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Projects / Games / [RMXP][Blizz-ABS][DEMO]Echoes of Time
February 28, 2015, 11:59:25 am
[size=8]Echoes of Time[/size]

An RMXP game with a kind of cliché story

"Tenebris, pavorem faciam infirma...

Tenebris, lux fortis, lumen e sapiens...

Tenebris, vos animas succumbant...

Tenebris, lumen quod excaecat consumet infirma..."

                                                                             - Fragment of the Song of the Dark Mages


Background Story
You're settled in a magical and ethereal world, to be most exactly, you're in the country of Bellugia, where the wisest mages and the strongest warriors are raised for the good of the world. This colorful country is the stage of many miraculous events, being one of them the origin of magic, wihich happened lots of eons ago. Also, the most horrorful battles also took Bellugia as stage, causing many deaths, destructions and reforms. 3 millions of years ago, Ahrion, the god of darkness, corrupted by the evil naure of the element he wields, betrayed the gods. His thirst of power led him to take the throne of the Potestes by killing Redeum, the leader of the gods, thus causing a big disorder in the universe, being reshaped to it's distorted image and likeness. The men and the gods, in an unbreakable alliance, managed to defeat Ahrion's kingdom of shadows, which lead to the signing of The Underworld Treaty.
Ahrion was condemned to the Underworld for the rest of the eternity, and men finally lived in peace. The throne of the Potestes was taken by Lucena, daughter of Redeum.
Everything was peace in the world, until... (the rest of the pages are broken)

The Present
Today is the Light Fest, the most important celebration in Bellugia's cult, when all the people in the country go to the capital to worship their deitys and witness the king's offering to the holy statue, which grants a propspeous future to the kingdom.
Arshes and Alice have to go walking from the Shalok Village to Vahnra, because Arshes woke up late and there are no dragons left to the capital of Bellugia. After a really long and tough walk they arrived, and in a wink the Light fest begins, but what they don't know is that this year's one, will fatally end, taking them to a mission to save the world of the clutches of the dark. Does that mean that the will of an evil being is taking the world to succumb in the shadows once more?

18 years before...
"The War of Shadows has ended with the sacrifice of my good friend Rodrik to seal Ahrion in a crystal prison with an ancient spell, The Seal of Thanatos. I'm stuck here in Tasmir after my mission ended, maybe for the rest of my life. It's a pity that Rodrik left his wife, my sister, pregnant of twins, a boy and a girl, my nephews. 8 years after that event, I saw what they are capable of, maybe they will save the world. I can see it... "

                                                                                                 - Fragment of Devon's diary

Playable Characters:
Class: Fighter
Likes: Showing his strenght, dating women (and being slapped for that)
Hates: Being teased by his sister, ghouls,
Description: You guessed right, the red-haired guy form the RMP RTP. He is a really strong warrior and quite good at magic (not like his sister) . It's kind of lazy and selfish sometimes, but he is the best in dangerous situations. He uses swords as his principal weapon.
Class: Sorceress
Likes: reading books of magic, teasing his brother.
Hates: Roses, frogs, romantic novels.
Description: It's a very talented sorceress, but is sometimes clumsy with new spells. She is Arshes' sister, and enjoys picking on his brother. She is very passionate about magic, often exchanging her more precious objects (or his brother's objects) for a rare artifact. She uses staves as her principal weapon
Class: Thief
Likes: TBA
Hates: TBA
Description: TBA

Class: Demon Mage
Likes: TBA
Hates: TBA
Description: TBA

Spoiler: ShowHide


  • Original Soundtrack: Right now, only the village theme (which may sound annoying at some point)[/*]
  • Blizz-ABS: The powerful ABS by Blizzard and winkio
  • Alchemy System!!
  • More to come...

I have a demo for you, version 0.1, just until the first boss so you can have a taste of this game and give your impressions og it. As always with me, it has dumb things, dumb storyline, dumb etc etc etc so tell me if something is dumb to make it less dumb
Tutorials / [TUTORIAL]Modifying Stormtronics CMS
August 12, 2012, 12:34:16 am
Fist of all, if this is not the correct section for this tutorial, just move it.

Are you using Blizz-ABS and ST CMS, but you don't want the option "Battle BGM" to appear?

With this tutorial, this is no problem.

First, go to the ST CMS script and search: "Window_CMSOptions" , use Ctrl+F.

The, look for this array:

@commands = ['BGM Volume', 'SFX Volume', 'Battle BGM']

Now erase 'Battle BGM', it must look like this:

@commands = ['BGM Volume', 'SFX Volume']

Now, create a new line, and write this:

@commands.push('Battle BGM') if !$BlizzABS

Must look like:

@commands = ['BGM Volume', 'SFX Volume']
@commands.push('Battle BGM') if !$BlizzABS

How does it work?

You are separating "Battle BGM" to be displayed with a condition, and the condidtion is, if the global variable $BlizzABS is not listed. So,if you are using BABS, the variable will be listed, and the command wil not be displayed.

Vocabulary for non-scripters

Array: Variable that can contain more than one value

Credits for:

Blizzard, for making the ST CMS
New Projects / [IN PROGRESS]Lost Memories
July 30, 2012, 10:29:53 pm
Lost Memories
By $3B

About millions of years, when the gods created the universe, they also created the World of Memories, the place where goes the past and the people's memories, an in it, the crystal of life, the universe life source. If the crystal where irradiated with a powerful evilness, horrible things would happen to the universe, so the gods put it in a box, that only can be opened with 8 medallions, protected by beasts. But, is there an evilness so powerful to go through the box and reach de crystal of life? Some people is saying that no, but nobody knows it.


Spoiler: ShowHide
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Knight
History: He is a knight and a student. More story will be reaveled in game play

Spoiler: ShowHide
Age: 29
Race: Human
Class: Archer
History: He is the Det's best friend. More story will be reaveled in game play

Spoiler: ShowHide
Age: 35
Race: Human
Class: Sorceress
History: She was from the sorcerers order of the Aret Kingdom

Spoiler: ShowHide
Age: 23
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
History: She is the daughter of the Supreme Priest

Spoiler: ShowHide
Screenshot from the debug map

Screenshots from the actual progress

- Uses Blizz-ABS
- Approaches all of it's features like the custom enemy AI and summons
- Uses ST CMS
- Much more........

You have to wait until the Demo 1.0
Hi, I'm requesting a Blizz ABS addon that can let you give orders to yur allies. (I do not mean the AI Triggers)
For example, orders like "Stay There" or "Follow Me". Like in Resident Evil 4 with Ashley.
Welcome! / Hi, a new maker here
July 13, 2012, 10:11:46 pm
Hello Chaos-Project, I am $3B (Seb), and I'm from Peru, obiously, English is not my main language, 8), I'm 11 years old, and I LOVE Lexima Legends IV, that game is great. I'm presenting me, right now, new things will enter to Chaos-Project :evil: