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I cant find this script anywhere in the forums, I only have 1.0 and I wanted to update, search didnt find anything and I looked through all 4 pages of scripts 0.0
I am using a tax script and im wondering how can I get it to take the tax from a variable. For every shop event I put this before each shop process:

$ = 15

Thats 15%, what I want to do is get that number from a system variable instead, so how do I get it to do this?
$ = "variable id"
Troubleshooting / Help / Changing Tileset
May 01, 2009, 09:45:03 pm
Is it possible to change a maps tileset through a script? This would work wonders for seasons and I notice most of the tilesets are the same, just different graphics.
Script Requests / Item Containers [Complete]
April 29, 2009, 03:03:25 am
Its been a wile since I requested a script :P I feel I've improved over time and able to create things on my own, but now I could use some help.

I been trying to do this with events and felt like I was getting close but I think its missing the nessiccary commands to get this working so I am requesting a script I hope someone will create, not just for me but for everyone to enjoy.

The concept is simple, be able to not only take items but put items into a chest as well. Normally this can easily be done by add item event, but taking items I couldnt figure out. Even with variables saving items, theres no process to take items from the player, not unless you want a million choice long list with millions of if statements for every item in the game, so I figure a script will be much easier.

The idea is to get a chest to take your items as well and keep them there until you are ready to take them out again. This is the same system from Oblivion and Knights of the Old Republic 2.

Anyone up to the challenge?
Well as some of you may know I recovered my encrypted demo of my game and started working on it again, but now I am having problems with an encrypted ad I wanted to use. Ya I know I made big mistakes and now im trying to solve them.

I made this ad for my game here:
Which is meant to apply to the mass audiance, people who never heard of rpg maker or its games. Anyway...

I made it in flash 8 and I made 2 huge mistakes. I encrypted it, and I put a url at the end <_<. I lost the original project file and now all I have left is that. I wouldnt care if it wasnt for the url but it is now an old url that is broken, I wish to change it but I cant open it.

With my demo game I was able to find an rpg maker project unencrypter, im sure theres no law against unencrypting your own game, but I need one for flash now. Does anyone know any way to recover my ad from that encrypted file? There is no way I could make an ad that good again or remake it exactly the same :(
I have been working on an achivement and point system for quite some time now, unable to get a direct connection to work I resorted to a password system, but then I thought why not URL's, I can create pages to gather codes from URL's and put them on the players account on my site.

The only question is, can the game launch URL's? And if so, how?
Chat / RPG Battle Music
October 31, 2008, 02:14:55 am
Just wondering what collections people have for RPG music, especially boss music. Seems hard to find good resources like that.
Script Troubleshooting / Help With Battle Camera
October 30, 2008, 09:25:14 pm
I got this script and its been really awesome:

Spoiler: ShowHide
#_/  ◆戦闘カメラ - KGC_BattleCamera◆
#_/ 戦闘中の視点移動機能を導入します。

# ★ カスタマイズ項目 ★

module KGC
# ◆カメラ移動速度初期値


$imported["BattleCamera"] = true
$imported["Base Reinforce"] = true


# ■ Game_Enemy

class Game_Enemy < Game_Battler
attr_reader :origin_x, :origin_y
# ● オブジェクト初期化
alias initialize_KGC_BattleCamera initialize
def initialize(troop_id, member_index)
  # 元の処理を実行
  initialize_KGC_BattleCamera(troop_id, member_index)

   @origin_x = $data_troops[@troop_id].members[@member_index].x
  @origin_y = $data_troops[@troop_id].members[@member_index].y
# ● バトル画面 X 座標の取得
def screen_x
   return @origin_x - $ * self.zoom
# ● バトル画面 Y 座標の取得
def screen_y
   return @origin_y - $ * self.zoom
# ● 倍率の取得
def zoom
  if $game_variables[25] == 0
    n = (1.00 + $ / 512.00) * ((@origin_y - 304) / 256.00 + 1)
    n = 1
  return n


# ■ Sprite_Battler

class Sprite_Battler < RPG::Sprite
# ● フレーム更新
alias update_KGC_BattleCamera update
def update
   # 元の処理を実行
  return if @battler == nil
   if $game_variables[25] == 0
     if @battler.is_a?(Game_Enemy)
   # 倍率調整
       self.zoom_x = self.zoom_y = @battler.zoom


# ■ Spriteset_Battle

class Spriteset_Battle
# ● 更新
    alias update_KGC_BattleCamera update

def update
  # 元の処理を実行

  if $DEBUG
    if Input::trigger?(Input::Z)
      c = $
      zoom = c.z / 512.00 + 1
      p "#{c.x}, #{c.y}, #{c.z}"
      p "#{@battleback_sprite.x + 320}, #{@battleback_sprite.y + 304}, #{zoom}"
  # カメラ移動判定
  if $game_variables[25] == 0
  cx, cy, cz = $, $, $
  bx, by = @battleback_sprite.x + 320, @battleback_sprite.y + 304
  if bx != cx || by != cy || @bz != cz
    # 倍率調整
    zoom = cz / 512.00 + 1
    @battleback_sprite.zoom_x = zoom * 1.5
    @battleback_sprite.zoom_y = zoom * 1.5
    # 全体化判定
    if $imported["Base Reinforce"]# && KGC::BR_BATTLEBACK_FULL
      @battleback_sprite.ox = @battleback_sprite.bitmap.width * 0.52 # X OFFSET!
      @battleback_sprite.oy = @battleback_sprite.bitmap.height / 2
      mag_x = 600.0 / @battleback_sprite.bitmap.width
      mag_y = 300.0 / @battleback_sprite.bitmap.height
      @battleback_sprite.zoom_x *= mag_x
      @battleback_sprite.zoom_y *= mag_y
    # 座標調整
    @battleback_sprite.x = -cx * zoom / 2 - 320 + @battleback_sprite.ox * 2
    @battleback_sprite.y = -cy * zoom / 2 - 144 + @battleback_sprite.oy * 2
    @bz = cz


# ■ Camera
#  戦闘中のカメラを扱うクラスです。

class Camera
# ● 公開インスタンス変数
attr_reader :x, :y, :z
attr_accessor :move_speed
# ● オブジェクト初期化
def initialize
  @x, @y, @z = 0, 0, 0
  @move_x = @move_y = @move_z = 0
  @move_speed = KGC::BC_SPEED_INIT
# ● 移動
def move(x, y, z)
   @move_x, @move_y, @move_z = x - @x - 320, y - @y - 160, z - @z
# ● 対象エネミーへ移動
def move_target(target)
     return if target == nil || !target.is_a?(Game_Enemy)
  if $game_variables[25] == 0
  tx, ty = target.origin_x, target.origin_y - 144
  tz = (304 - target.origin_y) * 5
  move(tx, ty, tz)
# ● 中央へ移動
def centering
  @move_x, @move_y, @move_z = -@x, -@y, -@z
# ● 更新
def update
  # X座標移動
   if $game_variables[25] == 0
  mv = [[@move_x.abs * @move_speed / 160, 1].max, @move_speed].min
  if @move_x > 0
    @x += mv
    @move_x = [@move_x - mv, 0].max
  elsif @move_x < 0
    @x -= mv
    @move_x = [@move_x + mv, 0].min
  # Y座標移動
  mv = [[@move_y.abs * @move_speed / 160, 1].max, @move_speed].min
  if @move_y > 0
    @y += mv
    @move_y = [@move_y - mv, 0].max
  elsif @move_y < 0
    @y -= mv
    @move_y = [@move_y + mv, 0].min
  # Z座標移動
  mv = [[@move_z.abs * @move_speed / 96, 1].max, @move_speed * 2].min
  if @move_z > 0
    @z += mv
    @move_z = [@move_z - mv, 0].max
  elsif @move_z < 0
    @z -= mv
    @move_z = [@move_z + mv, 0].min


# ■ Scene_Battle (分割定義 1)

class Scene_Battle
attr_reader :camera
# ● メイン処理
alias main_KGC_BattleCamera main
def main
  # カメラ作成
    @camera =
    # 元の処理を実行
# ● フレーム更新
alias update_KGC_BattleCamera update
def update

  # 元の処理を実行


# ■ Scene_Battle (分割定義 3)

class Scene_Battle
# ● フレーム更新 (アクターコマンドフェーズ : エネミー選択)
alias update_phase3_enemy_select_KGC_BattleCamera update_phase3_enemy_select
def update_phase3_enemy_select
  # 選択対象をズームアップ
  if $game_variables[25] == 0
  if !$imported["ActiveCountBattle"] || @action_battler == nil
  # 元の処理を実行
# ● エネミー選択終了
alias end_enemy_select_KGC_BattleCamera end_enemy_select
def end_enemy_select
  # カメラを中央へ戻す
  if $game_variables[25] == 0
  if !$imported["ActiveCountBattle"] || @action_battler == nil
    @camera.move(320, 160, 0)
# 元の処理を実行

# ■ Scene_Battle (分割定義 4)

class Scene_Battle
# ● フレーム更新 (メインフェーズ ステップ 3 : 行動側アニメーション)
alias update_phase4_step3_KGC_BattleCamera update_phase4_step3
def update_phase4_step3
  # カメラ移動
   if $game_variables[25] == 0
  if @active_battler.is_a?(Game_Actor) && @target_battlers != []
    if @target_battlers.size > 1
      @camera.move(320, 160, -96)
  elsif @active_battler.is_a?(Game_Enemy)
  # 元の処理を実行

# ● フレーム更新 (メインフェーズ ステップ 6 : リフレッシュ)
alias update_phase4_step6_KGC_BattleCamera update_phase4_step6
def update_phase4_step6
  # カメラを初期位置へ移動

  # 元の処理を実行

It works fine but now that I got into the habbit of making my own battlebacks I was wondering if it was possible to edit this script to allow 1024x640 size battle backs, currently when I use them the background shifts down right and doesnt strech properly, I was hoping to make high res battlebacks so it wouldnt look so pixelated when it zooms in.

Sorry the comments are not in english v_v

I am starting to learn this but im still doing basic window and cms tutorials, I have no idea what to fix in this script or even if its possible.
Resource Database / RPGXP 3D Battlebacks
October 30, 2008, 01:37:58 am
I have taken the liberty to remake all of the XP default battlebacks into full 3D images for an alternative choice into your games battle backgrounds. As I complete them the list below will be updated one by one. These are 640x320 perfect for RPG Maker XP, you can also get the full high res ones from my deviant page here:

After I have completed the 50 RTP battlebacks I will put them into a pack and I will continue making new ones and will be more then happy to take requests for custom games as long as it remains simple.

Enjoy the new backgrounds :D

RTP-Enchanced 2008
001-Grassland01 *Oct 29*
002-Woods01 *Oct 31*
003-Forest01 *Nov 1*
004-Mountain01 *Nov 8*

Custom Scenes 2008
BL-Glacier01 *Nov 2*
BL-Glacier01alt *Nov 2*
BL-Glacier01extra *Nov 3*
BL-Glacier01FINAL *Nov 3*
Express your Creativity / My CGI Work
October 29, 2008, 03:58:44 am
During my year away from RPG Maker I expanded on my 3d modeling, mostly terrains and mapping and came out with a lot of great stuff, you can see it all on my deviant art page:

A lot of that stuff is WoW models I put into scenes but later on I did make quite a few extra things myself. I hope to put this skill to my game if I can ever get videos to ever play in RPG Maker.
Is it possible to run another file from a script, I think I may got a better video play solution, .bik offers to play videos without a window, at any position or even full screen via a command.

so could this be put into a script and if yes how so?

"Movies\binkplay.exe" testvideo.bik /w-1.-1 /h-1.-1

As a stand alone app it looks very promising, it blends in with the game screen seamlessly and can be custamized to fit in either windowed or full screen games.

I think this is why the format is so popular with many pc games cause it runs cut scenes without modifying the game engine and it doesnt need codacs as everything needed to play the video is in the exe.
Resources / RPG Maker VX Icons for XP
October 21, 2008, 01:34:23 am
For those looking for the VX icons for XP or just plain looking for new icons for XP here they are.

I'm sorry if you seen this before but all the other vx packs I found on the net where all broken links, so once again I resorted to doing it myself. Here is all 239 RPG Maker VX icons split into single png's 24x24 with transparency. Took me a few days, they should be ready out of the box, no need to import one by one just copy all the icons from the zip into your icons folder.

I also redid a few icons to match their elemental counterparts. Like the globes for example, there was no need for 4 different shades of gray so I added the missing colors.


...and tons more
Troubleshooting / Help / VX Animations in XP?
October 19, 2008, 05:39:44 pm
Is there anyway to import or convert VX animations to work in XP?

Or can it only be done frame by frame >.<
General Discussion / RPG Maker XP vs VX
October 19, 2008, 05:24:42 pm
Anyone tried RPG Maker VX here?

Spoiler: ShowHide

I gave the demo a shot and I gata say the graphics and themes are nicer, the editor has more features and I like new interface. I liked the new icons, and the dungeon generator was really neat. I liked the ship options and my favorite feature would be auto events where you can quickly set up doors or inns without copying all your event code from other events. I also liked the faces better then the ones you can get for XP. They are all facing right and they look great when used with text. It makes talking characters more lifelike.

Saying that, I was disappointed in a few small problems making it unplayable to me. For one they took out the battlers and battlebacks. The game just shows text as your character in battle and a warped version of the game map behind the monsters. It felt very empty and plain to me, I prefer the XP battle system much better.

The map editor was simpler but because of that, very limited. The game seems to create more square like maps then of XP making cave creating and landscaping very unrealistic, like back in the gameboy pokemon days <_< I greatly prefer XP's mapper over VX.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Another thing was full screen mode, its not true full screen but only covers about 80% of the screen with massive black borders around it.

The problem is I do like VX better, its smoother and feels better then XP but those few small problems is what keeps me away from it. I think its better to just stick with RPG Maker XP and you can probably download scripts to get all those new VX features in XP.

I give it my lowest score ever, 3 thumbs up...

I gata say, with all the ps2 rpg makers, when the heck do we get a 3d one for the pc... I could so get into that, I been getting into basic 3d modeling over the last year.
Resource Database / FF8 Element & Status Icons
October 18, 2008, 07:10:06 pm
These are element and status effect icons ripped from Final Fantasy 8. The default icons are very limited in RPG Maker so I ripped these to give more variety to spells and even status icons if you are using any scripts for that. Ever since rpg palace went down, I've been unable to find those intensely massive icon packs anywhere so I started ripping my own.

Enjoy :)

- Earth
- Fire
- Holy
- Ice
- Poison
- Thunder
- Water
- Wind

Status Effects
- Berserk
- Confuse
- Curse
- Darkness
- Death
- Drain
- Petrify
- Poison
- Silence
- Sleep
- Slow
- Stop
- Zombie
Script Requests / Character Creator
October 18, 2008, 06:40:20 pm
Just an idea for the long run, a full character creator, either layering multiple images to make the characters body, face and hair or a selection of lots of pre-made images. When the scene is called it brings up a menu where you click left and right arrows to change body, face and hair styles and colors, then clicking ok makes that your main character.
Script Troubleshooting / AP and HUD Question
October 15, 2008, 12:50:16 pm
Couldnt find out if this was possibe in the comments so I came here to ask, for the EQUAP is it possible to give ap through a script, like in an event?

And for the hud addon, can it be toggles on and off from in game? Id like to hide it at certain times like in cinimatics.

I read all the comments, and most of blizzards scripts did come with toggling options but i couldnt find it in the comments for this one.
Resource Requests / [RESOLVED] down?
October 14, 2008, 08:45:45 pm
This has been the most fustrating experence of my entire life >.< I knew I should of burned everything I got from this site to a cd but now I lost everything and when I tried to get it back, ding dong the site is dead...

I really need help, if anyone knows or remembers, there was this icon mega pack with over 7000 weapon and armor icons, the file names where just labeled 0001.png - 7000.png and it was in a rare file. I cant remember the name of the pack but if anyone knows please help me out, it was the best pack I ever found and I would very much like to have it again.

They also had a demo that i dont remember the name too, i guess i cant get help with that without more details, I searched every other rpg maker resource site for it but couldnt find it. Guess im screwed out of this.

I am also looking for inquisitors world tile set, he made it exlusive for rpg palace, and well now, its freaken down isn't it v_v

If anyone could help me find that icon pack or anything else again it would be much apreciated, I am really kicking my ass very hard for not backing these things up. Never trust a site to be up forever, you gata milk the cow dry before it dies 0.0
I swear I must of spent 4 hours in google before coming here for help <_<

What I wish to do is run a common event in a script, particularly during the title screen. The reason is I wish to create a more dynamic title screen with pictures panning and fading in the background. I figured this would be much easier done in an event, now I just need to know how to call the event during the title screen.

I searched the help database and all I found was how to create a new event using a script, thats not what I want, I want to call an event that I already made from the Common Event database and run it in the script.
Script Requests / Online Stats
October 14, 2008, 06:52:54 am
First off let me say I am not asking for online multiplayer, just a little something to make the game more interactive with the members on my site.

Is it possible through sql or just ini or txt files to record the stats of your party and characters to be later uploaded to a website. I would like to use that data to generate player lists on my websites and signature generators to show off in my forums peoples parties and stuff.

Now I know people can make their own sigs but this way it is much more integraded with my website.

What I wish is the option to record and upload data from the game to my website to be later displayed in like a top 100 list or a signature generator. But it needs to be easy for players to use, if this can be done just to text or ini files then that would be ok too, I can create my own uploader in vb or something.

What I want to show is from peoples save files, their current party, level and stats online. This can be a simple "Generate Stats" or "Upload Stats" from the main menu  of the game.

Sorry I cant explain this any easier... an example would be to have the game create a data file, then that can be uploaded to my website, then people can show off their progress and see other peoples characters on a web page.

Maby a little encryption in the data files would be needed so people cant open them in notepad and change level=999 to cheat the system. Only problem with that though is I wouldnt know how to get my site to decrypt the files for display.
New Projects / Sons of Myneria
October 14, 2008, 05:31:43 am

Game Info
Sons of Myneria brings back the classic style turn-based RPG system to the PC. You are able to build up a party of four and for the first time in turn-based RPG's customize your main character to become any class you wish to be. This 2D overhead RPG was designed to bring back the classic turned-based system from so many successful console RPG's and finally deliver it to the PC where it has lacked for many years.

Slowly immerse yourself in an epic world with a classic story as you fight your way through the land of Myneria. Along the way you are able to obtain many items, magic spells and even elemental summons to call in battle.

2D but not old-D, the graphics have been much improved from classic RPG days with dynamic battle cameras, reflections and shadows, a sleek tileset and cinematic cut scenes. Some of the music has also been upgraded from MIDI to MP3. You are also able to change your battle music from the default Sons of Myneria tune to your favorite tracks from many other RPG games.

Window skins are a must, you can choose from the new Sons of Myneria style to classic RPG to styles from your favorite games and even operating systems. There are many customizable options to change the game's looks and sounds to fit the way you want it to play.

Sons of Myneria will also include many extras including a full garden and alchemy system to hardcore black smithing to improve your parties armor. The world itself revolves around a time and place, from night to day and weather effects, NPC's have a schedule bringing the most realism possible to a classic 2D overhead.

To ensure everyone has a chance to play, the full game is absolutely free to download. No one should be left out from this classic experience and remember how good our RPG's used to be.

In the beginning there was nothing. Space and time lay dormant until streaks of light swept across the universe and through this power the earth was created. Together, the eight goddesses brought life to this earth and by fusing their elemental powers together they gave laws and order to the world beneath them.

As the very world they created sprung to life they created the heavens. A place for living beings to shed their physical bodies and ascend into a world of pure energy. As the earth got more and more populated the goddesses formed the Council of Ages to protect and watch down on the earth.

However, some of the goddesses did not approve of this council and fled into the farthest corners of the very world they created. Since then the world was ruled by the four remaining goddesses, watching from their haven, looking over the world.

As the earth progressed through time many lands where formed. Vast oceans and tall mountains. Soon after these lands where claimed by many people. Once such kingdom was formed by Denithil. Claiming the land after his family name, he founded his side of the world and called it Myneria.

Through the ages he ruled his people with peace and love, and so his followers built a great civilization to live in. Over time the goddesses blessed the king with three wondrous sons who would continue Denithil's ruling over the kingdom he created.

But all was not well in this land, years later an evil swept over the fields and forests of Myneria. An army ready to take this land from the hands of its rightful king. Denithil retaliated. He summoned his great army and his three sons who trained to become mighty warriors into battle.

Many lives where lost but the war was won, the evil army was defeated, but at the cost of one of the sons who went missing in battle. Unable to find him amongst the chaos the king had no choice but to let go. The third son was presumed dead and forever mourned a hero of Myneria.

Now the land settles back into peace, its people just starting to grasp the taste of life once again... until the next threat that passes among them.


Race: Human
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Home: Calmer Village
Tobia stumbled into Calmer Village with no memory of his past. Near death he was taken in by Izzy and Ronan who brought him back to health. Now he rests in their home until he recovers for the tasks ahead.

Verwindre Moonstrider
Race: Miyan
Class: Avatar
Age: 421
Gender: Female
Home: Emerald Forest
Verwindre wonders the forests of Myneria in search for a pupil to train for her true calling in hopes to raise a hero more powerful then any evil that could defeat them.

Race: Ascended
Class: Goddess of Fire
Gender: Female
The most perky and least liked of the four main goddesses of Myneria, Vyce descended down back to human form in order to help fend off the evils of the world breaking many rules in the process. Although a goddess, she is weak in mind and requires help to survive in the human world.

Meridian Myneria
Race: Imperial
Class: Guardian
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Home: Myneria Castle
One of the original members of the Imperial Knights and one of the last remaining sons of Myneria, Meridian leads his knights on a crusade to vanquish all evil and bring justice to all that has shadowed over the kingdom.

Lucia Lunaheart
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Home: Myneria Castle
Although not part of the royal family by blood, Lucia joined the Imperial Knights soon after the third son was lost in battle and tries to live up to her potential by supporting the knights as best as she can. Over time the two brothers learned to accept her as one of their own.

Venith Myneria
Race: Imperial
Class: Knight
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Home: Myneria Castle
Now currently the youngest of the group, Venith uses his skills to help his companions in whatever way he can to claim his honor amoung the rest of the clan. Balancing all aspects of combat he proves valuable in his campaign for glory.

In Development

There are currently no downloads available for this project yet. A demo is in development and will be released soon.

All this and more can be found on the new official game site at

I would like to thank Blizzard here at chaos-project for being such a big help towards the game and his scripts are what make up most of the meat of the project. Thank you Blizzard :D

I will indeed include full credits to all the authors of the resources I use by the time the demo is complete.
Ok first I just wanna say this is low priority, I don;t absolutely need it and I know I've bugged you too much already :P

I am trying to replace the equipment scene completely with a quest menu but it doesn't seem to work. I think it is because your cms is trying to force it as an equipment menu.

I don't want an equipment menu of any kind I would like it completely replaced into a quest screen.

I have Runes Quest Log Script and it is called by $scene = Scene_QuestPage1

It works as a stand alone item but I want it as part of the main menu. I want it to replace the equipment option so it shows the quest log instead of equipment.

The reason for this is cause I feel that having 2 equipment menus is pointless, I only want the one that actually lets you change your equip.

Anyway I went into the stormtronics cms config


and went to this part and put

          $scene = Scene_QuestPage1

now when I go in game and select the equipment option (haven't renamed to quest log yet) it forces me to select a character and when I do the game crashes, with no errors, so I think its still trying to use the equipment option as an equipment screen when I just want it to call the quest log.

How can I get this working?
Script Requests / [RESOLVED] Play Movie Files?
October 13, 2008, 09:39:35 am
Is this even possible, to play avi or other formats, is it even possible to use library files in scripts?

If so this would be very awesome, I have been working on cgi over the last year and it would be nice to add 3d cinimatics to my game.
Resources / Alternative Battlers
October 13, 2008, 06:13:08 am
I had these before, then lost them, then went through hell and back to find them again... foreign languages are not fun v_v

These are my favorite alternative battlers, the most realistic and complete set from a Japanese site, I'd like to share them since they are so hard to find, most of the Japanese sites have cartoony battlers, these are the best ones I know of.

They are here:

A few Examples:

They come with icons, face plates, some with character sheets, and huge picture versions for other uses like website design.
First off id like to say its a great cms, I love it, just this small problem is really bugging me.

I created an item thats used from the items menu, its an empty bottle that you can fill with water, from the items menu you can empty it, works fine without the cms but with it the whole game crashes when I try to  use it.

Heres the event code for the item:

This is the error I get when I try to use the item:

And this is the code from that line:

                        (@status_windows + @target_windows).each {|win| win.refresh}
LINE2280==>        @skill_window.refresh
                          @scene =
                           elsif @skill.scope == 7

I could use some help, I don't know whats going on and why it doesn't work with the cms. Im sure it worked before I implimented the cms.
Welcome! / Back!
October 12, 2008, 07:44:31 am
Hey Blizzard, I was a big fan of your old forums and used a lot of your scripts, don't know if you remember me but I found your new forums and came back ^_^

I been out of rpg maker for a wile, due to my project going corrupt, but luckily I was able to revive it from an old demo I posted in my forums a year ago and I hope to get back into development, though rpg maker is looking weird to me again I don't know where to start :P

I was hoping by now a lot of your scripts have been updated and maby I could update my game with them all.

Anyway nice to see you again and be here.