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Recruitment / Shattered Infinity
June 22, 2009, 02:12:53 am
Howdy, all.  I'm starting a team to work on an RPG which I have been working on and thinking of the designs for several years.  However, the scope of this project is...well, a bit on the big side for one man.  So I'm looking for people to help me.  I'm -especially- looking for a scripter to help me out, to assist in my game.  So far the features I have planned are...

Multi-tiered Status Effects: Status Effects have a Minor, Major, and Severe stage, including Drowzy(Behaves similarly to a mix of Sleep and Blind), Cursed(Lessens the effect of healing spells used on the character), and positive status effects such as Alert(Raises accuracy and evasion and allow critical attacks).

Item Creation System: A dynamic item creation system by which you can build weapons, armor, and potions from various item creation shops.  The only items that one can buy directly are materials, however to simplify matters you can commission shop owners to build items at a higher cost, but without having to worry about finding materials.

Seven Characters, Skills and Genius Skills: There are seven main characters, each of which can level up in any way and gain almost every skill.  However, each of the characters have 'Genius Skills'; a synthesis of two different skills which they themselves can learn as their own unique abilities.

Advanced Elemental Circle: An element system in which even without factoring in enemy weaknesses, elements play an important role.  Using the five chinese element system, in which each element generates one other and defeats one other.  In addition to simple weakness and resistances, using the elements in the order of the generating circle (i.e. Fire, then Earth) can increase the effectiveness of elemental spells, including healing and status spells.  Additionally, there's a seven-day elemental week, which boosts the power of certain elements.

Various Difficulties: Four planned difficulties: Easy(For casual RPG players), Medium(Persona 3-like difficulty), Hard(Persona 3 Hard Mode-like), and Hero(...For experts only)

I'm intending on making a very long and involved game, and while I have an idea of how I want everything to be gameplay-wise, but I welcome anyone on the team who is committed and thinks that they have something to add to the project.
Hey, I'm asking for a tutorial for RPG Maker XP as to how to save/load an item database from a seperate file which is attached to the save file(Or even embedded in the save file).

The reasons for this would primarily to be mixed with the Item Creation System that Blizzard designed.  The uses I imagine are to allow one to do a New Game + retaining the existance of created items, be able to trade created items to another player, or to create bones files if one wanted to create a Roguelike in RPG Maker XP.

EDIT: Pay no attention, folks, move along, nothing to see here, no dead bodies behind the curtain.
Welcome! / Azuriyuu Appears!
June 21, 2009, 06:58:53 pm
Well, this is WHERE I'm supposed to be stepping out of a Lightning Bolt, but...

Well, my special budget's been cut, so, y'know, you'll just have to do without the lightning bolt.  Sorry if I'm disappointing.  I'll try to make sure that Season 2 of Azuriyuu has a better budget.

As you can see, I have an...odd sense of humor.  I'm hoping to be a game designer for my actual career, so I'm trying to make an RMXP RPG to get some experience in designing games.  Plus I love games.

Anyways, even though I'm not a programmer, I'm bustling with ideas, and I can design all sorts of systems or gameplay elements and help anyone with any balancing issues they have.