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Projects / Games / Fighting Robots Quest
June 26, 2015, 10:20:00 am

What is "Fighting Robots Quest"?

This is an RPG featuring a world where "Simurions", ancient robots from a lost civilisation, have awaken. The goal is to discover them and using them through battles.

My inspirations were Pokémon and Suikoden, for its large roster of playable caracters, the first Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy 6 for their open world and narrative approach. My vision for this project was to make a simple but solid RPG with enough depth to be compelling and have a lot of replay value.

The project runs since October 2008.

What are the features?

-No less than 140 playable characters.
-Robots to find, build, customize and upgrade.
-A world every player can travel his own way through exploration capacities that he can learn in any order he wants.
-More than 100 battle skills to learn.
-A fuse system between robots to make advanced ones.
-A rich world without to much hand holding packed with secrets.
-Two versions of the game offering some exclusive robots and stuff.
-A giveaway system between players to give robots using in game passwords.

Playable characters: The Simurions!

The list is pretty long and won't be completely revealed before the project is over because discovering them is where the fun is.
But here's some:

This is the first Simurions you can find. The player can choose one of them based on its final form, each of them have its own pros and cons.

As you can see there's various types and elements: Types are about building and growing aspects and elements are about strengths and weaknesses. Try to make a balanced team!


Two teenagers, brother and sister, living in a remote village, find in the basement of their grandfather a treasure map. Excited by their find they leave the village to try to find where this map leads...

They soon find an old cave that no one seems to know and deep inside they discover a giant robot that will change their destiny.
Will they uncover the secret behind the Simurions, these robots from another time?

A picture is worth a thousand words!




Actual game duration : 15h
Demo : Summer 2015
Release date : 2017 maybe
Software : RPG Maker 2k3
Welcome! / Hello
June 25, 2015, 04:55:53 pm
Hello guys, my nickname is Boulon. Nice to meet you.
I'm using RPG Maker since a decade, my favorite is still 2k3. ;)

Soon I will share with you my last project which I'm working on since a couple of years, now. But I don't know where the RPG Maker projects should go... :s

Cheers! =D