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Resource Requests / [RESOLVED] Template
October 26, 2008, 12:37:04 pm
I was wondering if anybody knows were I could find an autotile template. If anybody does would you be so kind as to post a link or the template itself. Thanks
Resource Requests / Face sets
October 14, 2008, 01:47:33 pm
I was wondering if anybody knew if and were I could find face sets for a few of the rtp-characters that had emotions showing instead of just the standard boring look on there face.
for ex.) Fighter 4 just without the gay ass mask having face sets of him looking surprised, angry, embarrassed, etc, etc

So if anybody knows were I could find some or a program that would help me do that it would be greatly appreciated.
Script Requests / Monk Script
September 19, 2008, 02:23:45 pm
What I'm wondering is if somebody knows of or could make me a script to XP like the one they had for the monk in the first Final Fantasy.

And for those that don't know what I'm talking about...
- In the first Final Fantasy game there was a monk class
- He was really weak when you got started so you had to get him weapons and armor no matter what and everyone else in your party had to wait
- But once he got past a certain level his attacks would do more damage when he was unarmed than when he had a weapon on and he would take less damage with no armor than if he had armor on.  And I have also tried just changing the Str of the character but that doesn't work because he still has no attack power to do damage with.

Thanks -Akkrin
back on the old forum WcW had started working on a blood mage script for me.  He had finished it but there were a bug in it and when I went to use magic not only would it take my Hp like I wanted it to but it still took my Mp.  I was just wongering if anybody could help me finish it.
Spoiler: ShowHide
# Blood Mage Magic Script v 1.0.0
# by WcW
# Introduction:
# I made this script for Akkein(Akkrin) at at his request.
# If he has allowed you to use this, enjoy. If he has not, ask him.
# Features:
# - Allows for certain classes to use up their HP instead of MP when using
#   spells.
# - Lightweight.
# Instructions:
# Place this script below the default scripts that come with RMXP, but above
# all of Blizzard's scripts and the "Main" script that is included with RMXP.
# Then add the IDs of all your "Blood Mage" classes to the [] thingy in the
# CONFIG section.
# Compatibility:
# This has no known compatibility issues, but it might because it edits tiny
# parts of Scene_Battle. If you find any problems, please post them at
# WcW, Signing Off

#     Configuration section
class Game_System
attr_reader :bloodmages
alias init_bloodmage_later initialize
def initialize
   @bloodmages = [] # Between the "[" and "]", add the ID of each class the you
                    # want to be a blood mage and seperate each with a comma.

# Below lies the code

# * Battle Scene
class Scene_Battle
# * Make Skill Action Result
def make_skill_action_result
   @skill = $data_skills[@active_battler.current_action.skill_id]
   unless @active_battler.current_action.forcing
     unless @active_battler.skill_can_use?(
       $game_temp.forcing_battler = nil
       @phase4_step = 1
   if @active_battler.is_a?(Game_actor) &&
     @active_battler.hp -= @skill.sp_cost
     @active_battler.sp -= @skill.sp_cost
   @help_window.set_text(, 1)
   @animation1_id = @skill.animation1_id
   @animation2_id = @skill.animation2_id
   @common_event_id = @skill.common_event_id
   for target in @target_battlers
     target.skill_effect(@active_battler, @skill)