an arrogant, self-absorbed, anti-social dickbag, into a brave, thoughtful, and even friendly protagonist. And they do it well. It isn't one event that just flips the switch on his personality. You literally see it happen over the course of the entire game through the little things he says and does.

Intelligent Debate / Spirituality
February 01, 2014, 02:06:41 pm
As I create this topic, I'm going through a personal spiritual shift. When I was about 7 or so, my dad became "saved" and started taking my family to church every Sunday. I never really questioned Christianity until I went to a friend's church one day. Their pastor gave a sermon on the same topic my pastor had spoken about already. I was shocked to hear such a different take on the same part of the Bible. It was then that I realized that I couldn't just listen to what someone told me about religion, and I had to mold my own spiritual values. Because of this, I no longer identified myself with the religion aspect of Christianity, that is, I no longer assigned myself to any particular denomination or the church in general. This went on for a few years, but about a year and a half ago, I fell out of it completely. I just couldn't believe that we presumed to understand what a God or Godlike being would desire, or that we could understand what it even is! And with as many religions as we have on this great planet of ours, I wasn't sure that I could say that the one I had been loosely following was even the correct one. From this point on, I classified myself as a Agnostic Theist. I believe that there may or may not be a God(dess) or Godlike figure, but I also believe that we have no way of knowing one way or the other or even comprehending this being. What about you all? Where do your spiritual beliefs lie?
Welcome! / Re-lurking
January 31, 2014, 08:46:14 pm
I've recently been thinking a lot about old friends and people that I fell out of contact with for no good reason other than I just stopped talking to them. Basically, I miss all of you  :'(

Therefore, I've decided that I will resume my lurking and I promise to even post occasionally when the inspiration strikes!
Chat / Nuzlocke Crystal Style
May 06, 2012, 07:36:58 pm
I got bored so I got Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald. I'm about to wrap up yellow and move on to crystal when I realized, I've done a nuzlocke run of almost every pokemon game: Blue, Yellow, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, Diamond, and White. Yet for some reason, I have never done a Nuzlocke run of Crystal, my favorite pokemon game of all time. So I was wondering, should I do it? Of course I would post updates as I play and possibly narrate the whole thing and turn my adventure into a story.

For those unfamiliar with what a Nuzlocke run is, here are the rules:

1. If a pokemon "faints", it is dead. You MUST release it and never use it again.

2. You can only catch the first pokemon you meet in an area, no exceptions.

3. Every pokemon receives a nickname.
Chat / Ya know what?
April 28, 2012, 06:59:48 pm
I miss Rose. Isn't she getting back soon?
Chat / Can I be straight with yall?
April 26, 2012, 11:08:15 pm
Just for a minute I'd like to forget all pretenses and just talk. I've got no where and no one else to do this with. I don't really care if you read this or not, I just feel like typing. So, where to start. Well, I started hanging out with these people that I've sort of known since last year. Really cool people. Down to Earth, funny, laid back, etc. All we really do is hang out, play some video games, skateboard, drive around, go eat, and smoke weed. Yep. Weed. I never really thought I'd be doing something like this, but as it turns out, almost everyone at my school does it. I'm not even exaggerating. Once I started smoking I really found out all who did it. Some people are a lot more open than others but no one really busts anyone out. You might be thinking, "Oh what a shame. He was a victim of peer pressure." That most certainly is not the case. The two guys I first started hanging out with, Josh and Joel, smoked all the time. Before school and after school, everyday. The thing is, they don't pressure anyone. They don't try to push weed onto people or anything like that. I just went up to Josh one day and said, "Hey, can I come over after school today? I feel like smoking." I had smoked weed before but that was usually at parties and I never really inhaled, I just did it to get people to shut up. What made this day different? I don't know. I can't possibly remember. All I know is I ended up with Josh and Joel and we smoked. It was nice. I love the feeling. Its the best feeling I've ever had. Most of all, I love the stress relief feeling. Not worrying about school or my dad. Not really caring about anything. Then we play video games, just listen to music, sit outside, go eat, go skateboarding, etc. Its been life changing. You know those Converse commercials and jeans commercials where it just shows a bunch of young people running around and doing random shit? Like just enjoying life, you know? That's what my life has become most days. My father would never understand or approve for that matter. I understand that its illegal and its not something I should be doing, and there will come a day when I know I need to grow up and stop doing it. When that day comes I will embrace it. For now, I'm just enjoying having fun and living life like I should have been all these years. With my friends. I've always spent all my time in my room. By myself. Just playing video games. All the time, since I was young. I've always lived too far from friends to ever really go anywhere. I was also too fat to do anything athletic like ride a bike or skateboard. Now, I still live far from friends, but I can drive. And when I get to my friends' houses, we ride bikes and skateboard and enjoy the day and the weather. Its a wonderful thing. If you're still reading, I applaud your dedication. I decided to write this because I've been waiting on some school work from a friend but it seems he'll never give it to me. Its a shame really. If I don't get this work I'm probably gonna fail the class. I can probably convince her to give me an extension but I honestly don't care. I have a whole semester open next year anyway if I need to retake any classes. Its a relatively easy class anyway. I don't really know when I stopped giving a damn about school. It just sort of happened. My GPA and standardized test scores are good enough to get me anywhere I want to go. I got a job today. A new fast food place is opening up. I don't know any of the other employees and this is my first job. I'm a little nervous. I need the money though, my parents won't pay for my gas anymore. Swim training starts soon. I gotta get my lazy ass back in shape for summer swim team and then the school team next year. I've been doing nothing too much lately. Well, it seems like I'm starting to ramble, so I'll end it here.
Chat / How my rage almost destroyed the world.
September 13, 2011, 10:51:04 pm
Have any of you ever played Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions? Its a great game. Kinda difficult at times but brilliant. In battle, if one of your characters fall, you have 3 turns to revive them or they disappear and you can never use them again. Well, one of my best characters was Chamberlain. He was a ninja. Ninjas are extremely difficult to obtain. You must have the same character get Thief job level 5, Archer job level 4, Monk job level 4, and Geomancer job level 2. It took me hours of grinding. Well, while trying to grind a new character up before the next mission, my ninja fell. It happens often as I just have him rush in and kill 2-3 enemies and then he'll get swarmed, but I always resurrect him in time. Well, I forgot about him dying. And the three turns passed. I didn't realize this and I finished the battle. Then.....I saved.  :facepalm:

Welcome! / Good bye
July 21, 2011, 04:55:53 pm
I've come to realize that there is no reason for me to be here. All I really do is post in spam. I'm not really interested in making games nor do I have anything to contribute. There is also someone here that would rather not see me here, so I'm granting him his wish. I'm sure I won't really be missed by anybody, but I had a good time while I was here. You are all awesome individuals and I hope you go far in life. Goodbye.
Chat / Gamertags?
June 14, 2011, 05:29:37 pm
I'm not entirely sure where to put this topic so I put it here. If anyone wants to add me on XBOX Live, my gamertag is blackbelt3695
In the not to distant future, machines called Reploids will be created. They are intelligent robots capable of emotion as well as extreme destruction. They were originally created to be tools of war, to unite all nations as one. The other nations resented this, however, and made Reploids of their own. The Reploids fought for nearly a decade, making most of the world their battleground. Soon, the Reploids began to realize that with all their power, they shouldn't fight each other. They turned on their respective countries, captured factories, and produced their own armies of androids. The government that created the first Reploid recognized the danger of the Reploids turning on the world. They had already created a small group of cyborgs, half-human and half-robot. They were led by X, the very first cyborg. The Government decided to create more, so they secretly conscripted a handful of people and turned them into the powerful cyborgs. They were placed in suspended animation to be awoken soon. Most of human life has been eradicated, leaving a small guerrilla unit of 300 people who now inhabit an old military fortress that was where all Anti-Reploid technology was developed. It is here that they have survived for the past 300 years. Through breeding, their number has grown to 500, but it is still a desperate struggle at times. They recently discovered the handful of new cyborgs in a vault inside the fortress, now they have woken a few up, and it is their job to do what they were created for, to save humanity.

Designation: As a cyborg you no longer have a name, but a designation or codename. Ex: X, Zero, Bass, and Harpuia
Physical Appearance: All cyborgs have armor plating covering their inner workings. Describe what it looks like. The only human feature left of the cyborg is their face and hair, so tell us what you look like. Unless you have a helmet.
Weapons: You can have two, a main weapon that defines your style, and a sub-weapon. Be creative, you are the height of human technology. Ex: X-blaster, Z-sabre, Bass Cannon (every time a reploid is destroyed, you will gain a weapon that complements your style)
General Discussion / How can I help?
June 06, 2011, 06:21:47 pm
I understand that there is a community RPG being made. I, however, am not good at coding or anything of the like. I can create stories, sub-plots, NPCs, side-quests, or anything of the like. If its needed, I would love to assist.
So it looks like I'll have to make it.

In the land of Ostia, airships fill the sky. Merchant sloops, war galleons, and personal skiffs. They draw their power from steam engines. Magic exists, but in the form of magickrystal. Mages are able to use the power in the stones to power their powerful arts. The land of Ostia is currently making unstable peace treaties with the neighboring country of Zander after a century of war. However, Zander is using the temporary peace to assemble their forces in hopes of destroying Ostia in one fell swoop. Ostia spies have discovered this and the king of Ostia has decided to assemble a strike force to perform raids on the the Zander people. You are part of this strike force. It is up to you to save your people.

Name: self-explanatory
Personality: what do you act like
Appearance: What your physical features are.
Clothing: Think pirate-like, but armor is still used.
Weapons: Lances, swords, sabers, rapiers, revolvers, rifles, etc.
Occupation: Sailor, soldier, engineer, mage
Background: Tell us a little about your past

Please limit the group to two mages, as they are quite powerful.
Hi everyone! I'm Taboo, known as Anonymous by some here. I'm from Cait Sith's and TheNiche's forums. Nice to meet you all.