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Selena Eternia
The Angel Did Lie

By Daxisheart
Chapter 1: Bound by Fate
Gameplay Time: 2 Hours
My Website:


About:: ShowHide
Selena Eternia: The Angel Did Lie is my second game I'd started on RMXP, with emphasis on gameplay and story. My previous game failed; not enough willpower to finish it, and some parts were halfassed, sorta. This game started on a lot of the remains of the last game, such as database names/stats, animations, graphics/musics, etc. Both are hugely influenced by Dark Eternal: Dissolution, which in my opinion is the best RMXP game ever, even though it's not finished. This game originally began with me and a friend of mine, but since his computer messed up(you should hear the stories about the virus attacks), he can't help anymore, and it's completely on me. He'll be a beta tester, though.

Selena Eternia is a classic and cinematic dark fantasy RPG with emphasis in gameplay and story, which will slowly reveal itself through several chapters. It is planned to be finished in 3 to 4 years. Yes, I said 3 to 4 years. I'm making realistic goals for my procrastinating self..

Story:: ShowHide
"On the precipice of reality,
Realize your coil of mortality.
Decadence of ethics and morality,
The loss of all fatality."

Twelve years ago, Zeno washed up on the shores of Tress. Now, however, Selena is gone, and Zeno goes off in search of vengeance. However, as the journey progresses, the angel Veritas appears in Zeno's dreams, and whispers wishes that are locked away...

A group that hides behind in the darkness appears, the whispered name of the Azrealites... Simple border disputes spark war again, but this time, the earth shall be fed a field of human blood... The Phantom Slasher strikes again, and his trail is ever evanescent.... Selena Eternia explores a vast and magical world where nothing is what it seems, and the blade piercing your back could be your best friend's...

characters: ShowHide
Age: ~19
Weapon: Sword
Was found wash up on the shores of the small town Tress 12 years ago by Selena. Grew up with her, and loved her. After she died, leaves off to kill the Phantom Slasher.
Naturally stoic, is somewhat silent and moody about the subject of selena, but those that know him know that he has a good heart. People often let him lead. Uses ellipses a bit too much.

Montague von Ezariel:
Age: 21
Weapon: Lance
Montague seems to have a very large legacy, courtesy of his family. However, he lives in Tress with Zeno and Selena. When Zeno leaves on his journey, Montague leaves with him.
Montague sleeps through anything, apparently. Although older, he seems to let Zeno lead. He is cynical somewhat, and much of what he says can be taken cynic pessimism or as black humor.

Age: 18(?)
Weapon: Daggers
A thief. She tries to rob Zeno in the forest, but is then caught by a monster. After being rescued by Zeno and Montague(and returning the money), she then adamantly sets off with them, a smile on her face. She seems to be more than she appears to be, particularly since having stolen an extremely large and rare gem...
She is happy and jovial, and tends to purposely act childish, particularly around Zeno. Montague tends to distrust her, since she did try to rob them.

Soren de Garde:
Age: 22
A childhood friend of Zeno, Montague, and Selena. He travels around the world, looking for riches. Calls himself nothing if not a vagabond. Is a bit of a player around the ladies, although considers Montague more of a lady's man than himself. Is very helpful to Zeno.

Age: 18(Deceased)
Was the person who found Zeno. They grew up together. Selena was very poor, but still helped Zeno. Along her with kind-natured heart, she had a good sense of justice, exemplified by how she helped Zeno. This sense of justice rubbed off on Zeno.
Was killed two weeks prior to the start of the story by the world-wide known killer, the Phantom Slasher.

The Angel:
Age: ??
A strange being whose intentions are hidden.

The Phantom Slasher:
Age: ??
A world renowned serial killer of legendary status. A legendary bounty lies on his head, dead or alive. Killed Selena two weeks prior to the start of the story.

More character infos will be added once Chapter 2 is released. That'll probably be the last update on characters.

Setting:: ShowHide
The world is known as Ezalkein. Zen has the most commonly used currency for centuries.

The large south-eastern continent is ruled by a single country, Kathara. The continent, however, is seriously divided by a huge mountain range and desert, so the other side is usually cut off from the rest of the world. The southern edge is covered with snow and ice. The northern peninsula is where Tress and Gamotte are located, but travel from the peninsula to the capital city, is often cut off due to landslides. Supposedly, elves are located on of the forest.

On the southern half of the north-eastern continent is Sangra. Sangra is a very temperate country throughout, with several woods and forests within the valleys of the mountains. The north/eastern edge of the country is filled with mountain ranges, preventing direct sea trade with the Belivier capital or the trading areas of the Lost Continent. The southern tip has a port which deals in trading with the Archipelagos. Is continually in border disputes of Belivier, which occasionally flashes into war.

North of Sangra is Belivier. Half of the country is filled with snow and ice, but still manages to have prosperous trade with the Kathara peninsula, and is not blocked from trade with the areas of the Lost continent. A mountain range prevents direct sea trade with the Sangra countries, but also helps during the war times. Is in continual border disputes with Sangra.

The Archipelagos:
East of Kathara and south east of the country of Sangra are the renowned Archipelagos. The Great Library is located, a legendary collection of knowledge. Also on the continents is the supposed headquarters of the world-wide known Hunter Organization. Because of its location, it deals with trade of the southern lost continent and the Kathara/Sangra relations. Is somewhat isolated. Usually temperate, some mountains, swamps, and even volcanoes exist, usually isolated to certain islands.

The Lost continent:
Located on the farthest east is the vertical stretch of the Lost continent, an almost completely uninhabited continent, at least by humans. A giant mountain range crosses the continent's west shoreline, preventing much of the trade to the western world. On the top half is one of the trading areas, which deals in trade mainly to Belivier, while the southern half has a trading area to the Archipelagos, and subsequently to Kathara and Sangra. Covered by swamps, desolate windy plains, deserts, and ice.

Screenshots:: ShowHide
It's halfway a working title screen. It's the actual command title screen place thingey, and animated.

KGC Active count battle. It's pretty cool.

Some mapping.

Some more mapping

Menu Screen.

Features: ShowHide
KGC Active Count Battle + Addons
Considerably Good Mapping
Full MP3 Soundtrack

Items Selection
Equipment Selection
Skills Screen
Battle Selection

8 Directional movement with Dash
Ccoa's Universal Messaging System
95% Non RTP battlers

To Be Implemented:
Active/Wait Battle Choice
Party Selection Screen

Chapters:: ShowHide
Chapter 1: Bound by Fate
Status: Completed, possibly with bugs
The introductory chapter with the awesome intro cutscene. It's the chapter where the first half of the characters are introduced. The character development is moderate, nothing special, and has a fair amount of plot hints. AN EXTREMELY LINEAR chapter, although I'm proud of the amount of puzzles I've put in, however few they are.

Time: 2 Hours of gameplay

Chapter 2: Way of the Slasher
Status: 3%
I've got most of the story set out, but the minute details are amazingly sketchy. Exactly one map done. :P

Chapter 3: The Azrealites
Status: 0%

Credits:: ShowHide
Anh Tuan Van/Daxisheart

D'ante Jolly


Data Manipulation:

Character Sprites:
Studio Pickel
Hot Toke

Battle Graphics:
Studio Pickel
Hot Toke

Pre-rendered Graphics:
Daniel Noll
Sqaure Enix
KGC Software

KGC Software
RPG Advocate
Leon Westbrooke

Music and Sounds:
Ken Nakagawa
Daisuke Achiwa
Nobuo Uematsu
The Black Mages
Tsuyoshi Sekito
Kenichiro Fukuu
Yasao Uragami
George R. Powell
Yoko Shinomura
Konishi Kayo
Touhou(Alstroemeria Records, Niconico, Masayoshi Minoshima, ZUN)

Beta Testing:
D'ante Jolly

Special Thanks:
Daniel Noll
Santa Samurai

Please report any bugs and glitches. Please give feedback and comments. Thank you!

Ps: The file size is 110 MB. Sorry about that.
Express your Creativity / [Complete]Touch
December 20, 2009, 11:09:45 am
I thought of this about an hour ago during breakfast. Comments and critique, please.


   I wake up in the morning in my own bed, in my own room, in the house in which my parents live, love, and raised me, yet I know that it is not my room anymore, it is not love that I receive from my parents anymore, and it is not me that awakens.

   I turn over in the bed, and get out. Brushing my teeth, I spit, and then I gargle and spit, three times at least. That's what I do now. I can't help but to do that.

   I dress up. I wear nothing but an ugly grey sweater that is three sizes too big, and a thin white t-shirt beneath. I wear modest and unassuming jeans. I brush my hair, but do the bare minimum. I wear no makeup.

   I glance in the mirror, and look into my own eyes, and then glance away. It hurts, my reflection hurts, and my clothes are so ugly, but that is what I do now. This is who I am.

   I can't help it.

   I do not ride the bus to school anymore. For my freshman and sophomore year of high school, I was one of those kids that rode the bus everyday, every damn day. We were always so tired and sleepy in the morning, it was a bit dull. I also rode it the way home, and me and the other girls would just talk and laugh, gossip and have fun. I don't do that anymore. It hurts too much walking down that isle, trying to find a seat that's empty, that I could call mine, and if there is no empty seat, I would have to stand, because neither I nor anyone else wants to sit beside each other.

   Sometimes, walking to school, the bus passes me by. I glance away, but I know that they can see me, and it is painful.

   Because of walking to school, I have to wake up an hour early. I still don't have my license, and either way, I don't have a car... anymore.

   The walk to school is painful, and tiring, but I am improving, maybe. Even so, sweat would stream down my armpits and my face when I arrive, and I would have to wipe it all away to seem normal.

   But they all know, and so it doesn't matter what I look like. Nothing matters anymore.

   I don't eat breakfast. I go to homeroom, check myself in, and get a seat in the back, in the corner where no one would sit near me. I lie my head down on the table, and could only wait for the bell to ring, for the classes to start.

   No teacher calls on me when I raise my hand. Not that I raise my hand, but I would like to know that they would at the very least acknowledge me. They don't ever call on me either. I could just lie my head down and just sleep through all the classes, and for the most part, this is what I do.

   I don't sleep, however. It's too hard to sleep, no matter how tired I am. So I listen, understand all the whispers and all the laughs and know that I was once a part of this world before it was taken away from me.

   When the teachers call us into groups, I don't do anything. One of the guys glance me over, and seeing that I wasn't pretty, and seemed like I wouldn't do anything, he and the rest just took over, totally ignoring me. When it was time to present, I just stood to the side, and the teachers let me.

   When the lunch bell rings, I go to the bathroom, and just conquer myself a stall. I wipe the toilet clean, and sit there, reading a book I had taken from the library. When the lunch bell rings once more, I close the book and leave.

   I don't go to lunch. It's too noisy, too crowded, too many people. You have to stand in line, you have to wait, and are jostled around, just for the sake of some green meat surprise by the old lunch ladies. I'd rather not. I hyperventilate when I see that scene. I don't go to lunch.

   The rest of the day goes by pretty much exactly the same. Every day goes like this. I hate it... but I'm not going to do anything about it.

   When I arrive home, my dad is already home. He lies on the couch, and drinks a beer. He glances at me as I come through the door.

   His face wrinkles up, just for a moment, and the human mind understands exactly what he thinks of me.

   "Hello," he greets, and goes back to the football game on the television. He drinks his beer, and throws it into the bin beside him. I walk past, and enter my own room. I close the door. I lock the door. And I am done.

   When night falls, my parents don't call me to eat dinner. They have not done that since I have arrived back.

   This was my day. I cried myself to sleep.

   Two months ago, when I came back to school, the girl had asked, "Did it feel good?", to which I punched her out, tore her hair out, and actually bit into her arm, and didn't let go. I had drawn blood.

   The principal had scolded me, and had taken the girl to the school nurse. I could only let my blond hair fall down over my head as I looked at my feet. I heard what he said, yet I didn't hear what he said. I can't remember one would of what he had said.

   When my parents had came, they had apologized to the principal with hollow words spoken from hollow eyes, and had taken me home. My mom looked at me as if I was an object, as if I hadn't gotten enough of that, as if I was not her child, born from her womb and raised on her milk, but as if I was someone else's child, so that the problem didn't lie on her. Something like this didn't happen in her life, obviously. It just... didn't. She couldn't believe it, so those eyes stared at me as an object, probably less. Most of the time, she refused to even look at me at all.

   My dad was much simpler. He just looked at me with disgust.

   Three months ago, I had arrived home, and I knew that it would never be my home again, no matter how much I wished. Something had changed. The world had changed somehow, and I was no longer a part of it.

   I had changed, somehow, and I didn't fit the world anymore.

   No matter what I do, I won't be able to forget. No matter who counseled me, it would always hurt. My teachers won't do anything, they were scared, and it wasn't exactly in their job description. My parents didn't want me, it was too painful for them, and my body was no longer mine. My friends tried to help me, but never got past the first shallow layer.

   I wanted someone to understand. I wanted someone to help.

   I wanted someone to want to touch me, not my body, but me. But at the same time, I was too scared for them to touch me. What if they harmed me, again? What if they went away, disgusted, like my parents? What if they thought that I and my body were synonymous?

   I wanted to touch someone, but I didn't. I wanted someone to understand, but I was scared. I am lacking in confidence, I am not who I am because that was stolen and taken from me. I am lying my way from the truth because it hurts. The memory was all that encompassed me, and I fear that if you touched me, you would understand that, you would understand that it was all that I believed I am. You will feel disgusted, like everyone else.

   They had hurt me. He had betrayed me. Taken from my car, they had gagged me. They didn't want me to say anything, to speak anything, because for what they had intended, they didn't need me to do that.

   An object.

   A body.

   One good fuck.
Express your Creativity / Please delete Topic
June 10, 2009, 11:32:03 pm
Anyways, all chapters of Vanza Rei is there now.... so... yeah...
Silver's a total block, and Deviant Project is getting weird... I started on a new thing about 4-6 weeks ago, and found that I've never written something faster than for this new thing. (25000 words in 5 weeks. That's GOOD)
It's called Vanza Rei, two words I made up out of nowhere.(It was originally Danza Rei... but then I found out Danza's a real word...)
Anyways, It's pretty large. The plot itself is freaking huge, and I plan for it to span about seven long volumes and one huge psychological plot. For now, though, the pacing's is a bit weird, definitely off, and dialogue is uneven during some chapters...
I won't be posting every chapter, only a couple chapters...
PS: This is all written in Notepad.
EDIT: All chapters will be here now

Vanza Rei

1: Dreamscape

   "Hello, students," the strange man in black said to us. "Welcome to the Void of the Dominions."

   Around us, light and darkness swirled, dancing as one to create a mosaic of existence. Psychedelic colors were created in strange forms and dispersed at will. He called this the Void, did he?

   "Who the hell are you?!" A boy roughly my age said, screaming at him. Then again, all of the kids around here were roughly my age. And they were some strange kids.

   The strange man cloaked in the darkness smiled. His perfect white teeth scared me. "Hello, Belmont," the man greeted. The boy's eyes widened, and he took a step back. "Yes," the man said, "I know who you are, Belmont Veis Hisdial, of the sacred Hisdial family." The boy bit his lower lip, fear on his face, yet he was defiant; he dared not to run away. I really couldn't say that about most of the others here, even myself. "You all may call me Master Mortiery," Mortiery said as he bowed. "I am now assigned your keeper and guardian. You are to come with me to our Domain in the Void. The path shall be unlocked for you."

   And then Mortiery, no wait, Master Mortiery, turned, his cloak flapping in the nonexistent wind as he did so. The man seemed to say something beneath his breath. Then he clapped his hand, and continued onward. The mixture of light and shadow that had been swirling around us then collected beneath his feet, and then thus hardened. The man continued onward, step by step, creating a bridge or pathway in this void as he did so.

   "You are to follow," Master Mortiery told us, without even turning around, "Lest you end up like Mikoreza over there."

   Mikoreza, I assume, was the girl that had tried to run away, her eyes showing her fear at what she saw. The girl, scared and screaming, had gotten up and run off, anyway, anywhere. After a small distance, Mikoreza seemed to have reached the swirling of light and dark. The moment she had touched it, her body had been blasted apart, limbs and bones ripped and shredded right before our eyes. This dying mass had then been repulsed back, near our group. Twitching, the quivering mass had then stilled, becoming dead and lumps of shredded body.

   And then he had appeared. The man in the cloak. He had seen the dead girl, or whatever was left of her, and then smiled. Smiled.

   Around me, a few of us cried. They broke down sobbing, fearful of everyone and everything. This group of kids, teenagers actually but from the fear in our eyes you wouldn't know, stayed mainly in a circle, yet far apart from each other. We knew no one here, and bloody gruesome death of someone your own age right before your eyes would make one distrust other people, especially if some mysterious man in black had just smiled at the sight of the aforementioned death. Several of us just sat there, scared, silent, just looking at the vaguely humanoid corpse or at the path that Mortiery had crossed. At least two or three kids simply screamed. One seemed to lie there in a fetal position, looking as if he was insane. For all I know, he might have been.

   "Who," a boy said slowly, the one that dared speak to Mortiery, the one named Belmont. "Was he?"

   He looked around at us, at all of us, trying to make eye contact with us one at a time. Many of the kids didn't seem to have heard him, or if they did hear, they didn't care, not the least. Some looked away, not because they had knowledge but because of mistrust, fear. One or two, usually the silent ones, shrugged their shivering shoulders, and then looked away.

   "I don't know," someone had said. Belmont had turned his eyes, and then, oh my god, he had turned them to me, and I just realized: I just spoke. I just answered. I dared to talk. With this nugget of information processed, I dared to say more. "Dude, no one knows. No one understands what is going on, why... why this is happening why..."

   "Why did Mikoreza have to die," someone whispered. Belmont and I both seemed to turn our eyes, and found them facing a girl with startlingly green hair. She was another of the silent ones, like me, but tears did rest on her eyes. She wiped them away, scowling at someone, maybe herself for crying.

   "I don't know," Belmont had said, and I just realized: the girl had said a question, and Belmont had answered.

   Why did Mikoreza have to die? Why did she die?

   "God, I feel so slow today," I had said, and then burst out laughing, at the pure freaking irony of that statement. I held my stomach, laughing like a maniac, which I guess I was. Tears of laughter clouded my eyes. Occasionally, I could make out Belmont making a startled face and the green girl, which I immediately thought of as Martian Girl, not really doing anything.

   "What's wrong with you?" Belmont asked, halfway really asking and halfway asking if I was insane, I guess.

   "Guess," I retorted, and that statement seemed to dry out my tears.

   "What do we do?" Belmont asked us. I looked around for a moment, somewhat dizzied by the constant swirling of the white and black.

   "Do we follow him?" I asked.

   Belmont looked at me as if I was insane. I might have been at that moment. "What? What?! Follow him?! He just smiled at that girl's corpse!"

   "We," green Martian Girl said, "might end up like that girl if we stay."

   "No," Belmont immediately replied, "like hell if I am going to end up DEAD here, without a clue of what's going on!"

   "Mikoreza did," Martian Girl replied."

   Belmont gave her an evil eye, one bordering on his insanity; one bordering on all of our insanity.

   "No!" Belmont retorted, screaming. His shout had overlapped all of the others' cries. Most of us shut up, and stared at him. The kid in the fetal position stopped his shivering, and then stared up at Belmont. "No! I won't die! I won't die like this!"

   "Aren't you already dead?" Martian Girl asked, and Belmont froze. We all froze.

   "We're," Belmont said, "not dead. We're not dead, yet. And guess what? I'm going to live. I'm going to freaking live!"

   "How?" One of the other kids asked, this time a small, timid looking boy that actually seemed a bit more like a kid than a teenager. "What are you going to do?"

   Another kid, one of the silent ones, got up, and brushed himself off. He was tall and well built, his skin a mulatto color with intricate patterns of tattoos on his skin. He gave us all a look, one of disdain, I think, and then he headed off, on the path that Mortiery took. His feet stepped on the light and shadow, and it didn't falter.

   "Losers," he said, more malice in his voice than can be expressed in just those words, and for the first time, I felt something odd about all of the talk; as if all the words were translated...

   "It's closing!" The boy in the fetal position screamed. His voice echoed across the area we were in. It sounded insane, inhuman, as if he was an animal on its deathbed. The boy clutched his head, shaking. "It's closing in! The wall is closing in! We're all going to freaking die!"

   "The walls?" I murmured, not understanding, and I looked around. The light and shadows that were dancing all over... yes, I saw it. It was closing in, the light and dark closed in on us! Suddenly, it seemed as if it was a swarming light and dark.

   "We're all going to freaking die bloody freaking deaths!" The boy said.

   Some of the kids, all the crying ones, as a matter of fact, got up, and staggered along, yelling at the tall boy, "Wait!" Telling him to wait for them. "Don't leave us behind!" They sobbed as they did so. That tall boy never turning back, just continuing forward.

   "It's actually closing, isn't it?" Belmont asked, looking around, taking a step back.

   "Yeah!" I said, staggering up. My hand moved to my shoulder, feeling if the wound was still there. It wasn't. "The walls, these stuff, it's getting closer..."

   "Don't touch it," Martian Girl softly advised. "You'll end up like that other one..."

   My eyes briefly glanced to that gruesome mess that was left. I averted.

   "What do we do?!" Belmont said, practically screaming.

   "Do we follow him?" I asked. "That Mortiery man..."

   "What?" Belmont seemed angered at this suggestion. "You saw his face, right?! You saw his face when he saw that..."

   "Yeah," I said, "but I really don't want to become like that girl. I'd like to live, thank you very much." I barked out a dry laugh at my attempt at humor. Belmont gave me a face, as if not understanding what I just said, but then he turned away.

   "So we have to follow him?" Belmont said.

   "We have to?" Martian Girl said, making it sound like a question.

   "We don't really have a choice," I said. I took a step in the direction of the path. "Who wants to go with?" I asked, saying it to all of my peers that were here. There were still many that just sat there, one that continued to cry, who probably didn't hear a single part of any of the conversation.

   Belmont sighed. "Fine, I'm going."

   "Me as well," Martian Girl said, sounding quite prim.

   "Yeah!" One of the others said, and got up. Martian Girl got up as well, and pretty soon, many of us were on our feet. I looked around; there were about thirty of us still left. Adjusting to this weird place and this strange atmosphere, I now just realize how extremely strange all of us were, so very absurdly strange. Yes, most of us were the same age, or so it appears, but how we look and dress was completely different, drastically different from everyone else. Some were shorter than others, some were taller, muscular, and people of various imaginable types were here. I won't even start on the insane clothing. Yet they all seemed to not really feel strange in their clothing... as a matter of fact the people here seemed to look at others like others were weird... including me.

   I sighed. This was so not time for this. We had to go... and understand.

   "Wait..." a boy said, the small and childish boy from before, "What do we do with him?"

   He pointed to the boy that was still on the ground, the boy that was in a fetal position.

   Belmont came over. "Hey. Let's go, we got to get up, and go, you know?" The boy only shook harder.

   "Screw him!" Some girl said. Looking at the girl, she had startlingly pale skin and white hair, with reddish and purple eyes. Albino, I think. "We have to go! I'm not going to die here!"

   "Yeah!" Others agreed with what she said. "Get up you ass!" "We're going to leave you!" "You're going to die!"

   "The walls are closing," Belmont echoed. Some of us stared at him. "The swirling whatever it is, it's encircling this area. If we stay any longer..."

   "I guess we'll have to carry him," I said. I looked down. At least he wasn't fat.

   "I'll help," Martian Girl said. "Everyone else go on ahead."

   Some of them stayed there for a moment, looking around, glaring around. Them, slowly, they raced off, to the path of light and dark. Soon enough, only Belmont, Martian Girl, the boy, and I were left.

   "Let's go." Belmont said, determination in his voice. I sighed. The Martian Girl just stood there, swaying for a moment, looking just a little bit blank yet pissed off.

   We bent down, and picked up the boy. He seemed to kick and scream the first couple of moments, of he subsided after that, continuing to suck his thumb. I groaned, taking his legs, Belmont taking the boy's upper body, and Martian Girl supporting both of us. Tripping at first, we eventually settled into a pattern that was reminiscent of a spider's movement.

   "He's surprisingly heavy," I remarked. Belmont gave me a look... again.

   "Really? I find him normal in weight."

   "It's coming," Martian Girl remarked, panic rising in her voice. She looked around, her emerald hair twirling as she did so. I looked around, and it was coming, the swirling walls were enclosing on us, bit by bit. Our area was getting smaller, and soon it will touch us. And kill us.

   "We have to go!" Belmont exclaimed, hurrying us up. "Get to the path, now!"

   I took a breath, and all three of us, holding up the boy, ran towards the path, our feet moving as one in a drive and frenzy to exist, to continue living. Entering the path, with our feet moving and feeling solid on that light and dark pathway, I glanced back just once, at the carcass of Mikoreza. Soon, it touched the wall of light and dark... and it was shredded apart, barely any mass at all. Bits of black that betrayed her existence were all that was left in that small area, and soon, even that area was gone, another wall of mosaic existence...

   "Don't look back!" Belmont yelled. "Run away!"

   I looked forward, and I saw the path, the bright of light and dark, extending, forward and beyond. Like an abstract painting, the path just seemed to wind up forever, and endless staircase. I saw no one ahead, and only the coming death from behind.

   "THE FREAKING WALLS!" The kid screamed, squirming in our hands. He sounded insane, yet when we looked around, the path was beginning to thin, its width was beginning to decrease, and it turned into another wall.

   "What the hell is happening?!" Belmont screamed. "What the hell do we do?!"

   "Go ahead!" I yelled to her, the Martian Girl. She looked at me, with total surprise, and I saw her jade eyes scared and wide open. "You run ahead! Belmont and I can take it from here!"

   "But if I leave you-" She started, but Belmont interrupted.

   "We can get there, wherever it is!" He screamed. "You don't have to die!"

   She closed her eyes for a moment, and then nodded. She released her part of the boy, and ran ahead, her feet echoing on the path we were on. Her speed was amazing, a gazelle with two feet, faster than I could have ever run. I glanced to the boy once, and back up, and then she was gone.

   "She's ahead already?" I asked. Belmont shrugged.

   "She just... disappeared. Grew small on the path, and then was gone!"

   "We have to go!" I said, my arms aching from holding the guy. "The path is getting too narrow!"

   It was, it really was. Belmont and I were slow, carrying the boy and making out feet synchronize. The constant tripping slowed our speed, and panic set in. We could die, we were going to die here...

   I closed my eyes, knowing the worst was yet to come...

   The melody did touch my ears, and I opened them. Belmont and I were still running, yet it seemed pointless. As a matter of fact, the moment I opened my eyes, I barely recognized the bridge. The psychedelic patterns of light and dark were changing, practically gone, and rather, spectrums of light danced around us. Belmont and I ceased our running, yet around us the environment continued to move. Tentatively, we laid the boy down, and stood up. A single light appeared, and soon enough, I was blinded and unfeeling.

2: Famiel

   "I see," a wickedly familiar voice echoed. "We have some late students here."

   I opened my eyes, and found myself lying on the floor, staring up at an impossibly red sky. Clouds and strange rocks and boulders dotted the sky, moving around in patterns resembling the weather. Getting my upper half up, I found myself hearing the light melody that played in the background, a small sound, reminiscent of the harpsichord or a flute, creating simple yet intricate melody. In just seconds after hearing it, it drifted into the background, and I was barely able to realize it was there...

   "What's going on?" I heard someone murmur, and I recognized the voice of Belmont. I glanced over to the direction of the voice, my eyes clearing up as I did so. He was in a similar position as me, and was just getting up.

   "Students that took too long to follow the directions of their master," the voice answered, and I my eyes dimly made out an all too familiar shadow. The grin of the man made me remember: Master Mortiery loomed right above me.

   "They were just trying to bring the boy with them!" a girl said, and I found myself seeing the stunningly green hair of Martian Girl once more.

   "Fools," Mortiery answered. He walked over the boy, still lying and shivering on the ground, sucking on his thumb. Mortiery said something, but I could barely recognize what he said. "Khizisiozhuni, is it?" The boy shivered some more. "Often called Ozhuni by your friends, am I right? I often figured that you were weak and simple, but never did I expect such a sad reaction from one such as you," Mortiery laughed, and then kicked the boy in his back. A collective gasp escaped our throats, but no one tried to do anything. I looked around, and found that the rest of my peers were here, such as the tall boy and the albino girl.

   "Stop it!" Martian Girl exclaimed, moving forward. Mortiery immediately stopped laughing, and his eyes turned towards the Martian Girl.

   "Ah, Djiria, dear, nice to see you," Mortiery said, greeting Martian Girl. Martian Girl, who I guess is Djiria, hesitated, "How do you like it here?"

   "What is going on?" Djiria demanded, anger predominant on her face. "Who are you? Why are we here?"

   "I am Master Mortiery," Mortiery repeated. He spread out his arms, an insane smile on his face. "This is our Domain in the Void, Famiel." Mortiery mockingly bowed to her.

   "I do not understand," Djiria slowly said. "What is this Domain? What is a Domain?"

   Mortiery glanced back Ozhuni, the boy sucking his thumb, one last time, and then looked forward. "Well, all of you are now students of the Rei, in the Domain of Famiel. I am your Master, as I have said, Master Mortiery."

   "What is this?" I asked. "What is happening to us?"

   The man gave me a glance, and turned back towards Ozhuni. Mortiery thrust out his hand, pointed in the direction of Ozhuni. His hand tightened into a grip, and then Ozhuni stopped his shivering. Rather, he started thrashing around, his hands grasping for his throat. I saw it, I saw Ozhuni's throat tighten, trying to breathe yet not, something stopping his very breath. No matter how much his hands clawed, his hands touched naught of what was choking him. Mortiery's hand imagined squeezing harder, and harder it seemed.

   "You're doing this," someone said. I glanced around, and saw what was in my eyes; I saw wonder and fear, fascination yet disgust. Some took steps back, averting their eyes to this tragedy, while others took step forwards, hungrily taking in this sight, trying to freaking understand. "You're killing him!"

   My eyes moved, and saw that it was Djiria who was speaking. "Whatever it is, you're choking him; killing him!"

   Mortiery smiled. "It has a name, dear Djiria, this power has a name," he said, and then raised his arm and hand, causing Ozhuni to rise with, his throat pushed up, and his entire body against his will. Ozhuni's face purpled, deprivation of oxygen and the choke hold coloring his face. Soon, his head was level with Mortiery's own head, his feet maddeningly short, unable to reach the floor. Suddenly, it seemed to me that Mortiery was very tall.

   "Why are you doing this?!" Some girl in the crowd yelled. A glance showed a white girl that didn't look to strange to me. Fear shown on her face, as well as defiance, but none of the anger that Djiria had. Rather, it was a wish that this would end; a wish that this dream would end.

   "Dear Meredith," Mortiery said, "don't mess with things that you don't understand. You of all people should know."

   The girl, Meredith her name was, paled, and immediately she seemed to blend into the background, into the crowd. And then, Mortiery returned his gaze to Ozhuni, his mockingly polite face now turned to one of coldness.

   "Ozhuni, boy, listen," Mortiery said to him, but I doubt he heard; Ozhuni's struggles were completely ineffective. The power or whatever Mortiery had dealt took total control over Ozhuni's mundane body. "We have no need for stragglers in this group. We have no need for those that refuse to accept reality. You better get it together, find some way to end up like Mikoreza, or something worse may happen to you..."

   I didn't understand, and personally, I didn't want to. Mortiery's evil eye was cast over the entire group, and I realized; Mortiery would have done this either way. His powers or whatever, he would have made a demonstration whether some guy like Ozhuni acted weak or someone acted strong. In Chinese concentration camps during the wars, the officers would shoot one random person out of every batch to make an example. This is what he had done, and not only that; he liked it. The sad thing is, it definitely work.

   "This power," Mortiery said, "is the arte of Rei. You will learn this, or suffer the consequences." I doubt Ozhuni could have understood, I doubt that Ozhuni had the capacity to hear it. Ozhuni's struggles were weakening, slowing down. As Mortiery returned his gaze to Ozhuni, the guy's hands fell limp by his sides, the only sounds that could be heard was the melody in the background and some minor choking sounds of Ozhuni, which were gradually growing weaker.

   With a disgusted face, Mortiery cast his hand aside, throwing Ozhuni's almost limp body a long distance, making his body roll like a rag doll for a moment. Finally stopping, Ozhuni sat there for a moment, sick and dazed and depraved of air. Then, his body flopped to the side, and he was still.

   "No!" Djiria's shout was one of pain as she ran towards the body of Ozhuni. Kneeling down, she checked his vital signs. I myself was silent and still, unthinking. I could barely process what I saw and felt. "He's still alive," Djiria exclaimed.

   "A pity," Mortiery coolly said. Djiria's heated glare met a frosty twin in Mortiery's eyes.

   "Why would you do this?" Djiria said, and echo to all of our words. "Why do you do this, bring us here yet not care if we live or die?"

   "You all," Mortiery said, "are possible students of the arte of Rei. I will teach you, whether you or I wish it or not." He turned his back on her, and then marched, and I found myself seeing a building before me. Mortiery marched up the impossibly clean and white steps, into the large and beautiful colossus of a building. "I'd prefer if all of you just die, but alas, I have not permission to do such a wonderful thing."

   "You are insane," Djiria's voice echoed, but he ignored it.

   "Come, class," Mortiery mockingly said, "the arte of Rei waits for those who see."

   Ozhuni was still unmoving, as Djiria tried to revive him. Slowly, the class, some shaking, some with eyes of fear and greed, followed Mortiery, looking for whatever it was he held, the so called "Arte of Rei." And all the while, the background melody maddeningly played, a celestial choir singing the sacred song to this ersatz day...

   The building was impossible, really, it was beautiful, elegant, and it was exactly because of those traits that it was impossible, completely and undeniable unreal. The so called Domain of the Void, Famiel, was beautiful and impossible.

   The first level was a cathedral building, a massive and elegant building of white and black design, a design that had Victorian designs yet was obviously not, something that was influenced from an infinite range of eras, both modern and ancient, infinitely young and infinitely old. I counted three floors of this building, and then a crown shaped rise on the roof, golden and silver in hue.

   And then came the second level, the second impossible structure of this unbelievable monument. The second structure held no bonds to the first; it hovered in the sky, dozens of feet above it, nothing holding it up there, suspended in midair. It was unlike the first level, completely different, it was more of a disc, a giant revolving disc that hovered in this unbelievable sky, gigantic yet seemingly flat, as if nothing more than a single layer in the sky. Its floor was half transparent, so that I could see past it, but nothing of it. It was not decoration, I know that it wasn't. It was the second level of this immense existence.

   I didn't see the third or fourth or whatever part of this building, this structure, but I know that there may have been more.

   As the others followed Mortiery through the archway entrance, I stared up at this structure, for the first time since I got here. It towered over us, a heaven complemented by a eerie melody in the background.

   "What is this place?" I wondered aloud. I couldn't stop myself; it's been building up, the insanity, and the nonsensicalness of the situation. I felt like a mental breakdown was near, bubbling near the surface, about to break. I needed something to do, fast.

   "Can anyone help?" Djiria yelled out to those that stayed behind, among them Belmont and I. Seven others still remained, although they and those that followed Mortiery into the building both seemed quite hesitant and unsure of their decision or lack of.

   Belmont rushed over immediately, and already I can see that out bonds from just trying to help the boy existed. Three others came, I saw, two girls and a boy. The two girls wore clothes that seemed just a little similar, but the boy wore completely different clothes, a black cloak enshrouding him. They didn't seem familiar with each other, though, and kept a distance apart from the other. After a moment, I took a breathe, and came forward as well, ignoring the amazing sights that were left behind me as I turned my back.

   "That was strangling, wasn't it?" one of the girls said. The boy that came nodded.

   "The Mortiery man said that it was Rei or something, that magic or whatever it was." The boy glanced back, as if speaking about such things was a capital crime.

   "He's still breathing," Djiria said, "except it seems a bit hard for him, irregular."

   "Was that manual strangling?" Belmont seemed to wonder. "That may have been magic or Rei or something like that, but it seemed as if Mortiery has simply choked him with his hand, except..."

   "He didn't." My answer sounded quite somber. "The boy's... Ozhuni's struggles didn't have any effect on the attack or whatever..." His name sounded wrong in my mouth.

   "So the strangulation would have been more effective than otherwise," Djiria finished. She looked down at the boy once more, her hair spinning as she did so. "We won't be able to measure how much damage it caused on him then..."

   "Shouldn't we lay him on his back?" The boy with the black cloak said. "So the blood of the body moves through easier."

   Belmont nodded, as did one of the girls. "Good point," Belmont said. The girl gave him a stare for a moment, but it was ignored. Belmont and Djiria took the top half, and rolled him over, while I took his feet, and then we finished, with Ozhuni somewhat unconscious and on his back.

   "His breathing still seems hard, irregular," Djiria said, worry crossing her face.

   "Are you awake?" Belmont asked, with a small tap on the face. Ozhuni's eyes fluttered, but then stayed closed.

   "He was thrown pretty far," one of the girls said. Looking at her, I found her eyes violet, and a scar crossing her left arm. "Is there brain damage?"

   Djiria hesitated. "It was mostly his shoulder and body that received the blow from the ground, though, not his head..."

   "Do you think he'll die?" Belmont questioned. We didn't meet his eyes, his words quite shocking to us.

   "No," The other boy slowly stated, "you'd have to be strangled for quite a while before you receive anything such as death. The power in the hold was probably there, but it was only for a couple of miris, nothing long..."

   "Miris?" I asked, and was immediately echoed by the others. "What's a miris?"

   A surprised look came onto the boy's face. His eyes then narrowed, as if he suspected this question. "A miris is a unit of time," he slowly stated to us.

   "Unit of time?" I echoed. "Like a second? A minute? An hour?"

   The boy shook his head. "I don't know what you are talking about. Those words sound so... weird."

   All of us looked around for a moment, except for Belmont. Then, Djiria said, "Let's take no mind. We all have an idea of what's going on, I guess, so it doesn't really matter at this moment..."

   We all agreed, and chose to ignore it. However, the mood of the conversation darkened. Something was happening, all of this...

   "Do we leave him here?" Djiria asked us.

   "No," I said. "Who knows what could happen to him here? The last time someone left the group behind..." My eyes caught Belmont, and we both knew. "It could be quite dangerous..."

   "Taking him with us might endanger him more," One of the girls, the purple eyed- scarred on said. "We already do not know how strong the strangle was, we might be pushing out luck by picking him up..."

   "Yeah... but what do we do?" Belmont face revealed the agony, anger, and turmoil within him. "We can't just not follow Mortiery, we've got no choice."

   "I'm staying," Djiria said, the conviction in her voice surprising us. "Everyone here, go on ahead. I'll stay here, and catch up later."

   We all hesitated for a moment. Belmont slowly agreed, sighing as he did so. "Let us go then... into that unreal building..."

   We all turned to leave, but then a command from Djiria, "Wait," stopped us. "What are your names?"

   I looked around. It was quite depressing how hesitant we were to giving this simple piece of information.

   "I am Belmont," Belmont said. Djiria nodded.

   "I'm Seavi," The purple eyed girl said.

   "Li," The other girl said. The girls both looked at each other for a moment.

   "I am named Djiria, you might know," Djiria stated.

   "I am called Vone Klai Freis," The boy in the black cloak said. He stared at us with something like surprise, but I learned to ignore these stares for now.

   I sighed. "I'm Seth," I said. I shook my head. Everything was so... overwhelming.

   "Go," Djiria said. The girls and Belmont then left immediately. Vone Klai Freis, as he called himself, seemed unsure. He looked at the three leaving, at Ozhuni, and at Djiria. I was discreet, and I saw his gaze lingering on Djiria for a moment, and I guess he liked her. I couldn't blame him; she was quite cute and pretty, as a matter of fact stunning with that green hair. He left.

   I turned to leave, but I hesitated. I looked at Djiria, who looked at me back. She was still kneeling by Ozhuni.

   "What do you think this place is?" I asked her.

   Her face clouded, and looked away. "Is this really the time for that?"

   "You have an idea, don't you?" She refused to look at my face. "You definitely have an idea."

   "Somewhat," she admitted. "We all do, don't we?"

   "It seems likely." She didn't answer, and I didn't peruse it. I turned, and like those before me, made for the building, up the steps, and through the archway entrance, just like Mortiery did before me.

   So it's true then. It's really the only thing that makes sense, although of course nothing still makes sense. To think, that this can possibly happen.

   To think, that I am actually dead. That I died.


3 Realms of Famiel

   My legs were shaky as they moved. My heart beat in my chest, not particularly fast but surprisingly loud, Ba-DUM, Ba-DUM, Ba-DUM. The rocks and boulders in the sky, beneath the second level of the building, made me dizzy, my eyes following their movements. Sweat did not fall from my forehead, yet I wiped it anyways. Words repeated themselves in my mind.

   So I'm dead. I'm really really dead. I'm dead, gone in the ground, been sliced and scythed, dead and long gone. No, wait, that's wrong, I'm not dead. That's just stupid. If I'm dead, then that means I can't move, walk, think, hate, fear, of which all is pretty much rolling around in my head right at this moment, so yeah, I'm probably not dead. If I'm dead, that means that I can't die again, which is insane. I mean, Mikoreza died, didn't she? If she was dead, then she couldn't die again. I saw her body explode and get shredded right before my eyes, didn't I? Yeah, that means she is dead and now deader, which is pretty insane. If I was dead, then that couldn't happen. This could be Hell, but I doubt it with that melody playing in the background, and no way is someone like Mortiery an angel, so this ain't heaven, so I guess religion is wrong, hah hah. So I'm not dead... but... yeah, no, wait a minute, how about this: I died. Yeah, that makes sense. I died, except I'm not dead. Totally makes sense. I just died, so at least I'm not dead, if I was dead, I couldn't take revenge, although, let's face it, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take revenge in this Wonderland here, but at least I'm not dead, only died...

   I smacked my head, and then sighed. My legs continued up the stairs, which seemed just a little like marble close up yet in the end it wasn't exactly. The archway was an intricate, curving design, with snake like vines curving its columns. The columns themselves were smooth, and looked more like a modern and New Age design rather than a tradition or Roman style.

   Everyone else had entered before me, with the exception of Ozhuni and Djiria left behind, so I had to race to catch up. Entering the archway, I arrived at a large chamber room, with subdued designs compared to the ones outside. Although it was clean, I found that the place was old, as if aged. Just walking here felt as if I was intruding an ancient undisturbed sanctuary.

   Ahead of me crowded the rest of the people. Although he was not the tallest, broadest, or wore the most extravagant clothing, Mortiery stood out at the front, the man cloaked, the one who caused all this, the catalyst of our insanity.

   Was he smiling?

   "Why are you so late?" Someone voiced to me. I looked around for a moment, and then found myself facing down, staring at a small, timid looking boy. He wore strange, spandex-like clothes, ones that stretched against your body, and weird black tattoo looking colors swarmed this body. The boy's eyes were wide and childish, yet there was an air about him that I didn't find childish. He looked and sounded like a kid, but I didn't trust that too much. Everyone else here seemed around the vicinity of fifteen to seventeen, including myself, so I didn't trust this little dude to not be one.

   "We were trying to help that boy out," I answered, the wariness in my voice almost exposed. The boy blinked. "The one Mortiery hurt."

   The boy slowly nodded, and then I suddenly felt like he was leering at me. I know he wasn't, but yet that was the feeling I got.

   "What is the arte?" Someone, male, at the front yelled. "How do we use it?"

   I glared at Mortiery, from the very back of the crowd of my peers. He knew what was happening, and I understood some of what was happening, what Mortiery wished to happen. Everyone heard the greed and the wish in that voice, the want, to know that arte, to know "Rei," be able to choke people like Mortiery did.

   "There are seven Dominions," a voice echoed, which I recognized as Mortiery. "And between the Dominions is the Void Realm, where the possibilities of existence exist." Mortiery turned around, his cloak fluttering as he did so. "And where the danger of disillusion threatens your fragile minds."

   "What are you talking about?" someone asked, agitation dripping from that one's voice.

   "Silence," someone said, and I found myself staring at the tall, mulatto boy with the tattoos. "Listen not with the mouth."

   "What he said," Mortiery said, and, rushing through the crowd, past Belmont and the others, I found myself facing Mortiery. Mortiery no longer smiled. His hands laid by his sides, useless and numb. Not standing straight, no sick grin on his face, shadows were cast on Mortiery, making him look older and just a little bit insane. And tired. "Listen, or ignore knowledge. Your choice."

   That sounded like a threat. Mortiery's eerily insane and yet bland face stared back at me, at us. He cocked his head. "There are seven Dominions," he repeated, "and knowledge is the currency in between.

   "There are seven Dominions, and reality is the perception within.

   "There are seven Dominions, bound by Rei and the one.

   "There are seven Dominions, where travelers are found, trespassers sacred.

   "There are seven Dominions, from which truth reveals.

   "There are seven Dominions, and from one eternity bound."

   Mortiery abruptly turned, and we found ourselves facing one of three massive staircases, one to the left, one to the right, and one in front of us. The second level was spread out across the room, and at the end of the huge stairway at the center was a strange device, a large platform with a single item sticking up. Blue, glowing crystalline items floated in mid air, encircling the platform.

   "We go up there now," Mortiery said, and started to the platform.

   I cradled my head, half moaning. I blinked several times, over and over and over. A headache rippled inside of me, and I had to keep myself in check from completely moaning or fainting. As I looked around, I found many others, practically everyone, was affected similarly, showing similar symptoms to mine. None fainted, but one seemed about to barf.

   In my mind, a single picture had flashed through, from the moment Mortiery had started talking to the time he ended. What I had seen n my mind's eye was vague, the colors distorted as if they were inverted, blurred and unable to be completely made out. As the headache receded from me, I tried remembering the picture, but it did not show. I smacked my head, but it dealt nothing but a slight moment of pain.

   "What was that?!" Someone yelled out to Mortiery. Mortiery continued up, chuckling as he did so. "What was that picture?! Those whirlpools?!"

   I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. Yeah, that was right, there was a whirlpool, a large massive whirlpool or something... Or were there several? No, and it wasn't just a whirlpool like normal, it was so much more... several whirlpools? Maybe they were more than just water...?

   "Follow," Mortiery commanded, and some of us did so, immediately. Others stayed for a moment, trying to remember the picture. Some seemed to converse among with others, although seemingly hesitantly. These groups, I saw, look similar. Although there were several different kinds of people here, I saw those some similarities between certain ones, like in their strange clothing, skin color, even some of the outrageous hair colors and styles. The similar ones talked amongst themselves...

   "This is way too much," I muttered.

   "You saw one too, right?" Someone asked, and found myself facing Belmont. I nodded stiffly, my mind still dizzy from that picture I saw.

   "It has something to do with all of this, I think," I replied. "This Rei thing and Mortiery and everything..."

   "Probably," Belmont agreed, "although we might not understand for quite a while yet..."

   I sighed, everything still taking its toll on me even now. "I wonder if that's even what Mortiery has in mind..."

   Belmont barked a grim laugh. "Dying in ignorance I shall not," he said to me, and then started up the stairs to the platform.

   Once more, we all followed him. I glanced back one time, checking to see the green of Djiria, to see if she came with us, but spot her I could not. I'm pretty sure she was still with Ozhuni. I wonder if he has regained consciousness yet.

   Mortiery turned around once he reached the center of the platform. The platform was large and circular, more than enough for us. The crystalline items were actually crystals, from the looks of it. However, they seemed somewhat unreal, mostly because of their pure size. They were crystals, yes, or sapphires, with the right, shining shade and spectacular curve, but they were so huge, gigantic that you actually cannot believe that they can exist, that there can possibly be sapphires of that size. My eyes widened at the sight of them, and my hands lingered to touch them. I held them still, though. The glow of the sapphires, though stunningly beautiful, was eerily supernatural. And of course... they floated.

   I glanced at the design of the floor of the platform. It was one of those circular and somewhat similar to the magical designs of a fantasy. Seven small circles rimmed the edges of the one large circle, and a heptagon connected those smaller circles inside. Another sphere was inside that heptagon, but it was one of words and letters, or so I believe. The letters were like none I had ever seen before, strange, a mix between Arabic and Chinese symbols, and maybe some other types of writings were mixed in there too, to create an all new alphabet. At the center of that circle of symbols was a large, cylindrical platform sticking up. Abruptly, the surface cut off roughly four feet up. It was dark, and there was nothing on it or of it.

   "Are we all here?" Mortiery asked, uncaring in his voice. With hardly a second for us to respond, Mortiery turned towards the raised object, and rested his hand on it.

   A single wind blew across the large room, rustling Mortiery's cloak. For me, though, it left a unsettling feeling. A tremor then rushed through the platform, and then air pressure disrupted my balance. Slowly, I saw that the platform began to rise. The glow of the sapphires flared up, and then reddened, turning into a bright crimson color. These crystals then started turning around the platform, revolving around us. Light rose from one of the outer circles, and blue light reminiscent of the previous glow of the crystals. The blue created a mosaic purple with the red, and danced with the light as we rose. Gasps and exclaims echoed across the platform, although not as many as I thought.

   "This is the first level of Famiel, called Quaia," Mortiery stated to us. "The entire building is part of Quaia, as well as the ground floor of Famiel."

   As I recovered myself, I was able to stand up, and look beyond the platform. My eyes widened at what I saw.

   "Is this fantasy or reality?" I wondered aloud.

   Mortiery chuckled. "You just realized? There's never a difference between your reality, a fantasy, and your perception of."

   Famiel was floating in space, or this fantasy's equivalent of it. The platform had arisen, and then, with magic or Rei or whatever it was, and was rising without nothing holding it up. It had arisen past the top floor of the building, or Quaia, as Mortiery had called it, and then it granted me a sight of the spectacular sight of the Quaia, and then, as the platform rose even higher, I saw the ground, and then what came past the ground, which was nothing...

   Quaia, and all of Famiel, rested on nothing. Beneath Quaia was nothing, just more of that ersatz sky. I looked to the horizon and saw nothingness, a blindness emptiness of nothing but the sky. I looked up, and still saw only that floating disk, and beyond that half transparent disk, more of the sky.

   "I feel like retching," someone commented. I turned, and found Belmont, his hands on his knees. "The sky... This... space is so... astoundingly endless, isn't it?"

   "What is Rei?" I asked.

   "The embodiment of desires," Mortiery answered.

   "Who are you?"

   "Your teacher."

   "Why are you here?"

   "Because you died."

   I took a sharp breath. "Is that the only reason?"


   "Are you schizo?"

   "Somewhat," Mortiery seriously admitted.

   The platform abruptly slowed, and then I stared up. The disk in the sky had been rapidly approaching, and now, it expanded exponentially, becoming the horizon itself. The spinning ring of crystals slowed, and the light from the circles on the platform receded, and soon, the platform had reached the disk.

   "This," Mortiery said, "is the Second level of Famiel, Maaviro. The Garden of Famiel."

   Our eyes widened at what we saw.

   "This is a garden?" I said.

   "Metaphorically," Mortiery said.

   "Metaphorically my ass."

    Across the plain stretched a bleak and dark horizon, not exactly arid but it definitely held no water. Dark, grey earth that casted a blue light. Across the plain, this so called disk, "Maaviro," was nothing but boulders and rock. Nothing seemed to exist here, and our breath seemed like an intrusion to this darkly empty place. I turned around and round, and saw nothing but more of this desolated earth.

   A Garden, so it is called?

   "What are we doing here?" Someone asked. I turned around and saw the albino girl talking.

   "Activating your Rei," Mortiery told us, sneering. "Now it stays dormant, but there needs to be activation of it..."


   "Danger," Mortiery answered, and then crouched, resting his hand on the earth.

   From him it spread, a complete change in all of Maaviro as it was. Plants and flowers bloomed, sprouting out of nothingness, and blooming right before my eyes. The earth itself changed, from the grey, barren earth to a luscious brown and red soil which was soon replaced with the green of grass. Small plants sprouted, and then grew, growing into massive trees that aged and then hardened. Hundreds, thousands of trees sprouted at once, their roots breaking into the soil. The very earth itself changed, hills rising up, forests and grassland mounds arising. A river sliced through the land and widened, and fish jumped from out of the water. More trees sprouted, and these colossal trees hid everything from out sight, and then the climate seemed to wet, making the place hot and sweaty.

   "What now?" Someone rudely asked.

   "The punishment for those that defy my orders," Mortiery answered.

   "Which is?" My eyes narrowed. I didn't understand what he said, but I had a dark idea...

   "Death," Mortiery said, "or at the very least the equivalent of."

   Mortiery held out his hand, and then that whisper of a wind came, and I looked to him. I found Mortiery's eyes flashing a crimson red as the Rei part activated. Looking outside the circle, to where the hand had dictated, I saw a distortion of space. Red and blue streams of light danced within that distortion, a vortex bending the reality of this existence as I know it... and I don't.

   "Djiria?!" I exclaimed, followed by Belmont. Before us, the distortion had materialized, the vortex sprouting out arms and legs, or at least the figure of. As the distortion of space receded, the silhouette of bodies hardened and materialized. Before us stood a statue of Djiria leaning over Ozhuni, both the figures grey and colorless, frozen in time and space. Color slowly seeped into these figures, and I once more saw the green hair of Djiria. As the body seemed to color itself before my eyes, movement was given to the statues, and once more Djiria lived and breathe, before us right at this moment.

   "What is this?!" Djiria said, as she looked around. Her legs wobbled, and she kneeled down, her hands on the ground, breathing hard through nose and mouth. Violently, she hurled, a brownish and greenish mixture coming from her mouth. Her face reddened, but she was unable to regain herself.

   "Hello, my dear Djiria," Mortiery greeted sarcastically. "I did tell the class to follow me, did I not? And oh, I gave you so much time to. If only you didn't decide to stay behind for that weak fool Khizisiozhuni, maybe you might have lived. But, alas, I just can't allow such blatant insolence to exist."

   Djiria did not respond. Maybe she couldn't. She did, while panting hard, however, manage to raise her head, and glared at Mortiery. Ozhuni seemed unable to respond. I wonder of the shock of that... thing, teleportation or whatever, and the strangulation had been too much, and caused him to die...

   "What are you about to do to her?" Belmont slowly asked.

   "My my," Mortiery started, "So inquisitive, my students, aren't you?"

   "You sicko," I said.

   "I give you a chance to die," Mortiery said to Djiria, "and I suggest that you take it."

   Mortiery glanced up, and then we saw it; in the canopy of these unbelievably massive trees, we all saw a shadow move.

   "There's something here, isn't there?" Belmont said.

   "Many," was the reply.

   Belmont was about to rush forward, past the light of the platform, but a hand grasped his shoulder.

   "Beware, my students," he told us, as if he cared. "Once you step out of the circle, all protection will be stripped. They'll come for you suckers as well..."

   Belmont took a step back, as if instinctively.

   "Wait," I said. "We're already dead, aren't we? Why should it matter that we can die again."

   "You can suffer," Mortiery told me with great disgust. "Seth, you can suffer as much as you want."

   "For all I know, I already am," I replied brusquely, and then stepped out of the circle.

   A chance to die, I thought. Djiria is given a chance to die, that means she is also given a chance to live.

   And I'm going to live. Again.
Well, I learned a couple of months ago that all these online artists and pictures and whatever on the internet is made by artists using graphic/drawing tablets. Lately, I've really been wanting to get one so I can start on some small stuff.

For those of you who know about things like this, what kind of tablet should I buy? I'm not really doing professional, commissioned work, but a bit like a hobby that may or may not turn serious. I don't want to buy a basic tablet that's for basic document writing and stuff like that, but one for actual drawing...

Who can help me with this? Stuff like size and dimensions, pressure level sensitivity, and price would be helpful.
Especially the price part.
Intelligent Debate / Does the supernatural exist?
June 03, 2009, 01:11:06 pm
Definition of supernatural from Merriam Webster online dictionary: of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe  ; especially : of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit, or devil

Do you think that it exists? Ghosts, souls, religion, psychic telekinesis, does it exist?
Intelligent Debate / Humanity should kill itself.
May 31, 2009, 02:50:25 pm
There's a friend of mine that I always debate this with every now and then. He's very stereotypical of the average human mind, so he always takes the predictable argument. I always seem to win, so I'd thought I'd make a topic about this... I would have posted this topic sooner, but my internet was(and still is) down, so I'm using my sister's computer.

Humanity should kill itself off the face of the earth. We're nothing good for the world, we only harm the environment and life cycles of the world. There's really only one solution for the overpopulation and all that, and that's to kill ourselves. We can't wait for anyone to die before reproducing, we're too selfish for that.

Spoiler: ShowHide
Serial killers should get medals.
Okay first of all, I want to center the actor battler. The defeult RTP scripts don't have this, center the battlers on the battle screen.

Second, please don't refer me to Tons of Addons. I'm almost certain that Tons of addons isn't compatible with KGC stuff.

Third, please don't refer me to a script that uses SDK...

I'm pretty sure everyone knows the kind of script I'm asking for... I love this kind of plug and play script, but strangely, I find no one ever uses it...
Nox Aeterna: The Eternal Night

About: ShowHide
Nox Aeterna is a darkly dramatic rpg game that details the various travels of Ravus, a mysterious individual. Ravus traverses many lands, throughout the entire known world of Aesikoru... and beyond.

In the end, he will learn that innocence is only an ideal of man.

Characters: ShowHide

Race: Fallen
The main protaganist of Nox Aeterna. A mysterious youth, he is constantly wandering to wherever, for purposes unknown. He is a pure-blooded Fallen, his eyes and hair distinguishing him from the rest. Past, present and future unknown, it is unclear who he is, what he intends to do, and why he has such a freaking huge sword.

Age: ???
Race: Fallen
Zogue is quite the charismatic guy. Silent, he wanders around just like Ravus. However, his wanderings aren't meaningless... It seems there is a clear path for him to tread, a clear reason why he sharpens his spear...

Age: 20
Race: Human(?)
Kaiser is somewhat a shy, easily embarrassed girl. Although deadly with a katana, she is rather clumsy without. Her best friend in the world is Ziegfried, and joins with Ravus purely because Ziegfried did. However, maybe she isn't who you think she is...

Age: 26
Race: Human
Celes is a specialized knight, her rapier enchanted by the most poweful magicks. A bit silent and melancholy, she would rather act than talk. She seems to know Rydia.

Age: ???
Race: Human-Fallen
Rydia is a very fun loving character. When the occasion calls for it, she can be seductive and mature, but otherwise, she would much rather have fun. She is rather adept at magic. She seems to know Celes. Despite her fun nature, she can often get serious, especially when it comes to issues with the Fallen...

Age: 20
Race: Human
Ziegfried is Kaiser's Best friend. He travels with Zogue and Ravus for vengeance on those that killed his parents, and, despite his protests, Kaiser comes along with him. Nice but serious, he is rather smart. Somewhat of a thief.

Age: 23
Race: Human
A fun guy, really. Tries to joke around a little too much. Caring, he'll do anything for the greater good, to protect the ones he love. Also, for some reason, never wears a shirt.

Story: ShowHide
Aesikoru is the world in which Nox Aeterna exists in. It is composed of two main continents, Ademna and Haspione. The ruling country of Ademna is called Ademna itself, and Haspione is split into two countries, Hesperitia and Bel-Sent.

There are two main races of Aesikoru. Humans are the Majority, and the race of the Fallen. Fallen are those with silver hair or eyes, the pure-blooded having both.

It is said that the Fallen come from three fallen angel, that bred with humans to create the fallen known today. Whether this is true or not, Fallen are typically stronger, faster, and generally have much more magical abilities.

Bel-Sent is the fallen word for "Fallen."

There also may be a third evanescent race. These people are generally described in myths and legends.

They are called Descenders, those with heavenly wings on their backs.

The Fallen are highly prosecuted in this world. About 250 years ago, the continent of Haspione had a great split, due to the many prosecutions on the Fallen, and thus Haspione harbored two countries, Bel-Sent and Hesperitia. Although tensions had cooled in the following 200 years, a great Fallen leader, Razial, had rallied up the Fallen people, and fought to take back the homeland of the Fallen, located in Hesperitia.

They lost.

Tensions built up again. The Fallen now dye their hair and hide their eyes, for fear of what people might do. The homeland of the Fallen is violated by the touch of the humans. And a great new leader of the Fallen are arising, Markus, and he is rallying everyone up again. Hesperitia is getting agitated, and minor border skirmishes are breaking out.

Meanwhile, in Ademna, the democratic kingdom does not know exactly what to do. Do they help the Fallen? Do they ignore any incoming war? Hesperitia is dangerously close and large... If the Hesperities won, would they be satisfied with just Bel-Sent?

And, even as these events go on, an organization in the shadow slowly arises, unknown to the world until it is too late. To them, the incoming war is the same as ants scurrying around. Their mission is so much greater...

And for some reason, everyone wants to join Ravus on his travels. Go figure.

Screenshots: ShowHide

Downloads: ShowHide
Demo v.4, at least an hour of solid gameplay
This is demo v.3, 20-30 minutes simple gameplay
This is the intro-demo V.3, there is no game play
This is the font file, Black Chancery

features: ShowHide
Animated Battlers
Extended cutscenes
Cutscene for title
Cutscene battles
Full MP3 Soundtrack
Screen Capture(F8)
8 Directional pixel movement plus dashing
Animated boss deaths
Completely customated battlebacks
Limit Breaks
Literally hundreds of weapons, items, armors, and skills
Custom Messaging System
New items/weapons/menu/shop screen
Party changing system
Individual battle commands
Light effects
remodeled damage display
Deep storyline and dark storytelling
More to be added

Author's note: ShowHide
Author's note:
At least hour of quality gameplay
The features show is what the final project will be, not the demo.
Press spacebar in order to dash

YES!!! I KNOW THAT 80MB IS FREAKING HUGE! Sorry, I'm simply using full mp3 sountrack

Forgot in credits:
Kylelee1234 for the rydia/celes battlers

Forum signaturebar: ShowHide
Well, I was bored, and who cares? When I get a chance, I'll do it over.
Script Requests / Screen Effects
January 31, 2009, 06:34:27 pm
I'm wondering if anyone has any scripts that can specifically do this effect: invert all the colors of the screen. As in, every single color would be its opposite. Think of it like taking a picture, go to tools/image, and invert colors. I have a way to do that already, but its only for still screens and a whole lot of work. If anyone can, make it into stuff like $game.system_invert(0,0,0) or something like that.

Express your Creativity / Daxis's Poems and Misc
January 31, 2009, 12:14:59 am
~This one has no name- I made this as an intro poem for a game of mine~
Spoiler: ShowHide
"As I walk on the virgin snow,
Life's lament does call out to me...

The tears that continue to flow,
I cannot answer with lies...

Madness begets madness,
Sorrow begets sorrow,
Neverending, it is,
The cycle we refuse to see...

As the chains of fate that bind us break,
Forever changed, the eyes of destiny,
We are eternally bound,
Crossroads of unreality...

I cannot perceive,
Why the lies never end...

To think,
That the absence of light does mean darkness..

Begin again in shadow's creed."

~Another Shitty Poem called Death~
Spoiler: ShowHide
the hand ever reaching,
the amaranth ever white
the lover you hold so dear,
the eyes of perfect indefference.

Pale horse ever coming,
Is life truly such a blight?
Ghastly shaman and seeing seer,
Does he come once called hence?

the blade ever beseeching,
The raven speaks, what a sight,
Love and fear, love and fear,
I dance the macabre danse.

Momento Mori,
for it does not come.
It is already here.

Personally, I only liked the first verse. I made this simply to make something emo and depressing

Spoiler: ShowHide
How shallow this world does be,
in its wishes for better days.
A requiem for the dead to live again,
the image of a fallen fey.

I made this on the bus on the way to school, added the last line later at school. Even without the title, it's a bit obvious, right?

Spoiler: ShowHide
"Do you remember the times when we tried to fly?
Our wishes to be?
Our lullabies?

Do you remember the song that will never ever end,
Our star scattered sea,
Our wishes we send.

Is the sky really there?
The wind rushes through my hair.
How lond do we have, how do we fare?
Is it true?
Do you not care?"

Again, I find I liked only the first verse. Everything else is so freaking forced... and the rhyming also sucks. I made the first verse for another game project but... the rest is a bit too much.

Spoiler: ShowHide
I lie in the dark dead with no tears to be crying die try understanding why did you do it why truth my conception is hidden truth a lie

I freaking love this one. Add commas, periods, and general punctuation where you wish  ;)

~Various quotes I made(pretty sure)~
Spoiler: ShowHide
"Even dogs bury their own shit."

The meaning of life is to reproduce. That's it. You know I'm right. So let's reproduce."

"Just because you say there is a reason for everything, that doesn't mean that the reason has to be good, bad, or even make sense."

"For something to exist, there must be an opposite. For you to be happy, someone must be sad. For someone to be rich, there must be someone poor. For light to exist, shadows must be cast. For love, there must be hate."

"At least hate shows you cared."

"Knowledge is ancestral sin."
Note: Compare that quote with the fact that ignorance is a sin.

"There is no good or evil. Everything is a opinion. That's the one, universal truth."

"Truth is a conception of someone's mind."

"Why does all legends about origins begin with shadows and darkness, with nothingness and void?!!?! Why the hell can't the world begin with bunnies, rainbows, and sunshine?!?!?!"

Anyways, I'd finished part 1 of another story I'm writing. I'll use the name "Silver: the Apocalypse for now for lack and laziness of another name.

I am a high school freshmen, and during a substitute, we had to make up a story(the assignment was add at least ten shitty idions...) anyways, I made the premise for this. The character D'ante is based on someone I know, although I;m just using his name. His character is too happy and innocent and annoyingly other stuff to make him the main character, but I'll use his name for the main character, and his personality for someone else later on. I took me a couple days to write this, minus some of the major procrastination.

For the weird way it's made, I made it on notepad. For some reason, I've been leaning to notepad recently. It might be indented weird or whatnot.

Silver- The Apocalypse
A story by Daxisheart

Part 1: The fate of a dozen years

The moon rose and so did they. And as they rose, so did the hunters, an endless cycle that has existed for over a decade.

   "Twelve years," Arshen panted, glancing around. "A dozen full years this has been going on." Arshen hiked up the gun over his shoulder, certain that the path was safe, if only for a moment. He turned around for the briefest of glances, and signaled. The three others came with him, the eyes warily searching.

   Arshen caught the eye of the girl, the young girl that held the same heavy gun as he did. He sighed, seeing such determined eyes, and such wasted youth.

   A howl came up ahead, and once again, everybody cringed. Their fingers just a moment away from pulling the trigger, the hunters crept forward, their feet swift and light. The unpreyed vermin roamed the streets with them, but the hunters are loath to step on them; the element of surprise is a fatal weapon in this game, and any chance to lose it, especially by such vermin, must be cast away. As a result, vermin crowd their feet, the hunters unable to even show their distaste.

   A swift movement to the left of the small band tensed the hunters. Slowly turning, the glanced to the figure in the shadows. Knocking a loose can aside, the dark cat climbed out, dancing gracefully. For a moment, the gaze of the feline bore into the small band's eyes... and then it left, the unpreyed moving so deftly in the dark, the hunters just a bit envious.

   Arshen breathed a sigh of relief. A scuttle behind him took him by surprise as the mutant leaped onto him, sinking its teeth deep into his neck. Unable to keep it down, Arshen's scream echoed, drawing more of the mutants, the vampires.

   Dean carried heavy weaponry for the small band, as his large stature allowed him to. Also, he carried the supplies. Arshen had been the scout, swift and quick, but the cat had drawn his attention for just a moment, just the right, crucial moment. Dean had no chance of killing the thing, his weaponry and equipment did not allow it. Aila, however, had great alacrity, and drew her gun. Cocking it for just moment, and pulling the trigger. The silver bullet shot out twisting in the air, passing Arshen's wide eyes for just a moment, and blasted the vampire's entire head off. Chunks of gore sprayed out, splattering Arshen's whitening face as the body of the mutant stumbled back, releasing his hold, and falling to the ground, sick sounds emerging from the apparent loss of vocal cords. Red hurried forward, and fired two quick consecutive shots, one to the collar bone area and the other to the heart. Soon enough, the being became nothing more and freed soul cage, now nothing but a dead shell.

   Arshen clutched at his neck, screaming and screaming and screaming, the blood pouring down as if out of a tankard, happily spilling forth down his hand, his body, his legs, seeping into the ground. Stumbling back, he groaned, not for the pain, but for what he now was, what was needed to be done, and who would do it. It was his fault, for trusting himself too much, for letting down his guard just for that one freaking moment...

   "Don't," Aila said, taking a step forward. Uncaring now, her steps were heavy, echoing across the city. Not that it mattered anymore, what with the screaming.

   Arshen, leaning on the alleyway wall behind him, took out his own gun, a non silver, and pointed it to his head. Too much, there was way too much contamination, he thought. There was no choice left for him. Even as he his hand held the gun, he could feel his body stiffening, about to become one of them...

   Arshen pulled the trigger, ending his own life. His brains splattered over the wall and onto the ground. Aila widened her eyes, and winced, turning away. Red came forward, and methodically retrieved the equipment that Arshen had carried, putting them in his own back pack. Dean, glancing around at the eerie silence, brought his large weaponry out, ready to fight.

   "One down," Red said, his voice wavering, "for both the unchanged and one down for the mutants." Red glanced back up to Aila's face. "Humanity's going to die at this rate."

   Wiping the continual tears from her eyes, Aila cocked her gun, ready. "We'll take them down with us!" She retorted, adrenaline rushing through her. She glanced around, anger making her careless.

   "If you'd rather mind," Dean said, his own voice cool and unchanged, "I'd rather just take them down, period." There was a click as he finished setting up his shotgun, almost considered heavy weaponry. He came over to where Aila and Red stood. "We have to go, now."

   Red slowly nodded. "This alleyway could easily let them get us like they got Arshen. We need a place that has a good advantage." Aila nodded, tears falling down to the cold ground.

   Somewhere in the distance, something large is annihilated.

   Dr. Reeves smiled for a moment as he left the building. The experiment... Phase two was almost over. Just a couple more trials, a month, maybe a year or two at most. He considered laughing like those old evil genius villain maniac guys he used to read in comics, but he thought better of it. Seriously, who goes Mwah ha ha ha ha? That's just stupid.

   He stopped for a moment, and smacked his head.

   "I'm such an idiot," he said, despite all evidence to the contrary. Chuckling, he opened the worn out briefcase, and took out the remove. Pressing and series of buttons, he smiled.

   Behind him, the building exploded in a symphony of fire, an ever rising inferno. The walls were as if a thin piece of paper against the wind, blasted back, an eruption all over, shattering windows, mortar, metal, everything. In the night sky, the mushroom cloud rose ever higher and ever darker, becoming one with the darkness beneath the clouded moon. Where the building was just moments ago, nothingness existence.

   The glare of the flames bounced off of Dr. Reeves's glasses for just a moment as he left. Happily swinging his briefcase, Dr. Elrond Reeves waltzed away into the ever darkening night. He hummed to himself.

   The three living people were stunned for just a moment. Their bodies tensed, the trigger finger itching, the three stood still, without a clue to what was going on. Rushing to an area where the horizon was not overshadowed by the decadent buildings, an exceedingly large intersection from when the roads were still normally used.

   The horizon revealed itself, flames dancing in the wind, a blazing cyclone. Somewhere in the distant horizon, something exploded. Even worse, maybe something was detonated. It was so much deeper into the city, into the deep dark city that was once filled with light even in the consuming darkness. Now, there was nothing but danger there, nothing but living death, the dead that should be dead but aren't, a void of nothingness, where nothing can live. Even at the outskirts of the city, the troupe had lost an ally. For them, trained, guarded, and alert, these small alleyways were a danger.

   What could have possibly happened? Did the mutants set something off? No, in twelve years, they would have set it off by then. The only possible idea is that someone set up something, and destroyed something, maybe even a minor nuclear bomb of a sort...  

   Yet what madness could persuade any group large enough to traverse into the cesspit that was this fallen city? No one could have done this...

   "Go!" Red suddenly yelled out, and immediately, the entire group sidestepped into a different direction, a phantom movement. Aila skidded to a halt, and immediately cocked her gun, completely ready. Two figures landed exactly where the group was just a moment before. They had shot down with so much force from so balcony that cracks spread from where they fell, the concrete breaking beneath their feet. Mostly naked, they roared, inhuman screams in the night.

   Aila's fingers pulled the trigger, a silver bullet bursting forward. Dean's shotgun blasted at the group, letting loose a plethora of silver shards. One of the mutants danced and dodged, and came forward at Red. Though he had no gun ready, Red's knife slipped out of its small scabbard, the blade biting at the approaching mutant. Its momentum carrying itself, the mutant could not dodge the blade, and a large rip appeared from its left ribcage to past its shoulder, putrid blood spewing forth. Screaming, almost unaffected by the wound, the mutant swarmed Red, cornering him into the side of the building, until Aila once again pulled the trigger. The bullet passed through the air, and slammed into the mutant's side midsection, creating an exit wound as it left. The mutant screamed horribly, clutching itself. It fell down, twitching as if in seizure, its body moving over and over, erratic twitches. Its hands came forward to the two wounds on its body, scratching at it, pulling at it, attacking its own body so hard that it actually tore off its own skin and meat. Red rushed over, and stabbed his dagger into the vampire's throat, and retreated just as quick. Clutching itself, the movement slowly subsided as it finally died. A single twitch spread from its body.

   The other mutant clutched itself as the loose silver shards embedded itself into its skin. Pulsing dead blood, the mutant screamed raw, but it was not dead yet, it was supposed to be undying anyhow, and it leaped at Dean, its untended nails weapons as it slashed at Dean's tough leather armor. Dean slammed his shotgun into the thing's head, knocking it backwards for a moment as he loaded his shotgun again. Aila came forward, withdrawing a gun that used no silver bullets, and shot at the mutant. Its eyes, raw and insane, widened, and saw Aila for what she was, a threat. It came forward again, its leg's muscles moving faster than humanly possible, and slammed straight into her. Aila screamed, but only for the quick blow, not for fear or terror. Aila's gun blasted into the thing again, more and more and more, no silver bullets needed after Dean's shotgun, just pulsing into the thing's unfeeling body, over and over and over and over, maybe another time, and another, until the gun went click click click signaling it was out, no more shots, no more shots. The thing bent over her, the countless bullets and exit wounds in its body. It looked at Aila, opened its decaying mouth, and howled at her, its face just inches away from her, raising its hand to pierce her throat, kill kill kill kill kill

   And then it died(again), falling down, twitches rushing throughout its body. Aila lay there for a moment, panting, her eyes wide yet prepared, waiting for the thing to kill her, it felt like her heart was about to burst...

   "We were lucky," Red said, kicking the corpse off Aila. The girl still lay there, panting and sweating. Red's hand pulled hers up, and she went, monotonously, her mind still in shock. "We killed them before they could do all the stuff they normally did." Red's own voice was dead and cracking, his mind rushing just as much as Aila. Slowly, ever so slowly, Aila regained herself, arising. She stared off into the horizon.
   "Let's go," Dean said, wiping off the sweat on his head with his sleeve. The places where the mutant tore into his leather were obvious, even in the dark. "We got three. Time to go."

   "Three would normally be a good number if one of us wasn't dead," Red deadpanned. Aila continued to stare off into the horizon.
   "What do you think," Aila slowly annunciated, "was that explosion was in the distance?"

   Red, breathing through mouth and nose, looked at the dissipating cloud of destruction in the distance, and shrugged. "The best I can say is that the vamps did something, maybe a generator or something. Anyways, the blood here would probably distract the vamps enough for-"

   It came. The ever commanding voice, the need that burned deep within your heart, ice cold yet burning hot. Out of nowhere, it came.

   COME, the voice said, and Aila raced off, running towards destiny.

   "Huh?" Red muttered as he saw Aila run off for no reason, towards where that whatever exploded. She ran off, pocketing her weapons, straight down the street where she could easily be attacked by more and more vamps. It was the equivalent of suicide.

   Red looked to Dean. He stared at her just as wonderingly as Red was. "What's wrong now?"

   "Dean!" Red said, exasperated. "We've got to... we've got to get her back! I mean... This is suicide!" Dean seemed to sigh, and then slowly packed up his arsenal.

   "Red," Dean said, "You know she won't be listening." And Dean jogged after her.

   Red looked back and forth. "Shit," he said, and pocketed his weapons, hurrying after the two.

   Who is this? Aila thought, as the body that was no longer hers ran down the street.

   Nothing answered her, only a calling, a tremendous calling to move, keep moving, to get there, that single spot somewhere in the city. This force incarnated itself as a need in her body, a perfect need to get there, to move there now and fast, her destiny calling her. Even as she closed in, the need didn't dissipate, this need only grew stronger, her body moving on its own as if a doll. This need, to reach someplace.

   The worse thing was that it didn't even feel that weird to her mind. In her own mind, she was calm, although somewhat freaked out, realizing this need yet unable to do something about it, to feel anything about it. She needed to keep moving. Even as she realized how wrong everything was, she could not force herself, her very being, into realizing that. Neither body nor mind was completely hers.

   The need burned in her. She went, her footsteps echoing around her.

   His last memory was so long ago, although, obviously, it wasn't that way to him. To him, they were just an evanescent moment ago, hardly anything to get worried over.

   He awoke, and at first thought that it was a dream, all just another freaking dream.

   But it wasn't. In real life, you don't feel such weakness, such stinging pain in your gut, such sorrowful premonitions enticing your mind.

   "What," he slowly said, his voice weak from not being used in so long, "is going on?"

   He slowly crawled to the window, sometimes using his hands to drag himself there. Straining, he pulled himself up, and looked at outside.

   It looked like the Apocalypse had come and went, leaving him behind.

   D'ante leaned over and heaved. He crawled back, his stomach refusing to stay in its place. D'ante retched some more, spewing the bile over himself, as his arms dragged him away, his eyes crying, his voice moaning and screaming to get himself out of there. Now, as his mind restored and shattered itself simultaneously, he looked around, and saw before him hell embodied, the bodies, the freaking bodies his eyes had glazed over. The stains on the walls became blood before his eyes, the shapes in rags becoming corpses, the skin rotting beneath his eyes, the night becoming death.

   "What..." D'ante's voice, cracking out unused, echoed across the void that was now the world. "Is... going on?"

   He crawled, crawled, and crawled away, he huddled into a corner, shivering. His hands cooled, the small splattering of his spew still sticking. Madness embraced him as tears were drawn from his eyes. D'ante wept.

   Fire swarmed, licked at the edges of the building. Aila stood there for a moment, relishing the feel of freedom as the heated wind blew past her. Her eyes widened as she stared into the flames that danced there. Slowly, she knelt down, clutching herself.

   It was not exactly an out of body experience. It was as if you had an amnesia so complete and encompassing that you did not realize you forgot anything. During that trance, even as she realized the truth, even as she had realized she had lost her body, she could not realize herself. Knowing the consequences, the death that loomed in the horizon, her legs had run.

   Aila grasped herself, confusion prominent on her face. Her eyes wild, she looked at her feet, straining to understand. The voice in her head, the run that was not hers, the feeling of being her body, yet not... yet not being herself. To lose yourself.

   "What," she gasped, the exact same moment as D'ante said his words, "is going on?"

   Does anyone ever answer in the silent night?

   "They're fucking coming!" Red yelled, drawing out his gun. Dean silently did likewise. They both ran on, down the street, down to Aila, to the explosion, to the possibility of the ever welcoming hand of a cold, bloody death. Their footsteps echoed on the hard, concrete earth. The howls came, howls that were once human.

   What's happening? Red thought. That explosion... Aila and whatever happened to her... What is going on?

   The first mutants came. Red aimed, hoped, and shot.

   Why did I do this? Aila thought again. Behind her, shots echoed, blasts that would easily disarray a normal person. What's happening.
   "Help," someone gasped, and Aila jerked up, looking around. The flames were dying, the winds blowing the tidal flames away. As the heat was cleared, the voice came out again. "Help... Anybody..."

   Someone was there. Victim? Maybe the progenitor of the flames and chaos? Even worse, maybe it was what ever single sane human had feared... maybe a sentient vampire, a mutant that could think, bait, trap...

   The moan came again. As the winds changed, the sound was muffled, but when Aila perked up her eyes, she heard it. Moaning, pain, in agony, maybe a tinge of surprise and sorrow, of incomprehension. Whatever it was, it didn't seem like a trap...

   Another shot was blasted behind her, and forced Aila to think of Arshen, who had died so pitifully, so sad, pulling the trigger to his own life. Of course, that was the way he would have wanted to go. No, not bitten then dead, but Aila knew, simply knew, that if he had to be killed, Aila knew that Arshen would have wanted to end his own life. It was a task they all faced, sooner or later. In this business, Arshen had told her, your life is forfeit. Every day was nothing but a bonus, a fluke, death's becoming forgetful with all the other work so that he forgot you. Bitten, especially in vulnerable areas and major bloodstreams, like the neck, it was better to end your own life, have YOUR finger pull the trigger than become another of the brainless and the so called undead, become them. They were already lucky enough to become partially immune to the disease, but that was all they had. If you were bitten, chances you, probably 99 to 1, that you were another mutant. Pulling the trigger to your own head wasn't suicide; it was suicide when you signed up.

   "You asshole," Aila had said, and leaped forward.

   Sorry, Dean, sorry, Red, she pleaded in her mind. I have to do something. I need to know what is going on, what was the commanding voice in my head, and understand. Maybe if I rescue this person, things will become clear.

   It wasn't suicide to help someone like this, Arshen's voice echoed in her mind, lovingly yet commandingly. It was suicide the moment you signed up.

   "Help," D'ante gasped again, screaming out there, his voice broken.

   He couldn't understand anything at all. He had rested himself on the wall, so terribly weak he was. He had stared out the window, at the sky, at the city, at the very freaking dead world. He did not understand.

   Last he remembered, the world was living.

   Glancing across the room, his eyes once again rested on the blood and the corpses. Two dead bodies, the once designer clothes now nothing but rags. D'ante even recognized the jeans as Levi's, that was how messed up everything was.

   "Help," D'ante gasped, uncomprehending. Why was he so tired, so weak? Why was his voice nothing but a whisper, the throat so weak and dry? Why was his mind so tried, how could the mind even be tried? What happened?

   D'ante stared out the window again. A small, little itty bitty thought occurred to him, and almost forced a bit of laughing. He had always been a bit into the occult, and was pretty smart. He remembered things, like how Nostradamus's prophecy was that the world would end at 2012.

   A small, hysterical chuckle echoed across the room as D'ante laughed. Last he remembered, the world was 2012.

   So the apocalypse had come, the thought rattled in D'ante's mind, and left me behind. How more messed up could the world be?

   D'ante didn't care anymore. Nothing mattered. From the look at the room, the corpses that lay fragmented and scarred on the other side of the room, from the look of the very city throughout the window, nothing mattered. Probably nothing lived anymore to matter. There was nothing to care for anymore, death was the only eventuality now.

   Clouds unveiled the moon, the eerie light casting a luminescent glow across the room. D'ante's head down, he cried, wishing for everyone back. When was his last memory? He remembered so much, yet so little. Where were his parents, his parents that never listened to a thing he said? Where was Maya, his little sister who loved and hated him so very much? Where was Vincent, the trash mouthed jackass for whom the detention room was like another home?

   Dead, probably, D'ante's brain thought. He realized he had spoken aloud. Bringing himself up, he rested his head against the wall. His reddened eyes couldn't cry anymore.

   "They're all dead," he screamed, wishing tears could flow. "They're all fucking dead, dead and dead and dead!"

   Why couldn't I join them, he thought. Why couldn't I die with them?

   The door slid opened, ever so slowly as the being slowly came into the room. Moonlight slowly revealed the tattered clothing, the clothes that were once a black, elegant suit. It revealed the watch that had probably once cost as much as someone's mortgage. It revealed the teeth, the teeth that are yellow and rotting, bloodstained with bits of meat, meat that was undoubtedly human meat, stuck between the fangs. It revealed the feral eyes, eyes that once laughed and loved, eyes that could behold art and truth, beauty and hate, despair and enjoyment. The eyes that are nothing but hungry, forever and ever hungry. The skin was pale and dead, the color of gray clay.

   "I want to die," D'ante mouthed, rational thought annihilated as he stared at the monstrosity before him. "Join my family, my friends, just get me out of hell," D'ante said.

   The thing launched itself at D'ante.

(just get me out of this hell)

   "You're an idiot," Dr. Reeves said, smiling amiably. He lay on the roof of some abandoned building, a skyscraper that certainly did scrape the sky. His white lab coat flowed around him, the ever flowing wind a cold hand. Above him, he said past the thin veil of clouds and into the starry horizon, an endless array of stars.

   "You can't die," Reeves said once again. He took a cigar, and lit it up. Inhaling for a good long time, the doctor released the gas into the horizon, the smoke disappearing in but a moment.

   "You think I'd give you permission to die?"

   The thing's head was blasted off, a shower of gore before D'ante's eyes. The thing, dead yet not dead, dying yet not dying, clutched at the shattered head, screaming and screaming, reminding D'ante of the sound of maggots and the sound of dying, hell, the very essence of death seemed to embody the thing before its head was fucking blown off its head. Turning around, another round of slugs embedded itself into the thing's abdomen, bullet holes appearing immediately. No exit wounds to give it leave of pain either. More shots were fired, some missing and some hitting, but that didn't matter because that thing entered death again and again and lived again and again, it was so freaking undying, die die!

   Aila entered, and finished it off, the thing a dead dead dead dead thing, again and again. Black blood flowed.

   It died, again.

   He stared. D'ante stared, into the fiery ember hair, the gun that blew up the dead thing, the eyes that burned like the sun, and, maybe, for just a moment, forgot that he wanted to die.

   Twenty five ironic hours before the start of the years 2013, a deadly virus was unleashed upon the world. It wreaked havoc on the internal organs of humanity, changing the very genetic structure of humanity. The ones that got infected changed after a period of three days, and soon became insane, malevolent beings that lusted after the flesh and blood of humanity. They were W1, the first wave of the mutants, called vampires by the ones with religion. They were vulnerable to sunlight, however, and died soon enough. Then, however, came W2, W3, and the current W4.

   It didn't matter how much you prayed, there was no heaven. It didn't matter how much you studied and experimented, their hearts didn't beat. The apocalypse came, went, and left humanity behind. There was no savior of the good, no punisher of the bad, there was only the ever indiscriminate death.

   And so, as these beings evolved, so did humanity.

End Part 1
Script Requests / Battle Damage Algorithms[Resolved]
January 27, 2009, 09:19:30 pm
Okay, I'm working on an a new game using Blizz ABS. Anyways, I want to really simplify the battle damage algorithms, the way that damage is calculated in the game.

I am certain that this has been asked before, but I suck at editing the scripts.

I'm trying to greatly decrease the damage calculated. I want damage to be calculated with Physcal Attack, the weapon's damage stat, as the main base, and strength to be additional statistics. Strength will be calculated by fractions(EX: 4 str will increase normal damage by 1) and such.

Also, If you can't just simply do this, then could you at least point me to where I can decrease the basic damage proportionally(RTP makes 1000 damage, the edit will make 100, stuff like that)? Please script this out for me because I can't script to save my life(thus, I leech off of others... like YOU)

PS: It would be so cool if you could make this like a plug an play script, the user just has to paste the script, make some configurations in the set config section, stuff like that... God knows I need a script like that.