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Event System Requests / [XP] attach skills to equipment
November 28, 2016, 01:51:32 am

Wondering how can one event having skills attached to certain equipment, so as an example if the character has certain accsesory equiped it shall learn "heal" if not equipped then forget heal, thus toggling the skill ON/OFF depending if the item is equipped. Very important to mention it should only make the skill "usable" during battles.

EDIT: I have already tried having a parallel event with a conditional branch if a certain item is equipped then learn some skill, if not equipped then forget skill, but it didnt work quite the way I wanted lol, liek it happened but it only triggered only after a battle has starter or finished, not immediatly after equiping or unequiping the it is clear its a bit more sophisticated than my first guess...

Recommendations? thanks before hand for putting your time into this :D
Hi there forum!

Im very glad to let you all know that after many questions, and try and errors, Im learning a bit more about RPG maker and the system overall.

First as any other newbie I was having mostly scripting limitations, but after some research I discovered many great RPG maker games were made with fully evented mechanics, meaning no need of adding scripts, so I asked around and apparently just by editing the default script and taking out the exp value (not to work and also not to show on window) I can then proceed to come up with my own evented leveling up system (Credits to the always helpful KK20 to confirm this).

So please check this out as I might need some ideas how to come up with the eventing:

-Characters wont gain exp after battles, or the value wont show at all after battles or on status menu. The idea is to have items that besides the general use of any RPG item (Hp recover, cure status, inflict damage to enemies etc) can additionally call common events such as "increase parameter" so every time you use an item you are also increasing your statutes (max HP up, mas SP up, mas attack up, etc), as there is no actual exp system.

-Enemies will drop items so of course there is part of the grinding, but I would like to assign the value monsters give out, to call a common event that resets every time it reaches a certain number, So as an example, following up with the exp not working to level up, we use that value running backround so lets say from every battle I get an approximate of 10 points and every 60 points I want a common event to activate and "reset" many of the switches on the map, for items to respawn. So you know every some 5 or 6 battles you have a chance to scavenge for recorey items that also increase your status to keep fighting.

It would be great to have comments or suggestions on this! Let me know if you need a more detailed explanation, as every time I explain myself I also get a better idea of how to do it.

Thanks beforehand!
Hi there guys!

Been using RMXP for a month now, Im glad I have been able to figure most things by myself. I'm a total ignorant when it comes to the most basic scripting, I mean I'm still struggling with switches and autorun loops on every cutscene...

Well thing being I have downloaded most of XP's usefull scripts, including the tons of addons, and some of Tigurus' . But I have no idea how to set them up, now you might say "but they have instructions on the comments" well yes, but mmm they seem to be instructions for people that know what they are doing and what they are looking for.

Been looking for something like a "script editing tutorial" because Im not going to ask you guys how to set my plugins, just want to feel more confident following some additional instructions on how to do it, hopefully with visual aids...

Or I dont know, is there a serious online course to learn scripting? Im not giving up this hobby.
Hi there everyone!

Newbie here, been using RMXP for about a month now, my idea is to learning basics from there and develop a decent game until the end. I'm getting closer to actually launch my demo! I feel it takes too long to progress, but well its raw learning along the way, the thing is Im trying to make sure to:

1. finish the game as I know unfinished projects are all over (Actually thats why I have planned a short dungeon crawler).

2. Make sure its a good game, all checked, debugged, innovative, so basically with quality. I'm recently spending a lot of time on this an is beyond casual at this point, this will be my new hobby from now on.

So it would be great to have a idea of where to start to look for great RPGM finished games  to play before releasing any demo, as I want like to set my expectations of how a good product should look like.

In my case Im mostly interested in RMXP titles to play, but maybe we can all share some names or links for the community to keep it fresh an have good titles buzzing around.

Hi there guys!

Update-2 Resolved thanks!

Update-1 Thanks to KK20 now I have a better way to explain myself on this request, so here is the updated request:

I'm looking for a way to disable the"exp" value, so for it not to work at all, not show on screen, or after battle. Also make the exp value not be asociated with leveling up. Basically take the basic leveling up system from the game. That still being my request number 1.

Now this would be my updated request: Since there will be no Exp value, I would like to have like a "watch" system, so its like using an "invisible" value lets say all monsters drop an approximate of 10 of these points instead of exp after battle and, associate this poitns with a common event that will reset certain switches every like 60 points, in other words every 6 battles something will happen, and the character might say somthing like "some time has passed , gotta check around for supplies". This will indicate you have reached

To explain myself further here so you can have an idea of what Im trying here, the idea is to have a system in which by calling events, most items will give you an increase of a certain status by a certain amount (max HPup, max SPup etc ), thus leveling up as there will be no actual exp system.
So this "new value" given by monsters will be the grind status of the game, as you know you need to beat a certain amount of battles in order to look again for items on chests and such. The idea is to make the game a bit of survival and scavenger.

Do I make sense? Im trying to innovate here lol, so let me know.  :^_^\':

By now the goal of the mechanic is to work mostly on calling common events by items, but I still ignore how would it take to "disable" the exp by editting the script, and also how to make monsters give out an invisible value to trigger common events. Also Im venturing myself into taking a look at the original scripting of the game and have succesfully managed to edit a few stuff by myself without crashing the game, so Im more than receptive to any explanation rather than a mere "do it for me request", either way I will be very thankfull!

Hi everyone!

Seems that besides being a newbie with RPGMaker also Im not very good with logic....sigh, but hard work can overcome the lack of talent lol, so Im never going to drop my plan of  making my first game.

So this is what happens:

For the sake of making a good dungeon crawler, with replay factor, wanted to have a constant mechanic in which events are randomized througout the area, so you can never tell what events might be triggered when you check them.

I will use the actual example Im trying to master, Imagine a room with 5 chests, from those I want always to have  3 with an item drop and 2 to trigger a mimic fight! a classic right.

But the most my brain was able to process was to have a random variable from 1 to 5, and if equal or less than 2 then trigger fight, otherwise drop item. But what it does is grant like a 40% chance to find a mimic EVERY time I check any of the 5 chests, while as I just would like to have the chance for the mimic to occur up to two times once all the 5 chests were checked.

Do I explain myself?

Also someone tried to explain this to me, using an example of 10 chests with 3 hidden keys, and even if the person seemed to understand variables a lot better, It wasn't quite right either.
Spoiler: ShowHide

Then someone else tried to explain this to me:

QuoteThere is atypo in the first picture - the second and third control variables both use variable for chest2, the third one of course has to be for chest3

Additionally, the commands in the second picture would result in several times "show text there is no key" if none of the variables are chest 4, so better place the second conditional branch inside the else branch of the first and remove the show text from there. Then place the third condition in the else-branch of the second condition and also remove the show text from there.
Keep the show text only in the last else branch.

So yes when I tried the event myself the result was just a loop of both events, it was getting there but broken after all, and I just couldnt understand the second explanation, Im too embarassed to ask again on that forum, for real  :facepalm:, so maybe you guys have a better way to set the  5 chests with 2 hidden mimics  example?  :^_^\':
Welcome! / Time for some Alexis action!
November 21, 2016, 02:50:18 am
 Hi there forum!

Newbie to RPG maker here, decided to start from RMXP for my own personal reason to understand basics, RGSS1 and scripting. This as I would like to start RPG design as a full time hobby, I have a lot of spare time as this moment of life and need to fill the void of college, so this new RPGMaker obsession has been great.

So well, a great guy named Heretic86 told me to come here to seek more RMXP users, as my intention is to get to make my own scripts, start from basic and see where it takes me. As I would like to take this seriously and maybe publish my very own branded games in the future, so for possible commercial aspirations all scripts must be original work.

Right now this would be like my third week of actual usage of the tool. Been progressing really slow, but so far I have been able to figure my way around things, as I have planned to keep my first game real for a newbie, so I can actually finish it, and not just drop it.

So thanks for passing by! and Im very curious to learn, share oppinions all that, Im spending a lot of time on the computer these days so if you need anything let me know, maybe I can be of help in some way!