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Hello there.  This is a small two-in-one question, but I have a small issue.  I have an event set to show an image, and then I wanted that to segway straight into battle. I was finally able to get this to work, by setting the image to "Move" to 0 opacity at the same time as the Battle Processing begins, causing it to fade straight to battle.  However, after the battle ends, the picture still flashes for one second before the map appears.  Does anyone know why this might be?

Also, is there anyway to carryover the BGM music from the map, uninterrupted into battle? I'm using the latest SDK if that matters.  Thank you.
Hello, and greetings. I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me with a script that I required. I had searched far and wide and only found one thing similar, and it was for another version of RPGMaker (I use XP).

Although, what I was hoping for was slightly different. Basically, when you speak to a certain NPC, you can ask them to either show you what you typed in before, displayed, and then end the event. Or you can choose the second option, which allows you to edit the text. Type in more, or change what was there, which will then display the next time you talk to them and choose the first option above. I hope that this is not confusing or makes no sense.

Thank you in advance very much!