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Topics - Shining Riku

I've been working on a status scene that displays the player's personality traits and their levels, much like the Status screens in Persona 3 and Persona 4. I'm not much of a scripter, honestly so I'm kind of flailing around.

That said, I'll link my script here in this code box:
#Persona Style Personality Status (P.S.P.S) Module by ShiningRiku
#Version: 1.0
#Type: Status/Menu Addon
#Date v1.0: 6.5.2014

# module Personality

module Personality

# START Configuration
  # basic config
  COURAGE = 12
# END Configuration

# Game_System

# Window_Base
class Window_Base
  def draw_actor_status(x, y)
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("#{$game_actors[1].character_name}_person", hue)
    src_rect =, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_background(x, y)
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("1PersonBG")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap1, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_knowledge(x, y)
    if $game_variables[KNOWLEDGE] = 0
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Knowledge1")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[KNOWLEDGE] = 1
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Knowledge2")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[KNOWLEDGE] = 2
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Knowledge3")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[KNOWLEDGE] = 3
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Knowledge4")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[KNOWLEDGE] = 4
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Knowledge5")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_courage(x, y)
    if $game_variables[COURAGE] = 0
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Courage1")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[COURAGE] = 1
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Courage2")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[COURAGE] = 2
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Courage3")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[COURAGE] = 3
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Courage4")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[COURAGE] = 4
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Courage5")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_diligence(x, y)
    if $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 0
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Diligence1")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 1
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Diligence2")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 2
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Diligence3")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 3
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Diligence4")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 4
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Diligence5")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_expression(x, y)
    if $game_variables[EXPRESSION] = 0
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Expression1")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[EXPRESSION] = 1
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Expression2")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[EXPRESSION] = 2
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Expression3")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[EXPRESSION] = 3
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Expression4")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[EXPRESSION] = 4
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Expression5")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
  def draw_stat_understanding(x, y)
    if $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 0
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Understanding1")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 1
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Understanding2")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 2
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Understanding3")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 3
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Understanding4")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)
    elsif $game_variables[DILIGENCE] = 4
    bitmap = RPG::Cache.picture("Understanding5")
    src_rect=, 0, bitmap.width, bitmap.height)
    self.contents.blt(x, y, bitmap, src_rect)

# Window_Personality

class Window_Personality < Window_Base

  def initialize
    super(0, 0, 640, 480)
    self.contents = - 32, height - 32)

  def refresh
    self.contents.font.color = normal_color
    self.contents.draw_text(224, 0, 120, 32, $game_actors[1].name, 1)
    self.contents.draw_text(224, 0, 150, 32, $game_actors[61].name, 1)
    draw_stat_background(0, 0)
    draw_stat_knowledge(0, 0)
    draw_stat_courage(0, 0)
    draw_stat_diligence(0, 0)
    draw_stat_expression(0, 0)
    draw_stat_understanding(0, 0)
    draw_actor_status(0, 0)
    draw_actor_hp($game_actors[1], 400, 92, 172)
    draw_actor_sp($game_actors[1], 400, 122, 172)

# Scene_Personality

class Scene_Personality
  def main
    @spriteset = if MAP_BACKGROUND
    @personality_window =
    loop do
      break if $scene != self
    @spriteset.dispose if MAP_BACKGROUND
  def update
    if MAP_BACKGROUND && (Input.trigger?(Input::A) || Input.trigger?(Input::C))
    if Input.trigger?(Input::B)
      $scene =


First off, this is a learning experience for me, and as far as working standalone script goes this is my first work. Iunno if it's optimized with the way I'm doing things.

I'm probably missing things and some of the code I'm learning from in Blizzard's scripts, the settings haven't been finalized and cuz of syntax errors I haven't actually gotten it to run ingame yet.

Currently it tells me I have a syntax error on line 171, right where I start defining how the actual window works :C
My work here is roughly the equivalent of a blind person driving a car, so it's pretty...interesting to say in the least!

Idunno what else to add, this is my first time making a script, let alone requesting aid in debugging >_>;;

I can set up a demo with sample graphics since this script is so heavy on pictures if that will help.
[EDIT] Alright well I figured out how to add actions...Now to see if I can still get the combo itself to work >_>;;
I've taken a break from making games but now I'm back into it...and am once again trying to work with Blizz ABS.

Only, it doesn't want to work with ME, which was the same dang problem I had last time.
I made a combo, and I attached it to a skill, right? when the player uses the skill it's supposed to use the combo but it does nothing, the skill carries on as combo.

As for the combos themselves, it won't let me add any "actions" to the combo at all and I am left with one action per combo.

I'm not usually this stupid or thick headed because I must OBVIOUSLY be missing something but I see nothing to add an action to a combo, and the help file has nothing regarding this. Idunno what I am doing wrong. I could just really use some answers, it'd make my task much much easier and I'd be extremely thankful for help ;3;
I created a new parameter for actors, but this stat is outside the editor's system.

Theoretically, is there a way to use a script call to rename a system word like the one chosen for Defense and Magic Defense, Strength or Dexterity?

I'm not too savvy with scripting yet as I am still learning but I believe I can handle the rest if somebody could help me with this script call. If you have any questions for me regarding this I'd really appreciate those as well. I realize that I may be lacking information here but I can clear that up if you ask. I'm not sure what else to put here so I'll just leave it at that for now.
My questions were, which phase in the DBS is the end of turn phase? I wanna know which part runs after the turn is over, or which phase runs BEFORE the play makes their moves and such. I'd actually prefer the latter.

and how do I call common events from the script event command? Can I use that same syntax in the starting/ending battle phase and run that common event before the player moves without errors?

It's not necessary, but it'd help me run my event battle systems more smoothly. It's alright if nobody can help me with this since it isn't gonna change too much but it'd help me still.
I understand that RM 2003 had something that let you cast magic from item scrolls you could use in battle.

Is there a script like that for RPG maker XP? If so, where can I find it? I figure somebody out there's made the script, i'm just horrible at finding stuff...

and if it isn't made, is there a chance somebody could make it?
I remember seeing somewhere you could check which button is being pressed with a conditional script code

The reason i'm asking is because I want to check if the player is holding a certain button in Blizz-ABS
and I know that the normal button check thing doesn't work with it since the original controls are overridden by the abs script.

Does anybody know the script code so I can use it? I'd really appreciate it guys  :D

The reason: Trigger an in-game cutscene like those skits in Tales of Symphonia
Script Requests / Points needed to use skills?
May 09, 2010, 03:17:53 pm
Let me explain: For some certain skills, in addition to using MP that skill may need some points from a variable. Say, Dark Blast needs 5 points, it'll check variable 1 for how many points it has, and if it has five or more it'll allow the skill to be used. If not, the skill is grayed out and cannot be used.

This way, there could be some special skills that you can only use when you've gathered enough points from defeating monsters, or whatever other way you want people to earn points.

Think it's a good idea?  :???:
Script Requests / Counter States?
May 08, 2010, 12:42:45 pm
I tried this myself with a few different scripts. I tried using the elemental reflection script to make counters work, but got a bug with the scope, and tried editing and making a version of counter states with Blizzard's Full Reflection script.

Neither worked. I suppose i'm just not smart enough to edit stuff and get it to work.

I just can't seem to find any counter state scripts out there, and all the ones i've tried making or using thus far just don't work.

It's a serious shame. If somebody would be willing to make such a script I can repay you somehow. I can't do cash or scripts. Maybe sprites or an in-battle event system or something. I'm really really good with the event systems
I have NO idea if this is possible! Please bear in mind it's just an idea but I think it'd be really beneficial for game makers.

Know how in some games, people's attack power, defense, and resistance go up with the rest of their stats? Well, as we all know RPG Maker XP lacks that feature. It would be really cool if there were a script for making the actor's base weapon power, and defenses go up like normal stats.

It annoys me that those stats don't level up, but I know a way, sorta, to handle the defense and resistance leveling up. It takes a few common events and some script sniplets though. The weapon attack power is outta the question.

Could such a script be made? It would be incredible, I think. I know i'd use it over and over again.
I hope somebody can make use of my ideas, and i'd be more than glad to compensate people somehow for their work :(

It'd have to be an event system, or graphics or something like that though. No money or scripting knowledge (if I had the latter I wouldn't be bugging people like this >_<)
RPG Maker Scripts / Critical hit raising states?
April 11, 2010, 01:02:23 am
Just to head people off, I know critical hits are influenced by dexterity, which also happens to raise accuracy.

Instead of making a state that raises dex in order to raise critical hit rate, isn't there a way to instead increase the critical hit rate alone? (as another state script addon thingy)

I'm aware that Blizzard has a similar state in Chaos Project, I forget the name of the state, but I do remember it set the critical hit rate to 25%, no matter what the actor's dex was. (at least I think that's what I heard)

Whether the critical hit rate can be raised by a set amount, or gets locked at a certain percentage like I just mentioned, either is fine. I'm not THAT savvy with the mechanics yet so I don't know what is possible and what is not. Again this is only a suggestion, so......any feedback of any kind is welcome  :haha: 
RPG Maker Scripts / First Strike skills?
April 10, 2010, 04:39:47 pm
I don't have any scripting experience (at least, enough to actually make something) so I'm thinking maybe I can post ideas for scripters to work with? Only if they want to of course!  :(

Game_Guy already made a script for First Strike states, and I must say, it is an EXCELLENT script! If something like that can be done, is it possible to make skills that can strike first as well, like Quick attack and Extremespeed on Pokemon? I think some skills like that would add strategic depth to battle. If not...well, they'd be fun to use right? And wouldn't it be pesky if a real strong but slow boss all of a sudden moved first and KO'd somebody who was supposed to revive a fallen party member!?  :'(

It is just an idea, and I'm fully aware nobody is obligated to make such a script, if it works that is. If I get any more ideas i will continue to put them out in hopes that I can help make games more strategic and interesting...maybe.

And if anybody goes and makes scripts based off Ideas I put out, don't worry about crediting me. Chances are the ideas aren't original D:
Projects / Games / R U INSANE!?
April 29, 2009, 05:14:31 pm
I was writing a cartoon series for a while, then I hatched a plan to make a game outta it, and instead of being completely silly and stuff my Action RPG actually turned out more serious with a funny undertone.

Funny, right? I don't see any rules about working on two or more projects at a time, so I'll post my second work!

Yet another innane project by Square Phoenix. So far I'm really the only productive member or my team, LOL!

Background Story
In a rather...tasteless and random world without a name, there are eight gemstones of incredible power. Each one represents one of the eight base elements which govern the universe.
Without the Element of Light there would be no sun, no stars...
Without the Element of Darkness there would be no night, no dark closet...
Without the Element of Fire there'd be no heat to flames...
Without the Element of Water there would be no Oceans, no lakes, and probably an abundance of smelly fish..
Without the Element of Wind there would be no gentle spring breeze or raging storms...
Without the Element of Earth the ground would be lifeless and barren...
Without the Element of Ice there'd be no...Ice...
Without the Element of Lightning there wouldn't be anything left to smite people standing under trees during storms.

The elements are what hold this universe together, and yet they have been sealed away millenium ago. For, if these Elements were to assemble in one place...All of the laws by which that universe was created would fail and everything would fade into oblivion. Actually nobody knows exactly what would happen but I assure you it wouldn't be good!

Real Story
For one person, it began as another day.
For this one person, that day ended in a swordfight with a man that was once his best friend, but now didn't even recognize him.

Paul, a rather average person from Planet Earth, gets sucked into a strange dream. Afterwards he wakes up in the middle of a strange forest, wearing a rather strange outfit and carrying an even stranger sword.

The strange thing for him, though, was...He'd been here before, but his memories of that before were fading fast. He knew he had one ally here, and that his quest depended on it. He follows a strange song in the forest and comes across the Hero of Time, Link, and after a misunderstanding the two draw steel. Link ultimately comes out victorious. After that the rest of Paul's memories of that before fade, and the two start the beginning of a long and difficult journey to protect their world's balance.

The Characters

His memories of his past journey in this world long lost, Paul starts a journey that began with him as an apprentice swordsman. Bestowed the title of Mageknight by a spirit in his dream, Paul wields both swords and magic with proficiency. He enjoys exploring, but sometimes the urge of treasure is too much...


Calm, confident, and Collected, Link battles with a variety of weapons but specializes especially in swords. He can wear heavier armor than most people and in addition can use shields. His high skill ensures that most of his attacks hit, and even increases his chances of landing critical hits.


Somewhat excitable and energetic, Roy is not to be underestimated. He is also an intelligent individual and is as resourceful as they come. His skill with the blade is high, and his stroke is much heavier than Link's which enables him to deal more damage at the cost of skill. He is also decent with magic and can wield heavy swords in addition to the lighter swords Paul and Link perfer.


A really grumpy Gnome from the town of Shmoe's Pass. He is rescued by the combined efforts of Paul, Link, and Roy when they come to run off a battalion of soldiers that imprisoned him and the rest of the gnomes. He later leads the party through the mines to the Element of Fire and continues to journey with them afterwards.
He uses pickaxes in battle but he can also use the occasional odd weapon, which isn't limited to his voice or a stinky fish. He has really high skill and hardy endurance but a lack of speed leaves him susceptible to critical hits.

Blizz ABS!
Tons of Addons!
Party Switcher!
Soul Force Combo system, which is used to simulate Final Smashes like on Brawl!
Advanced Time and Environment System!
Bestiary by Blizzard!
StormTronics CMS!
Some sweet Common events that are used in Skills to create an even more unique battle experience!
-At the moment that's all I can think of. This game wouldn't be possible without Blizz. Seriously.-

The demo has about 7-10 hours of gameplay, maybe 5 if you REALLY rush and get lucky. Two chapters out of 8-10 planned are completely finished, minus a secret shop I haven't put into one area yet. Some sprites are subject to heavy improvement to increase...uh, the awesomeness if any is there. I apologize in advance if some of the prologue is annoyingly poor in appearance.

Demo Download
It's 128 MB for an encrypted project. Downloader beware! I tried cutting out some music, so let me know if any errors pop up regarding missing music files.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Blizz. Emperor of Scripters!
Me. I put a lot of time into this. It still isn't perfect though. Lots of Super Smash Brothers Brawl music, and some Fire Emblem music. More music. More music.
Me again. I ripped some music from some games myself.
Nintendo. Awesome characters and music. They get the most credit for the music 'cause originally they made it all! Well, almost all of it.
Sega. They're responsible for a few characters and some of the music.
Um, and whoever made the Metal Gear Solid series. Them too!
Enterbrain. Another group deserving of thanks. Without some of their resources and RPG Maker XP, there'd be no R U INSANE!?
And more. Gotta do some more research to make sure I get everybody.

That's all! I hope you people enjoy this game if you play it any. I've been alternating between this and my Crystal Chronicles game but both are still being worked on actively! Except for when i'm playing Chaos Project. Oh well!
Ok...I'm not good at making scripts by myself but I understand them enough to use them.

Now, on to the topic.

Script Title:
Perhaps "Critical Hit modifier"?

Definitely RMXP.

Detailed Description:
Nothing to it. Based on an actor's class, they would either gain a boost in ability to land critical hits or be less likely. I don't know much about critical hits, but is it based on percentages? Oh well, anything is fine.

Not so sure how such a thing would be set up, so I honestly can't say whether it'd be easy or not. It would add a strategic element to a Class Change system. I'd love it if somebody could write one up sometime but I understand if it's too difficult or messy to attempt.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Script Troubleshooting / No AP gain in Tons of Add ons
September 04, 2008, 06:52:56 pm
Ok, i've got a problem, obviously.

I tried using the EQUAP skills add on from the tons of add-ons, I set up the database for all the skills and which pieces of armor they'd the stuck to, but after I tried playing around at the 'beginning' of the game, I didn't gain any AP at all. Everything works except for the AP. It shows how much I need to learn the skill, but it never updates the 'AP needed' part, and I just forget the skill after unequiping the armor.

Is there something I could be doing wrong? The game doesn't give me any errors, the scripts work. I just don't get any AP. This is as specific as I can possibly get, as there is no error message to show anybody. I apologize for a lack of info, but this is all I have.

And yes, the EQUAP skills add on is definitely turned on. It just isn't working quite right. :(
Recruitment / Beta Testers for FF: Crystal Chronicles?
August 31, 2008, 04:15:49 pm
Hey! I kinda need some beta testers for my project, FF: The Crystal Chronicles.
I'll include everybody in the credits that helps out with this. This project may be my first, but I definitely want to do a good job with it. I can only do that if i have help. :^_^':

Anyways, if anybody's interested, here's the demo link:

It's the 'final' version of my demo, I said in the project topic, but if enough people are interested i'll update the demo and extend it. Please, I'd like some input and opinions.
Testing the game myself isn't gonna help anything. :^_^':

Oh, yeah, and by the way, I don't have slots for beta testers. Anybody and everybody can help. Just let me know, and i'll update this list.


Thanks in advance to anybody that helps!
EDIT: After making so many changes and getting used to the ins and outs of working on this forum, I figured this post needed a complete overhaul. Some of the base info here like the background story will be left unchanged, but as I fix this I'll add to the credits, the snapshots, and basically update anything that needs to be done.

I'm trying to make this game a good one, so any help would be appreciated. The help I need the most is for you, the reader, to just test the game and tell me if it works. For those of you that have played this game in its early stages, thanks for doing that, and sorry I subjugated you to such pain.

I have updated many things in-game, but I still have a ways to go. I have to apologize in advance for my shoddy spriting skills, and I hope they don't annoy you too much. Most of the enemies you will see in battle are using placeholding sprites, which will stay there until I either get a lot better at spriting, or somebody helps me out with that. Chances are i'll end up using more of the RTP resources than I want to, and that will limit this game's originality. :P

Oh well. It's too soon to cry yet, so let's just see how this goes!

Background Story
Spoiler: ShowHide
Centuries ago, there was a Golden Age. A grand city of great majesty and beauty spread out on a plain below the view of a crystal the size of a mountain. This was the city of Vellenge, a city more beautiful than any other. Four races of people lived there in harmony, making the best of their prosperity. There were the peaceful, gentle Clavats, the proud warrior Lilties, the wise Yukes, and the athletic Selkies. Sadly, it was not to be.

Peace was shattered the day astronomers discovered a great meteor in the sky, headed right for their planet. The meteor impacted the crystal and destroyed it in a horrific explosion, and leveled the city in moments. The fragments of the Great Crystal were scattered to the horizon, and the people who survived by fleeing the city wandered without a place to call home. They wandered as nomads for many years, looking for places to live out the rest of life quietly. Danger escalated as the meteor that destroyed their home bled out a foul cloud of evil across the land.

The cloud was named Miasma. It took many lives as it washed over the land, and the people fled from it and the monsters it brought into the world. They then came across shards of the great crystal. The crystal's brilliance held the fould cloud of death at bay, and finally the people had a safe place to call home. Over time, the crystals faded, and the people sent out caravans to search for a cure. The soldiers they sent came back with a chalice of glowing water, something they chose to name Myrrh. The myrrh restored power to their crystals, and thus the Crystal Caravans were born.

Main Story
Spoiler: ShowHide
One day, many millenia after the meteor was forgotten in the darkness, Ichiro, Grandson of the village elder of Tipa, encounters a band of Goblins while exploring the nearby forests. He runs ahead to warn his village of their plans to raid, and bands together with his friends to fight back the menace. He and his friends are the village's new crystal caravan, and after they rescue their hometown, they set out to gather Myrrh to keep their village alive.

Ichiro and friends encounter many new allies and enemies as they journey, and after their first year they come back to find their home razzed to the ground by monsters. Now, with no village to rescue, Ichiro sets off to solve the mystery of their dark world and bring hope back to everybody as a sinister shadow works towards his plan for bringing the world to ruin, something he has not been able to do for centuries.

But can he overcome the haze that threatens to swallow life? Is he, the Chosen one of the Princess of Light, enough to vanquish an evil that has festered in one of the darkest craters for millenia? Or does this world know no hope?

Spoiler: ShowHide

Ichiro is the story's main hero. He believes in true justice, and once he sets his mind to a task he never gives up. He tends to be oblivious to the deeper feelings of the people around him but he does his best to stay on the best of terms with his friends.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Asuka is the daughter of Tipa Village's resident tailor. She fights alongside her longtime friend Ichiro, who she secretly loves. She seems pushy and bossy sometimes, but she just tries to keep her airheaded friend on track.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Bishop is a Yuke that is another of Ichiro's longtime friends. He is virtuous to a fault and speaks with a noble politeness. His research in light magic has given him the ability to heal allies and is only limited by his knowledge of the magic arts.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Engle is another villager that is signed onto the caravan's crew. Unlike most Lilties, he is very shy and withdrawn, which may explain why he wears a bucket for a helmet. He fights like a bear in battle, swinging around gigantic spears that only a warrior could hope to lift.

There are many other characters, which will be introduced in the story, of course! It'd be best to let you play the demo and see them for yourself.

Here's a cache of snapshots for you to consider.
Example of battle
Spoiler: ShowHide

Random screenies from running around
Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

Blizzard's tons of ad-ons
Stormtronics CMS
and the Party Switcher!
Legacyblade's Legacy Class Change
Blizzard's R\O Job\skill system
Valcrist's Rice Field CBS (From Rpg Rpg Revolution)
That about sums up the scripts. Thank you, Blizzard, for such good scripts! These are awesome!

Um...Let's see...
Square Enix and Nintendo for the original game
Creative Uncut for the heroe's battler pics.
Enterbrain for the things that came with RPG maker XP,
Square Enix for the FFX music I used,
Enterbrain again for the scarce amount of RPG maker VX graphics I used,
Me for the custom drawn monsters and bosses, bleah....
and Elemental Temple for the Crystal Chronicles main menu theme.
and unknown people for the FF1, 2, and Golden Sun battle music. (I got those out of a resource, and there wasn't any info on the composers. Love ya, whoever made this stuff!)

This list will be updated as the project progresses.

And now for your lurvely demo!

I updated the demo. I fixed a few cutscenes, adjusted a few weapons, adjusted a few characters, and adjusted prices of a few items and also fixed the Mine of Cathuriges Dungeon, which I stupidly forgot to put an entrance on, lol!

When I release the final version, i'll touch up the graphics a bit. The demo has at least three hours of play time, and it's only an appetizier in comparison to the final version! Let me know if you encounter any odd errors or awkward scenes. I'd like to fix them.

As far as a crew goes, this is a one man project. I've done all of this myself, not including the graphics and music i've had to import and all of that. Comments, criticism (As long as it's not too flamey, lol), and advice is much welcome! Please, enjoy. (If you want to use some of the graphics in the game, in other words the pics I drew, heck, help yourself. I don't own them. Credit would be nice....but is not necessary.)

EDIT: This is due another update. I've made huge changes (Removing MOST of that annoying bright stuff from the battler pics for example.)
I incorporated Legacyblade's class change script along with Blizz's R\O job skill system to create classes with unique sprites and dynamic stat changes, and I'm also using a CBS called Rice Field CBS. It's a lot like the battle system on FFX, and it makes excellent use of the class sprites since it uses the actor's character graphic. Note that these graphic changes don't actually change the appearance of the character's Status screen. Those battler sprites are just used for the status screen now.

I will update my information here soon to show my new resources and the new scripts I'm using, but since I am on a different computer that will happen a little later. The screenies will also be updated, and I will provide a new demo which should contain about 5-10 hours of gameplay depending on whether you like to goof around or just rush through the story.

On a final note for this edit, I fixed some stuff at the beginning of the game, mostly just general event improvement including key cutscenes and the backbone for an intro opposed to just chucking the player right into the game. (Hope that makes ya feel better, Starrodkirby. :^_^':)

Here's to hoping that this turns epic!
-Shining Riku-

Tutorial Requests / [RESOLVED] In-game Snapshots?
August 27, 2008, 10:36:35 pm
I do not know whether this is the place to ask or not, but here goes:

When people make new projects and post their info in the projects section, they have snapshots from their game in the topics. Is there a feature in RPG Maker XP that lets you take snapshots, or do I need to use an external program?
I'm back.  :^_^':

The problem this time is this:

Everything works fine, until i get a new piece of armor/weapon/anything. Once i go into the equipment section to change the equipment, if i don't touch anything, i can leave without causing anything to happen.

But get this: Once i change a piece of armor, it puts it in the storage window at the bottom, and if i re-equip it it just duplicates, and will be in my slot and my inventory at the same time. If i unequip said piece of armor, it does not add another to my inventory, so that works right at least. If i leave the equip scene after "duplicating" the armor, it stays up on the screen even while in the menu section, and in every other screen including the one where you run around the map.

Part two: Finally, say i have two pieces of armor. I switch an iron plate for a bronze plate, the bronze plate goes into my inventory and swaps normally. Same problem as earlier, except if you keep switching armor for a bit the names for the iron plate and bronze plate stack on top of each other. I can also go to my accessories and it reacts with that window. I can select the armor like an accessory, but thankfully it won't appear in the accessory slot.

Can anybody make heads for tails of this weird problem? I think it might have something to do with the Scene_Equip script that has to be modified...But that's an educated guess on my part.
Hello, i'm new here, and i just got RPG Maker XP.

I tried using Blizz's script edits for inserting extra accessory slots, and i'm guessing it worked...but every time i try starting a new file or continuing an older save, it gives me THIS error!

Script 'Game_Battler 1'line 57: NameError occured.
undefined local variable or method 'base_maxhp' for #<Game_Actor:0x14eba98>

...I have no idea how i messed this up. I'm not a scripting genius, nowhere near it. If somebody could help me figure out what the heck i did (i'm sure i didn't touch anything to do with MAX HP!), Then i'd really appreciate the help.

Thank you for reading this, and if somebody knows what happened, please get back with me soon!