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Chat / Featured Project.
May 10, 2011, 11:21:29 pm
Just curious on the subject. Are their certain steps to have your game featured on here, or is it just a privilege for mods or something. My game is still in pretty early stages, but I do have a story and everything flushed out. Will my project have any chance being featured on here in the future?
Chat / Prank Wars
May 02, 2011, 11:51:27 pm
     Man I sure did find a keeper, i'm talking about my girlfriend. We basically started a prank wars with each other, but it goes beyond all boundaries.

     It all started on April Fools day last month, she did a number on me. She got some friends involved and made out this whole prank that she was breaking up with me and she found someone else. She even had one of her friends call her and pretend to be her new "boo". I was soo freakin' pissed, no one has ever got my blood boiling like that. I wanted to whoop this dude's ass. then she says the infamous words "relax babe, did you forget it was april fools?". I was shocked as hell, because no one ever pranked me like that before.

     So last week, I got her back. Saying "omg, the condom broke, I think I jizzed in you". She was freaking out, saying she was gonna get kicked out, she didn't know what to do. then I hit her with the infamous words "I told you i'd get you back."

     Now we're on the present....she gets me AGAIN with almost the same prank. saying she has a new boo, he's buying her presents and saying all this stuff about her. This had my blood boiling again, but when I found out it was a prank again this basically spelled out war.

     So I basically need ideas on how to get her back. I thought up of some crazy stuff, and as much as I love her she needs to feel this pain my heart was feeling while she was laughingly pranking me. I don't want to go to overboard like "Omg, your boyfriend died". But something to end it all with one final prank. Have any of you ever gone through this before?
Welcome! / Hello RPG world
April 26, 2011, 12:28:48 am
Hello all. I go by Shin Migumi and I am a determined RPG maker. I've been around various communities for around 10 years now, and while my expertise for RPG maker is very strong, I never actually completed making any of my games *facepalm*. However I plan to change that now. I intend on staying around these forums for a while as I decided to use Blizz ABS as the staple battle system for a RMXP project I have been planning for the past ten years. Figure it wouldn't be right to just use it without paying respects to the creator of it. So I hey hi to you all and hopefully you'll welcome me into the community.

Here is also a boss test I did a while back using an earlier version of BlizzABS. So you guys can see what I am planning.
Hello all. I would first like you thank anyone who took the time to take a look at this thread, as your contribution is greatly appreciated.

-About this Project-
Diary of Asuka is a mission-based RPG created by your's truly Shin Migumi. The whole concept has been in development for well over 3+ years, with actual production of the game begin around a year or so. This is my first attempt in creating a complete RPG game, using RPG Maker XP.

Outline of the Story: ShowHide

-Outline of the Story-
"Welcome to 7th Utopia 20xx, a time of rewritten history. In a virtuous town named Fara, townspeople have been in turmoil. In recent events, children have been mysteriously missing without traces or their whereabouts. In their place, only a miniature puppet of themselves lay dorment in their beds. This epidemic has struck fear in the hearts of all that lives in this outspoken town. Many have heard about this incident happening in the past, however that story being referred to is pure fantasy.

In the midst of all of this, a group of actors sees this as the perfect time to bring back happiness in the hearts of the townspeople and to jump start their acting careers in the process. They assemble a free play for all to witness if they wish to be "lifted from the darkness."

The main actress of the "Pedal Stone Acting Company" named Rosci, sees this as the perfect opportunity to act out her favorite fairytale entitled the "Diary of Asuka", a collection of famous fairytale characters all in one in an engrossing fairytale experience. But within this Diary, lies a secret that no one was expecting..."

Diary of Asuka is played out as a mission-based RPG, or the likes of Devil May Cry where the story is split into re-playable missions or "chapters". During these scenarios, you will be playing personas of the actor's characters. The game is played out in a play aspect. For instance, there are certain status effects such as "stage fright" and "dehydration". There are opening and closing curtains during the game, with an "applause" sound effect when you do something good, and a "booing" sound effect when a boss or something shows. There's also a narrator who explains or tells you where to go, although....

Outline of the Play "Diary of Asuka: ShowHide

This is a tale of Fantasy and Future...

20xx, a time of history. SINISTER, an unknown gas has recently plagued one of the planets in Sanctuary, the planet Nefarii. Two weeks before this incident, Droknan Industries, a widely known industrial manufacturer was known to have an unwritten partnership with some of the residents of Nefarii, a planet ran by Sovereignty (meaning it had virtually no affiliation with anyone outside the country).

It is known that During an extensive chemical research at "Droknan Industries", scientists were working on stabilize the very fragile, unidentified element "117", known as Ununseptium. Upon their research, they discovered by mixing it's atoms with the chemical properties found within "SINISTER" (The neurotoxic gas found within the planet Nefarii) they were able to create an element that holds some of the characteristics of all of the elemental groups: Alkali Metals, Alkali Earth-Metals, Lathanoids, Actinoids, Transition Metals, Non-Metals, and gases. The ending result was very fragile, and only existed for 5 milliseconds. They quickly began working on a way to fully stabilize it and to create a renewable element that holds all of the characteristics of the elemental groups: element 119.

Droknan Industries funded a secret team codenamed "Vesurah" to find out a way to stabilize the element, making it the first ever renewable resource to be used for everything imaginable. It was later found out that the stabilizer was of a very ancient metal used only in Nefarii at the time, a new type of metal created by the residents there called "Alkali-Space Metal". weeks after the research, Nefarii was found destroyed, leaving in it's place a plague of the gas SINISTER everywhere. Wherever this gas is found, strange creatures appear from it as well. Many speculate that these creature are "imagination manifested into reality". These creatures only appear to attack a selected person however.

What was the cause of Nefarii's destruction, what is Droknan Industries ultimate motive, and what exactly is "Vesurah"? What are these "fairytale" creatures? And who the hell is Asuka???

As mentioned above, Diary of Asuka is mission-based, with a close relation to fairytale elements. Each chapter you play will be somewhat based on a famous fairytale, ranging from "Alladin", to "The fox sister", to "Little Red riding Hood". The current order for each chapter and fairytale being re-enacted is as followed.

(This section will be constantly changed)
Chapter 1: The Gingerbread Man

Characters: ShowHide

(Please be aware that this section is still under construction)


Age: 16
Occupation: Actress/Schoolgirl                          

Description: Rosci is an aspiring actress from Scion and the main protagonist of the game. She is very shy when around a large group, but always wanted to be an actress since she was five years old. Free-spirited and always anxious to try something new, Rosci presents excellent charisma and determination to become a success in life, and to stray away from being a shadow of her sister Wendyl.


Age: 18                                                                                                          
Hometown: Zuu                                                        
Occupation: Actor/ Fisherman                                            

Description: Once a prisoner of a circus located in Zuu, Ryu presents excellent talent when showcasing in front of people. When he was forced to act on the stage at the circus, Ryu did some amazing stunts such as wirewalking, riding elephants through fire, and steal money from the guy in the 42nd row. Since then, his contract (or freedom as he would put it) was bought by the Pedalstone acting club, and since then he has worked for them.


Age: 18                                                                                                          
Hometown: Zuu                                                        
Occupation:  Actress/ Schoolgirl                                                

Description: Roxas' older sister and in charge of their lives, or so she says. Wendyl is the self-proclaimed star of the Pedalstone club and in her eyes, the star of the whole show. "Ms. Showtime" as they call her, is rather stuck-up, seeing herself as a much higher level than the rest in town, and considers herself an acting genius.


Age: 8                                                                                                      
Hometown: Nefarii                                                    
Occupation: Philosopher                                                  

Description: Description not available.


Age: 27                                                                                                          
Hometown: The Scourge                                                        
Occupation: Actress/ Beauty Queen                                              

Description: Sanctuaries Beauty Queen. Isabel is considered one of the most beautiful women in all of Sanctuary, her praise is unmatched with anyone alive today. Coming from a rich family, Isabel always presents herself in a feminine manner, showing excellent pronunciation, lady-like courtesy, and a supermodel walk men all around die to see.


Age: ???                                                                                    
Hometown: Nefarii                                
Occupation: No Occupation                                            

Description: A believed cybernetic organism created by the DARF 1 team. He resembles the same face as his believed creator, Dr. Geysor, possibly to keep his creator known throughout the world far beyond his death. His name comes from a code that Dr. Geysor wishes to be carried on: "My Artificial Nest Travels In Secrecy".

-Playable Characters-

-Velincia- (Played by Rosci)

Age: 26                                                                                                          
Hometown: Scion
Weapon of Choice: Harisen  
Fighting Style: Myousuken                                                            
Occupation: Assassin                                                                            

Description: The Angel of Assassination. Velincia is the ruler of the Army of Scion, and is the #1 target of the Axis Nation. She ultimately has no respect for men since in reality, her mother was a prostitute and was killed by a pimp. Her father was also a pimp, and believes that her father set up the scenario to get her mother killed for insurance money. She prefers to be alone on most occasions, and will only fight if physically provoked. She wants to get away from the troubles of war, and feels that the only way to do that is to eliminate those who appose her.  

Fighting Description: Not Available

-Yusei "Tay" Huga- (Played by Ryu)

Age: 21
Hometown: Zuu                                                              
Weapon of Choice: Wakizashi & Tanto  
Fighting Style: Myousuken                                            
Occupation: Member of the "Peregrine Falcons"                                  

Description: Yusei is the descendant of the famed Huga family, who's known for their traditional circus shows in Zuu. Growing up with such fame, one would think he would have an easy life, but it isn't the case for him. He hated that life, and eventually ran away, pursuing a life of thievery. He despises his families legacy, often referring them as "circus clowns", but he does use his inherited traits as an advantage. He was always fascinated with toys, specifically puppets, which he uses as his "reinforcements" on his missions.

Fighting Description: Yusei's more of a defensive character in most cases. His strength relies on summoning his puppets to do his bidding, while inflicting various status effects through Myousuken to his opponents to keep them at bay. His defense and attack power is relatively low, so it's best to keep him away from one on one combat.

-Arianna Huga- (Played by Wendyl)

Age: 23                                                                                                            
Hometown: Zuu                                                                          
Weapon of Choice: Seijen Hira Shuriken  
Fighting Style: Jisatsuken                                          
Occupation: Member of the "Peregrine Falcons"                                  

Description: Yusei's older sister and in charge of their lives, or so she says. Unlike her brother, she actually participated in their families shows, acting as a medical nurse. After hearing that her brother left, she pursued him trying to figure out the cause of this, which is when she witnessed her church on fire by an unknown cause. Nobody knows what exactly happened after wards, but since then she's been seen carrying the cross of her burnt church viciously tied to her arm. She considers killers as sinners, and feels the need to kill those who disagrees with her ways.  

Fighting Description: Arianna can be used for the most case in one-on-one combat. Since her MP increases after each turn, it's best when facing many foes to charge her MP, then inflict a devastating attack on enemies.

-Valentin- Played by Setsuna)

Age: 27                                                                                                          
Hometown: Nefarii
Weapon of Choice: Crossbow
Fighing Style: Gokansuken                                                            
Occupation: Hunter                                                                            

Description: Valentin is a very agile warrior with a dark curse. He suffers from the disease "Tuberculosis " after being exposed to the neurotoxic gas of Nefarii some weeks ago. It's effectively attacking his lungs, but what's really noticeable is the damage it did on his left arm, which is why hears this prosthetic arm. He is often to himself and doesn't like to share his emotions with anyone. He has  also developed a mild speech impediment.

Fighting Description: Not Available

-Tatyana- (Played by Isabel)

Age: 20                                                                                                          
Hometown: The Scourge
Weapon of Choice: Bastard Sword        
Fighting Style: Kengekisuken                                                  
Occupation:  Exterminator for hire                                                                          

Description: The supposed Sister of the new dictator of "The Scourge", Gwendel doesn't believe that Razamel should have inherited her father's legacy. Since they were little, she never believed that he was his son or her brother. She ran away from home after hearing that he would be the new Dictator, and left a note for Razamel to read. If he doesn't give up his position of power, she'll kill him with the Sword rightfully named for him, the "Bastard Sword".

Fighting Description: Tatyana should be used as your main tank in most cases. She has a high offensive and defensive rating, although she's rather weak against elemental attacks. Strategically using her Kengekisuken can bypass that dilemma however.  

-Remedy-(Played by Mantis)

Age: 52                                                                                                          
Hometown: The Scourge
Alligence: Allied Forces
Weapon of Choice: Moon Harp    
Fighting Style: Yadosuken                                                          
Occupation: Entrepreneur (That's what he calls it)                                    

Description: A now homeless musician since the destruction of his home planet Nefarii. He spent all of the money he had to be sent to Scion, where he makes a living playing music for Nightclubs and Bars. He is blind in both of his eyes, so he relies on his other four senses to get by. Being exposed to the neurotoxic gas after the destruction of Nefarii left his skin completely burned. he wears special latex skin on his face and hands to hide his excruciating burns, which causes him to look younger than his actual age.

Fighting Description: Remedy is your all-range guy. He can virtually hit anyone on the map from any location, so he should NEVER be exposed to an enemies attack. Since he uses Yadosuken, the skills he can use are based on his location, so it's also a smart idea to match the weather with the current location (i.e. if you're in a volcano, try to make the weather blood rain.) so that enemies are weak against his attack for relatively easy kills.

Enemies: ShowHide

(Please be aware that this section is still under construction)

Description: Description not Available

-Big Bad Wolf-

Description: One of the most iconic fairytale villians in the world has been seen in our world. A sick, twisted animal who main goal is to rid the world of the "hooded girl in red". He, like many, is one of the fairytale creatures who appeared after the destruction of Nefarii, and has been seen around Droknan Industries. His exact motive here is unknown at the moment.

Planets: ShowHide

-7th Utopia-
The planet where Fara is located and where the play takes place.

-Planets found in the play-

Once a flourished and luxurious land, it was recently destroyed by an unknown cause, and in it's place left a mysterious neurotoxic gas that hasn't disappeared since it's destruction. Nefarii was once ruled by Sovereignty, a lone planet that answered to no other country or had any affiliation with the other countries. Rumor has it that the people of Nefarii were under some kind of hypnosis by an unknown entity and was forced to work for Droknan Industries, however such rumors have not been proven. It was the third planet from the Artificial Sun, and the second planet to "mysteriously" vanish.

The planet in the past. Even in our times, Scion still believes in royal families and kings and queens. This planet is ruled by a Real Monarchy government, a country ruled by a king and queen who's position of power is inherited. Many would speculate that this would lead to dictatorship like The Scourge, but this is not the case. Being directly behind Nefarii's neurotoxic gas, it's mostly dark with only little sunlight per day. There have also been cases of the neurotoxic gases taking minor effects on Scion's atmosphere.

-The Scourge-
One of the worst planets to live in unless you hold some sort of power. The Scourge is ran totalitarianism, meaning it's ran by the government. Every aspect of the citizens lives is predocumented. To counter the strict policies of the planet, The Scourge is the cleanest, safest place to live. You'd never expect it to be ran by a dictator. The Scourge is the first planet from the Artificial Sun, making it the most brutally hot planet in the galaxy. It's deserts are known to reach temperatures up to 150F. It is currently ran by a dictator named General Razamel, a rogue who defected from the Allied Nations seven years ago and joined "Droknan Industries".

"No government, no order". This is the famous quote the inhibitants of Zuu live by. Zuu is an Anarchy ran planet. No one controls the planet, there is no government. The people living there have the right to do whatever they please. You can assume that most people brought up from Zuu are theives, killers, etc., and your right. Zuu's crime rate is the highest in history, but in some odd manner, they mostly steal from other planets, rather than stealing from each other. Although their is no government, they still live by a "street" code, and those who disobey are severely punished by the locals.

Fighting Styles: ShowHide

Jisatsuken, often referred to as the suicidal tecknique, is the use of going to dramatic resorts to kill your enemies. It used by completely using all of the energy stored inside of you before ATP is produced to drastically enhance your physical strength. This however will create serious injuries if used to consistantly which could lead to a coma, or eventually death. Jisatsuken was banned from all countries except Zuu for this reason. Advanced Jisatsuken can result in catastrophic changes of the world, resulting in Earthquakes, typhoons, some cases of global warming have been confirmed although they don't know if it's traced to the usage of Jisatsuken.

Kengekisuken revolves around weapon usage. Founded by the country "Scion", Kengekisuken consists of effectively using your weaponry to defeat your enemy. Althourhg one of the most basic fighting styles, it's very effective both in close range and long range instances. It is also the only fighting style that requires virtually no "Ether Potential" to use, making users of it able to fight for a long time without getting tired or lose alot of energy.

Gokansuken is a fighting style that consists of using your six senses to utulize abilities that otherwise seems unethical. It was developed during the Tyrannical reign of "Raija" of the Scourge. Slaves were severly outmatched in terms of strength by the army he led, so they resorted to using wheir wits and instinct to be able to break free, hide, and eventually escape to freedom. Some advanced abilities that are attained through the use of Gokansuken is the ability of see through the darkness, ability to sense nearby traps, hearing at a vast distance, and eating poisonous plants to infuse the poison with your saliva without damaging your internal organs.

Yadosuken is a fighting style that bases itself on the usage of status effects, status alignments and the direct use of viruses. Founded on the country Nefarii, Yadosuken consists of mixing the minerals, gases, percipitation, etc. around you to manipulate the current status' of foes and allies alike. by manipulating the abiotic factors around you, various status' can be created, such as flame barriers, sleeping powder, certain curable cancers, ability of flight, water walking, and various others. Yadosuken users generally do not use use weaponry nor wear armor in combat. They almost never get into physical contact with their opponents.

Myousuken consists of mixing the factors of reality with illusions. Myousuken generally revolves around mentally confusing your enemies into believing that the illusions is reality and reality is nothing but an illusion. Like Yadosuken users, Myousuken generally do not use weaponry. They rely on their foe to attack and damage themselves mentally and physically. User's of Myousuken generally defeat their foes by the means of PTSD, or traumatising their victims to death.

The Four: ShowHide


Age: ???                                                                                                    
Hometown: Scion
Animal Infusion: Leatherback Turtle
Mental Disorder: Schizoid Personality Disorder  
Emotion: Rage
Fighting Style: Kengekisuken & Gokansuken

Description: Born under the province of Scion, Ecirov is a man without a soul. He suffers from a severe case of Schizoid Personality Disorder, stating that he prefers a solitaire lifestyle. This would seem ok by todays standards, but combined with his excessive emotions of rage, he has proven to be a deadly foe. He feels the need to brutally massacre anyone who gets within decent range of him, as he considers them the reason for his suffering. He shows no compassion towards anything, and considers killing an intellectual sport. He is known to have lived for over 100 years, due to the infusion of the Leatherback Turtle, therefore his actual age is unknown. He is also able to breath underwater, although he needs to optain a sufficient amount of water to live, which he stores within his plated globes around and on his body. He is known to live over 4000ft deep within Scion's oceans to keep away from the outside world as much as he can. He is also able to use the "Countercurrent Exchange" tecknique, which allows him to keep an average body temperature dispite his location.


Age: 26                                                                                                  
Hometown: The Scourge
Animal Infusion: Peregrine Falcon
Mental Disorder: Dissociative Identity Disorder
Emotion: Boredom
Fighting Style: Gokansuken & Yadosuken

Description: Born in the province of The Scourge, Farah has two sides to her...or three...or four. Farah suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, a disorder in which the person affected displays multiple distinct personalities. This alone makes dealing with Farah physically a very difficult challenge. She's constantly changing her personality, thus constantly changing her attack patterns and abilities. The emotion of boredom only worsens the situation, since she never "reinacts" the same person twice, she always portraiys a new personality. She usually personifies the last person she encountered, although this is not always the case. The only thing that excites her is the pain of others, which is why she does it consistantly, otherwise she'd get bored pretty easily. Being infused with a Peregrine Falcon, she never takes her eye off of her prey. Once she marks her target, she won't stop until her mission is accomplished. She's the fastest known specie in the entire galaxy.


Age: 38                                                                                                        
Hometown: Zuu
Animal Infusion: Komodo Dragon
Mental Disorder: Depersonalization Disorder    
Emotion: Anxiety    
Fighting Style: Kengekisuken & Jisatsuken

Description: Born under the province of the planet Zuu, Vigaroth would seem like a guy who can stand his own ground, but this isn't the case. He suffers from an extreme case of Depersonalization Disorder, a dissociative disorder in which the sufferer has recurrent feelings of one in a dream, feeling a connection from one's body, like one's in a movie. Under this status, Vigaroth easily performs out of control acts, although he can be heard trying to fight himself from committing these acts. He speaks in the third person, constantly trying to stop himself, although with no avail. His constant emotions of anxiety only increase the threat. He'll go into a rage, then feels as though the one being attacked is endangering his life, making his onslaught even more fierce. Being infused with the genes of a Komodo Dragon, he is hard at hearing, making him believe the voices in his head are what his victims are actually saying. He is also vulnerable in distinguishing stationary objects due to a lack of cones in his pupils.


Age: 31                                                                                                
Hometown: 7th Utopia
Animal Infusion: White-Winged Vampire Bat
Mental Disorder: Schizophrenia    
Emotion: Fear    
Fighting Style: Myousuken & Yadosuken

Description: Born under the province of 7th Utopia, Reina possesses incredible otherwordly talents. She suffers from an intense case of Schizoprenia, which enables her to manifest auditory hallucination, bizzare delusions, and otherworldly beliefs. Believing that her illusions are a reality has given her a very unique perspective of our galaxy as a whole. This only makes matters worse by, when infused with her extreme talents of myousuken, acually makes her illusions a reality. This would be somewhat okay if she believes in harmful illusions, but her constant emotions of fear only makes the matter worse. She always hallucinates someone's death, the destruction of cities, the beginning of armageddon, etc. Being infused with a Vampire bat, she always hides deep within dark, dense caverns where virtually no human has ever been, making it even worse to find her.

Battle System: ShowHide

-Battle System Layout-
As of now, I am planning on using the Blizz ABS for this game.

-Skill Learning System-
Diary of Asuka uses a special Skill Learning System created by me by the use of events. After a character levels up, they will gain a certain amount of Battle Points. These points can then be allowcated into three specific Catorgories for the character. When a specific amount of battle points has been allowcated into a Catorgory, the character will learn a skill. Ten possible skills can be learned from each catorgory, which means that 30 possible skills can be learned. However, due to skill point limitation, no one character can learn all 30 skills, so you must decide what kind of character you want each playable character to be.

-Weather System-
The weather in "Diary of Asuka" is more than just visual eyecandy. It plays a major role in the battle system. The weaknesses of allies and enemies are determined by the current weather in Sanctuary. In rain, allies and enemies are weak vs. water, in a thunderstorm allies and enemies are weak vs. electric, etc. Plan accordingly what skills, equipment, and items you should have depending on which location your heading out to, as it may save you from visiting the deadly game over screen...

Geospheres is a new system introduced in "Diary of Asuka" which could very well turn the battle around to your advantage or disadvantage in an instant. During battles, if a player is left standing on one of these Geospheres after the end of his/her turn, the Geosphere will activate. Geospheres have various abilities depending on their color. However, it is not a guarantee that a Geosphere will help you in battle, as it may make the fight even more difficult, so think wisely when using one.

Note: Remember that only you can activate a Geosphere.

-Green Geospheres-

Green Geospheres represents healing. If a player is left standing on a green geosphere, Chance will take it's toll. Depending on the results, Green Geospheres will either heal your allies, or damage them. In exchange, they can also heal or damage enemies as well. Unlike Red Geospheres, allies will not gain any health they lost even after the battle is over.

-Blue Geospheres-

Blue Geospheres represents states and status'. If a player is left standing on a blue Geosphere, Chances will take it's toll. Depending on the results, Blue Geospheres will change the entire parties' status to either a good one, or a bad one except overkill. In exchange, it can also change your enemies status to something good, or bad except overkill. Unlike Red Geospheres, allies will still retain whatever status they are in even after the battle.

-Red Geospheres-

Red Geospheres represents the change in weather. If a player is left standing on a red Geosphere, Chances will take it's toll. Depending on the results, Red Geospheres will change the current weather, thus changing which element allies and enemies are weak against. Unlike the other Geospheres, the weather will return to it's default state after the battle is over.

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-Diary of Asuka-

-Where are We?-

-Town of Fara-

-What happened to her?-

-Tribute to "Stone Cold's" Glass shattering-

-Row housings still in-

-Soldier's Having Fun-

-Hide and Seek and Destroy-

-Overtime really Gets the best of you-

Thank you for your time. I will try my best to keep this constantly updated. If you would like any information regarding the game or would like to leave constructive criticism, please leave a message.  

-Old Game by me-
Need something to hold you by till the release? download this old RPG Maker 2003 demo I made of Dragonsong

Website is here

and here's the game
Welcome! / Hello All
July 19, 2009, 02:49:12 am
Hello, I'm Shin Migumi, a fellow RPG Maker lookin to make some good games and indulge myself in a good community. I've been RMing for around 9 years now, so i'll say that i'm pretty good at it. I Map, write stories, event. pretty much everything except script. I can't do that for the life of me. Besides that, im' currently working on a RMXP game entitled Diary of Asuka that hopefully gets finished. I'm planning on using the BlizzABS since it is an excellent script and I have some innovative ideas on how to fuse that with my experience with eventing. Hopefully he'll let me use it, and I shall have more info about the game very soon.