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I would like to know if it is even posible to insert these two scripts and make them avaiable in the game menu as buttons (BABS included):,6783.0.html  (Journal script),114.0.html (Stat Distribution System)

So far i can add or remove buttons but i donĀ“t actually know what it takes to make them do something. A little help will be greatly appreciated.
New Projects / Exogenesis
November 27, 2009, 09:26:38 pm


I proudly announce my second project, it will be survival horror shotter. The main story concept is based in the panspermia hypotesis which states that "seeds" of life exist already all over the Universe, that life on Earth may have originated through these "seeds", and that they may deliver or have delivered life to other habitable bodies, in this case our planet earth...

Spoiler: ShowHide

July 30, 1908 (in a alternative past) The worlds surface is changed forever.. the skies above lower Tunguska (Russia) erupts burning  hundreds of kilometers of forest, the event is seen as far as London.

Russian scientists looked for comet or meteor fragments but only found dust.
Later expeditions raise more question than answers, was this just a geological event?
And whats more importantly.. What is this?

In the deeps of the siberian forest some of the brightest minds worked in silence.

The dust resulted to be remanants of a very ancient outer-space life form, exposed to foreign tissues these spores mimic other cells creating new nerves, muscles & skin.
Tests in living specimens proved its almost miraclous cicatrization effects.

Later tests in dead even putrefacted specimens proved that the spores begin to produce new growth duplicating itself until the whole organism is raplaced cell by cell, these organism revivals ended whit sporadic episodies of agression..

October 4, 1921 Years later The KGB intelligence agency forced the complete cancellation of this kind of experiments in humans, destroyed every specimen, every spore and interrogated every scientist involved in the matter but one of them scaped.

Special Agents were then deployed all across the URSS to make sure nobody would be able to continue whit these malicious experiments.. not whitout the Soviet Union concern of course.

One of the best prepared agents was sent to investigate near Latvia ruins as many people have reported strange dissaparitions while some others claim to have seen hideous creatures & noises coming from the woods.. This is where the nightmare begins.

To define...

Spoiler: ShowHide

*Uses Blizz ABS engine
*High quality resources, 100% customized:

-Tilesets (To define if they are going to be isometric or not)
-Charasets (BG & Torment Rips)
-Animations (various)
-Ambiental sounds
-BGMs (From various commercial games)
-SE (From various games)
*Your character will have a sanity metter (like in eternal darkness) that will include in-game hallucinations.
*A complete arsenal & a complete army of monsters to test them
*Unique weapon system and skills for each speciality
*Dynamic sounds and music that will fit the ambient using Blizz-ABS utilities

Will post some examples later

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*For the main engines:
*For the Scripts:
*For the Raw material:
-Anni Korzeniowski
-Gravity (Art designers)
-Phyranha bytes (sound designers)
-BioWare(sound and art designers)
*For the tools:
-Dmitry Jamerov
-Eddy L O Jansson
-Petr Zahradnik
-Jed Wing
-Nico Bendling
Script Requests / HUD request
November 17, 2009, 09:46:42 pm
I want a HUD that looks exactly like this one:

i looked everywhere in these forums but found none >_<

the only diference between this and the classic one is the exp bar,Status (whit text), and gold
General Discussion / About skills
September 25, 2009, 06:18:10 am
I have this skill  "call mother nature" in mind .. i planned it to be just a summon skill at first, but i would also like it to be an atack spell where clouds of poisonous gas invade the air, affecting enemies, while you summon 1 or 2 servants, is that possible?  :roll:
If not i would just call a skill "Killcloud" and another one called "Summon Claygolem".
What do you think??
           (I was planning to name it "Fantasy Crystal Chronicles 4 :Eternal Dragon Quests, but that would piss off alot of people")


So!! here it is.. the biggest project i have ever started (and will finish hopefully), what makes this project big its not just the vast resource database i have been creating to make it complety unique, but the game that is behind the idea.. an old NES classic:

Spoiler: ShowHide

The game was side-scroller plataform game, many people found it kind of annoying because of its difficulty while others consider it as one of the best "go save the princess" games ever made; my game will be based (vaguely)on this magical world & its inhabitants while adding plots & stuff of my own, the idea is to make a worthy remake for a game that deserves it. :roll:

Spoiler: ShowHide
He is having that dream again...a dream where somebody is calling him...
waiting for him....He is a teenage boy named Astyanax (from Greek mythology),
a student at Greenview High. He has no idea what the dreams mean, or the
girl who keeps calling him. Suddenly, one day when he was walking to school,
he disappears and is transported into the mystical world of Remlia by a
fairy named Cutie. She tells the boy that the girl appearing in his dreams
is Princess Rosebud. She is being held captive by a vile wizard named
Blackhorn. He needs to rescue her because she is the only one who can send
him back home. Cutie gives Astyanax a sword & a shield, which he will need to
defeat Blackhorn's hordes of monsters.
And basically.. thats all you need to know, plot complexity will grow as you advance in the game and meet the rest of the characters..

Spoiler: ShowHide

Acording to wikipedia.. "Astyanax was the son of Heracles and Epilais, daughter of Thespius. Astyanax is a genus of fish in the American freshwater family Characidae", who knows what that means but here in the game he plays the mayor role ;) .
He is a 16-year-old boy from the town of Greenview. He is transported into the
mysterious world of Remlia, and he needs to rescue Princess Rosebud to
get back to his world.

Princess Rosebud:

The princess of Remlia. She is the girl who keeps appearing in Astyanax's
dreams. She is being held captive by the wizard Blackhorn. She is the
only one who possesses the power to send Astyanax back to his home world.
She communicates with Astyanax and Cutie through telepathy.


This fairy is a friend to the Princess. She has lots of magical power, but
not as much as Rosebud. She can bring Astyanax into Remlia, but she can't
get him out by herself. She knows a lot about the realm of Remlia, so she
can help the boy out a lot.


Blackhorn's most trusted guard. She is a master of the Black Arts. She
placed a spell on the Princess to prevent her from escaping Thelenea.


Thorndog's pet. Also known as "Skull Face" or "Chicken Feet". It is
very dumb, yet it may pose a threat in driving Astyanax away from his
quest to rescue Rosebud.


The evil wizard and chief bad guy of the game. He kidnapped the Princess
in order to steal her life force and take over Remlia. His stronghold is
Thelenea Castle.

Note: there will be more characters that will take important roles during game, just included the main ones..

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*Make your way trough 11 action packed stages as you meet friends, Foes and explore the exotic Realm of Remlia... a dangerous journey awaits.
*Uses Blizz ABS engine
*High quality resources, 100% customized:

-Tilesets (BG2 ToB)
-Charasets (Ragnarok Rips)
-Animations (Planescape Torment)
-Ambiental sounds
-BGMs (From various commercial games)
-SE (From various commercial games)
*Sidequests.. complety asside from the main quest.
*Every action you take during the game affects your future
IE: if you wanted to help someone or not... if one of your allies (Unimportant) dies, you will not see them again and therefore they will not able to help you fight or give you clues..

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Title screen

Tutorial explaining Blizz-ABS basic controls

Lighting storm

Blizz ABS Hotkey menu

Some fresh air for our hero

Now featuring a simple questbook (thanks to gameguy)

A lil cutscene (Like in new RE games xD)

Let the battle begin


A simple puzzle

No time to read rite now? no problem.. books are weak


Ice crush


An obstacle

Roof battle..

Spoiler: ShowHide
*For the main engines:
*For the Scripts:
*For the Raw material:
-Anni Korzeniowski
-Gravity (Art designers)
-Phyranha bytes (sound and art designers)
-BioWare(sound and art designers)
*For the tools:
-Dmitry Jamerov
-Eddy L O Jansson
-Petr Zahradnik
-Jed Wing
-Nico Bendling
Special Thanks to:
-EvilM00s (proofread)

Ooohh yeah.. and thanks to all the people who has been helping me in the forums  :D If im missing something or someone please notify me :)

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Full version to be relased next fall

Create video for the demo:                                Cancelled
Finish gameplay theories & add missing scripts:      Not done
Add the rest of the monsters & characters:           Working on it
Add the rest of the Skills:                                   Working on it
            Event planning       Functional Tileset       Eventing itself & extra details
Stage2   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage3   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage4   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage5   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage6   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage7   Done                        Not done                       Not done
Stage8   Done                        Not done                        Not done
Stage9   Done                        Not done                        Not done

Final details Not done


Version 1.0:
First version
Version 1.1:
-Fixed error that crashed game in the first battle scene
-Fixed puzzle
-Relocated various events that were not so accesible
-More help for the maze
-Fixed Characters colors a bit
-Added Quest Book
-SP cost Lowered for some skills
-Boss is now more dangerous
-Fixed Status Fade-Out Times

Maze Guide

Spoiler: ShowHide
- From laberynt entrance go south 2 maps to reach the rooftop
- From laberynt entrance go East,South,South,South,West,North,North then just follow the portals to reach the impresoned room

Enjoy :D

(Note: may contain small bugs or typos, please report any anomaly.)
I will post all the unused Battlers, Animations & Resources from my old project that are PLENTY i must say:
*90 animated battlers, enough to make a game itself.
*aproximately 1100 frames of animations, not even half of work i was about to do for skills
*63 icons for skills
*A complety custom Menu/save-game layout (you will need MOG script and put each file in the right folder to make it work)
*Various System sounds and ME

Here are 2 examples for the batlers:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

NOTE: As you can see the battlers have 8 frames of animation and the death pose.. all you need to do is to
modify your script to make it work correctly... for example (Using Minkoff animated battlers script):

Spoiler: ShowHide
# ** Sprite_Battler
#  Animated Battlers by Minkoff, Updated by DerVVulfman

class Sprite_Battler < RPG::Sprite
 # * Initialize
 alias cbs_initialize initialize
 def initialize(viewport, battler = nil)

   # Configuration
   @speed              = 8      # Framerate speed of the battlers
   @frames             = 8      # Number of frames in each pose
   @poses              = 11     # Number of poses (stances) in the template
   @mirror_enemies     = true   # Enemy battlers use reversed image
   @stationary_enemies = false  # If the enemies don't move while attacking
   @stationary_actors  = false  # If the actors don't move while attacking
   @calculate_speed    = true   # System calculates a mean/average speed
   @phasing            = false   # Characters fade in/out while attacking
   @default_collapse   = false  # Restores the old 'red fade' effect to enemies
   # Array that holds the id # of weapons that forces the hero to be stationary
   @stationary_weapons = [17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24] # (examples are bows & guns)

Now a example of the animations:

Spoiler: ShowHide

As all of the animations are ripped images theres not a lot you can do in the game editor but add flashes and SE... some of them need to be centered manually tough.


when i put a critter on any of my maps...
Spoiler: ShowHide

I recieve this error

Spoiler: ShowHide

The scripts are untouched, the only thing i have changed:

i added:


to the Config module (part 1) and

def hide
    self.z = 0

  def show
    self.z = 1000

To the hud-class (part 3) and

if BlizzABS::Config::HUD_OMIT == 1 && @hud != nil
    elsif @hud != nil

To the check_huds def.
some of my skills need to complete the animation before launching (like Homing skills), but when i use the "Charge Type" feature on any skill like "Trigger after charge" the enemies wont even cast them, they just stand there staring at me, walking, running & dancing.. i got a cool "Fireball in the making" animation but i cant use it in game because everything gets launched instantly, and looks just ugly D: .. am i missing something??

PS: i already tried an extra script i found on "Tons of addons - Part3" but it just makes the monster stand still for some desired time and then instanly cast/launch the spell like it normally does  :haha:, i just want some time between the casting animation and the execution

HAlp please  :wacko: Thanks