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I can't keep cluttering & bring the old thread back & forth, so I'm making a new one.

Recolored, Reworked, Now to finish them and get to the 'best part'.

Dark skinned girl's head & Palette by Sithjester, The Last one's Body is by Mark, I just simply recolored it & changed it's head.

Seriously, I find this information helpful & will tell you, exactly make you realize if your gaming material (It also works if your not just into the game designing business, etc.)



:<_<: I did not know where to put this, so, move if I putted in the wrong section.
Resources / 'Legion'
November 04, 2008, 12:38:21 pm
Was playing with Photoshop on making a Quimera, but instead, I got this thing, Call it 'Legion', a Sorcerer who sold his entire being for Power, and became, a Demon. Easy way to say it, a "Naraku" from Inuyasha sort of speaking.

Credits would be nice, & yeah, you have to fix it up so It can work >__>;; can't let you guys use it without putting a little work.
New Projects / Euphoria
November 03, 2008, 03:47:30 pm

Title: 'Euphoria'
Genre: RPG
Rate: A for adults

Spoiler: ShowHide
Thank you for checking this side-project. Note that it's a work in progress, so you may want to keep an eye on this one, since a Demo might come very quick :3


The story relates of a Young & naive apprentice-drop-out Nagi, who fails to summon a powerful Familiar like the House has done for decades. Summoning Kail, an 'Animagus' who is able to shape shift his body to his desire, but with an annoying personality to been a womanizer & critic his master's failure of a sorceress. This story, tells their tales of both Nagi & Kail and the people they meet, and the struggle they face together, to which end, they will learn, that friendship is the strongest spell no magic can make.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Name: Kail
Age: 21 (supposebly)
Gender: Male

Summoned Familiar that belongs to Nagi. Able to Shapeshift his form in an Animagus, has a lazy & perverted nature, often likes to make his master, Nagi, angry.

Name: Nagi
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Apprentice sorceress that had summoned Kail. Short Tempered & in tension, she tends to repeat words.

Spoiler: ShowHide
None Planned at the moment

Spoiler: ShowHide
Pickle Studios
Strawberry studios

Spoiler: ShowHide


Spoiler: ShowHide
None at the moment  :'(
Resources / 'Altar of Instrumentality'
October 30, 2008, 06:12:36 pm
I was playing around in photoshop & trying to make an Altar, thou I didn't like much the result, but decided to finish it up & share for the public. (OMG! I'm actually sharing something for the community >__>;; )

Use as you please, it would fit more the RTP Church thou, Credits would be nice if used . . . .
Resources / Caro's Animation Station
September 07, 2008, 12:47:49 am
A few collections of mines that I'll put as I finish each and everyone one of them. (Rips from Seinarukana, I only know Xuse did them, don't know who did the animations)

Gravity Spell / Dark Spell: ShowHide

Resources / Caro's Random Monster pictures
August 27, 2008, 09:56:37 pm
I hope they can be of better use to you guys than it was to me when I changed the battle system style in SR (Credits to Xuse for the Images actually)
Ice Mecha: ShowHide

Ice Titan/Machine:

Soldier Mecha (Light Element): ShowHide

Soldier Mecha (Water/Ice Element): ShowHide

Soldier Mecha (Fire Element): ShowHide

Flying beasts/Griffon: ShowHide

Swamp or Desert Worm: ShowHide

Demon/Elemental: ShowHide

Archfiend / Dark Element:

One Horn White Lion: ShowHide

Corrupted Hunch-back Whale: ShowHide


:^_^': It's quite beautiful actually, I like it. dunno if any of you know of the program thou  :uhm:
Entertainment / Nya-Nya Song! <3
August 18, 2008, 03:44:49 am

:haha: How long can you listen to it? I can for 8:48 Minutes exactly.
Welcome! / Wry?!
July 31, 2008, 02:17:25 pm
My Computer just Crashed . . . . . (With the Blue Screen of DOOM & turns off.)

FACEPALM (random)

The point: I won't be on until I get . . . a new computer or can steal every once in a while my mother's Laptop, which I am using for this message.
& I don't have RMXP here to work on Soul-Raves. (I hope it didn't get lost, those months of Maps)
Until they get the drive out so I can extract all my stuff . . . I won't be able to do anything. *Maybe play with VX, since it's the only one I have for entertainment.*

I'm sorry everyone, I guess this is the Obligatory & Imminent Goodbye . . .

Good bye Everyone. ;=;

*Note: I'll occasionally come & hunt you Blizzard, to make sure Blizz-ABS 1.9 is ready +___+
Script Requests / Help or I flood PMs. <lol>
July 18, 2008, 09:12:56 pm
 I found some of Mogs scripts to be a bit neat, but knowing they might start to lag a lot, & the fact the game uses Side-view battlers bothers me, I want to know what' the code to change in a script to change the battler's to portraits in the picture folder
Umm, I am recruiting for Soul-Raves 1: Nocturne Gospel.

Technically an Eventer . . . with experience.

The stuff I am doing mostly are Spriting, Mapping & Testing, so, I sorta need a temporary Eventer ^__^;;; I am hoping to get an answer at least for this, the job is just temporary.

~ Caro Ru Lushe
>__>;; I know there was one, & was mentioned in RMRK before that someone had it, but since I know it probably went down in that situation with Blizz & rmrk which I am not gonna be explaining what happened, wanted to ask if there's somewhere else or maybe someone has it & could direct me to it :<


Thank you

~ Caro Ru Lushe
Script Troubleshooting / Question . . .
May 30, 2008, 02:59:05 am
Is there a possibility that this is compatible with Blizz's Tons of Add-on & Soul-Limit?
For the sake of none taking the idea
Due that I find this place fun, friendly, Blizzard's scripts & most notably, I've seen people been interested in the sprites of Soul-Rave 2: The Twilight Hoax.

Author's Notes:
I've decided to make this Thread, in which I'd upload all the Sprites sheets I make, those made for Soul-Rave or a Request . . . Shall be on this Thread and are Exclusive only to Chaos Project. (Caro's Notes: Do not post this Anywhere else other than Chaos Project without my permission, if I find at least one of them outside of here, Be Warn that you'll have a Angry Mob Behind you!!!!!)

Terms of Use:
You can use them in your projects if you want.
Credits aren't obligatory, but I would really appreciate it, if so Credits goes to: Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe.
But, Necessary that You MUST Credit the Original Authors of these Sprites. Please Note I didn't make them 100% Myself, Many, and I mean Many Sprites of mines from other people were sacrificed to bring you these resources. @__@

Requests & Terms of Services:
I will not take requests, unless I find the request useful for my project.

(CRL/DAS Notes: Sorry for been bit picky ^^;; )

Character sets:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Male School Uniform Template
Credits: PickleStudios

Lloid (School Uniform):

Klyron (School Uniform):

Female School Uniform Template

Fianna (School Uniform):

Shinary (School Uniform):

Monica (School Uniform):

Credits: Sithjeister

Exclusive Soul-Rave 2: Twilight Hoax Sprites (Outdated versions):

Spoiler: ShowHide





Credits to: Dark Angel Sion / Caro Ru Lushe (I spend a lot Working on there, just to be Outdated, feel free to use them in your project guys =D)

-More will be added, little by little =X

~ Caro Ru Lushe
Cast of 'Seinarukana' sprited in RTP format. Used for the Game 'Soul Reaver I'
Please note that I won't post the full sprite, so save the trouble of asking.

Neither am I taking request. (Except on 'certain occasions')

Credits for the Idea parts goes to Iceaxe/Pickle, Sithjesther, Mack, Strawberry Quartz, Blizzard (Rivy's Cape), Deathlock (Ruputna's Hair), Monkeydlu (Child sprite idea), Ruruga (Nozumo's Head) and others.

Cast of Seinarukana/Soul Reaver I: ShowHide

I'd save the trouble of having to re-post the older works to save space.
Script Requests / [RESOLVED] Where to find these?
February 04, 2008, 10:13:47 pm
I am tempted on finding the Following Scripts:

Douible/Two Hand Weapon script: To make the Actor use Two weapons instead of just Shield & 1 weapon only
custom equipment script: Just to ad a slot for Gauntlets, Legs & Three more Accesories >__>;;;

& Ones that doesn't use the Evil SDK D: (And I know I would have to implement with Blizz's CRL, >__>;;; since I want to combine it's power with it. <shrugs>)
(First Time I request here D: )

Ok, I wanted a different Title Menu other than the Default one, after seen CP & QtBV title, I sorta wanted something Similar, yet Original =X

I wanted that, the Scene Title, Title screen itself would Change via variables having a Map from within the game, yet it changes when the player . . . has a certain character's Value Rised up. (Using a Specific Variable) Would obviously need a default one, also that there isn't a text box. Want the Fonts/options & such to be scrolled Up or down.

Simply: A Title that changes depending on which Heroine is more in love with the Main Character, the Title Screen Changes, No Font Box & the Text can be scrolled.

Simple as that >__>;;; I hope, If it can be done, whoever does it, I'd add him/her to the Credits in Soul-Rave: Twilight Hoax. I sorta would like to, if it's possible to make, then I can sorta make a small Trial for the game itself =X
Welcome! / D.A.S. Arrives ! ! ! !
January 09, 2008, 02:09:03 am
And I wasted time in Fixing My topic in the Old URL >__>;;;

D.A.S. = Keinaru

=X Hello Again ! ! ! ! !
New Projects / 'Nocturne's Gospel'
January 09, 2008, 01:56:04 am

Title: Nocturne's Gospel
Rated: M for Mature

Spoiler: ShowHide

'Death to the oppressors and mercy to the weak.
As we sing our songs together.
We shall never be apart
We shall share our pain together
From this day on, our souls are one.'

After an afternoon's hunt, Lyle & his childhood friend, Caith found a girl by the name of Samantha, badly injured from a fall of a cliff, after being pursued by unknown forces. Upon helping her, Lyle soon becomes entangled in a series of events which changes his life forever.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Name: Lyle Razenburg
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weapon: Double Daggers
Bio: Lyle Razenburg, along with his childhood friend Caith Alwien, is a young man that takes care of orphans to live through the dangerous world of the Altro Precepia. After saving the life of the enigmatic Samantha, Lyle finds himself entangled with a series of events that changed his life and perception of the world.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Selective Post Menu - No Wondering around lost in town? Yes, Now SR has a selective 'Post' Menu for each town & even Dungeon, for Story conveniences. There's even a rather pretty World Map coming in the way too.

New CGs, New Sprites, New RTP!? - Graphics are improved, New Palette colors, An Entire Custom RTP Characters by Caro herself, And Even New Tilesets, edited, Recolored and Add-ons from Deathlock, and among others Spriters.

A New Storyline - A New Story that breaks throu some of the Cliches and gives a Shocking for the player, One that Isn't the average 'Fairy-Tale' With Memorable Characters, Original Worlds to Explore, and Beings that surpasses the Laws of the Original.

A Brand New Battlesystem in the works? - Brand new Battle system, to which allows the player to select from Supportive & Active status to customizing their skills, and Ranks. Along with new Graphics and Enemies.

Enter the 'Masterpiece' - With rigid Puzzles, a New Visual Novel Feel, the new 'Nocturne Gospel' will prove to be worth the wait this time.

Spoiler: ShowHide

---Scripts Credits---
Blizzard - Tons of Add-Ons
Namckor - Add-On Equip Requirements
Ccoa - UMS
Charlie - FFX CBS
GuiB - Fixing up an Incompatibility (And helping out whenever I get script bugs)

---Title Logo---
Lonewolf (Also for Custom Graphics he's working for the Menu)

---Events Credits---
Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe
Special: Monkeydlu (For Opening Intro)

---Mapping Credits---
Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe

---Tile Sets Credits---
Malick aka, Jadak & Orae
Caro Ru Lushe/ DAS
Reives & Shadow (Their Maps gave idea for changing the colors of the RTP and making a more 'darker atmosphere')
Others I don't Remember from RPGXP.Org

---Animation Credits---

---Battlers Rip Credits---
Sithlord999 (For Ripping animations)

Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe (Only the Main Characters)
Game Rage
Strawberry Quarters
Loose Leaf

---Music Credits---
Mami Kawada - Joint ~ Opening Version
Mami Kawada - Masterpiece
Xuse - Seinarukana OST
Yuna Ito - Trust You?

---Pictures & Event CGs---
Nexus - Character Portraits & Designs
Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe - Ti'll gets her Wacom-background & CGs among other slave work[/b]

---Sim Dating Dialogue System Credits---
Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe
Sky Fortress (Sacred Earth) - Inspiration
Monkeydlu (Celestias Ferrum) - Inspiration

---Story Credits---
Dark Angel Sion/Caro Ru Lushe

---Icons Credits---
Anonimous (-.-;;)

Spoiler: ShowHide


:< Chrono Trigger CMS by Raziel, Graphics skins & window skin by Hanzo/Lonewolf[/spoiler]

Artwork & Fanart: ShowHide
Ming: Linear Klyron:
Evangel Lim's 'Thank You' Hikari:

Soul Reaver Opening 1 "JOINT" By Monkeydlu: ShowHide

Caro's Note: Please know that the current video isn't the final product because of the Title change (Also, the fact I keep playing with the event every time makes it a bit, different)

Still No Demo Yet