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I'm looking for a quick script that can be used with a dos batch file, or some other easy thing to do this:

I have a list of SKU's and ID numbers:
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SKU:         ID:
120100   18055
107100   19879
340100   16743
709110   15162
404210   11848

The list is about 5000 long... UGH!

I have a 2TB folder with images in it that are named after the ID numbers, I need to rename those files to be the matching SKU number.
e.g. I have a file named 18055 and I need to rename it, and any other files named 18055, to 120100.

Is there a quick way to do this procedurally? I already have a .txt file with all the data. 

Disclaimer: I am really bad at scripting / programming
Express your Creativity / Me singing in 2010
December 26, 2013, 02:57:08 am
Can't believe I'm posting this, but I'm feel like being vulnerable.

I found my old myspace music page, remember when coldplay was a thing? Played the guitars and did the vocals on these two short covers.
Made a mysterious overworld theme, I'm proud of this one :)
Instead of spamming this forum with individual threads, I thought I'd just make a music thread and start posting stuff here.
These are all original tunes for the RMXP game, using my best sound sample sets.

Overworld Theme (Dec 19th)

Heroic Cutscene Que

Melodrama (Sad Que)


Sase's RPG Main Theme, arranged for orchestra

Sase's Boss Battle 1

Sase's Boss Battle 2
When I uploaded my RPG theme to soundcloud, I remembered I made this a while back.  It's a really fun tune; I definitely want to attempt to make more of this genre.

Made in Reason 5.0
Express your Creativity / [Finished] Intro Theme for RPG
December 09, 2013, 03:58:29 am
OK, really done now; this will play during the intro "movie":


Updated: Here's the final draft:

Here's the second draft; the piece flows much better now:

Not really sure what thread this goes in so I put it here.
Finished the demo of my game, just gotta compose the soundtrack and record the voice acting.

Here's the first draft (needs to be equalized/mixed, but the music is all there)
This script will assign a skill_ID of your choice to a free hotkey (it won't overwrite any hotkeys that are already filled with skills)

This script call will assign a Skill to a hotkey:
for i in 1..10
if $game_player.skill_hotkeys[i%10] <= 0
if $game_player.item_hotkeys[i%10] <= 0
$game_player.skill_hotkeys[i%10] = Skill_ID #Enter your Skill ID here

This script call will assign an Item to a hotkey:
for i in 1..10
if $game_player.skill_hotkeys[i%10] <= 0
if $game_player.item_hotkeys[i%10] <= 0
$game_player.item_hotkeys[i%10] = Item_ID #Enter your Item ID here

Script by KK20 (edited by me.. yay)
Original Post:

I know how to assign a skill to a hotkey using this call:
$game_player.skill_hotkeys[Hotkey_Number] = Skill_ID

Is there a simple way to make it check all the hotkeys, find the first one that is free, and then assign a skill to that hotkey?
Thanks so much KK for resolving this issue:

What this does:
Checks to see if you've hit an enemy with X character using a regular attack -> Performs an action (e.g. Call common event, change variable etc)


Checks to see if you've hit an enemy with X character using Y skill -> Performs an action (e.g. Call common event, change variable etc)

Original Post:

I'd like to set up a rage building system, I can't seem to figure out how to check with Blizz Abs if you've just attacked an enemy.  

What I am looking for:
Within a parallel common event:
Script/command to check if you've just attacked an enemy THEN IF TRUE -> perform a common event/or change a variable/switch
(Not any specific enemy, I just want you to build rage as you hit enemies, then you can expend rage to use special attacks)

But I have no idea how to check if you're hitting an enemy or not, it's gotta be simple; I'm just clueless.

I want X and Y to be game variables, (or even better, just the co-ordinates of the parent event).  Not sure how to insert variables in place of constants.
This existence of this script is extremely important to me:

1) The Problem
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In my game, I'm experimenting with a smithing system that let's you generate items in game, also I'm experimenting with having enemies drop generative weapons/gear like in Diablo.  Because when weapons are generated they do not have attack animations already made for them, they will cause a missing file error. 

2) Script Description
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a) Be able to assign what Weapon animation a weapon uses.  i.e. config file at the top of the script (Weapon 023, use animation for weapon X)
b) Any weapon which does not have an attack animation file, or an animation assigned to it, defaults to using weapon animation X

optional c) Any weapon with the word "sword" in its title uses animation X, any weapon with the word "club" in its title uses weapon animation Y, etc.

The existence of this script would open up the possibilities of Blizz Abs games a lot, I really hope someone is able to tackle this particular issue!
Resources / Shek's Resource Thread [Update: 11/25]
November 23, 2013, 12:02:06 pm
I've been making a ton of resources while developing my new game, and while I don't plan on posting all of them, I will definitely post some that I feel will be useful to the community at large.  Follow this thread for periodic updates.

Blizz Abs Weapons:

Katana Weapon (modified from VX Icon)
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Slashing Weapon  (original)
Spoiler: ShowHide

Animated Fireball  (modified)
Spoiler: ShowHide

Blizz Abs Enemy Sprites:

Animated Ghost (modified from VX Battler)
Spoiler: ShowHide


Animated Pillar (modified from VX tileset)
Spoiler: ShowHide


I think the script I need is this:,9784.0.html

---I knew this was an RFTM situation/a more searching the forums needed

I looked a bit for this, and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.

Does anyone know of a script, or could anyone make a script that:

Has an event (an enemy for example) walks to a set of co-ordinates (or another event), and flips a switch to ON.

Making this compatible with BABs pathing might be hard, pathing calculations aren't a must for this script, I'd be fine if it just walked in a straight line.
Troubleshooting / Help / Resolved: Item Drop Error: Help!
November 22, 2013, 01:00:14 am
Sometimes when an item is dropped, you can't pick it up.  To fix this bug, simply go to part 2 of the abs script and change: = (keys.size == 0 ? 1 : keys.max + 1)

to = (keys.size == 0 ? 1 : keys.max + 6)    #6 is an arbitrary number, could be 2 theoretically, or 90... 6 seemed to work for me.

Thanks KK!

About 20% of the time, when an item drops from an enemy, it can't be picked up.

Is anyone else experiencing this? And is it fixable?
Troubleshooting / Help / Gamepad with BABS
November 21, 2013, 04:05:27 am
Has anyone discovered a way to use a gamepad with Babs (without using 3rd party programs)?

Troubleshooting / Help / Resolved/Guide: Event Creation
November 21, 2013, 02:07:09 am
I was having trouble creating an event, not because Blizz abs isn't great at it, it is; just because I got lost in the sea of []'s and ()'s required to properly create an event.  Thanks to the help of my Finnish friend, we were able to properly execute creating an enemy with a script.

This is SO freakin useful. Imagine:
-killing a big fat slime and having it explode into 4 little slimes that you have to kill. 
-Walking past a crack in the wall and having it spit out enemies
-Fighting a big boss who spawns dopplegangers or additional enemies as part of his sequence of attacks

These can all be done with events, true, but it's so much quicker to just have blizz abs create the events for you:

here's the final script call we used (in bold are what you should change):

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[0, 'GRAPHIC', 0, 4, 3, 255, 0],

Original Post:
I have been reading the event creation chapter of the manual and I admit it, I am just completely overwhelmed by brackets and I can't seem to properly create an enemy event.

I simply want to create an event called '/e[20]' with fixed movement, regular opacity, speed 3 and refresh rate 6, a graphic called 'bugmedium', and nothing else special about it.

Yet no matter what I try, I either get a syntax error, or I get an event with the proper graphic that doesn't behave like the enemy.

KK Once again, I have no idea how you do it.

This is such an efficient way to do this! Thank you so much.

Original Post:
This could be an RTFM situation, but I've read it back to front and I don't think the option exists to:

Set a specific event/enemy to be immune to knockback.  This is extremely important when you have highly scripted boss fights where if they get out of position everything gets messed up.

How can I make certain enemies immune to knockback?
I know how this would be done if I were to do it; just change the item drop graphic from an icon to a Character sprite with 'stop animation'  and 'direction fix' set to on.
Sadly I am mentally disabled when it comes to scripting so I'm not sure where exactly I'd put this into blizz abs script / how to do it.

If anyone has some free time, this would help a lot! I'm trying to steer away from using health pots in my game and want enemies to drop health globes that sustain your HP as you battle through waves of enemies.  Sadly, a health globe that isn't animated looks kind of lame.
Fix: Thanks Zexion;  you pointed me in the right direction.  When I had plugged in my laptop earlier, it turned off 'Extend Desktop onto Second Monitor'.   For some reason, on my main monitor (probably because it's super widescreen), it scales the full screen differently if my desktop isn't extended.

I literally made no changes in my scripts or anything, but today when I ALT+ENTER to enter fullscreen mode, it no longer stretches across my monitor to be true fullscreen.

It's much more vertically stretched... I have no idea why RPGMaker XP is behaving differently with me doing nothing.