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I've been working on event based title screen, so I modifed Zexion's title screen but it doesn't really work, though it works in a new project. It simply means one of scripts causes it, and I guess it's Blizz ABS. I would really appreciate if someone could check out my project and find how to fix this issue. BTW. Menu screen is in Polish, but I guess it's possible to figure out as commands are in classic order ^^'
I hope I don't spam too much with my problems ^^'

So first problem I have is position of hotkeys in Blizz ABS. I changed it's position in line 6053 of third part of the script and it worked fine. Problem is in hotkey assignment screen - arrow stayed in old position and I don't know how to move it.

My second problem is also about hotkeys, but in different matter. I want to put a picture behind Blizz hotkeys, just so it looks cooler, but in Blizz hotkeys when you walk on the hotkeys it self they become more transparent for better visibility. I would like to make same with picture I put under thoose hotkeys - is it possible? If yes, can anyone help me with it?
So I've been trying to make animals running away from player (as they're scared), but I had a little trouble. Here is how I made it:

I'm sure it's not that hard, I just had a looong break from RMXP ^^' Can anyone solve it?
I began playing around with Blizz ABS and it's been great until a bug appeared. First Movement speed became very slow and I could not change it (though I found pixel movement caused it so I had to turn it of :C). And there is one more, which I can't fix. For some reason I can walk through everything exept one tile. I would really love to get it fixed because I can' make a game about floating people ^^' I don't know where is a problem so I won't post any code bofore u ask me for something precise. Sorry for my bad English, cheers ;)