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got bored, found this part of the forum and its great to see how creative everyone is outside of coding and such!
so i thought i would share the contents of my cranium as you guys have :)

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Recruitment / [RMXP] Casual Help needed :D
February 16, 2013, 07:42:25 pm
awrite folks! just looking to see if there is anyone interested in helping me make a "castlevania" styled sidescroller with loads of fun stuff in it!

initially, i tried it pure events. was a wee bit too hard (almost impossible) so i decided to see if there is any other ways to do it via scripts etc. :)

well, i like BlizzABS (who doesnt) and i found a tidy little sideview script, but i have no idea how to merge the two or if i would even use Blizz ABS...  sooooooo just wondering if there is anyone out there that is up for a wee bit fun making a fun wee game!

to start off, im mainly interested in mechanics and discussing/implementing cool ass features. and then see where the project can go from there. i am an artist, so most visual nonsense will be covered by me and i want the visual style to veer away from traditional RMXP sprites and stuff.

so aye, hit me up if yer interested, and remember, its pure casual, so even a little input would be awesome. or even if you have some cool shit you want to test out, hit me up! :)

if you are interested in any way, and have quastions, just ask! lookin forward to hearing from you all!
General Discussion / Your opinion!
February 09, 2013, 09:41:50 pm
okay dudes and dudettes, after years (literally) i have come back to rpgmaker! and i need your opinion!

thing is, im not a scripter, however, i fucking love events! its what made me love RPGmaker. right now i am wondering what my first project should be. something risky, difficult and awesome to look at?

the only thing ive decided to start is making my own event based CBS. but, what should i go for? should i make an active battle system or time based? should i make it side view or arial?

im hungry to make a sideview real time system, kinda like castlevania. but are my eyes bigger than my belly? what about a tactics style system? i duno... which is why im asking haha

what would you guys love to see? something different? something classic? something ballsy?
Welcome! / Hapnin' folks
February 09, 2013, 07:06:45 pm
Hey, I'm Kordan! im a 22 year old scotsman who has been very interested in RPGmaker since i was a wee, spotty, spoiled, brat and i spent countless hours on rpgmaker 98+ creating real-time battle systems using events and crazy-ass variable mindf**ks (cause there was no scripting capabilities that i know of and as for XP, i couldn't write script anyway), until vx which i never acquired . this was because i took more interest in the 3D side of things and later went to university to study Computer Arts. however, i dropped out in my 2nd year as i was too good at hosting mental parties, and thus was always under the influence.

now, many years later, my little cousin (of whom adores me for some reason...) convinced me to acquire rpgmaker again. i did so, and found out about ARC in the process. i have so many questions and things to say that i dont know how to put it into an introduction post, also i will find out info as i read more and investigate. to be able to make a game (for a handheld device, too hopefully) in an RPG making software that i am familiar with that can be played with ease is just amazing. and to be able to stray from RPG's tickles me as well.

I will be frequenting this forum from now on as the possibilities are unlimited. i wish to get back into making little fun games that look good, and i cant wait! as i said before, i have studied computer arts and i am an "artist" that would love to help on projects, however, all my gear is at the other side of the world (my beastly rig and my cintiq). because of this, i am a little rusty and it has been years since i have considered drawing anime art. but on that note, if there is anything i can do to help outv with projects etc, i would love to hear from you guys!